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4322 Thomson (James). The Seasons, engravings by Bartolozzi and Tomkins, with an original poem in the autograph of Lord Byron addressed to the Rt. Hon. Francis Wedderburn Webster on leaving home in June, 1816, commencing "Go Volume of the Wintry Blast," and signed B., boards, 1807, 4to. (539) Sabin, £15 15s. 4323 Versi et Regole de la Nuova Poesia Toscana, LARGE PAPER, morocco extra, Bladus, Romæ, 1539, 4to. (545)

Sabin, I IOS. 4324 Victoria (Queen). Memorial Volumes, cuttings from the papers, relating to the Death of Queen Victoria and her Reign, one of the most complete collections of press cuttings attempted, issued to subscribers only, in 8 vol., half morocco extra, with bookcase and bust of the Queen, atlas folio (571) Hornstein, £7 10s. 4325 Villa-Amil (G. P. de). España Artistica y Monumental, tinted lithographs, 3 vol., half morocco, Paris, 1842-50, folio (287) Engel, £2 12s. 6d. 4326 Voltaire. La Pucelle d'Orléans, portrait and 20 plates (by Gravelot) before letters, original boards, uncut, Paris, 1762, 8vo. (206) Tregaskis, £ 4327 Walton (Rev. W.) Letters from the Continent, original cloth, uncut, with Wordsworth's signature on the half title, 1828, 8vo. (222) Maggs, £ 12s. 4328 Watt. Dictionary of the Economic Products of India, 6 vol. in 9, half calf, 1889-93, 8vo. (332) Quaritch, £7 10s. 4329 Wesley (Samuel). Poems on several occasions, first edition, original boards, uncut, fine, fresh copy presented by the author to Miss Cholwick, with autograph on fly-leaf, 1736, 4to. (285) Sabin, £2 17s. 6d. 4330 Wharton (G. and P.) Queens of Society, illustrations by Doyle, 2 vol., cloth, Hogg, n. d., 8vo. (240B)

4331 Whately (R.)

Edwards, £2 25.
Remarks on some of the Characters of
Shakespeare, cloth, uncut, signature of the poet, "Wm.
Wordsworth from the Archbishop of Dublin," on the title,
1839, 8vo. (221)
Green, £2 15s.

4332 Whitman (Walt). Leaves of Grass, inscription on fly-leaf,
"For Robert Buchanan with esteem and love of Walt
Whitman," marbled paper wrappers, uncut, Washington,
1871, 8vo. (235)
Dobell, 4s.

4333 Whitman (Walt).

Another edition, with inscription, "R. W. Colles from Walt Whitman," original cloth, Philadelphia, 1884, 8vo. (236)

4334 Whitman (Walt). Specimen Days and copy to R. W. Colles, March, 1888, delphia, 1882-3, 8vo. (237)

Dobell, £2 10S.

Collect, presentation original cloth, Phila

Sabin, £2 7s. 6d.

4335 Whitman (Walt). Complete Works, portraits and frontispieces, on Japanese vellum, edition limited to 500 copies, 10 vol., half parchment, uncut, Putnam's Sons, 1902, 8vo. (408.A) Quaritch, £4 4336 Wight (J.) Mornings and More Mornings at Bow St., first

editions, 46 illustrations by George Cruikshank, 2 vol., half calf extra, Baldwin, 1824-Robins, 1827, 8vo. (149)

Rimell, 110S. 4337 Williamson (T.) Oriental Field Sports, 40 coloured plates (reduced in size), 2 vol. in I, original morocco, g. e., 1819, 4to. (272) G. H. Brown, £2 105. 4338 Wolfe (Charles). Poem, manuscript volume, entitled," Fugitive Pieces," 118 pages, comprising poems, amongst which is the celebrated "Burial of Sir John Moore"; many others probably unpublished (521) Barron, £29 15s. 4339 Wordsworth (William). The Excursion, first edition, presentation copy, with inscription on title-page and a portrait in pencil and chalks of Wordsworth, dated 1847, aetat 77 inserted, boards, uncut, 1814, 4to. (540) Sabin, £10 4340 Wordsworth (William). The Original Manuscript Catalogue of the Library at Rydal Mount, containing a great number of entries in the autograph of William Wordsworth, and a few in the autograph of Southey. The handwriting at the end is that of his daughter Dora, with occasional entries by the poet in a very infirm and shaky hand, shortly before his death (223) Sabin, £17 155. 4341 Zola (Emile). Les Trois Villes, Paris, original yellow wrappers, uncut, bound in half red morocco, the back inlaid, containing 25 drawings on the margins by the Parisian artist, F. Seguin, Paris, 1898 (208) Sabin, £T

[FEBRUARY 20TH AND 21ST, 1908.]



(No. of Lots, 763; amount realised, £1,076 os. 6d.)

4342 Ackermann (R.) History of the University of Oxford, coloured engravings, 2 vol., original russia gilt, 1814, 4to. (58) Redfern, 10 2s. 6d. 4343 Ackermann (R.) The Microcosm of London, coloured plates, 3 vol., original half russia (damaged), 1811, 4to. (685) Edwards, £8 12s. 6d. 4344 Alciatus (A.) Emblemata, woodcuts, limp vellum, Antverp. ex. off. C. Plantin, 1577, 8vo. (256) Moncton, 15s. 4345 Aldus. Justinus. Trogi Pompei externae historiae in compendium ab Justino redactae, morocco gilt, g. e., with the Aldine anchor on sides, Venet. in aedibus Aldi, 1522, 8vo. (586) J. Grant, 13s. 4346 Aldus. Oppianus. de piscibus libri v., ejusdem de venatione libri III., Oppiani de piscibus Laurentio Lippio interprete



libri v. Graecé, morocco gilt, g. e., Venet. in aed. Aldi et Andreae Soceri, 1515, 8vo. (587) J. Grant, 175. 4347 Alexis of Piemont. Secretes, black letter (several leaves wormed), old calf, 1568-The newe Jewell of Health, by Dr. Gesner, black letter, woodcuts (some leaves cut and mended), (1576), 4to. (190) Sotheran, £35s. 4348 Allom (Thomas). Character and Costume in Turkey and Italy, 20 tinted plates, text by Emma Reeve, morocco, g. e., Fisher, n. d., folio (761) McKenzie, 4s.

4349 Almon (J.) A Review of Mr. Pitt's Administration, mezzotint portrait, old French morocco, 1764, 8vo. (208)

4350 America.

Rimell, £2 4s.
An Impartial Account of the State of New
England, by John Palmer (last leaf defective), 1690—
Account of the most material Passages in Ireland since
December 1688 (map torn), 1689, and 4 other tracts,
in I vol, half bound, 4to. (63)
H. Stevens, £14

4351 America.

The Perpetual Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, from the commencement of the Constitution in October, 1780 to the last Wednesday in May, 1789, with the Declaration of Independence, etc., in the original binding, Boston, 1789, folio (109) Mayfield, £2 12s. 4352 America. Falconer (Captain Richard). Voyages, proof frontispiece by J. Cole, old calf, 1724, 8vo. (572)

Lawson, 15s.

4353 Alten (Der) Weisen exempel sprüch mit vil schönen Beyspilen und Figuren erleüchter, gothic letter, woodcuts, half russia, r. e. (a few leaves stained), Strassburg, B. Grieninger, 1536, folio (110) Linden, £4 15s.

[A translation of the Directorium Humanae Vitae of John of Capua.-Catalogue.]

4354 Anglo-Judaeus, or the History of the Jews whilst here in England, by W. H., calf gilt, 1656, small 4to. (322)

Ellis, £2 18s. 4355 Apperley (C. J.) Life of John Mytton, second edition, calf extra, g.e., by Rivière and Son, R. Ackermann, 1837, 8vo. (316) Quaritch, £7 15s 4356 Archæologia Cantiana, vol. i.-xxvii., including the Index, 1858-1905-Testamenta Cantiana, 1907, illustrations, 28 vol., original cloth, uncut, 1858-1907, 8vo. (48) Potter, £7 15s. 4357 Arnold (Matthew). The Strayed Reveller, "by A.," first edition, original cloth, uncut, B. Fellowes, 1849, 8vo. (28) Shepherd, £2 125. 4358 Arnold (Matthew). Empedocles on Etna, "by A.," first edition, original cloth, uncut, B. Fellowes, 1852 (29) F. H. Green, £2 135. 4359 Art de l'Imprimérie à Venise (L'), a series of facsimile reproductions, wooden binding, morocco back, the sides composed of a silver ground with ornaments, uncut, t. e. g., by Ongania, Venise, 1895-6, folio (94) Maggs, £3 12s. 360 Ayres (Ph.) Cupid's addresse to the Ladies, Emblemata

Amatoria, engraved throughout, the plates coloured and heightened with gold, old calf, 1683, 8vo. (260)

Tregaskis, £1 15s. 4361 Barrough (Philip). The Method of Physick, 1652-Bruel (W.) The Physicians Practise, 1639-Old and Curious Recipes, in manuscript, in a vol., old calf, 4to. (187)

4362 Basile (G.)

Llewellyn, £2 8s. The Pentamerone, first edition, 4 etchings by G. Cruikshank, original cloth, uncut, Bogue, 1848, 4to. (321) Pickering, 1 125. 4363 Beauties of Claude Lorraine, portrait and 24 plates (slightly spotted), half bound, W. B. Cooke, 1825, folio (758)

McKenzie, 6s. 4364 Bell (John). Bells and Bell Ringing. Collection of Letters, Manuscript Notes, Rubbings, Newspaper Cuttings, etc. relating to Bells and Bell Ringing, loose in boards, Gateshead, 1840 (342) Rimell, £3 35. 4365 Bewick (T.) British Land and Water Birds, Quadrupeds, and vignettes, special impressions with the woodcuts on one side of the leaf only, 4 vol., half morocco, t. e. g., Newcastle, 1824-27, 4to. (354) B. R. Hill, £4 8s. [Each volume contained the autograph of the late Lord Chief Justice Coleridge; autograph letter from Miss Jane Bewick to Van Voorst, the publisher.-Catalogue.] 4366 Bewick (T.) Thomas Bewick's waste-book for proofs, vignettes, etc., mounted on brown paper, half calf, 4to. (355) Godwin, £10 5s.

[Formerly in the possession of Joseph Crawhall, who had pasted the following note on the front cover: "Thomas Bewick's waste-book for proofs, given me by his Daughter Isabella Bewick, August 30, 1881, Joseph Crawhall, one of her Executors; exactly as left by Bewick."-Catalogue.] 4367 Bewick (T.) Fables of Æsop and others, LARGE PAPER, morocco, g.e., with thumb-mark receipt, Newcastle, 1818, 8vo. (303) Edwards, £3 4368 Bewick (T.) British Land and Water Birds, first edition, LARGEST PAPER, advertisement on last leaf of vol. i., woodcuts, 2 vol., calf extra, g. e., by Rivière, Newcastle, 17971804, imperial 8vo. (297) B. R. Hill, £6 7s. 6d. 4369 Biblioteca de Autores Españoles, por D. B. Carlos Aribau, 70 vol., and General Index, half calf, Madrid, 1851-80, royal 8vo. (652) Quaritch, £16 4370 Bickham (George). The Universal Penman, plates (title defective and leaves stained), half morocco, 1743, folio (757) Andrews, 6s. 4371 Blavatsky (H. P.) Isis Unveiled, 2 vol., New York, 1878, 8vo. (155) G. H. Brown, £1 125. 4372 Blavatsky (H. P.) The Secret Doctrine, 2 vol., 1888-The Key to Theosophy (small 4to.), 1889, 8vo. (156)

G. H. Brown, £1 105.

4373 Blomefield (Francis). History of the County of Norfolk, with Continuation by Parkin, maps, plates and pedigrees, a few

portraits, etc. added (wanted the dedication to John Nuthall, the folding plan of Norwich torn, the references (opposite) defective and mounted), original calf, Fersfield, 1739-Norwich, 1745—Lynn, 1769-75, folio (108)

Quaritch, £11 4374 Blume (C. L.) Rumphia, large plates (many coloured), 4 vol. in 3, half morocco, t. e. g., Lugd. Bat., 1835-48, folio

(116) Mayfield, £5 4375 Borrow (G.) Celebrated Trials and Remarkable Cases of Criminal Jurisprudence, plates, 6 vol., calf,

1825, 8vo. (225) Edwards, £4 plates, 19 vol., Hunt, £18s.

4376 Bossi (L.) Della istoria d'Italia, map and vellum gilt, Milano, 1819-23, 8vo. (394) 4377 Brahe (Tycho). Historia Coelestis cum comment. Lucii Baretti (Albertus Curtius), portrait, 2 double plates and diagrams, calf, Aug. Vind., 1666, folio (512) Thorp, £1 75. 4378 Brontë (Rev. Patrick). Cottage Poems, first edition, original boards, uncut, Halifax, 1811, 8vo. (259) Reece, £2 25.

4379 Buteo (Jo.)

Opera Geometrica, diagrams, vellum (a few margins damaged), Lugduni, 1554, 4to. (484) Quaritch, 125. 4380 Campbell (A. J.) Nests and Eggs of Australian Birds, map, 28 coloured plates and 131 photo. illustrations, 2 vol., original cloth, uncut, 1901, imperial 8vo. (7)

4382 Canal (A.)

Quaritch, £ 8s. 4381 Campbell (M. F. A. G.) Annales de la Typographie Néerlandaise, 4 Supplements, uncut, and wrappers, La Haye, 1874-90, 8vo. (14) Barnard, £1 25. Urbis Venetiarum aere expressi ab A. Vicentini, title, 2 portraits and plates, half calf, Venet., 1751, oblong folio (523) E. Parsons, £1 95. 4383 Cappelletti (G.) Storia della Republica di Vinezia, 13 vol., vellum gilt, Venezia, 1850-5, 8vo. (397) Hunt, £1 135. 4384 Carver (J.) Travels through the Interior Parts of North America, maps (torn) and plates, old calf (broken), 1778, 8vo. (233) H. Stevens, 18s. 4385 Cervantes (M.) Don Quixote, portrait and 68 plates by Vertue and Vander Gucht, 4 vol., contemporary morocco, g. e., Londres, Tonson, 1738, 4to. (693) Parsons, £2 14s. 4386 Cervantes (M.) Don Quixote, by J. Philips, plates, original calf (rebacked and wormed), 1687, folio (111)

4387 Chesterfield (Earl of).

Linden, £ 155.

Letters to his Son, first edition, portrait, a page of manuscript believed to be in the autograph of the author, 2 vol., 1774, 8vo. (686) Mason, 175. 4388 Cibber (Colley). An Apology for his Life, by R. W. Lowe, LARGE PAPER, 26 original mezzotint portraits by R. B. Parkes, in two states, before and after letters, and 18 etchings by A. Lalauze on India paper, 2 vol., buckram, uncut (one of 305 copies), 1889, imperial 8vo. (601)

Hornstein, £1 8s.

4389 Coleridge (S. T.) Poems, second edition, to which are now

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