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added Poems by Charles Lamb and Charles Lloyd, old calf gilt, Bristol, 1797, 8vo. (264) Reece, £1 175. 4390 Collins (Arthur). Historical Collections of the Families of Cavendishe, Holles, Vere, Harley and Ogle, plates and portraits, calf, 1752, folio (369) Walford, £2 2s. 4391 Cooke (M. C.) Illustrations of British Fungi (Hymenomycetes), complete in 76 parts, with Index, coloured plates, original wrappers, 1881-91, 8vo. (660) Bicknell, £9 4392 Commines (P.) Historie, translated by Danett, first English translation, 1596 - Tacitus. Annales, translated by R. Greneway, first edition, 1598, in 1 vol., calf, folio (373)

Thorp, £2 4393 Cotta (John, of Northampton). A Short Discoverie of the unobserved Dangers of severall sorts of ignorant practisers of Physicke, 1612-Tachenius (Otto). His Hippocrates Chymicus, engraved title, 1696, together 2 vol., half bound, 4to. (185) Ellis, £125. 4394 Couch (J.) Fishes of the British Islands, coloured plates, 4 vol., 1867-8, royal 8vo. (254) G. H. Brown, £2 4s. 4395 Coxe (Peter). The Social Day (plates only), LARGE PAPER, portrait and 32 plates on India paper (many, proofs), half calf, 1823, folio (382)

4396 Crane. The Art of Walter Crane, by P. and other illustrations, buckram gilt, folio (736)

R. Carter, £1 IS. G. Konody, coloured uncut, t. e. g., 1902, Edwards, 1 IS. Quixote, 15 plates, Rimell, 1 25.

4397 Cruikshank (G.) Illustrations to Don original wrappers, 1834, 8vo. (204) 4398 Cruikshank (G.) Table Book, first edition, 18 plates and 120 woodcuts (some foxed and stained), half calf, Punch Office, 1845, 8vo. (248) Pickering, 1 195. 4399 Cruikshank (G.) Table Talk, or the Modern Scrap Book, woodcuts from "Points of Humour," etc., 16 original parts with wrappers, unopened, half roan, J. Robins, 1829, 8vo. (250) Hornstein, £1 8s. 4400 Daniel (George). Merrie England in the Olden Time, plates by John Leech, 2 vol., original cloth, 1842, 8vo. (201) Pickering, £2 35. 4401 Dante. La Divina Commedia col comento di Christophoro Landino, 2 engravings by B. Baldini and 2 illuminated initials (first and last leaves repaired, the engraving to Canto I. of the Inferno cut and a few leaves stained), calt (rebacked), Firenze, per Nicholo Lorenzo della Magna, 1481, folio (385) Leighton, 16 5s.

4402 D'Avenant (Sir William). Gondibert, calf, For John Holden, 1651, 8vo. (265)

4403 [De Quincey (T.)]

Thorp, 14s. Confessions of an English Opium-Eater, first edition, morocco gilt, Taylor and Hessey, 1822, 8vo. (255) Young, £2 25. 4404 Dibdin (T. F.) Bibliomania, LARGE PAPER, portrait and plates, roxburghe, 1876, imperial 8vo. (292) Hill, 8s. 4405 Dickens (Charles). Sketches of Young Couples, first edition, 6 illustrations by "Phiz," original boards, 1840, 8vo. (205) James, £4 12s. 6d.

4406 Donne (John).

Juvenilia, first edition, morocco gilt, 1633, 4to. (327) Young, £3 [With MS. solution on fly-leaf to the first problem.-ED.] 4407 Doran (Dr.) "Their Majesties' Servants," by R. W. Lowe, 50 portraits and 80 wood engravings, 3 vol., half bound, uncut, t. e. g., 1888, 8vo. (600) Edwards, £ 4s. 4408 Drayton (Michael). Poly-Olbion, engraved title with the leaf" Upon the Frontispiece," portrait of Prince Henry and 13 double-page maps (no printed title and the plain inner margins of 8 of the preliminary leaves inlaid), both parts in I vol., old calf, 1613-22, folio (706) Andrews, £3 155. 4409 Durandus (Gul.) Rationale Divinorum Officiorum, lit. goth., 197 leaves and table of contents (3 leaves mended), calf, Nuremberg, A. Koberger, 1480, folio (367) Bull, £2 1S. 4410 Elyot (Sir T.) The Boke named the Governour, black letter, original calf (rebacked), T. Marsh, 1565, 8vo. (280)

Reader, £2 4411 Fellowes (W. D.) Visit to the Monastery of La Trappe, coloured plates, old morocco, 1820, royal 8vo. (291) A. Massey, 95. 4412 Fielding (T. H.) Picturesque Tour of the English Lakes, 48 coloured views, half morocco, R. Ackermann, 1821, 4to. (59) Redford, £3 18s. 4413 Fielding (T. H.) The River Wye, coloured plates, Ackermann, 1841-Calvert (F.) The Isle of Wight, coloured plates, 1846, together 2 vol., 4to. (335) Edwards, £4 18s. 4414 Fludd (R.) Mosaicall Philosophy, woodcuts, half calf, 1659, Llewellyn, £1 18s.

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folio (194) 4415 French (John). The Art of Distillation, woodcuts, original calf, 1651, 4to. (183) Leighton, 1 65. 4416 French Revolution. Sixty Eaux-Fortes, representing the liveliest scenes during the French Revolution, artists' proofs before letters (5 plates bear the artists' names), sur papier fort" (3 on "papier bleu "), n. d., folio (705) Ancott, £5 5s. 4417 Gardiner (Ralph). England's Grievance discovered, plan of the Town of Newcastle (facsimile), 17 portraits of kings and queens and 6 miscellaneous subjects (title, first 3 leaves and last 4 mended and re-margined), old morocco gilt, 1655, 4to. (323) Leighton, £2 8s.

4418 Gentleman's (The) Magazine Library, 17 vol., buckram, uncut, 1883-97, 8vo. (655)

4419 Gerarde (John). Herball, engraved title woodcuts, old calf, 1636, folio (709)

Harper, £2 4s. (defective) and Ancott, £125. Health, by G. Baker, Denham, 1576, 4to. Leighton, £3 12s. 6d. Village, half morocco, Carpenter, £12 10s. Wakefield, name written

4420 Gesner (Dr. C.) The newe Jewell of black letter, woodcuts, calf, Henrie (188) 4421 Goldsmith (Oliver). The Deserted t. e. g., W. Griffin, 1770, 4to. (30) 4422 Goldsmith (Oliver). The Vicar of on first title, 2 vol. in 1, original calf, Corke, printed by Eugene Swiney, 1766, 8vo. (25)

Reece, £2 25.

4423 Gould (John).

A Century of Birds from the Himalaya Mountains, 74 (should be 80) coloured plates, no text, 1832, folio (763) Andrews, £3 4424 Gradus ad Cantabrigiam, coloured plates, calf gilt, t. e. g., others uncut, by Rivière, 1824, 8vo. (290) Rimell, £2 2s. 4425 Granger (Rev. J.) Biographical History of England, fifth edition, portraits, 6 vol., new morocco, 1824, 8vo. (237)

Edwards, £2 4426 [Grey (William).] Chorographia, or a Survey of Newcastle upon Tine, title mounted and lower half missing (stained), half calf, Newcastle, for J. B., 1649, 4to. (343)

Browne, £145. 4427 Gregorius IX. (Papa). Decretales, lit. goth.. woodcut (wormed), old rough calf, Bâle, J. Froben von Hammelberg, 1494, 4to. (490) Winter, 175.

4428 Gregorius IX. (Papa). Decretales, lit. goth., woodcuts (some pages stained), vellum, Venet., L. A. de Giunta, 1514, 4to. (489) Baker, 13s. 4429 Hall (Dr. John). Select Observations on English Bodies, Englished by James Cook, portrait (defective), part of the original binding covered with old parchment, 1683, 8vo. (176) Quaritch, £10 10s. 4430 Hassell (J.) Aqua Pictura, illustrations (many coloured), key-plates and text, half morocco, g. e., 1813, oblong folio (729) 4431 Hewitson (W. C.) Illustrations of the Eggs of British Birds, 2 vol., 1846, 8vo. (238)

4432 Heylyn (Peter). Cosmographie, engraved including double-page map of America, the description occupying pages 83 to title, old calf, 1677, folio (74)

Bloomfield, £3

Fairfax, £3 5s. title and maps, dated 1663, with 154 with separate Leighton, 18s.

4433 Heywoode (Thomas). Gunaikeion, or Nine Bookes of Various History concerninge Women, engraved title, half calf, 1624, folio (383) Thorp, £1 8s. 4434 Holbein. Euvre, Le Triomphe de la Mort, original edition, 48 engravings on 12 plates, and the 2 large plates of Triumphus Divitiorum and Triumphus Paupertatis, half bound, original bordered wrappers preserved, Basle, 1780, 4to. (688) Bloomfield, 11s. 4435 Holtrop (J. W.) Monuments Typographiques des Pays-Bas, facsimiles and text, morocco, La Haye, 1868, folio (95) Quaritch, £5 4436 Hyspanus (Petrus). The Treasuri of Helth, by Hufre Lloyd, black letter (leaves at end stained and 2 defective), calf, Wyllyam Coplande, n. d.—Another copy (wanted title and 3 leaves), calf, 8vo. (162) Reader, £2 2s. 4437 Johnson (Dr. Samuel). The Rambler, first edition, complete series of 208 numbers, with separate title, bound in 2 vol., contemporary half calf, 1750-52, folio (710)

Ancott, 18s.

4438 Junot (Mme.) Memoirs of Napoleon, portraits, 2 vol., new half calf, 1836, 8vo. (236)

Rimell, £145.

4439 Kip (J.) Nouveau Théâtre de la Grande Bretagne, 278 engravings, including the added plates of ecclesiastical buildings in England, a folding plan of London, etc., 3 vol. (should be 4), vol. i. in 2 parts, old calf, Londres, 1716, folio (101) Rimell, £17 4440 La Fleiche (F.) Les Noms, Surnoms, Qualitez, Armes et Blazons, de tous les Princes, etc., de l'Ordre et Milice du Benoist Sainct Esprit, heraldic arms (coloured), (title damaged), morocco, the arms of G. Fieubet de Naulac, Paris, 1643, folio (755) Montague, I IS. 4441 Lamb (Charles). Album Verses, first edition, calf gilt, t. e. g., others uncut, by Rivière, Moxon, 1830, 8vo. (271)

Dobell, 110S.

4442 Langham (William). The Garden of Health,_black_letter, original calf, 1633, 4to. (189) Ellis, £1 16s. 4443 Latimer (Hughe). The Seven Sermons preached before Edward VI., black letter, rare frontispiece representing Latimer preaching before the King (defective), bordered title and colophon at end, 1562-Certayn Godly Sermons made upon the Lord's Prayer, black letter, title within border, 1562-An Apologie, or Aunswer in defence of the Church of England, black letter (imprint at end), 1562, in 1 vol., old vellum, 4to. (671) Lawson, 12s. 4444 Le Febre. Opera Selectiora, engraved title and 50 plates containing 60 engravings (9 in two states and all the duplicates but one being proofs before letters), old calf, 1682, folio (76) R. Ward, I IOS. 4445 Le Sage (G. R.) Gil Blas, translated by Malkin, plates, 4 vol., russia, g. e., with paintings on the fore-edges, 1809, 8vo. (45) E. Parsons, £6 10s. 4446 Lilford (Lord). Notes on the Birds of Northamptonshire, map and illustrations, 2 vol., half morocco, 1895, 8vo. (54) Quaritch, £4 4447 Lièvre (E.) Les Collections Célèbres d'Euvres d'Art, original edition, 50 etchings and initial letters ornamented and in colours, half morocco, uncut, Paris, 1866, folio (713) Power, 14s. 4448 Linden (J.) Pescatoria. Iconographie des Orchidées, 48 coloured plates, with descriptions, vol. i., morocco gilt, g. e., Brux., 1860, folio (115) Carpenter, Li 18s.

4449 Llewellyn] (M[artin]). Men-Miracles, with other Poems, morocco extra, 1656, 8vo. (266) Leighton, £2 10s.

4450 Magna Charta, cum statutis, tipis aedita per R. Tottell, black letter (title stained and a few marginal notes), original calf, 1576, 8vo. (270) Heffer, 15s.

4451 Markham (Col. F.) Shooting in the Himalayas, map and tinted illustrations, original cloth, 1854, 8vo. (31)

Quaritch, 195. 4452 Mayhew (H.) Adventures of Mr. and Mrs. Sandboys, folding plates, etc. by G. Cruikshank (some mended), half calf, D. Bogue (1851), 8vo. (247) Pickering, 15s. C. O. Gréard,

4453 Meissonier.

His Life and his Art, by V.

illustrations (one of 100 numbered and signed copies on Japanese vellum), 2 vol., uncut, 1897-Extra series of fullpage plates on India paper, in portfolio, folio (735) Winter, £175. 4454 Menasseh Ben-Israel. De Resurrectione Mortuorum, libri III., original edition, old calf, Amst., 1636, 8vo. (585)

Ettinhauser, 15s. 4455 Meux (Lady). Manuscripts, Nos. 2-5, The Miracles of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and the Life of Hannâ (Saint Anne) and the Magical Prayers of 'Ahēta Mîkâêl, the Ethiopic texts edited, with translations, etc. by E. A. Wallis Budge, 111 coloured plates (one of 300 copies), morocco, m. e., 1900, folio (102) E. Parsons, £5 7s. 6d. 4456 Michelangelo Buonarroti. Life, by J. A. Symonds, LARGE PAPER, etched portrait and 50 reproductions, some on Japan paper (one of 112 copies), 2 vol., buckram, uncut, 1893, imperial 8vo. (602) Thorp, £3 16s. 4457 Milton (John). Paradise Lost and Paradise Regain'd, portrait (foxed), 2 vol., calf, Baskerville, 1759 (560) Maggs, 19s. 4458 Milton (John). Paradise Lost, a series of 24 plates by Martin, to illustrate Paradise Lost, LARGEST PAPER (50 copies printed), half morocco, 1825-27, imperial folio (714) James, 10s. 4459 Morris (F. O.) History of British Birds, first edition, coloured plates, 6 vol., half calf, Groombridge, 1851-57, 8vo. (9) J. Bumpus, £5 5s. 4460 Munster (S.) Cosmography (German text), engraved title, maps and woodcuts (margins damaged and stained), stamped pigskin, with clasps, Basil., 1574, folio (384) Rosenthal, £1 4461 Nicholson (William). History of the Wars occasioned by the French Revolution, coloured equestrian figures, complete in 7 parts, 1815-16-Cook (Captain). Voyages round the World, with engravings (4to.), complete in 65 numbers, 1820, both works in the original wrappers, uncut, folio (732) Quaritch, £7 4462 Nobbes (R.) The Compleat Troller, original edition, calf, 1682, 8vo. (276) Quaritch, £4 17s. 6d. [Contained a number of practical MS. notes by William White, of Crickhowell, a noted angler.-ED.]

4463 Oddities of London Life, by Paul Pry, plates by Pierce Egan, jun., 2 vol., original cloth, 1838, 8vo. (267)

Pickering, 1 6s.

4464 Palladio (A.) Architettura, first edition, woodcuts, half calf, Venetia, 1570, folio (526)

Wach, £2 18s. 4465 Pennell (J. and E. R.) Lithography and Lithographers, fullpage and other illustrations, buckram, uncut, 1898, folio (733) Edwards, 14s. 4466 Perrault (Charles). History of Passed Times, or Tales of Mother Goose, 8 woodcuts (no title), original sheep binding, London, n. d. (circa 1750) (578) Mason, 145.

4467 Philoponus (Honorius). Nova Typis transacta Navigatio

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