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Novi Orbis Indiae Occidentalis, 1492, engraved title and engravings by Kilian, limp vellum, in a case, s. 1., 1621, folio (112) Mayfield, £3 8s. 4468 Phillip (A.) Voyage to Botany Bay, calf, 1789, 4to. (329)

Thorp, 16s. 4469 Poynting (Frank). Eggs of British Birds, 54 coloured plates, half morocco, 1895-96, 4to. (56) Quaritch, £2 16s. 4470 Quadrille parée costumée, représentant les quatre parties du Monde, 36 coloured figures, 1835-Les Principaux Personnages du Roman. Quentin Durward," 14 coloured


plates, 1835, in 1 vol., half morocco, folio (762)

Quaritch, £5 10S. 4471 Quevedo. Pablo de Segovia, the Spanish Sharper, illustrated with 110 drawings by D. Vierge, with comments by J. Pennell, etc., vellum gilt, r. e., 1892, folio (737)

Yeates, £18s.

4472 Racinet (A.) L'Ornement Polychrome, 48 plates in gold and colours (should be 50), 1871, folio (712) Scotti, 10s. 4473 Raine (J.) History of North Durham, portrait and plates, half morocco, 1852, folio (389)

Hardy, £2 4474 Redford (George). Art Sales, with autotypes, portraits and views, 2 vol., buckram, uncut, 1888, 4to. (62) Quaritch, £14 4475 Rembrandt. Original Drawings, reproduced by Emrik and Binger at Haarlem, three series, in 2 parts, 100 large plates, mounted on cardboards (one of 150 copies), in 2 portfolios, The Hague, M. Nijhoff, 1903-6, folio (97) Maggs, £8 5s. 4476 Rich Store-House, or Treasury for the Diseased, by G. W., 1650-Treatise of the Gout, the severall sorts thereof, name "Edward Gwynn" stamped in gold on side, 1633, together 2 vol., original calf, 4to. (186) Leighton, £3 3s. 4477 Riverius (L.) The Practice of Physick, half calf, 1655Another edition, old calf, 1672, together 2 vol., folio (197) Edwards, £ 8s. 4478 Ross (Sir John). Narrative of a Second Voyage, LARGE PAPER, map and plates, including 7 coloured, uncut, 1835, 4to. (687) Winter, 6s. 4479 Roux (H.) Herculanum et Pompei (including the "Musée Secret"), illustrations, 8 vol., Paris, 1840, 8vo. (296) Edwards, £3 18s. 4480 Rowlandson (T.) Poetical Sketches of Scarborough, first edition, 21 engravings (coloured) by J. Green, etched by Rowlandson, half calf, 1813, 8vo. (287) Rimell, £3 12s. 4481 Salmon (W.) Botanologia, frontispiece and woodcuts, calf (rebacked), 1710, folio (198) Reader, £1 4482 Saltmarsh (John). Poemata Sacra, 3 title-pages, with poem in a contemporary handwriting, signed J. S., on last leaf, morocco gilt, Cantab., 1636, 8vo. (269) Dobell, £135. 4483 Scarron (P.) Virgile Travestie en Vers Burlesques, containing 7 parts with separate titles and pagination, 10 plates (3 defective), 2 vol., old calf, Paris, 1648-9-50-51-53, 4to. (64) Pope, £1 5s.

[Original edition of all the parts (except the first), with

the address of" Toussaint Guinet" in parts ii. to vi., and the same imprint, dated 1648, beneath the frontispieces.— Catalogue.]

4484 Scrope (William).

Art of Deer - Stalking, first edition, original cloth, uncut, t. e. g., 1838, imperial 8vo. (627) Quaritch, £7 7s. 6d. 4485 Seebohm (Henry). The Charadriidae, coloured plates (1888), 4to. (339) Sotheran, £2 4486 Seebohm (Henry). History of British Birds, 68 coloured plates, 4 vol., original cloth, uncut, 1883-85, imperial 8vo. (6) Quaritch, £4 14s. 4487 Selby (P. J.) Illustrations of British Ornithology, 221 coloured figures of birds, 2 vol., morocco extra, g.e., Edinburgh, n. d. and 1834, atlas folio-Descriptive Text to the Work, 2 vol., cloth, ib., 1833, 8vo. (390)


Quaritch, L17 5s. 4488 Shaftesbury (Earl of). Characteristics, portrait and vignettes, 3 vol., calf gilt (rebacked), Baskerville, 1773, 8vo. (533) 135. 4489 Shakespeare (William). Comedies, Histories and Tragedies, fourth edition, portrait by Droeshout, cut round and inlaid (last leaf defective and mended), (1334 by 834 inches), morocco, g. e., by Pratt, H. Herringman, E. Brewster and R. Bentley, 1685 (391) Dobell, £40

4490 Shakespeare (William). Dramatick Writings, Bell's edition, LARGE PAPER, portraits and plates, 20 vol., morocco gilt, fine set, 1786, 8vo. (531) Maggs, £6 7s. 6d. 4491 Shaw (Henry). The Arms of the Colleges of Oxford, fullpage plates in gold, silver and colours, morocco gilt, Oxford, 1855, 4to. (61) Carpenter, £3 10s. 4492 Sheraton (Thomas). The Cabinet-Maker and Upholsterer's Drawing-Book, text and plates (engravings soiled), 2 vol., old half calf, 1793-94, 4to. (694) Batsford, £75s. 4493 Sheridan (R. B.) Works [edited by Thomas Moore], first collected edition, 2 vol., calf gilt, m. e., 1821, 8vo. (623) Maggs, £2 4s.

4494 Sheridan (R. B.) The Critic, first edition, half morocco gilt, 1781, 8vo. (27) Hughson, 15s. 4495 Sinclair (Sir John). Statistical Account of Scotland, 21 vol., half calf, Edinburgh, 1791-99, 8vo. (659) Forrester, £2 12s. 4496 Sloane (Hans). Voyage to the Islands Madera, Barbados, Nieves, S. Christopher's and Jamaica, text and plates (wanted a few of the engravings and 3 imperfect, as is also the map), 2 vol. in 4, calf, 1707-25, folio (113)

Walford, £2 6s. 4497 Spenser (Edmund). The Faerie Queene, second edition, 1596-The Second Part, first edition, 1596, 2 vol., old calf, 4to. (69) Leighton, £63 ["Printed for William Ponsonbie.” Vol. i. had the Welsh words on page 332 in type. Vol. ii. had “Colin Clout," T. Creed for William Ponsonbie, 1595, bound up. -ED.]


4498 Spenser (Edmund). Works, by Hughes, frontispieces, 6 vol., calf gilt, J. Tonson, 1715, 8vo. (528) Sotheran, 16s. 4499 Smith (C. H.) Ancient Costume of Great Britain and Ireland, 60 large coloured plates, with text, half morocco, 1814, folio (760) 4500 Stephens (George). Old Northern Runic Monuments, portrait and illustrations, 3 vol., half morocco, t. e. g., 1866-84, folio (387) Sotheran, £315s. 4501 Strutt (J.) Sports and Pastimes, LARGE PAPER, illustrations, half calf, t. e. g., 1801, 4to. (557) Walford, 10s.

4502 Surtees (Robert). County Palatine of Durham, plates, 4 vol., half russia, 1816-40, folio (388) Hardy, £8 15s. 4503 Swift (Jon.) Gulliver's Travels, second issue of the first edition, portrait and maps, 2 vol., calf gilt, 1726-27, 8vo. (242) Hornstein, £4 6s.

[Vol. i. separate pagination, vol. ii. consecutive. A fine copy bound by Rivière.-ED.]

4504 Swift (Jon.) Tale of a Tub, first edition, advertisement leaf before title, calf gilt, John Nutt, 1704, 8vo. (268)

Dobell, £4 12s. 4505 Tennyson (Alfred Lord). In Memoriam, first edition, original cloth, 1850, 8vo. (200) Edwards, £2 125. 4506 Thacker (J. B.) Christopher Columbus, his Life, his Work and his Remains, 6 vol. and Appendix, the collector's edition (100 signed and numbered sets), facsimile and other illustrations, etc., together 7 vol., half morocco, uncut, New York, 1903, 4to. (57) Quaritch, £3 3s. 4507 Thackeray (W. M.) Vanity Fair, with the woodcut of the Marquis of Steyne, calf extra, 1848, 8vo. (26)

Hughson, £3 10s. 4508 Tolstoi (Lyof N.) Complete Works, portraits, etc., 12 vol., buckram, New York, 1898, etc., 8vo. (10) Hill, 195. 4509 Vasari (G.) Vite de' piu excellenti Pittori, Scultori e Architettori, portraits, 7 vol., half vellum, Firenze, 1770, 4to. (475) Scotti, 75. 4510 Vestris (Mdme.) Memoirs, portrait and 6 coloured plates, original boards, uncut, John Duncombe, n. d., 8vo. (243) Rimell, £4 8s. 4511 Vicars (John). A Sight of ye Transactions of these latter yeares, engraved title and 22 engravings on 11 plates, morocco gilt, T. Jenner (1646), 4to. (344) Maggs, £2 10s. 4512 Vigo (John). Works of Chirurgerye, black letter (some leaves stained and one defective), old calf, E. Whitchurch, 1550, folio (195) Llewellyn, £3

[Contained 17 leaves of MS. recipes at the end.-ED.] 4513 Viollet-le-Duc (E.) Dictionnaire Raisonné de l'Architecture Française, illustrations, 10 vol. in 5, half calf, 1854-68, 8vo. (46) Thorp, £6 5s. 4514 Virtruvius. [De Architectura] per Jocundum Solito catigatior factus, first edition with woodcuts (wormed), half bound, Venet., 1521, folio (524) Wach, 135.

4515 Virtruvius.

Di Architettura (da F. L. Durantino), woodcuts (stained), old calf, Venezia, 1535, folio (525) Wach, 125. 4516 Wafer (L.) New Voyage and Description of the Isthmus of America, maps and plates, original calf with the Rockingham arms, 1699, 8vo. (315) H. Stevens, £3 35. 4517 Walton (I.) and Cotton (C.) Complete Angler, Major's second edition, portraits, plates and woodcuts, morocco gilt, with fore-edge painting by John T. Beer, autograph letter from Charles Sumner, Librarian at Windsor Castle, 1826, inserted, John Major, 1824, 8vo. (536)

Maurice, I 18s. 4518 Willdenow (C. L.) Hortus Berolinensis, 108 large coloured plates, with text, half russia, Berolini, 1816, folio (759) Quaritch, LI IIS. 4519 Woodville (W.) Medical Botany, with Supplement, coloured plates, 4 vol., half bound, uncut, 1790-94, 4to. (192)

Askew, 18s. 4520 Wordsworth (W.) and Coleridge (S. T.) Lyrical Ballads, first edition, with leaf of Errata, half calf, 1798, 8vo. (262) Hornstein, £5 2s. 6d. 4521 Wordsworth (W.) Lyrical Ballads, 2 vol., vol. i. second edition, vol. ii. first edition, calf, 1800-Yarrow Revisited and other Poems, first edition, calf, 1835, together 3 vol., 8vo. (263) Dobell, £2 2s.

[FEBRUARY 26TH, 1908.]



(No. of Lots, 374; amount realised, £605 8s.)

4522 Alken (Henry). Beauties and Defects in the Figure of the Horse, 18 coloured plates, original boards (back gone), (1816), imperial 8vo. (171) Ames, Li 4523 Ames (J.) and Herbert (W.) Typographical Antiquities, enlarged by Dibdin, 4 vol., half bound, 1810-19, 4to. (220) Quaritch, £6 5s. 4524 Ariosto (L.) Orlando Furioso, portraits and plates, 4 vol., Baskerville, 1773-Rime e Satire, Firenze, 1822, together 5 vol., half bound, uncut, uniform, imperial 8vo. (159) Isaacs, £57s. 6d. 4525 Augustinus. De Civitate Dei-De Trinitate, in I vol., lit. goth., old stamped calf on oaken boards, some leaves defective, Basil., 1515, folio (288) Leighton, 11s.

4526 Batty (R.) Series of Views to illustrate the Rhine, Belgium and Holland, Large paper, duplicate set of plates, proofs and etchings, in portfolio, 1824, royal folio (329)

Walpole, £2 4527 Bayeux Tapestry. The series of 17 engravings after C. A. Stothard, coloured, half russia, g. e., 1819-23, imperial folio (364) Bloomfield, £2 18s. 4528 Bible. Holy Bible, old morocco, g. e., C. Barker and J. Field, 1660-Book of Common Prayer, old morocco, g. e., Cambridge, Baskerville, 1762-Another copy, large type, old morocco, ib., 1762, together 3 vol., 8vo. (169)

Maggs, £125. 4529 Bodoni (G.) Manuale Tipografico, LARGE PAPER, upwards of 250 specimens of type, and portrait, 2 vol., boards, uncut, Parma, 1818, folio (324) Maggs, £2 10s. 4530 Bohn (H. G.) Guide to the Knowledge of Pottery, presentation copy, plates coloured and finished with gold, morocco extra, g. e., 1857, 8vo. (166) Maggs, £2 25. 4531 Britton (John). Architectural Antiquities, LARGE PAPER, 300 plates by Le Keux, etc., 5 vol., half russia, uncut, 1805-26, royal 4to. (218) Batsford, £2 8s. 4532 Browne (J.) History of the Church of St. Peter, York, 150 plates, 2 vol., russia gilt, 1847, royal 4to. (230)

Saxby, £2 4s.

4533 Burnet (John). Treatise on Painting, LARGE PAPER, India proofs, 1827, royal 4to. (253) Sotheran, £ 14s. 4534 Byron (Lord). English Bards and Scotch Reviewers, first edition (watermark 1805), calf, gilt edges, J. Cawthorn (1809), 8vo. (177) Maggs, 175. 4535 Byron (Lord). English Bards and Scotch Reviewers, first edition, preface to the second edition added in MS., half bound, uncut, J. Cawthorne (1809), 8vo. (178) Maggs, 14s. 4536 Byron (Lord). Finden's Illustrations of Byron, 3 vol., morocco extra, g. e., 1833-34, 8vo. (196) Maggs, 1 18s. 4537 Canova (A.) Works in Sculpture and Modelling, LARGE PAPER, portrait and plates, 3 vol., half morocco, uncut, 1824-28, folio (284) Walpole, 17s. 4538 Carter (John). Ancient Architecture of England, LARGE PAPER, 106 plates, 2 vol. in 1, half russia, uncut, 1795-1816, imperial folio (360) Bull, 13s. 4539 Carter (O.) Views of Ancient Buildings in England, 6 vol. in 2, morocco, 1786-Baratariana, a Select Collection of Fugitive Political Pieces, portrait and folding plate, calf, Dublin, 1773, together 3 vol., 8vo. (198) Maggs, £115. 4540 Chambers (Sir W.) Decorative Part of Civil Architecture, by Joseph Gwilt, LARGE PAPER, portrait and plates, India proofs (25 copies printed), russia extra, g. e., 1825, 4to. (222) Sarby, 118s. 4541 Chandler (A.) The Camellier and the Camellia Japonica, 40 coloured plates, half morocco, t. e. g., 1831, folio (369) Wheldon, £2

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