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5032 Hogarth (William). Original Works, first collective edition, 108 plates, russia super extra, Boydell, 1790, atlas folio (113) Tregaskis, £10 IOS. 5033 Holbein (Hans). Portraits of Illustrious Persons of the Court of Henry VIII. [by Edmund Lodge, F.S.A.], published by John Chamberlaine, 84 engravings by Bartolozzi, in duplicate, including the additional ones of Holbein and his wife, and the miniatures of the Dukes of Suffolk, also the 8 coloured plates of portraits of the French Court, with descriptions (to the first 4) by Mrs. Jameson added, 2 vol., morocco super extra, g. e., by J. Wright, Bulmer, 1792, atlas folio (114) Bain, £76

[A special and original copy, possessing a duplicate set of etchings, with eight other heads of celebrated persons, including one of Mary Queen of Scots while widow of Francis II., containing altogether 180 plates.-Catalogue.] 5034 Homilies. Certayne Sermons, or Homelies, appoynted by the Kynges Maiestie, to bee declared and redde, first edition, black letter, title within woodcut border, printer's device on reverse of colophon, morocco extra, g. e., by J. Clarke, Rychard Grafton, last daie of Julii, 1547, small 4to. (115) Ellis, £4 10S.

[First edition of the first book of Homilies, attributed to Archbishop Cranmer.-Catalogue.] 5035 Homilies. Čertayne Sermons, or Homelies, second edition, black letter, title within different woodcut border from the above, morocco antique, g. e., Edwarde Whitchurche, the xx. daye of Auguste, 1547, small 4to. (116)

Leighton, £3 12s. 6d. 5036 Homelies. Enlarged (Elizabethan) edition,. . and by her Graces aduise pervsed and oversene, for the better understanding of the simple people-The Second Tome of Homilies, of suche matters as were promised and intituled in the former part of Homilies, together 2 vol., black letter. titles within woodcut borders, and large woodcut initials, calf, g. e. (vol. i. cut closer than vol. ii. and smaller accordingly, a few leaves stained, title to vol. ii. inlaid, and a few corners mended), Richard Jugge and John Cawood, 1563, small 4to. (117) Leighton, £3 10s. 5037 Homelies. Another edition, black letter, title within woodcut borders, 2 vol. in 1, contemporary calf (corners mended), with Tudor rose (some corners torn), Edwarde Allde, 1595, small 4to. (118) Leighton, £3 5s. 5038 Hooker (Richard). Of the Lawes of Ecclesiasticall Politie [Books i.-iv.]-The fift Booke, first editions (first title soiled and a few leaves mended), 2 vol. in 1, old vellum, John Windet [1594]-7, small folio (119) Barnard, 1 IIS. [The first edition contains the first four books only. The first edition of the fifth book is excessively rare.Catalogue.]

5039 Hore beate virgis marie scd'm vsum Romanum, lit. goth., printed on vellum, the anatomical design (undefaced) on

second leaf and 16 large engravings, and numerous initials (hand-coloured), (margin of one leaf (leaf i.) defaced and a few others soiled), signatures A-R in 8's, modern morocco gilt, . . . acheves le xvj iour de may Lan Mil. LLLL. iiii xx. & rir. Par Thyelma Keruer Libraire demourant a Paris sur le pont saint michiel a lenseigne de la Licorne (1499) [Almanack 1497-1520], small 8vo. (120)

Leighton, 14 10s. 5040 Hora B. V. M. Ces presentes heures a lusaige de Rōme ont este faictes pour Simon Vostre Libraire, gothic letter, large vignette of Philippe Pigouchet on title, anatomical engraving (defaced), other engravings, unbound (imperfect), Simon Vostre, s. d. [Almanack 1501-20], small 4to. (121) Leighton, £5 15s.

[This edition consists of signatures a-1 and A, in 8's, or 96 leaves in all. This copy wanted 8 leaves, and was soiled. Catalogue.]

5041 Horæ B. V. M. Ces presentes heures a lusaige de Rōme, lit. goth., Vostre's device on title, the skeleton woodcut, 23 engravings, initials illuminated, modern russia antique, S. Vostre [Almanack 1502-20], small 4to. (122) Maggs, £60 [Printed upon vellum. A rare edition, unknown to Brunet, consisting of signatures A-L in 8's and M in 10's, or 98 leaves in all. It is referred to in Dibdin's "Bibliographical Decameron," where some of the cuts reproduced in facsimile (9,in. by 6in.)—Catalogue.] 5042 Hora B. V. M. | secundū usum Romanu, lettres bâtardes. anatomical woodcut (undefaced), 58 large engravings and 44 smaller ones, all painted in imitation of ancient MS., contemporary French calf, Nouellement iprimees a Paris par Thielman Keruer &furet acheuees le x iour de


Septebre. Lan mil cinq cès XXIJ (1522), small 4to. (123)
Leighton, £56

[No. 196 in Brunet. The large oval illustrations to the Calendar illustrate the life of man at intervals of six years for each month, beginning with the child playing at the age of six (for January) to the deathbed scene at 72 (for December). Catalogue.]

5043 Houbraken and Vertue. Heads of Illustrious Persons, LARGE PAPER, 108 portraits, contemporary English morocco extra, 1743, imperial folio (124) Quaritch, £16 5044 Howell (Lawrence). The Orthodox Communicant, engraved throughout, each page within figured borders, the dedication illuminated, morocco, Apud excusorem, 1721, post 8vo. (125) Leighton, 1 15s. 5045 Hunter (Joseph). Hallamshire, plates by Blore, and coatsof-arms, 1819-South Yorkshire, portrait, coloured maps, plates and woodcuts, 2 vol., 1828-31, together 3 vol., LARGE PAPER, russia extra, by J. Clarke, 1819-31, royal folio (126) Sotheran, £6 10s. 5046 Isidorus (S.) Soliloquia, lit. goth., initials painted in red,

boards (Hain *9294, Proctor 1958), [Norimberga, Joh. Sensenschmidt, circa 1474], small folio (127) Leighton, £2 5047 Johnson (Dr. Samuel). The Rambler, first edition, complete in 208 numbers, March 20th, 1749 to March 17th, 1752, in 2 vol., calf, no general title, 1749-52, small folio (128)

Pickering, 1 6s. 5048 Jones (Owen). Alhambra, original and best edition, LARGE PAPER, 101 plates, the greater number executed in gold and colours, proofs on India paper of the plain plates, 2 vol., vol. i. morocco super extra, g. e., and vol. ii. in half morocco extra (backs uniform), Apud auctorem, 1842-5, atlas folio (129) Sotheran, £10 155. 5049 Jonson (Ben). Workes, portrait by R. Vaughan, and engraved title by W. Hole, 2 vol., old calf gilt, from the Fairfax Library at Leeds Castle, R. Bishop, and are to be sold by Andrew Crooke, 1640, small folio (130)

Tregaskis, £14 5050 Jonson (Ben). Execration against Vulcan, first edition, portrait by R. Vaughan, calf extra (title margined and soiled, and bottom line of signature G3 shorn), with autograph "Izaak Walton" on title, J. O. for John Benson, 1640, small 4to. (131) Dobell, £10

5051 [Keble (John).] The Christian Year, first edition, 2 vol., calf gilt, g. e., autograph letter from the author added, Oxford, Parker, 1827, post 8vo. (132) Hopkins, £4 5052 Killingbeck (John, Vicar of Leeds). Eighteen Sermons on Practical Subjects, old sheep, Nottingham, 1717, 8vo. (133) Frank, 11s. 5053 Le Brun (J. B. P.) Galerie des Peintres Flamands, Hollandais et Allemands, 201 engravings (proof impressions), with the arms beneath each plate, but before the titles, numerous etchings loosely inserted, 3 vol. in 2, morocco extra, g. e., 1793-6, folio (137) Quaritch, £20 5054 Loggan (David). Cantabrigia et Oxonia Illustratæ, original editions, portrait of Charles Duke of Somerset, engraved titles, 6 engraved preliminary leaves, and 70 engraved plates (some folding), proofs before letters, 3 old views of Oxford inserted, 2 vol., russia extra, g. e., Oxoniæ, e Theatro Sheldon, 1675, et Cantabrigia [1688], folio (138)

Batsford, £19 5055 [Marbeck (John).] A Concordance, first edition, black letter, vignette of the Annunciation and other woodcut initials, morocco plain, g.e., Richard Grafton, July, 1550, small folio (140) Sotheran, £2 8s. 5056 Mary, Queen of Scots. Collections relative to the Funerals of (edited by Robert Pitcairn), thick hand-made paper, morocco gilt, g.e. (125 copies printed), Edinburgh, 1822, 8vo. (141) Tregaskis, £2 10S. 5057 Melanchthon (Philip). A newe worke concernyng both partes of the Sacrament, black letter, morocco gilt, g. e., Richard Jugge [? 1560], 18mo. (142) Thomas, £2 5058 M[eriton] (G[eorge]). The Praise of York-shire Ale, third

edition, morocco gilt, g. e., by C. Lewis (corner of title, also some small holes mended), York, 1697, 12mo. (143) Godfrey, £2 15s. 5059 [Midgley (S.)] Halifax, and its Gibbet-Law, first edition, frontispiece of the guillotine, morocco extra, g. e., by C. Lewis, J. How, for Wm. Bentley, at Hallifax, 1708, 16m0. (144) Godfrey, 115s. 5060 Midgley (S.) Halifax, and its Gibbet-Law, second edition, frontispiece of the guillotine, old calf, J. How, for Wm. Bentley, at Hallifax [1761], 12mo. (145) Godfrey, £1 2s. 5061 Milton (John). Poems, etc. upon Several Occasions (second edition), portrait, æt. 63, by W. Dolle (inlaid), morocco plain, Tho. Dring, 1673, small 8vo. (146) Bain, £6 5s. 5062 Milton (John). Paradise Lost, morocco plain, g. e., by J. Clarke (title and leaf HH 4 mended, and a water-stain on the former), London, 1667, small 4to. (147) Quaritch, £155 [The above is perhaps the first issue (or title-page) of the first edition, and classed as such by Professor Masson. Lowndes, however, makes it the second title-page. This copy belonged to John Philip Kemble, the actor, who has written his name, “J. P. Kemble.”--ED.]

5063 Milton (John). Paradise Lost, morocco plain, g. e., by J. Clarke, London, 1667, small 4to. (148) Quaritch, £192

[This copy had the second title-page according to Professor Masson, and the first according to Lowndes. Both editions are collated as follows:-Title-page and signatures A-Z and Aa-Tt in 4's, and Vv in 2, or 172 leaves in all, without pagination.-ED.]

5064 Milton (John). Paradise Lost, seventh title-page (margin of title and a few other leaves mended), morocco plain, g. e., by J. Clarke, London, printed by S. Simmons, 1669, small 4to. (149) Dobell, £27 5065 Milton (John). Paradise Lost, eighth title-page (hole burnt in title and corner of Nni torn), old calf, London, printed by S. Simmons, 1669, small 4to. (150) Edwards, £25 105. [Lowndes's eighth and last title-page, containing the 7 preliminary leaves, but without the printer's address. There is also a mistake in the list of Errata not contained in previous issues.-Catalogue.]

5066 Milton (John). Paradise Lost, the third edition (wanted portrait), morocco plain, g. e., S. Simmons, 1678, 8vo. (151) Young, £2 25. first edition, morocco Printed by J. M. for

5067 Milton (John). Paradise Regained, plain, g.e., by J. Clarke, London, john Starkey at the Mitre in Fleetstreet, near TempleBar. MDCLXXI.,/ post 8vo. (152) 5068 Milton (John). The History of Britain, first edition, portrait, æt. 62, by W. Faithorne, and leaf of Errata, morocco plain, g.e., J. M. for James Allestry, 1670, small 4to. (153)

Bain, £25 10s.

Bain, £6 5s.

5069 Missæ aliquot pro Sacerdotibus itinerantibus in Anglia, ex Missali Romano Reformato, Permissu Superiorum, 1615—

Sacra Institutio Baptizandi, Matrimonium Celebrandi, etc. juxta Usum insignis Ecclesiæ Sarisburiensis, Duaci, Laur. Kellam, 1604, in 1 vol., vellum, 8vo. (155)

Bull, £10 55. 5070 Missale Anglicanum. Altar Service Book, according to the Use of the United Church of England and Ireland, edited by Frederick George Lee, printed by Whittingham and Wilkins on hand-made paper, woodcut of the Crucifixion opposite the Canon, and numerous initials, half vellum, 1867, folio (156) Heffer, £ 8s. 5071 Missale ad Consuetudine Ecclesie Sarum, lit. goth., large woodcut on first page, woodcut page at the beginning of the Commune Sanctorum (with central design and borders, and the printer's mark, “ F. R.”), numerous woodcuts in the text and a large number of small woodcut initials, morocco antique, r. e. (imperfect), [?Parisiis, F. Regnault, 1549,] small 4to. (157) Leighton, £9 8s.

[One of the last Sarum Missals printed for Regnault. It is very imperfect; ending with folio 62 of part ii. (end of Sanctorale). It begins with folio 1 (signature a 1). There is a small hole in the first leaf; a few leaves in the middle are wormed, and a few stained on margins. The two large woodcuts at the beginning of each part have the Pope's figure in each case scribbled by the pen, as also the office for St. Thomas of Canterbury.-Catalogue.]

5072 Missale ad usu Ecclesie Sarisburiensis mdlv., lit. goth., double columns, red and black, large allegorical woodcuts of the Celebration of the Mass and the Crucifixion at the Canon, the printer's device at beginning and end, and numerous initials (folios xlix.-1. and last 2 leaves in facsimile), modern morocco, g.e., by Hayday, [Colophon:] Ex officina Richardi Hamiltonis typographi. Venale habetur Rothomagi in edibus Roberti Valentini . . . 1554, small 4to. (158) Bull, £19 5s.

[One of the last editions of the Sarum Missal, printed at Rouen for English Catholics immediately after Queen Mary's accession. The date at head of title is 1555, but on colophon 1554-Catalogue.]

5073 Missale Romanum ex Decreto SS. Conc. Tridentini restitutum, additis Missis Sanctorum, ab Innocentio X. et Alexandro VI., P. M. ordinatis, engravings by Picart, Bloemart, etc., red velvet, richly embroidered (one plate missing, frontispiece mounted, and some leaves damaged or mended), Roma, 1662, folio (160) Frank, £7 5s. 5074 Missale ad Usum Ecclesiæ Eboracensis, cum Calendario, an English Manuscript on 186 leaves of fine vellum (11%1⁄2 by 734 inches), written in gothic letter in black and red, double columns, 24 lines, numerous ornamented initials, the larger ones filled up with elaborate ornaments, morocco antique, blind stamped ornaments, by Rivière, Sæc. xii.-xv. (161) Quaritch, £260

[This manuscript was reprinted, under the editorship of

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