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[The original edition of Laud's Prayer Book for Scotland, originally in the library of the Duke of Sussex. It is most interesting as having underlined with a pen the personal annotations of Charles I. This is pointed out in a long MS. note by Thomas Joseph Pettigrew, the Duke of

Sussex's librarian.-Catalogue.] 5108 Prayer. King Charles I. Another cɔpy, morocco antique, Edinburgh, R. Young, 1637, 1636, small folio (197)

Frank, £8 8s. (Both the above copies had at end the catchword Certaine,” denoting them to be of the earliest issue.

ED.) 5109 Prayer. King Charles I. Facsimile of the Black-letter

Prayer Book of 1636, photo-zincographed at the Ordnance Survey Office, Southampton (with Account of the Discovery of the MS. by Dean Stanley), vellum, Ritual Commission, 1871, folio (198)

Parker & Co., £r Ios. 5110 Prayer. King Charles I. Booke of Common Prayer (with

the Psalter), black letter, woodcut initials (title mended, and some marginal notes cut into), morocco antique extra, g. e., Robert Barker and the Assignes of John Bill, 1639, small folio (199)

Frank, £t 55. [At end of the Psalms are 4 leaves of “Certain godly

prayers to be used for sundry purposes."-Catalogue.] 511 Prayer. Charles II. Facsimile of the Original Manuscript

of the Book of Common Prayer, signed by Convocation Dec. 20th, 1661, photo-lithographed from the copy in the library of the House of Lords, uncut, 1891, folio (200)

Parker & Co., 125. (An exact facsimile of what is often called “The Annexed Book,” supposed to have been lost since A.D. 1819,

but discovered in 1867.-Catalogue.] 5112 Prayer. Savoy Conference. An Accompt of all the Pro

ceedings of the Commissioners of both Perswasions, appointed by his Sacred Majesty, for the Review of the Book of Common Prayer, etc. (with the Papers that passed between the Commissioners), in i vol., calf gilt, 1661, small 4to. (201)

Quaritch, £4 125. 5113 Prayer. Savoy Conference. Another copy, also Two Papers

of Proposals concerning the Discipline and Ceremonies of the Church of England, presented to his Majesty by the Reverend Ministers of the Presbyterian Persuasion (26 pages), 1661--A Petition for Peace, with the Reformation of the Liturgy (101 pages), 1661--The Due Account and Humble Petition of the Ministers commissioned for a Review of the Liturgy (6 pages), 1661---Copy of the Whole Disputation at the Savoy (6 pages), 1652-Address to the King at the Savoy Conference, manuscript on 11 pages (1662), in i vol., old English morocco, g. e., with Sir Mark Masterman Sykes's initials and gilt book-label, and bookstamp“ Bibliotheca Heberiana," 1661-2, small 4to. (202)

Quaritch, £6 175. 6d.


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5114 Prayer. Irish Book. The Book of Common Prayer, accord

ing to the Use of the Church of Ireland, large type, engraved frontispiece by Loggan (with the New Version of the Psalms, by N. Tate and N. Brady, LARGE PAPER), calf, g. e., stamped “ Thomas Earl of Westmeath,” Dublin,

George Grierson, 1750-1, royal folio (203) Frank, £4 ios. 5115 Prayer. American. The Book of Common Prayer, accord

ing to the Use of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America, with the Psalter and the New Hymns, stamped calf, g. e., Philadelphia, 1828, 8vo. (204)

Frank, 6s. 5116 Prayer. Queen Elizabeth's Prayer Book. A Booke of

Christian Prayers, black letter, fourth edition, title within engraved border of a Tree of Jesse, and portrait of Queen Elizabeth praying on reverse, every page ornamented with woodcut borders from designs of Dürer, Holbein and others (last three margins touched by the binder), old English morocco, g. e., Richard Yardley and Peter Short, 1590, small 4to. (205)

Bain, 620 5117 Prayer. Queen Elizabeth's Prayer Book. Another edition,

black letter, woodcut portrait and borders (title inlaid), morocco, g. e., by J. Clarke, Printed for the Company of Stationers, 1608 (206)

Leighton, £10 5118 Prayer. The Prymer of Salisbury Use, in English and

Latin (the Latin printed on the side margins), black letter, woodcuts and initials, old English morocco, g. e. (imperfect as below, Roberte Redman, 1539 (207) Quaritch, £47

[A copy is in the Bodleian Library, which may be the only other copy extant. Wanting title, i leaf of Calendar and 2 leaves of text, 3 leaves (B 5-8 of the first alphabet) defective, C 7 torn and 18 defective, as is also the first leaf of the Almanack. Collation : 2 leaves of Almanack, A 1-3, 6-8, B-I in 8's, K in 6's, L.Q in 8's and R in 4's. After these follow : An exposycyon after the manner of a contemplacion upon the ij. Psalmes/ called Miserere mei Deus/ whiche Hierom of Ferrarye (i.e. Girolamo Savonarola] made at the latter ende of hys dayes ; A-F in 4's, and G in 6's ; The Pystles and Gospels, of euery Sonday and holy day in the yere ; A-R in 4's. It has belonged to

Philip Bliss. ---Catalogue.] 5119 Prayer. The Primer set furth by the Kinges Majestie

(Henry VIII.), old calf, (1546— Reprint, circa 1710,) 8vo. (208)

Frank, 9s. 5120 Prayer. Directory (A) for the Publique Worship of God

throughout the Three Kingdoms-An Ordinance of Parliament for the Taking Away of the Book of Common Prayer, with Fifty-five other Ordinances concerning Public Worship and the Army, original edition, in 1 vol., original call, 1645-8, small 4to. (209)

Tregaskis, £5 (A rare collection containing on 261 leaves 56 Parliamentary Ordinances, a list of which is partly given in the Catalogue.-ED.)

5121 Prayer. A Collection of Seven forms of Prayer and Thanks

giving set forth by Royal Authority, 1638-65, black letter, i vol., morocco, from the library of Philip Bliss, 1638-65, small 4to. (211)

Frank, £ 5 5s. (Contents : Gunpowder Plot, 1638 ; King Charles's Martyrdom, 1661 ; "The Restoration, 1661; Fair Weather, 1661 ; The Plague, 1665; For a Blessing on the Naval Forces against the Dutch Fleet, 5th April, 1665; For the

Naval Victory off the Texel, June-July, 1655.- Catalogue.) 5122 Prayer. A Form of Common Prayer, to be used upon the

Thirtieth of January (Martyrdom of Charles I.), black letter, J. Bill and C. Barker, 1661, small 4to. (212)

Frank, £3 5s. 5123 Prayer. Plague of 1625. A Forme of Common Prayer,

black letter, old calf, with Dr. Bliss's book-plate, B. Norton

and J. Bill, 1625, small 4to. (213) Sotheran, £2 5s. 5124 Prayer. Plague of London, 1665. A Forme of Common

Prayer, black letter (title and last leaf mounted, and first leaf defective and mended), half calf, Dr. Bliss's copy, J. Bill and C. Barker, 1665, small 4to. (214)

Sotheran, £1 25. 5125 Prayer. A Collection of Twenty-one rare Forms of Prayer,

black letter, in ! vol., morocco antique, g. e., by F. Bedford, 1693-1716, small 4to. (215)

Frank, 48 5s. (A complete list of these forms is given in the Catalogue.

-ED.) 5126 Prayer. A Forme of Prayer to be used on Thursday, the

27th June, 1706 (for the Victory of Ramillies), black letter, 1706, small 4to. (216)

75. 5127 Prayer. A Collection of Forms of Prayer for various

Occasions, 34 Tracts in i vol., half calf, 1710-1802, small 4to. (217)

Maggs, 46 (Chief contents : Victory in Spain, 1710 ; War in Spain, 1739 ; War against France, 1747 ; Thanksgiving : Peace of Aix-la-Chapelle, 1749; Fast : War in India, 1757, 1758 ;

Taking of Quebec, 1759, etc.--Ed.] 5128 Psalms. Whole Booke of Psalmes, by Sternehold, John

Hopkins and others, morocco, by F. Bedford, John Windet, for the assignes of Richard Day, 1597, 48mo. (219)

Quaritch, £3 jos. 5129 Psalms. The Whole Booke of Psalmes, by Sternehold, W.

Whittingham, J. Hopkins and others, black letter, music, calf gilt, g.e., by F. Bedford, John Windet, 1598, small 4to. (220)

Quaritch, £3 35. 5130 Psalms (The) of David in English Meeter [by Francis Rous)

, old calf, Miles Flesher, for the Companie of Stationers, 1646, 12mo. (221)

Ball, £1 18s. [This is erroneously considered the first edition of Rous's Version, but is in reality the third, the former having been printed in 1641, and reprinted with some alterations in

1643.- Catalogue.] 5131 Psalms of David (The). A New Version, by Nahum] Tate

and Nicholas) Brady, second edition, corrected, old English morocco, g.e., 1698, small 8vo. (222)

Quaritch, £! ios. 5132 Purchas (Samuel). Hakluytus Posthumus, or, Purchas his

Pilgrimes, 4 vol., 1625--Purchas, his Pilgrimage, fourth and best edition, enlarged, 1626, with the genuine engraved title to vol. i., and all the rare maps (including Smith's very rare one of Virginia, almost always wanting), and engravings, 5 vol. (123by 872 inches), morocco, by Fairbairn and Armstrong, 1625-6, small folio (223)

Pickering, £61 5133 Ray (John, P.R.S.) Collection of English Proverbs, first

edition, old calf, Cambridge, 1670-Second edition, enlarged, russia, g. e., by C. Lewis, Cambridge, 1678-Collection of English Words not Generally used, second edition, russia, g.e., by C. Lewis, 1691, 3 vol., 1670-91, small 8vo. (224)

Bloomfield, £i ios. 5134 Ridley (Nicholas, Bishop of London). A Brief Declaration

of the Lordes Supper, first edition, black letter (last leaf mended), morocco extra, g. e., [? Geneva,) anno 1555, 12mo. (225)

Quaritch, £3 175. 6d. 5135 Rogers (Samuel). Fifty-six Engravings illustrative of Italy,

proofs before all letters after Turner, Stothard, Flaxman and others, each printed on a separate leaf, morocco, g. e., (1829-30,] folio (226)

B. F. Stevens, £5 1os. 5136 Rokeby (John). Formulare Ecclesiasticum Eboracense,

original manuscript on paper, 448 pages (8 by 6 inches), written in English script characters in Latin and English (first 6 leaves missing and obverse of leaf 7 soiled), old russia, inlaid morocco (1531-56), small 4to. (227)

Leighton, £12 ios. [This is alınost certainly an original and unpublished manuscript of John Rokeby or Rookby. According to the statement of his nephew Ralph Rokeby, he was counsel for Henry VIII. in the divorce, and so confounded the Pope by his canon law that Henry offered him the Bishopric of London, which he declined. He became Vicar-General

of York.-Catalogue. 5137 Rosellini (Ippolito). I Monumenti dell'Egitto e della Nubia,

the plates only, comprising 389 plates (many coloured by hand), 3 vol., russia super extra, g. e., by Clarke and Bed

ford, Pisa, 1832-44, elephant folio (228) Quaritch, £12 5138 Ruding (Rogers). Annals of the Coinage of Gt. Britain

and its Dependencies, first edition, engraved coins by Martin Folkes, and map, 4 vol., morocco extra, g. e., by C. Lewis, 1817, 4to. (229)

Quaritch, £2 25. 5139 Ruskin (John). Modern Painters, 87. plates and woodcuts,

5 vol., 1851-60 — Stones of Venice, 53 plates (some coloured) and woodcuts, 3 vol., 1851-3—Seven Lamps of Architecture, second edition, 14 plates, 1 vol., 1855, together 9 vol., original cloth, uncut, 1851-60, imperial 8vo. (230)

Hopkins, tio 5s. 5140 Sandys (George). Relation of a Journey begun An. Dom.

1610. Foure Bookes, etc., first edition, LARGE PAPER, engraved title-page by Delaram, map and copperplates, calf extra, g. e., hy F. Bedford, W. Barrett, 1615, folio (231)

Tregaskis, 24 ios. Shakespeare's Works, the First Four Folios as described below,

uniformly bound in red morocco super extra, Harleian gold tooling on sides, toolent backs, inside dentelles, gilt gauffered

edges, by C. Lewis. Bought in at £3,850. 5141 Shakespeare (William). Comedies,/ Histories &/ Tragedies/

(Droeshout portrait), London, Printed by Isaac laggard and Ed. Blount. 1623./ [At end :) Printed at the Charges of W. Jaggard, Ed. Blount, 1. Smethweekel and W. Aspley, 1623 (232)

(12% by 778 inches ; Ben Jonson's verses guarded, one corner of title in facsimile, corners of title and a few leaves mended, and last leaf edged and 4 letters restored in

facsimile.- Catalogue.] 5142 Shakespeare (William). Comedies, Histories and / Tragedies, / [Droeshout portrait)

, London,/ Printed by Tho. Cotes for Robert Allot, 1632. [At end :) Thomas Cotes for John Smethwick, William Aspley, Richard Hawkins, Richard Meighen and Robert Allot, 1632 (233)

[131% by 81% inches, title and verses guarded, the pen. ultimate page edged, and last leaf mended, portions of

rulings restored in facsimile.--Catalogue.) 5143 Shakespeare (William). Comedies, Histories and Tragedies

(blank space], London,/ Printed for Philip Chetwinde, 1663/ (234)

[13%2 by 858 inches, with Ben Jonson's verses opposite title in large type, title guarded and top margined, verses guarded and bottom margined, and dedication and last leaf guarded. A rare issue of the third edition, bearing the 1663 imprint, and as originally issued without the portrait and the seven spurious plays. The above copy has,

however, these latter inseried.—Catalogue.) 5144 Shakespeare (William). Comedies,/ Histories, and / Trage

dies, the fourth edition (woodcut ornament), London,/ Printed for H. Herringman, E. Brewster and R. Bentley, at the Anchor in thel New Exchange, the Crane in št. Pauls Church- Yard, and in Russel-Street, Covent Garden, 1685 / (235)

(14 by 9 inches, in fine condition. Catalogue.]

5145 Shakespeare (William). Plays, by Dr. Johnson and George

Steevens, fourth edition, revised and augmented by [Isaac Reed), portrait and facsimiles, extra-illustrated by the insertion of over 140 portraits, views, etc., 15 vol., old morocco, g. e., 1793, royal 8vo. (236)

Frank, £7 55.

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