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5146 Shakespeare (William). Plays (with Glossary), Pickering's Diamond Edition, Droeshout portrait by A. Fox, and frontispiece to each play after Stothard, on India paper, 9 vol., morocco extra, g. e., by F. Bedford, 1825, 48mo. (237) Pickering, £10 55. 5147 Shakespeare (William). Merchant of Venice, first edition, morocco extra, g. e., by C. Lewis, J. Roberts, 1600, small 4to. (238) Frank, £290

[This copy is, but for the bottom corner of the title being in facsimile, and a small hole in signature B1 (defacing one letter on each side), in faultless condition, clean and with very good margins, measuring 7% by 5 inches. The work contains signatures A-K in 4's, or 40 leaves in all, without pagination.-Catalogue.]

5148 Shaw (Henry). Alphabets, Numerals and Devices of the Middle Ages, LARGE PAPER, 48 plates (26 coloured), plates heightened with gold, W. Pickering, 1845, folio (239)

Maggs, LI 11S. [Another copy in morocco extra by Hering realised £2 145.-ED.]

5149 Shaw (Henry).

5150 Sotheby (S. L.)

Illuminated Ornaments from MSS. and Early Printed Books, Descriptions by Madden, LARGE PAPER, 50 coloured plates, plates heightened with gold, half roan, 1833, folio (241) Bloomfield, £4 4s. Principia Typographica, 120 facsimiles, 3 vol., half morocco, uncut (220 copies printed), 1858, small folio (242) Bloomfield, £6 5s. 5151 Sotheby (S. L.) The Typography of the XVth Century, coloured initials, some heightened with gold, half vellum, uncut, 1845, small folio (243) Bloomfield, £3 125. 5152 Sowerby (James). English Botany, 2,580 coloured plates, 12 vol., morocco extra, g.e., by Clarke and Bedford, [1832-]46, 8vo. (244) Pentland, £14 5153 [Sparrow (A.)] A Collection of Articles, Injunctions, Canons, Orders, Ordinances and Constitutions Ecclesiastical, second edition, enlarged, frontispiece of arms of the English Sees, calf, 1671, small 4to. (245) Pentland, £8 5154 Sparrow (A.) Collection of Articles, etc., third edition, LARGE PAPER, with the frontispiece, contemporary calf, 1675, 4to. (246) Hensley, 5s. 5155 Sparrow (A.) Rationale of the Common Prayer, seventh edition, group frontispiece of the Edwardian divines by Van der Gucht, old calf, Charles Rivington, 1722, 8vo. (247) Hensley, 75.

5156 Spectator (The), original edition, from No. lxxx., June 1st, 1711, to No. dlxxxv., Aug. 23rd, 1714 (wanting 58 numbers), in I vol., folio, old half calf (some numbers browned), 1711-14 -Tatler (The), original edition, complete from No. i, April 12th, 1709, to No. cccxxx., May 19th, 1711, in I vol. folio, calf extra (248) Pickering, £16 10s. [Nos. i.-cclxxi. of The Tatler form the complete work as edited by Sir Richard Steele, Nos. cclxxii.-cccxxx. being a

spurious continuation. The insertions comprise: The Instructor, Nos. i.-iii.; The Grumbler, Nos. i.-iv., vi.-viii., x.-xi., and The Free-holder, Nos. i.-xxi. and xxv. The Tatler came to an end 2 Jan., 1711.—Catalogue.]

5157 Spence (Joseph, D.D.) Polymetis, first edition, portrait by Vertue, and engravings, old English morocco, arms of Sir Mark Masterman Sykes, 1747, folio (249)

Leighton, £2 25. [Contained the suppressed satirical vignette of Dr. Cooke, Provost of Eton, and his pupils, at the end of the 17th Dialogue.-Catalogue.]

5158 Spenser (Edmund). Works, LARGE Warren, 8 vol., morocco extra, g.e., (250)

PAPER, portrait by 1805, imperial 8vo. Sotheran, £6 10s.

5159 Spenser (Edmund). The Faerie Queene, 1590-The Second Part of the Faerie Queene, 1596, first edition of both parts, 2 vol. (title of vol. i. mended, and partly in facsimile), contemporary MS. notes, morocco extra, g. e., William Ponsonbie, 1590-6, small 4to (251) Edwards, £113

[74 by 5 inches. Vol. i. has the dedication to the "Empresse Elizabeth" on reverse of title, and four unnumbered leaves at end, containing additions which were made to the original issue of the first edition, which ended at page 600. This, together with the fact that the Welsh words on page 332 of vol. i. are not printed, denote it to be the first issue of the first edition. The present copy belonged to Dr. Bliss. It also contained the autograph: "Will: Thompson, Queen's Coll: Oxford, 1572" (1712?— 1766? poet, imitator of Spenser), a MS. extract of Spenser's life, and some lines of Milton's in the same handwriting.Catalogue.]

5160 Spenser (Edmund). Complaints, LARGE PAPER (wanting leaf A 2, the title and last leaf margined, and some corners mended), morocco antique, by Hayday, 8 by 54 inches, uncut, William Ponsonbie, 1591, small 4to. (252)

Frank, £97 5161 Spenser (Edmund). Complaints, first edition (some leaves margined and a number of wormholes mended, portions of letters replaced in facsimile, 74 by 5% inches), morocco extra, g. e., by F. Bedford; William Ponsonbie, 1591, small 4to. (253) Maggs, £53

5162 Spenser (Edmund). Colin Clovts Come home againe, first edition, vignette (1 leaf cut into), morocco super extra, g. e., by Hayday, Printed for William Ponsonbie, 1595, small 4to. (254) Tregaskis, £23

[7% by 5% inches. It had a dedication, dated 1591, to Sir Walter Raleigh, "The Ocean Shepherd" of the poem. -Catalogue.]

5163 [Standish (John).] A discourse wherein is debated whether it be expedient that the scripture should be in English for al men to reade that wyll, second edition, black letter (title

and last leaf soiled), vellum, Robert Caly, viii. Febr., 1555, 16m0. (255) Leighton, 4 10S. 5164 Strutt (Joseph). Antiquarian Works, II vol., uniformly bound in morocco extra, g. e., by C. Lewis, 1774-1810, 4to. (256) Sotheran, £16 [The set contains: View of the Manners, Customs, Arms, etc. of the Inhabitants of England, 157 plates, 3 vol., 1774-6-Chronicle of England, LARGE PAPER, 2 vol., 1777-8-- Biographical Dictionary of Engravers, LARGE PAPER, 2 vol., 1785-6 - Regal and Ecclesiastical Antiquities of England, with Supplement, 72 plates, 1793 -Dress and Habits of the People of England, 93 coloured plates, 2 vol., 1796-9-Sports and Pastimes, 36 coloured plates, 1810.-Catalogue.]

5165 [Taverner (Richard).] The Epistles and Gospelles, first edition, black letter, separate titles to each part (general title defective and mended, a few headlines in vol. ii. shorn, stamp on first title and last leaf), 2 vol. in 1, old calf, Richarde Bankes, [date on sub-titles:] 1540, small 4to. (258) Frank, £9 95. 5166 Taylor (Bp. Jeremy). A New and Easie Institution of Grammar, first edition (last leaf and a number of wormholes in text mended), morocco extra, g. e., by F. Bedford, J. Young for R. Royston, 1647, 12mo. (259) Bain, £4 10s. 5167 Taylor (Bp. Jeremy). Rule and Exercises of Holy Living, frontispiece and folding plate (2 leaves missing, hole in title mounted), morocco extra, g.e., F. Ash, 1650-Rule and Exercises of Holy Dying, folding plate, morocco gilt, g.e., by C. Lewis, R. Royston, 1651, first editions, 2 vol., 12mo. (260) Pickering, £8 10s.

5168 Taylor (Bp. Jeremy).

Course of Sermons for all the Sundaies of the Year, first edition, portrait by P. Lombart, calf (rubbed), R. Royston, 1653, small folio (261)

Tregaskis, 95. 5169 Taylor (Bp. Jeremy). The Golden Grove, first edition, frontispiece by Hollar, morocco extra, g. e., by J. Clarke, J. F. for R. Royston, 1655, 12mo. (262) Bain, £1 15s. 5170 Taylor (Bp. Jeremy). The Great Exemplar, third edition, portrait by Lombart, copperplates (all folding) by Faithorne, old English morocco, g. e., R. Royston, 1657, small folio (264) Edwards, £2 8s.

5171 Taylor (Bp. Jeremy). Collection of Offices, first edition, engraved frontispiece (by W. Faithorne), morocco extra, g.e., by J. Clarke, J. Flesher for R. Royston, 1658, 8vo. (265) Bain, £2 25. The Worthy Communicant, etc., frontispiece, morocco extra, g. e., by J. Clarke, 1686, 8vo. (257) Sotheran, 135. Popery, morocco Sotheran, 12s.

5172 Taylor (Bp. Jeremy).

5173 Taylor (Bp. Jeremy). A Dissuasive from extra, g. e., by J. Clarke, 1686, 8vo. (268)

5174 Taylor (Bp. Jeremy).

Ductor Dubitantium, fourth edition,

portrait and vignette by P. Lombart, old English morocco extra, g. e., 1696, folio (269) Edwards, 17s. 5175 Taylor (Bp. Jeremy). Unum Necessarium, fourth edition, 2 copperplate engravings, old English morocco gilt, g.e., 1705, 8vo. (270) Sotheran, 6s. 5176 Testament. The Newe Testament, translated by Myles Couerdale, black letter, Latin in rom. (title and 5 preliminary leaves in facsimile, last leaf and a few others mended), morocco antique by Rivière, Printed in Southwarke by James Nicolson [1538], small 4to. (271)

Maggs, £15 5177 Testament. The Gospels of the Fowre Evangelistes by John Foxe, Martyrologist], the text in Anglo-Saxon characters, with the modern English version from the Bishops' Bible in black letter on the margin, morocco, g. e., by Rivière, John Daye, 1571, small 4to. (272)

Sotheran, £9 15s.

[First edition of the Anglo-Saxon version of the New Testament. A full description of the book will be found in Dibdin's Typographical Antiquities, vol. iv.-Catalogue.] 5178 Testament. Erasmus (Desiderius). Paraphrase upon the Newe Testament [translated by Nicholas Udall and Bp. Myles Coverdale, etc.], first edition, black letter, woodcut title to N. T., 2 vol. (corner of title to vol. i. defective and restored, title to vol. ii. margined at bottom, and a few corners mended), calf extra, g. e., by F. Bedford, Edwarde Whitchurche, 1548-9, small folio (273)

Quaritch, £10 17s. 6d. 5179 Thoresby (Ralph). Ducatus Leodiensis, portrait, folding plates and map-Second edition (with Loidis and Elmete), LARGE PAPER, genealogical tables, portraits, and other engravings, after J. M. W. Turner and others, editor's own copy, specially printed on very thin paper, 2 vol. in 1, morocco extra, g. e., Leeds, 1816, royal folio (274)

Frank, II IOS. 5180 Tusser (Thomas). Five Hundred Points of Good Husbandry, black letter, old calf, J. R. and M. D. for the Co. of Stationers, 1672, small 4to. (275) Sotheran, £125. 5181 Tyndale (William). The Supper of the Lorde, black letter (some marginal notes cut into), morocco antique, g. e. [no place or printer; the following on title is not the date of this edition:] Anno MCCCCCXXXIII. v. day of Apryll, 12mo. (276) Sotheran, £33s. 5182 Tyndale (William). The Obedyence of a Christian man, black letter (lower margin of title mended, and wormhole repaired), morocco antique, g. e., by Hayday, n. p. n. or d. [? London, W. Hill, 1548], small 4to. (277)

Leighton, £55s. 5183 Tyndale (William). A Briefe Declaration of the Sacraments, black letter (title mended and wormhole in leaves a 2 and a 3), morocco extra, g. e., Robert Stoughton [circa 1550], 12mo. (278) Sotheran, £2 65.

5184 Walton (Isaac). The Lives of Dr. John Donne, Sir Henry Wotton, Mr. Richard Hooker, Mr. George Herbert, first collected edition, 4 portraits, old calf (binding damaged, 2 leaves torn), Tho. Newcomb for Richard Marriott, 1670, 8vo. (279) Bain, £3 5185 Walton and Cotton. The Complete Angler, by Sir Harris Nicolas, 61 engravings from designs by Stothard and Inskipp (all proofs before letters on India paper), to which has been added a set of the illustrations from the editions of Major and Bagster (mostly proofs before letters on India paper), 2 vol. in 3, morocco extra, g.e., by C. Lewis, W. Pickering, 1836, imperial 8vo. (280) Maggs, £29 10s. [This copy, which was Pickering's own, contained all the plates from Major's edition of 1823, as well as all those from Bagster's edition of 1815, save the copperplates after Ryland, which were better done in Major's edition.Catalogue.] 5186 Walton and Cotton's Club. Rules and Regulations, instituted 19th March, 1817, revised 8th April, 1840, printed by Whittingham, frontispiece by I. Thompson, and woodcut vignettes (33 copies printed for members of the club), morocco super extra, 1840, square 8vo. (281)

Sotheran, £2 4s. 5187 [Walker (George).] The Costume of Yorkshire, original edition, LARGE PAPER, 40 coloured plates, half bound, uncut, 1814, royal folio (282) Frank, £10 5s. 5188 Warmestry (Thomas). Suspira Ecclesiæ et Reipublicæ Anglicanæ, the Sighs of the Church and Commonwealth of England, frontispiece in compartments (wanted table at end), old English morocco extra, g. e., Printed in the yeare 1648, 12mo. (283) Leighton, 9s. 5189 Watts (Isaac, D.D.) The Psalms of David, first edition, original sheep, J. Clark, etc., 1719, small 8vo. (284)

Maggs, £7 5s. [Presentation copy "To my Hond Uncle, Mr. Richard Taunton, I.W: Jan. 15th, 1718/9.”—Inscribed on fly-leaf.] 5190 Wesley (Samuel). Poems on Several Occasions, second edition, contemporary sheep, Cambridge, 1743, 12mo. (285) Tregaskis, 12s. 5191 Whitaker (Thomas Dunham). History and Antiquities of the Deanery of Craven, second edition, LARGE PAPER, portrait and engravings, coloured duplicates of many plates, russia extra, g. e., by C. Lewis, 1812, folio (287) Frank, £6 5s.

5192 Whitaker (T. D.) History of Whalley and Clitheroe, third edition, folding map and views, russia extra, g.e., by C. Lewis, 1818, folio (288) Frank, £5 155. 5193 Whole Duty of Man (The), first edition, engraved title and frontispiece by Hollar, 2 vol. in 1, morocco antique, g. e., by J. Clarke, 1659-60, small 8vo. (289) B. F. Stevens, £5 5194 Whole Duty of Man (The), 1724-The Art of Contentment, Oxford, 1719-The Gentleman's Calling, 1674-The

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