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Ladies Calling, ib., 1720-The Government of the Tongue, ib., 1721, engraved titles, together 5 vol., contemporary morocco, g. e., 1674-1724, 8vo. (290) Sotheran, £5 15s. 5195 Wiclif (John). Wycklyffes Wycket, whyche he made in Kyng Rycards days the second in the yere MCCCXLV., black letter (wormhole mended), modern morocco antique, g. e., by F. Bedford, Imprynted at Norenburch, 1546, 12mo. (291) Ellis, £5

[First edition, consisting of signatures A to C 3, or 19 leaves without pagination. The last 17 pages contain "The Testament of maister Wylliam Tracie esquier, expounded by William Tyndall."-Catalogue.] 5196 Wither (George). Abuses Stript, and Whipt, portrait by W. Hole, and woodcut of a Satyr (portrait and title soiled), calf extra, g. e., H. Lownes, 1617, small 8vo. (293)


Quaritch, £6

5197 Bible (The Holy). Genevan or "Breeches" Version, black letter. R. Barker, 1616-The Whole Booke of Psalmes in Meeter, by Sternhold and Hopkins, Stationers' Co., 1624, in 1 vol., old calf, folio (296) F. F. Stevens, £1 Is. 5198 Bible Illustrations. Beham (Hans Sebald). Biblisch Historien figürlich (with mark HS B), first German edition, 78 woodcuts, 40 leaves, signatures A-K in 4's (KI wanted, some leaves soiled), morocco plain, Franckfurt, date at end 1533, small 4to. (298) Leighton, £17 10S. 5199 Britton (John). Architectural Antiquities of Wells Cathedral, the 24 original drawings, in colours and pencil, each drawing 81⁄2 by 6 inches, mounted [18-], folio (299) Maggs, £3 55. 5200 Britton (John). Architectural Antiquities of Peterborough Cathedral, the 16 original drawings, including title (8 by 6 inches), in colours and pencil, mounted [18-], folio (300) Isaacs, £4 155.

5201 Catalogue des Tableaux de Mr. de Julienne, original manuscript on paper (the "Advertissement" signed Montullé), 137 leaves (734 by 10% inches), design for a frontispiece in Indian ink, plans of the gallery, and 147 miniature drawings in colours, old French morocco, silk doublures, g. e. (Derome), [17], small oblong 4to. (302) Frank, £140 [A note in pencil on fly-leaf says, "The Drawings in this Volume are by Watteau."-Catalogue.]

5202 Caxton.

A Leaf and a Half from Caxton's Edition of Gower's Confessio Amantis (1483)—A fragment of a Bull from Pope Innocent VIII. to King Henry VII. of England legitimatizing his Marriage with Elizabeth of York, black letter (303) Leighton, £6 10s. 5203 Early Printing. "Wilhelmus (Warham) Permissione divina. Cantuarensis Archiepiscopus totius Angliae primus & apostolice sedis Legatus, & Robertus. . . in regno Angliae Julii Papae secundi commissarii generales Vobis,” etc. [An

Indulgence granted for Contributions to the Basilica of S. Peter at Rome], black letter, single leaf, 28 lines, 4to, with the Pope's arms beneath, Datum apud Lambeth 1508 tercio die Maii-An Indulgence for Contributions to the rebuilding of the Hospital of S. James of Compostella, with form of Absolution, in Latin, single sheet, 28 lines, A.D. 1497, with notarial signatures - An Acte against Mayntenance, Embracery, etc. and ageynst unlawfull byenge of bills, black letter, 48 lines, single sheet torn in half, Thomas Berthelet Regius impressor excudebat, n. d., (307) B. F. Stevens, £18 5204 Kingdon (J. A.) Incidents in the Lives of Thomas Poyntz and Richard Grafton, printed on hand-made paper, illustrated with full-page facsimiles, original documents and autograph letters, etc., autograph letter from the author, morocco, uncut, t. e. g., Privately printed, 1895, royal folio (312) Maggs, £2 25.

[Fifty copies printed for private distribution. Presentation copy to Bishop Gott.-Catalogue.]

5205 [Laud (William).] A Sermon preached on Munday the sixt of February, at Westminster at the opening of the Parliament-A Sermon preached before His Maiestie, on Sunday the XIX. of June, at White-Hall, 2 vol., half morocco gilt, Bonham Norton and John Bill, 1625, small 4to. (313) Ellis, 95.

5206 Maskell (Rev. William). Monumenta Ritualia Ecclesiae Anglicanae, 3 vol., calf extra, m. e., W. Pickering, 1846— The Ancient Liturgy of the Church of England, morocco antique, g. e., ib., 1846, together 4 vol., 8vo. (315)

Steele, £1 16s. 5207 Prayer. A Supply of Prayer for the Ships of this Kingdom, calf, J. Field, n.d. (1645)—A Form of Common Prayer to be used on Wednesday, the Tenth day of October next, half bound, Bill and Barker, 1666, small 4to. (316)

Maggs, £2 5208 Rollenhagius (Gab.) Nucleus Emblematum Selectissimorum, engraved title, portrait of Rollenhag and 100 circular engravings by Crispin de Pas (some stained), modern morocco extra, g. e., by Kalthoeber, Colon., Jo. Jansonius, s. a. [16], small 4to. (318) Isaacs, £4 155.

[These engravings were afterwards used in the first book of Withers's Emblems, 1644.—Catalogue.]

5209 Shakespeare (William). Poems, portraits of Shakespeare by S. Harding and two others, morocco extra, silk doublures, g.e., Printed for E. Jeffery, n. d. (1798), imperial 8vo. (319) Quaritch, £3 17s. 6d. 5210 Three Primers set forth in the Reign of Henry VIII. (edited by Dr. Burton), Oxford, 1848-Formularies of Faith set forth during the Reign of Henry VIII. (edited by Rev. Ch. Floyd), ib., 1856-Lathbury (Rev. T.) History of the Book of Common Prayer, etc., ib., 1858, together 3 vol., in calf extra, m. e., 8vo. (320) Quaritch, £2 25.

5211 Tracts.

Wither (George). Vaticinium Causuale (9 leaves including a blank with the Commonwealth seal), uncut, 1655-An Ordinance of the Parliament for the Reliefe and Maintenance of Sicke and Maimed Soldiers, etc., 1643-Trial and Condemnation of Scrope, Carew, Scott, Clement and Jones (the late King's Judges), 1660— Severall Considerations offered to Parliament on the Improvement of Trade, by G. C., n.p. (1675), and 3 others, small 4to. (322) Quaritch, £10 5212 Walton and Cotton. The Complete Angler, Pickering's diamond type edition, morocco extra, g. e., by F. Bedford, W. Pickering, 1825, 48mo. (323) Edwards, £ 125. 5213 Walton and Cotton. Complete Angler (the smallest edition printed, 2 by 14 inches), calf, Oxford, Clowes, n. d.— Walton's Lives of Donne, etc., portraits and woodcuts, calf gilt, crown 8vo., Washbourne, 1847, together 2 vol., (324) Frank, 16s.

[MARCH 18TH AND 19TH, 1908.]



(No. of Lots, 972; amount realised, £914 16s.)

5214 Alison (Sir A.) History of Europe, Library edition, 14 vol., with the Atlas, oblong 4to., and continuation to 1852, 9 vol., together 24 vol., cloth, 1854-66, 8vo. (354) £1 19s. 5215 America. Charters of the British Colonies in America, old calf, Printed for J. Almon, n. d.—Almon's Remembrancer for 1776, parts ii. and iii., maps, 2 vol., uncut, and others, 8vo. (167) £2 18s. 5216 America. Narrative of Sir Henry Clinton's Conduct, with Appendix, etc., 4 parts in 1 vol., half calf, 1783, 8vo. (206) £1 125. 5217 Annual Register, from the commencement to 1905 inclusive, with Index (1758-1819), together 149 vol., half russia (some worn), last 32 vol. in cloth, 1758-1905, 8vo. (176) £16 5218 Arabian Nights, by Sir R. F. Burton, illustrated Benares edition, plates on Japan paper, 17 vol., cloth, Privately printed, n. d., 8vo. (424) £8 55.

5219 Austen (Jane). Emma, 3 vol., 1816-Northanger Abbey and Persuasion, 4 vol., 1818, first editions, together 7 vol., boards, uncut, 8vo. (240) £10 155.

5220 Austen (Jane). Novels, Winchester edition, 10 vol., half calf, Edinburgh, 1905, 8vo. (253) £1 16s.

5221 Barrie (J. M.) Novels, Tales and Sketches, plates, 10 vol., cloth (vol. ix. and x., Japan paper edition, half vellum), Scribners, 1896-1900, 8vo. (405) £1 155. 5222 Behn (Mrs. A.) Plays, Histories and Novels, LARGE PAPER, portrait, 6 vol., boards, uncut, J. Pearson, 1871, 8vo. (135)

£3 15s. 5223 Blume (C. L.) Flora Javæ, 222 coloured plates, complete copy, with the Supplement containing 23 coloured plates (often wanting), in three portfolios, Bruxelles, 1829, folio (596) £2 5224 Boccaccio (G.) The Decameron, translated by Payne, plates by Louis Chalon, 2 vol., cloth, 1893, imperial 8vo. (201) £1 155. 5225 Britton (J.) Architectural Antiquities of Great Britain, plates, 5 vol., half morocco, t. e. g., 1830, 4to. (844) £1 12s. 5226 Brooke (E. A.) The Gardens of England, coloured illustrations, cloth, morocco back, McLean, n. d., folio (604)

£2 18s. 5227 Browning (R.) Works, complete, including Asolando, 17 vol., original cloth, 1889-94, 8vo. (438) £2 7s. 6d. 5228 Bulliard (M.) Herbier de la France. Histoire des Champignons, 3 plates, vol. i., 1791-Plantes vénéneuses et suspectes, 560 coloured plates, 1780-84, together 5 vol., calf, Paris, 1780-91, folio (601)


5229 Burke (J.) Commoners of Great Britain and Ireland, 4 vol., cloth, 1835-38, 8vo. (180)

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LI 155.

£2 6s.

5230 Byron (Lord). Poetical Works, Library edition, portrait, 6 vol., calf gilt, 1879, 8vo. (254) 5231 Carlyle (T.) Works, People's edition, with Index, 34 vol. in 18, half calf, n. d., 8vo. (437) 5232 Centlivre (Mrs.) Dramatic Works, portrait, 3 vol.-Brome (R.) Ditto, portrait, 3 vol., together 6 vol., boards, J. Pearson, 1872-3, 8vo. (137)


LI 125.

5233 "Century Guild Hobby Horse" (The), illustrations, Nos. i. to xxvii., wrappers, uncut, 1886-92, 4to. (869) 5234 Chambers's Encyclopædia, maps and plates, 10 vol., cloth, 1901, imperial 8vo. (706)

5235 Chernac (L.) Cribrum Arithmeticum, half bound, Daventriæ, 1811, 4to. (566)


LI 175.

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5236 Collyns (C. P.) Chase of the Wild Red Deer, first edition, plates, original cloth, uncut, 1862, 8vo. (661) £2 5237 Connoisseur (The), a Magazine for Collectors, plates, first 10 vol. in 40 parts, 1901-4, 4to. (550) 5238 Cramer (P.) Papillons Exotiques, 400 coloured plates, interleaved with blue paper, 4 vol. in 8, boards, leather back, Amst., 1779-82, 4to. (557) 5239 Creighton (M.) History of the Papacy, Library edition, 5 vol., cloth, 1882-94, 8vo. (281)

£5 15s.

£3 10s.

[A very clean copy. Another set, also in cloth, realised 5s. Lot 353.-ED.]

5240 Cruikshank (G.) The Humourist, coloured plates, 4 vol.,

cloth, 1892, 8vo. (452)


5241 Davenant (Sir W.) Works, first collected edition, portrait by Faithorne, old calf, 1673, folio (626) £3 7s. 6d. 5242 Dekker (T.) Dramatic Works, 4 vol. — Glapthorne (H.) Plays and Poems, 2 vol., together 6 vol., boards, 1873-4, 8vo. (138) £275. 5243 Dickens (Charles). To be read at Dusk, first separate edition [reprinted from the Keepsake], calf extra, uncut, London privately printed], 1852, 8vo. (445) £4 10s. 5244 Dillenius et Sherard. Horti Elthamensis Plantarum Rariorum Icones, plates, 2 vol. in 1, Lugduni, 1774, folio (602)


5245 Doves Press. The Holy Bible, initial letters in red, 5 vol., vellum limp, 1903-5, folio (398)

£6 2s. 6d.

5246 Doyle (A Conan). Novels, author's collected edition, plates, 12 vol., cloth, t. e. g., 1903, 8vo. (406) 5247 Dumas (A.) Complete Works, etchings, 42 vol., cloth, t. e. g., 1893-4, 8vo. (414)

Celebrated Crimes, Library edition, photogravures, 8 vol., buckram, 1895, 8vo. (203)

£1 16s.

J. M. Dent,

£3 11S.

5248 Dumas (A.)

£2 25.

5249 D'Urfey (T.) Pills to Purge Melancholy, portrait, 6 vol., boards, uncut, reprint, 8vo. (139)

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5250 Economic Journal (The), edited by Edgeworth, vol. i. to iv., half calf, t. e. g., 1891-4, 8vo. (75)

£1 125.

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5251 Edmondson (J.) The Complete Body of Heraldry, portrait and plates, 2 vol., old calf, 1780, folio (624) 5252 Fagan (Louis). Collectors' Marks, portrait of the Earl of Arundel and 27 plates, vellum, t. e. g., 1883, 8vo. (822)

£3 15s.

5253 Fielding (H.) Works, 11 vol., cloth, Bickers, 1902-3, 8vo. (412) £2 7s. 6d.

5254 Finden's Royal Gallery of British Art, 48 engravings, half morocco, g. e., J. Hogarth, n. d., folio (878) LI IS.

5255 Forbes and Hanley. British Mollusca and their Shells, LARGE PAPER, coloured plates, 4 vol., half morocco, 1853, 8vo. (223)

£2 18s. 5256 Freer (M. W.) Regency of Anne of Austria, first edition, portrait, 2 vol., original cloth, uncut, 1866, 8vo. (715)


£1 6s. 5257 Gardiner (S. R.) The Great Civil War, Cabinet edition, maps, 4 vol., calf, 1893, 8vo. (208) 5258 Gardiner (S. R.) History of England, Cabinet edition, maps, 10 vol., calf gilt, m. e., 1887-91, 8vo. (207) 5259 Gillray (J.) Works, with the Suppressed Volume of Carica

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tures, and the Descriptive Account, plates, 3 vol., half morocco, g. e., n. d., atlas folio (Text 8vo.), (873) £3 7s. 6d. 5260 Gould (J.) Century of Birds from the Himalayas, 80 plates (coloured by hand), 1832, imperial folio (607) £5 2s. 6d. 5261 Hakluyt Society. Select Letters of Christopher ColumbusThe Conquest of the Canaries, frontispieces (1 coloured), 2 vol., cloth, 1870-72, 8vo. (217) 5262 Harper (C. G.) The Brighton, Portsmouth and Dover Roads 3 vol., cloth, 1892-5, 8vo. (228)


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