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6229 Swinburne (A. C.) edition, with the 2 the leaf of Errata, misprinted "A. G. 1860, 8vo. (193)

The Queen-Mother-Rosamond, first leaves of Pickering's Publications and original cloth, uncut, with the label Swinburne," Basil Montagu Pickering, Hornstein, £32

6230 Tennyson (A. and C.) Poems, by Two Brothers, first edition, original boards, with paper label, 1827, 8vo. (189)

Bain, £27 10S. 6231 Thackeray (W. M.) Our Street, 1848-Doctor Birch, 1849 The Kickleburys on the Rhine, 1850, first editions, illustrations by the Author, coloured copies, in the original pink boards, g. e.-The History of Samuel Titmarsh, first collected edition, plates by the Author, also in the original white boards, uncut, 1849, in a half bound morocco box, the contents lettered, together 4 vol., 4to. and 8vo. (108) J. Bumpus, £14 5s.

[A clean set. Practically the only blemishes are a name on the title of "Titmarsh," and a small portion of the fly-leaf of "Doctor Birch" and "The Kickleburys" torn away. Catalogue.]

6232 [Westmacott (C. M.)] The English Spy, 72 coloured plates by R. Cruikshank, 2 vol., old calf, Sherwood, Jones and Co., 1825-6, 8vo. (116)

Shepherd, £18

(APRIL 13TH AND 14TH, 1908.]



(No. of Lots, 606; amount realised, £707 5s. 6d.)

6233 A'Beckett (G. A.) Comic History of England, in the original 20 parts in 19, with the wrappers, 1847-48, 8vo. (481) Quaritch, £7 15s. 6234 A'Beckett (G. A.) Comic History of Rome, in the original 10 parts in 9, with the wrappers (1851), 8vo. (486)

Sotheran, £6 6235 Alberti (L. B.) L'Architettura (Cosimo Bartoli), woodcuts, original vellum gilt, Venetia, 1565, 4to. (553) Ellis, Li 6236 Bacon (F.) The Charge of Sir Francis Bacon, touching Duells, first edition (title pieced), unbound, 1614, small 4to. (157) Hornstein, £3 6237 Biblia Sacra, woodcuts by Le Petit Bernard, original stamped pigskin, with clasps (wormed throughout), 1558, 8vo. (161) Harrison, 1 5s. 6238 Book of Devotions in French and Latin, MS. on 31 leaves of vellum, containing the Office of the Sacred Hearts of

Jesus and Mary and other devotions, contemporary vellum, the covers stamped in gilt with representations of the Crucifixion and the Virgin, Sæc. xvii., 8vo. (429) Ellis, £1 6239 Boreman (R.) Narrative of the Life and Death of Freeman Sonds, Esquire, unbound, 1655, 4to. (519) Pickering, 1 35. 6240 Brand (J.) Newcastle-on-Tyne, plates, 2 vol., calf, 1789, 4to. (515) Sotheran, £I IS. 6241 Buchanan (G.) Ane Detection of the duinges of Marie Quene of Scottes, black letter, translatit out of the Latine quhilke was written by G. B., portrait added, calf (J. Day, 1572?), 8vo. (159) Grant, £3 [Collation. Title, a-y in 4's, without pagination, one or two leaves mended.- Catalogue.]

6242 Civil Engineers. Minutes of the Proceedings from 1845-1878 (wanted 1848), 6 vol., half calf, rest publisher's and binder's cloth, also unbound parts, vol. xl. to cliii. (some wanted), with index to vol. i. to xxx. and catalogue, together 98 vol. and parts (the earlier volumes in some cases imperfect), 8vo. (386) Bailey, £2 12s. 6243 Combe (W.) History of Johnny Quae Genus, 24 coloured plates by Rowlandson (wanted pages 43 to 46), original orange cloth, 1822, 8vo. (143) Hornstein, £ 175.

Lockwood, 1 135. vol., half vellum extra,

6244 Combe (W.) Life of Napoleon, 30 coloured plates by George Cruikshank, w. a. f., 1817, 8vo. (144) 6245 Connoisseur (The), vol. i. to xix., in 9 1901-7, 4to. (232)

6246 Cook (Colonel). Observations on Fox and plates, half calf, 1826, 8vo. (490) 6247 Cruikshank (G.) Our Own Times, published), original wrappers, 1846,

Novie, £4 17s. 6d. Hunting, frontispiece Pickering, £3 7s. 6d. parts i. to iv. (all 8vo. (455)

Shepherd, £2 10s.

6248 Cruikshank (G.) The Fairy Library. Hop-o'-my-ThumbJack and the Beanstalk-Cinderella, first editions, fullpage illustrations, original pictorial covers, 8vo. (456)

6251 Dickens (Charles).

Hornstein, £3 5s.

6249 Cruikshank (G.) My Sketch Book, first edition, 36 plates, in the original 9 parts, with the wrappers, 1834-6, 4to. (540) Pickering, £3 10s. 6250 Dickens (Charles). Sketches by "Boz," first demy 8vo. edition, 40 etchings by George Cruikshank, cloth, uncut, 1839, 8vo. (457) Bumpus, £35s. Oliver Twist, first demy 8vo. edition, 24 etchings by George Cruikshank, original cloth, uncut, 1846, 8vo. (458) Last, £2 4s. 6252 Dickens (Charles). Master Humphrey's Clock, first edition in the original parts (Nos. i. to xxi. in weekly, and the rest, parts vi. to xx., in the monthly), with wrappers (the last torn), 1840-41, 8vo. (459) Shepherd, £1 135. Cities, first edition,

6253 Dickens (Charles). A Tale of Two

illustrations by H. K. Browne, cloth, uncut, 1859, 8vo. (460)

Last, £2

6254 Dickens (Charles). Is She His Wife?-Mr. Nightingale's
Diary, 2 vol., original cloth, Boston, 1877, 12mo. (461)
Maggs, £4 2s. 6d.
6255 [Dickens (Charles).] More Hints on Etiquette, first edition,
cuts by George Cruikshank, original cloth, 1838, 12mo.
Maggs, £145.
6256 Dickens (Charles). Our Mutual Friend, in the original
20 parts in 19, with the wrappers, 1864-5, 8vo. (76)

Stoddart, 19s. 6257 Dickens (Charles). Extra Illustrations to Pickwick and Nickleby, being the 32 to Pickwick by Onwhyn, 8 by Crowquill and 15 heads (by Onwhyn) to Nickleby, original impression, half morocco, 1837, 8vo. (149A)

Hornstein, £1 7s.

6258 Dickens (Charles). Onwhyn's Extra Illustrations to Nicholas Nickleby, half calf, Grattan, 1839 Pictures from Italy, cloth, 1846, 8vo. (149) Hornstein, £2 25. 6259 Dryden (John). Of Dramatick Poesie, first edition, unbound, London, Henry Herringman, 1668, 4to. (242) Pickering, Lu 6260 Elyot (Sir T.) The Image of Governance, first edition, lit. goth., title within woodcut border, last two leaves in facsimile, old calf, 1541, 4to. (237) Pickering, £1 95.

1875-89, 4to. (275)

6261 Encyclopædia Britannica, ninth edition, 25 vol., cloth, Griffith, £11S. 6262 Etching Club. A Selection of Etchings, India proofs of Millais, Seymour Haden, Holman Hunt, etc., 1865-The Millais Gallery, 1878, folio (584) Maggs, 57s. 6d. 6263 Fencing. L'Exercice des Armes ou le maniement du Fleuret, par le Perche, engraved title and 39 plates, half bound, À Paris chez la Ve. de F. Chereau, s. d. (67) Ellis, £3 35. 6264 Fieffe (Eugène). Histoires des Troupes Étrangères au service de France, coloured plates of military costume, 2 vol., 1854, 8vo. (168) Edwards, £ 4s. 6265 Fielding (T. H.) Picturesque Tour of the English Lakes, 43 coloured plates, half morocco, w. a. f., 1821, 4to. (246) Dobell, 1 16s. 6266 Floods. A Wonderful Cry from the Country, or the Wonder of Wonders, half calf, London, printed in the year 1674, 4to. (534) Pickering, £ 17s. 6267 Fothergill (G. A.) An Old Raby Hunt Club Album, coloured portraits and views, 1899, folio (285)

Byers, £1

6268 Gardiner (S. R.) Oliver Cromwell, coloured facsimile por-
trait, photogravures and other illustrations, Goupil, 1899,
4to. (234)
Curtis, £145.
6269 Garrard (G.) Different Varieties of Oxen Common in the
British Isles, 28 coloured plates (some text wanted), uncut
(1800), oblong folio (289)

6270 Gooch (T.) (Life and Death of a Race
aquatint plates, loose, 1792, folio (580)
6271 Hamerton (P. G.) The Portfolio, 5 vol.,

Ryder, £35.
Horse), the set of 6
Hornstein, £4 5s.
1874-82, folio (572)
Broad, £125.

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6272 Hora Beatæ Mariæ Virginis, cum Calendario, MS. on 120 leaves of vellum, each page with floreated border, 15 fullpage miniatures within borders, illuminated capitals, calendar (in French) written in gold, red and blue, with borders and 24 painted small miniatures, original stamped leather binding, circa 1450, 4to. (509) Holbrook, £57 6273 James I. Basilikon Doron, F. Kyngston, 1603-Charles I. Eikon Basiliké, plate of the King kneeling (cut into), Paris, 1649-Certaine Papers which passed betwixt His Maiestie in the time of his being with the Scottish Army in Newcastle and Mr. Alexander Henderson, Haghe, S. Brown, 1649, copies of several Royal letters and relations in contemporary MS., in 1 vol., half russia, 1603-49, 8vo. (121) Dobell, 19s. 6274 James's Views of Envil, Himley, Dudley Castle, etc., 3 parts (1798), folio (603) Spencer, £1 25. 6275 Jesse (J. H.) Memoirs of the Court of England during the Reign of the Stuarts, plates (wanted half title), 4 vol., cloth, 1846, 8vo. (97) Bumpus, £2 6276 Jesse (J. H.) The Maid of Albret, a Poem, first edition, presentation copy, morocco, Privately printed, 1850London. A Poem, cloth, 1847, together 2 vol., 8vo. (97A) Hornstein, I IOS. 6277 Johnson (Dr.) Works, including the Parliamentary Debates, II vol., calf, Oxford, 1825, 8vo. (117) Edwards, £1 18s. 6278 Journal of a Voyage Design'd by Gods Permission from

England to ye East India in ye Ship London, George Matthew Com', in ye Service of ye Honble. English E India Comp., An. 1698-9, the original MS. Log of a voyage to Bengal and Back, via the Cape, illustrated with drawings, original calf, 1699, small 4to. (492)

Edwards, £2 25. 6279 Lamb (Charles). Last Essays of Elia, first edition, with half title, Library copy, uncut, Moxon, 1833, 8vo. (154) Maggs, £2 25.


6280 Lamb (Charles). Elia, first edition, 1823-Last Essays of Elia, 1833-Letters of Charles Lamb, by Talfourd, portraits, 2 vol., 1837, together 4 vol., old calf (uniform), 8vo. (155) Hill, £1 6s. 6281 Leech (John). The Fiddle Faddle Fashion Book, first edition, coloured figures of lady-like gentlemen, 4 plates (3 coloured), illustrated wrapper (torn), 1840, 4to. (542) Edwards, £2 9s. 6282 Leech (John). Mr. Briggs and his Doings (Fishing), 12 coloured plates, enlarged from Leech's original drawings, original illustrated wrappers (1850), oblong 4to. (543)

Maggs, £2

6283 Leland (J.) Itinerary, 9 vol., calf, 1744-5, 8vo. (352)

Barnard, £3

6284 Lover (S.) Handy Andy, first edition, original cloth, 1842,

8vo. (465)

Pickering, £1 155.

6285 Marryat (Captain). Jacob Faithful, coloured plates, 3 vol., uncut, 1837, 8vo. (116)

Spencer, £1 6s. edition, with the rare license and errata leaves, unbound, 1671, 8vo. (162) Ellis, £5 55.

6286 Milton (John). Paradise Regain'd, first

6287 Mirrour of New Reformation, wherein Reformers, by their owne acknowledgement, are represented ad vinum, second edition, partly in verse, portraits inserted (cut into), morocco gilt, g.e., John Cousturier, 1634, 8vo. (358) Ellis, £1 6288 Morris (F. O.) Nests and Eggs of British Birds, coloured plates, 3 vol., cloth, 1853-6, 8vo. (359) Bumpus, £ 5s. 6289 Newes from the New Exchange, or The Commonwealth of Ladies, unbound, London, printed in the year of Women without Grace, 1650 (240) Ellis, £ 12s. 6d.

6290 Otway (Thomas). Friendship in Fashion, and others Plays, in i vol., old calf, 1678, 4to. (247) Dobell, £110s. 6291 Oxford English Classics. Johnson's Works, with the Parliamentary Debates, 11 vol.-Boswell's Life, 4 vol.-Gibbon's Rome, 8 vol., together 23 vol., cloth, 1825-27, 8vo. (320)

Sotheran, £3 105. 6292 Pennell (Joseph). The Devils of Notre Dame, special copy on Japanese vellum, 1894, folio (578) Barnard, 1 is. 6293 Punch, vol. i. to xlii., original brown cloth, 1841-62, 4to. (254) Bailey, £175.

6294 Ramsay (Allan). Illustrations to Poetical Works, 14 coloured plates by Nattes (circa 1810), 4to. (264) Grant, £175. 6295 Richards (Nathaniel). Messalina the Roman Emperesse, first edition, no frontispiece or portrait, 1640, 8vo. (409)

Ellis, £125.

6296 Rooses (Max). Rubens, LARGE PAPER, India proofs, 2 vol., half morocco, 1904, 4to. (524) Edwards, 1 125. 6297 Schauplatz des gegenwaertigen Kriegs, coloured plans of battles, siege and war camps, 10 vol. in 1, 1756-7, oblong 4to. (552) Quaritch, £1 135. 6298 Scott (Sir Walter). Catalogue of the Library at Abbotsford (by J. G. Cochrane), Mr. Cochrane's proof copy, printed on one side of the paper only and ruled by hand, half morocco, uncut, 1838, 4to. (511) Walker, £1 8s.

6299 Scott (Sir Walter). Waverley Novels, 48 vol., half calf extra, 1829-33, 8vo. (65) Edwards, £4 2s. 6d.

6300 Shelley (G. E.) Birds of Africa, coloured plates, 4 vol. in

6 parts, uncut, 1896-1902, 8vo. (195)

Perry, £3 15s.

6301 Shelley (P. B.) Adonais, first edition, original blue wrapper, uncut, an immaculate copy, Pisa, 1821, 4to. (510)

Sabin, £165

6302 [Shelley (P. B.)] St. Irvyne, or The Rosicrucian, first edition, original boards, uncut, fine copy, with half title, Stockdale, 1811, 8vo. (483)

Sotheran, £46

6303 Shirley (James). Dramatic Works, portrait, 6 vol., cloth, uncut, Murray, 1833, 8vo. (482)

Hill, £3 35.

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