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70 vol., half bound (à Kehl) de l'Imprimerie de la Sociéte Littéraire Typographique, 1784-89, 8vo. (55)

Quaritch, £2 12s. 668 Walton (Isaac). Complete Angler, Bagster's second edition, by Sir John Hawkins, LARGE PAPER, portraits and 50 plates, half morocco, uncut, t. e. g., 1815, royal 8vo. (160) J. R. Bailey, £1 6s.

669 Walpole (Horace). Works, 5 vol., calf, 1798, 4to. (276)

James, 1 6s. 670 Whyte (J. C.) History of the British Turf, portrait and frontispiece, 2 vol., 1840, 8vo. (158) Quaritch, 10s. 671 Whitaker and Thoresby. History of Leeds, with the Second Appendix, LARGE PAPER, portrait and illustrations, extra illustrated with mezzotint portraits, etc., 2 vol., half morocco, 1816-20, royal folio (1420) Chapman, £2 145. 672 Wilde (Oscar). The Picture of Dorien Grey, LARGE paper, one of 250 copies, signed, original boards, uncut, t. e. g., 1891, 4to. (249) Shepherd, £2 10S. 673 Willett (Richard). Memoir of Hawarden Parish, MS. additions by the author, calf (broken), Privately printed, Chester, 1822, 8vo. (122) Maggs, £ 11S. 674 Wither (G.) Emblemes, first edition, explanation leaf (backed), portrait by Pass, engravings, genuine lottery leaf, no pointers, mounted calf, not subject to return, 1635, folio, (1428) Norton, £3 675 Woolley Photographs. Photographs of Early Types, designed to supplement published examples, with references to the British Museum Index, complete set of the 5 parts, 500 photographic facsimiles of pages from 15th century books, each on brown cardboard and enclosed in the 5 original boxes, with 3 "Lists of Subjects," Privately printed, 18991904, folio (345) Leighton, £34 676 Xenophon. The Bookes of Xenophon, translated by Wylliam Bercker, black letter, old calf (wormed), Reynolde Wolfe, n. d., 16m0. (1137) Tregaskis, £1 45.

[This is a translation of part of the Cyropædia," containing the Institution, School and Education_of_Cyrus. Wolfe printed a first edition dated 1567, 16m0.-ED.]




(No. of Lots, 376; amount realised, £3,223 25.)

677 Æsop. Fables, 112 plates by Blake and others, 2 vol., russia gilt, m. e., Stockdale, 1793, royal 8vo. (1)

Maggs, £4

678 America. A New Collection of Voyages and Travels with Historical Accounts of Discoveries and Conquests in all Parts of the World, for July and August, 1709, general and separate titles, 3 preliminary leaves, 56 pages and leaf of advertisement, no map, unbound, Printed and sold by J. Knapton, etc., 1709, small 4to. (3) H. Stevens, £1 18s.

[See Lowndes' "Biblographer's Manual," page 2797.-ED.] 679 America. Annual Register of the Baptist Denomination in North America to Nov. 1, 1790, by John Asplaud, small 4to. (folded)-Report of the Secretary of the Treasury of the United States on Manufactures, 1793-Observations on the River Potomack, New York and London, 1793-Speeches of Mr. Smith, of South Carolina, in the House of Representatives, 1794-American Budget, 1794, Debrett-Correspondence of Thos. Jefferson and Ch. Hammond on the non-execution of existing Treaties between Great Britain and the United States (2 parts), 1794-A View of the Relative Situation of Great Britain and the United States, by a Merchant, 1794, together in 1 vol., half calf, 8vo. (4) Quaritch, £4 680 America. Burke's Speech on American Taxation, April 19, 1774-Extracts from the Votes and Proceedings of the American Continental Congress, Sept. 5, 1774-The Controversy between Great Britain and her Colonies reviewed, 1769-Letters from a Farmer in Pennsylvania to the Inhabitants of the British Colonies, 1774-Speech on the Bill for Altering the Charters of Massachusett's Bay, 1774"American Archives and Reviews," 1810-11-Considerations on the Provisional Treaty with America, 1783-Grece (Ch. J.) Facts and Observations respecting Canada and the United States, 1819-Burgoyne (Lieut.-Gen.) State of the Expedition from Canada, maps, 1780, etc., together 58 pieces in 7 vol., half bound, 8vo. (5) H. Stevens, £14 681 America. Laws of the Legislature of the State of New York in force against the Loyalists, H. Reynell, 1786-State of the Present Form of Government of the Province of Quebec, 1789-Petitions from the Old and New Subjects of the Province of Quebec to the House of Commons, 1790Thoughts on the Canada Bill now in Parliament, 1791Case of the British Merchants who traded to America previous to the late War, 1787-The Claim of the American Loyalist reviewed and maintained, 1788, together in 1 vol., half calf, 8vo. (7) Harding, 10 IOS. 682 America. Letter from a Merchant in London to his Nephew in North America, 1766-An Appeal to the People of Great Britain on the Present Disputes with America, 1775— Taxation no Tyranny (by Dr. Johnson), first edition, 1775Rights of Great Britain Asserted against America, 1776. Olis (Jas.) Rights of the British Colonies asserted, 1766Tucker (Dean). Series of Answers to Popular Objections against separating from the Colonies, Gloucester, R. Raikes, 1776, and others by the same-Le Fédéraliste, 2 vol., Paris,

1792-Robin (Abbé). Nouveau Voyage dans l'Amérique Septentrionale en 1782, Paris, 1782-Considerations on the Provisional Treaty with America, 1783-Sheffield (Lord). On the Commerce of the American States, portrait inserted, 1784, and others, bound in 8 vol., 8vo. (8) Maggs, £8 15s. 683 America. Mauduit (I.) A Short View of the History of the New England Colonies, J. Wilkie, 1776-The Justice and Policy of the late Act of Parliament for the Government of Quebec, ib., 1774-Case and Claim of the American Loyalists (with the Particular Case of the Georgia Loyalists), 1783Observations on the Fifth Article of the American Loyalists, 1783-Political Reflections on the late Colonial Governments, by an American, G. Wilkie, 1783-Paine (Thos.) Letter addressed to the Abbé Raynal, C. Dilly, 1782, and I other, together in 1 vol., half calf, 8vo. (9)

H. Stevens, £7 10s. 684 America. Pamphlets relating to the Conduct of the War in America under Sir Henry Clinton, etc., with Extracts from Correspondence, etc., 1783, etc.-Washington (Geo.) Official Letters to the American Congress, 2 vol. in 1, half calf, Cadell, 1795-Hollingsworth (Sam.) Account of the Present State of Nova Scotia, Edinb., 1836-St. John (J. H.) Letters from an American Farmer, 1782, together 5 tracts, 8vo. (10) H. Stevens, £17

685 America. Remarks upon General Howe's Account of his Proceedings on Long Island, with MS. notes, Fielding and Walker, 1778-Observations upon the Conduct of S-r W-m H-e at the White Plains, Dec. 30, 1776, J. Bew, 1779-The Detail and Conduct of the American War under Generals Gage, etc., Richardson and Urquhart, 1780-Letter to the Lord Viscount H-e on his Naval Conduct in the American War, J. Wilkie, 1779-Strictures on the Philadelphia Mischianza, J. Bew, 1779-Letters to a Nobleman on the Conduct of the War in the Middle Colonies, plan, J. Wilkie, 1780-Examination of Joseph Galloway, Esq., late Speaker of the House of Assembly of Pennsylvania, before the House of Commons, ib., 1780-Cool Thoughts on the Consequences to Great Britain of American Independence, ib.-Reflections on the Rise and Progress of the American Rebellion, ib., together in 1 vol., half calf, 8vo. (11) H. Stevens, £12 10s. 686 America. Siege of Penobscot (The) by the Rebels (1779), by J. C., Esq., a Volunteer, folding map, G. Kearsley, 1781— Narrative of Mr. Ebenezer Punderson, Merchant, who was drove away by the Rebels in America, R. Hawes, 1776—Anderson (Jas.) The Interest of Great Britain with regard to her American Colonies considered, T. Cadell, 1782Considerations on the Society or Order of Cincinnati, by "Cassius" (Ædanus Burke) (inner margin of title mended), Philadelphia, R. Bell, 1783-Address and Recommendations to the States forming the United States in Congress assembled (title defective), ib., D. C. Claypoole, 1783-A

Letter from Phocion to the Considerate Citizen of New York, 12 leaves (badly cut), New York, Samuel London, 1784-Remarks concerning the Savages of North America, Birmingham, 1784, together in 1 vol., half calf, 8vo. (12) H. Stevens, £40 687 America. The American Querist, uncut, Boston (Mass.), Mills and Hicks, 1774-Observations on the American Intercourse Bill, 1806-An Answer to the Declaration of the American Congress, Cadell, etc, 1776-Letter on the Genius and Disposition of the French Government, by an American (Walsh), Longman, 1810, together in 1 vol., half calf, 8vo. (14) Quaritch, £4 10s. 688 Amsterdam. Tous les Principaux Bâtimens de la Fameuse Ville d'Amsterdam, 71 copperplate views, old calf, Amsterdam, H. Sweerts, etc., s. d. [16–], small oblong 4to. (19) Leighton, £2 2s. 689 Angas (G. F.) South Australia Illustrated, 60 coloured plates, half morocco, g. e., T. McLean, 1847, super imperial folio (20) Quaritch, £11 690 Angas (G. F.) The New Zealanders Illustrated, 60 coloured plates, half morocco, g. e., T. McLean, 1847, imperial folio (21) B. F. Stevens, £14 10s. 691 Ariosto (L.) Orlando Furioso, full-page woodcuts, old calf, Venet., V. Valgrisio, 1558, small 4to. (24) Leighton, 10s. 692 Aristoteles. Propositiones copiosissime ac fidissime ex omnibus Aristotelis Libris collectae per Fratrem Theophilum de Ferrariis Ord. Praed., lit. rom. (Hain *6997), half bound, Venetiis, per Jo. & Greg. de Gregoriis, 1493, small 4to. (25)

Leighton, 1 IOS. with a New Gaelic

693 Armstrong (R. A.) Gaelic Dictionary, Grammar, original boards, uncut, J. Duncan, 1825, 4to., published at £3 13s. 6d. (26) J. Grant, 135. old morocco, g. e.,

694 Augustae Historiae Scriptores, 4 vol., Lugd. Bat., Jo. Maire, 1632, 12mo. (29) Barlow, £2 8s. 695 Bacon (Francis, Lord Verulam). Of the Advancement and Proficience of Learning, portrait and engraved title, Oxford, 1640-Sylva Sylvarum, portrait (defective) and frontispiece, 1635, together in I vol., original calf, small folio (30)

Edwards, £1 5s. 696 Beaulieu. Plans des Sieges et Batailles sous le Regne de Louis XIV., 134 engravings, some large folding plates, in I vol., old calf, with arms, 1638, etc., atlas folio (40)

Quaritch, £10 10s. 697 Beckford (Peter). Thoughts upon Hunting, frontispiece, presentation copy, morocco gilt, g. e., Sarum, 1782, small 4to.-Walton and Cotton's Angler, plates, half calf, Bagster, 1808, 8vo. Salter (T. F.) The Angler's Guide, plates, half calf, ib., 1815, together 3 vol., 8vo. (41) J. Bumpus, £3 10s. 698 Bell's British Theatre, portraits, 20 vol. (should be 24), old calf, J. Bell, 1776-8, crown 8vo. (45) Edwards, £2 25. 699 Bibliothèque de Campagne, ou Amusemens de l'Esprit et du Coeur, 24 vol., old calf, Lyon, 1766, crown 8vo. (50)

Sotheran, 1 5s.

700 Blake (Wm.) Leonora, a Tale, translated from the German of G. A. Bürger by J. T. Stanley, frontispiece and 2 vignettes by Blake (and the same in German, with a frontispiece by Chodowiecki and two vignettes by Harding), in 1 vol., half calf, S. Gosnell for W. Miller, 1796, folio (51)

Edwards, 1 6s. 701 Boswell (Jas.) Life of Johnson, first edition, portrait, 2 vol., old calf, C. Dilly, 1791, 4to. (54) Jones, £3 6s. 702 Brantome de Bourdeilles (P.) Œuvres, frontispieces, 15 vol., old calf gilt, m. e., La Haye, 1740, 12mo. (57) Bain, £1 8s. 703 Brathwaite (Rich.) The Scholler's Medley ("A Survey of Histories" in the headlines), first edition (stained and some inner margins wormed), unbound, George Norton, 1614, small 4to. (58) Tregaskis, £7 704 Breton (Nicholas). A Merrie Dialogue betwixt the Taker and the Mistaker, original edition, 18 leaves (wormed throughout), unbound, Imprinted for Jas. Shaw, neare Ludgate, 1603, small 4to. (59) Pickering, £6 705 Breydenbach (Bernard de). Sanctarum Peregrinationum in Montem Syon, lit. goth. (lettres bâtardes), arms of Philip de Birken Miles, by Albert Dürer (coloured by hand), original folding views of Venice, Parens (coloured by hand), Corfu (coloured by hand), Candia, Modon, Rhodes (wanted the outer half) and Jerusalem (folds damaged), and numerous woodcuts, old calf (British Museum duplicate, sold in 1787), Erhardum Reüwick, 1486, small folio (60) Quaritch, £61 [The first edition in Latin, copies of which differ in collation; 117 leaves of text apart from that on the backs of the large woodcuts.-Catalogue.]

706 Brown (Thos.) Works, with Life of the Author, by Jas. Drake, seventh edition, plates, 4 vol., old calf gilt, E. Midwinter, 1730, crown 8vo. (62) Tregaskis, £2 10s. 707 [Burney (Miss).] Cecilia, first edition, 5 vol., original calf gilt, y. e., T. Payne and T. Cadell, 1782, crown 8vo. (64)

Quaritch, £3 35. 708 Cambridge. Carmina ad Thomam Holles, Ducem de Newcastle inscripta cum Academiam Cantabrigiensem Bibliothecae Restituendae Causa inviseret Prid. Kal. Maias, 1755, plan of the New Cambridge Library, old English morocco, g. e., Cant., J. Bentham, 1755, folio (67) Leighton, £3 5s 709 Camden (Wm.) Britannia, portrait, maps and plates, 3 vol., half russia gilt, y. e., J. Nicholls for T. Payne, 1789 (68) Bull, 175. 710 Campbell (John, Lord). Lives of the Lord Chancellors, library edition, 7 vol., Murray, 1846-7, 8vo. (69) Borrer, £1 711 Canterbury and York. An Accurate Description and History of the Cathedral Churches of Canterbury and York, 117 copperplate views, etc., old calf gilt, y. e., W. Sandby, etc., 1755, folio (71) Bull, 13s.

712 Catlin (Geo.) North American Indian Portfolio, 25 lithographs, original edition, half morocco, G. Catlin, Piccadilly, 1844, imperial folio (72) W. Brown, £6

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