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6432 Sandys (George). Travels, maps and plates, calf gilt, 1673,

folio (227)

6433 Saussure (H. B. de).

Barnard, 12s. Voyages dans les Alpes, map and

plates, 4 vol., tree-calf, g. e., by Kalthoeber, Neuchatel, 1779-96, 4to. (162) Barnard, £2 6434 Savage (John). Some Account of New Zealand, portrait and plates, calf extra, uncut, by J. Larkins, 1898, 8vo. (79),

Grant, £14s. 6435 Shakespeare (W.) Comedies, Histories and Tragedies, edited by Edward Capell, 10 vol., morocco gilt, 1767, 8vo. (81) Sotheran, £4 155. 6436 Sharp (Captain Barth.) Voyages and Adventures in the South Sea, calf, m. e., 1684, 8vo. (82) 6437 Singleton (Esther). The Furniture of our Forefathers, illustrations, 2 vol., half parchment, uncut, (163)

6438 Sloane (Hans). Voyage to the Islands.

Tregaskis, £3 18s.

Batsford, 1901, 4to. Hill, £111s. Madera, Barbados, Nieves, S. Christophers and Jamaica, plates, 2 vol., morocco, uncut, 1707-25, folio (229) Edwards, £4 17s. 6d. 6439 Southerne (T.) Plays, etc., portrait, 3 vol., morocco extra, 1774, 8vo. (84) Bloomfield, £ 75. 6440 Sowerby (James). Exotic Botany, coloured plates, descriptions by J. E. Smith, 2 vol. in 1, calf gilt, 1804-5, 8vo. (85) Quaritch, L1 18s. 6441 Stevens (C.) and Liebault (J.) Maison Rustique, engravings, old vellum, Bridgewater crest on sides, 1606, 4to. (165)

Bain, £5 5s. 6442 Struys (John). The Perillous and most Unhappy Voyages through Italy, Greece, etc., by John Morrison, folding plates, russia gilt, g. e., from the Ashburnham library (£4 4s.), S. Smith, 1683, 4to. (166) Askew, £4 18s.

6443 Sweet (Robert). Cistineae, coloured plates, original cloth, uncut, 1825-30, royal 8vo. (86) Quaritch, £2 125. 6444 Swift (Dean). Tale of a Tub, second edition, corrected, MS. notes on the fly-leaves and margins, "All that is contained here in Writing was set down by Thomas Swift himself." "The above is said to be in the handwriting of the Lady Betty Germain, out of whose Library this book was purchased after her decease, about the year 1769, C. Chauncy." "Bought at Mr. Chauncy's sale, for Three Guineas, J. Nichols." Thomas Swift was grandson to Sir William Davenant; Lady Betty Germain was daughter to Lord Berkeley, one of the Lord Justices of Ireland, in whose family Swift was chaplain, contemporary morocco gilt, 1710, 8vo. (87) Bloomfield, £4 5s. 6445 Swift (Dean). Works, by J. Hawkesworth-Letters-Supplement, together 27 vol., plates, original calf gilt, y. e., 1766-79, 8vo. (88) Bain, £4 18s. 6446 Thackeray. Sand and Canvas, by Samuel Bevan, illustrations, original cloth, 1849, 8vo. (89) E. G. Allen, LI IS. 6447 Tracts. Narrative of Surprizing Matters of Fact wrought

by an Evil Spirit in Canvy-Island, near Leigh, 1709

Discovery of Sorcery and Witchcraft, practis'd by Jane Wenham, 1712-The Impossibility of Witchcraft, 1712Full Confutation of Witchcraft, 1712-The Belief of Witchcraft Vindicated, 1712-Witchcraft Farther Display'd, 1712 -Case of the Hertfordshire Witchcraft consider'd, 1712— Three other Tracts relating to Prophesies, 1658-1715, in I vol., calf, 8vo. (92) Dobell, £3 35. 6448 Vancouver (Captain G.) Voyage of Discovery to the North Pacific Ocean, and round the World [1790-1795], 3 vol., morocco extra by Kalthoeber, and royal folio atlas of maps and plates, in various states (etchings and proofs before and with the letters), uniformly bound, 1798, 4to. (167) H. Stevens, 15 6449 Vaughan (W.) The Adventures of Five Englishmen from Pulo Condoro (some leaves stained) morocco, g.e., by Kalthoeber, 1714, 8vo. (94) Stevenson, £1 125. 6450 Vertue (George). Heads of the Kings and Queens of England, with the Monuments, etc. proper for Mr. Rapin's History, original impressions, contemporary half binding, uncut, 1736, imperial folio (231) Hill, £3 10s. 6451 Walker (A.) Ideas suggested in a late Excursion through Flanders, Germany, France and Italy, MS. notes by Mr. Beckford, calf gilt by Kalthoeber, 1791, 8o. (95)

Bloomfield, 165. 6452 Wallace (James). Description of the Islands of Orkney, map and plate, calf gilt by Kalthoeber, 1700, 8vo. (96) Edwards, 15S. 6453 Walpole (Horace). Anecdotes of Painting in England, Major's edition, LARGE PAPER, portraits, India proofs and woodcuts, 5 vol., morocco extra, g. e., by Hering, 1826-28, royal 8vo. (101) Sotheran, IOS. 6454 Walton and Cotton. The Complete Angler, seventh edition by Sir John Hawkins, frontispiece and 14 plates, calf, uncut, Bagster, 1808, 8vo. (97) Ellis, LIIS 6455 Walton and Cotton. The Complete Angler, Bagster's second edition, by Sir John Hawkins, LARGE PAPER, portrait an 50 plates, calf gilt, 1815, royal 8vo. (98) Edwards, £2 1451 6456 White (Rev. Gilbert, Author of the Natural History of Selborne). Sermon preached at Bradley, Swarraton, Selborn, Upham, Durley, Dene, Sunbury, Farringdon, etc. between September 25, 1748 and January 13, 1793, 13 pages, the original autograph manuscript, 4to. (168)


B. F. Stevens, £9 5s. 6457 White (Rev. Gilbert). Sermon preached at Selborn and Farringdon between December 25, 1758 and December 26, 1790, 16 pages, the original autograph manuscript, 4to. (169) B. F. Stevens, £10 12s. 6d. 6458 White (Rev. Gibert). Sermon preached at Selborn, Newton, Farringdon, Durley and Hawkley between December 25, 1751 and December 25, 1790, 13 pages, the original autograph manuscript, 4to. (170) Maggs, £10 15s.

6459 White (Rev. Gilbert). Sermon preached at Farringdon and Selborne between April 12, 1761 and October 23, 1791, 13 pages, the original autograph manuscript, 4to. (171) B. F. Stevens, £10 10s.

6460 Witchcraft. The Impossibility of Witchcraft . . . Depositions against Jane Wenham, etc., 1712-Impossibility of Witchcraft, second edition, 1712-Impossibility of Witchcraft further demonstrated, 1712, and 6 other scarce Tracts relating to the Proceedings against Jane Wenham, half bound, 8vo. (100) Tregaskis, £2 10s.

6461 Zoology of the Voyage of H.M.S. "Erebus ” and “ Terror,” under Captain Sir J. C. Ross, edited by J. Richardson and J. E. Gray-Birds of New Zealand, by G. R. Gray and R. B. Sharpe, 37 coloured plates, with descriptions, presentation copy to Capt. Sir E. Home from J. E. Gray, calf gilt, t. e. g., E. W. Janson, 1846-75, 4to. (172)

(B) Another Property.

Quaritch, £3

6462 Alberti (L. B.) L'Architecture et Art de Bien Bastir, woodcuts, old calf, Paris, 1553, folio (351) Leighton, £2 6s. 6463 America. Journal of the Honourable House of Representatives of His Majesty's Province of the Massachusetts-Bay, held at Boston, on Wednesday, the twenty-eighth day of May, A.D. 1760, 82 pages (title and last leaf damaged), uncut, Boston, N.E., S. Kneeland, 1760, folio (354)

Quaritch, £2 105. 6464 America. Journal of the Honourable House of Representatives at a Great and General Court of Assembly for His Majesty's Province of the Massachusett's-Bay, held at Boston, May 26, 1762, and continued to January 12, 1763, pages 123 to 287 and Appendix, pages xix., uncut, Boston, N.E., Edes and Gill, 1763, folio (355) B. F. Stevens, £1 Is. 6465 America. Acts and Laws passed by the Great and General Court or Assembly of his Majesty's Province of the Massachusetts-Bay, held at Boston, May 26, 1756 to 1774, pages 411-666, uncut, Boston, Richard Draper, 1774, folio (357) Sweet & Maxwell, £1 10s. 6466 America. Acts and Laws passed by the Great and General Court or Asssmbly of the Colony of the MassachusettsBay, held at Watertown, July 19, 1775 to 1780, commencing on page v. and ending on page 408, uncut, Watertown and Boston, 1775-80, folio (358) Sweet & Maxwell, £1 12s. 6467 America. Resolves of the General Assembly of the State of Massachusetts-Bay, begun at Watertown, June, 1776 to May, 1777, with Appendix (wanted pages i.-iv.), uncut, Boston, 1776-77, folio (359) Sweet & Maxwell, £1_10s. 6468 America. Resolves of the General Assembly of the State of Massachusett's-Bay in New England, pages 71 and Index pages xi., uncut, Boston, New England, 1778, folio (360) Sweet & Maxwell, £1 125.

6469 America. Perry (W.) The only sure guide to the English Tongue, frontispiece and woodcuts (wanted 3 leaves at end), original binding, Printed at Worcester, Massachu setts, by Isaiah Thomas, Jun. (1805), 8vo. (235)

Gray, £1 125. 6470 America. Speech of a Creek-Indian, against the immoderate use of Spirituous Liquors, paper covers, 1754, 8vo. (236) Sotheran, 3 18s. 6471 America. Recueil d'Estampes représentant les différents évênemens de la guerre qui a procuré l'Indépendance aux Etats unis de l'Amérique, 16 plates and maps, half morocco, Paris, s. d., oblong 4to. (311) Maggs, £3 35. 6472 America. Acts and Laws passed by the Great and General Court or Assembly of Massachusett's-Bay, held at Boston, May 30, 1753, 6 vol., uncut, etc., folio (one 8vo.) (353) Sweet & Maxwell, £2 14s. 6473 Andrews (J.) History of the War with America, portraits, maps and charts, 4 vol., old calf, 1785, 8vo. (237)

Sotheran, £2 12s. 6474 Appianus. De bellis civilibus Romanorum, etc., libri e gr. lat. redditi, interprete Petro Candido, lit. rom., half vellum, Venet. ex Peregrini Pasquali, 1495, folio (367)


Tregaskis, 1 5s. 6475 Biblia. Libri Prophetarum, et Machabaeorum Libri duo, woodcut initials (one illuminated), morocco extra, g. e., by Rivière, Paris, ex officina S. Colinæi, 1526, 8vo. (244)

Sotheran, £1

6476 Biringuccio (V.) De la Pirotechnia libri X., edizione prima, woodcuts, vellum (slightly stained), Venetia, per V. Roffinello, 1540, 4to. (317) Tregaskis, £1 128. 6477 Bloch (M. E.) Histoire Naturelle des Poissons, 160 coloured plates (pages 13-24 misplaced), 10 vol., calf, g.e., Paris (1807), 8vo. (247) Tregaskis, £ 125. 6478 Galilei (G.) Dialogo sopra i duo Massini Sistemi del Mondo Tolemaico e Copernicano, Edizione Prima, diagrams, half bound, Fiorenza, 1632, 4to. (324) Sotheran, £3 35.

Edwards, £1 165.

6479 Gay (John). The Fan, a Poem, first edition, half morocco, J. Tonson, 1714, folio (379) 6480 Gay (John). Rural Sports, a Poem, first edition, morocco extra, by Rivière, J. Tonson, 1713, folio (380)

Maggs, £3 17s. 6d. 6481 Gay (John). Trivia, or The Art of Walking the Streets of London, first edition, LARGE AND THICK PAPER, cross-keys on titles and vignettes, calf (rebacked), n. d., roy. 8vo. (265) Pickering, £2 12s.

6482 Gay (John). The Shepherd's Week, first edition, plates by Du Guernier, half morocco, 1714-The Beggar's Opera, 1728; Polly, an Opera, 1729, in 1 vol. with the Musick, half bound, some headlines cut into, 1728-29-Two Epistles, paper covers, n. d., together 3 vol., 8vo. (266) Pickering, 1 195.

6483 Gay (John). The Captives, a Tragedy, morocco extra, by Rivière, 1724—Another edition, half morocco, g. e., Dublin, 1724-Achilles, an Opera, with the Music, calf gilt, g. e., by Pratt, 1733, together 3 vol., 8vo. (267) Maggs, £2 10S. 6484 Gay (John). Fables, with Life of the Author, Stockdale's edition, 2 vol., engravings by W. Blake, etc., morocco extra, uncut, t. e. g., by Rivière, imperial 8vo., 1793 (268)

Sotheran, £7

6485 Gerson (Joh.) De Vita Spirituali, lit. goth.. woodcut title, morocco, Paris, 1503, 8vo. (269) Leighton, 18s. 6486 Gray (Thos.) Linnaei (Caroli) Flora Suecica, 1755-Fauna Suecica, 1761, 2 vol., plates, old calf (rebacked), joints broken, Stockholm, 1755-61, (271) Tregaskis, £5

[Thomas Gray the Poet's copy, with his signature, and containing notes and annotations in his handwriting, afterwards in the possession of his biographer, William Mason. -Catalogue.]

6487 Gray (Thos.) Odes, first edition, with the half title, original boards, Strawberry Hill, 1757, 4to. (327) Young, £5 7s. 6d. 6488 Goncales de Mendoce (R. P. Juan) Histoire du Grand Royaume de la Chine, par Luc de la Porte, vellum, Paris, 1588, 8vo. (273) H. Stevens, £ 3s. 6489 Lafontaine (Jean de). Fables Choisies, Oudry's edition, papier d'Hollande, frontispiece and 275 engravings, the plate of "Le Singe et le Léopard" before the inscription, 4 vol., russia gilt, Paris, Desaint et Saillant, 1755-59, folio (386) Quarich, £15 6490 L'Estoille (Claude de). La Belle Esclave, Tragicomedie, frontispiece by Humbelot, morocco, Paris, imprimerie des nouveaux caractheres du Pierre Moreau, 1643, 4to. (332)

Maggs, 18s. 6491 Montaltus. Tractatus Reprobationes Sententie Pilati, Iit. goth., half morocco, Paris, per Michaelem le Noir, 1496, 4to. (335) Edwards, £1 IS. 6492 Perrault (C.) Le Cabinet des beaux-arts, 13 engravings after Coypel, Ficquet, etc., half morocco, g.e., Paris, 1693, oblong folio (392) Sotheran, £2 25. 6493 Psalms. Pseaumes de David, Latin et François, avec les Cantiques du Vieil Testament, engraved title and plate, old morocco, with floral decoration, g.e., Paris, L. Mettayer et P. L'Huillier, 1595, 8vo. (294)


6494 Quenard (P.) Portraits des Personages Célèbres de la Revolution, portraits by F. Bonneville, 2 vol., calf gilt, Paris, 1796, 4to. (342) Edwards, £2 IS. 6495 Sacrobosco (J. de). Sphericum opusculum Georgii Purbachii i motuorum planetarum disputationes, initial letters, woodcut spheres and diagrams (some coloured), half calf (Venet.), E. Ratdolt, 1485, 4to. (344) Barnard, 1 18s. 6496 Strawberry Hill Press. Poems, by Anna Chambers Countess Temple, half calf, uncut, Strawberry Hill, 1764, 4to. (347) Edwards, £ 6s.

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