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713 Chalmers (Geo.) Political Annals of the Present United Colonies, book i. (all published), half calf, Printed for the author, 1780, 4to. (75) Harding, L 18s. 714 Chamisso (A. von). Peter Schlemihl, first edition, plates by Cruickshank (sic), half calf, Whittaker, 1824, crown 8vo. (76) Wallich, 1 25. 715 Charles I. Eikōn Basilikē, coat of arms, head of Charles by Hollar and frontispiece by Marshall, old Dutch morocco, royal arms stamped blind [Hague], 1649, 8vo. (77)

Leighton, £ 12s. [One of the royal copies privately issued by King Charles II. while in exile, for presents to his friends.-Catalogue.] 716 Collinson (Rev. John). History and Antiquities of the County of Somerset, 3 vol., the map and plates in a separate volume, 4 vol., original subscriber's copy, uncut, Bath, 1791, 4to. (82) Quaritch, £6 717 Comic Miscellany (The), 2 vol., original calf, M. Cooper, 1756The Vocal Miscellany, Dublin, 1738-Wycherley (Wm.) Plays, plates, old calf, 1735, crown 8vo. (83)

Pickering, £3 3s. Acts of Parliament of the Commonwealth Parliament, 1650-51, some single sheets

718 Commonwealth Parliament.

[blocks in formation]

E. Husband, etc.,
H. Stevens, £3 3s.

719 Constitution Française (La). Presentée au Roi le 3 Sept., 1791, et acceptée par sa Majesté le 14 du même mois, printed upon vellum, morocco extra, g. e., Paris, de l'Imprimerie Nationale, 1791, small 8vo. (85) Barnard, £5 10S.

[Presentation copy, with the following printed inscription on a vellum fly-leaf: "A Lord Scheffield (sic) par JeanBaptiste Decretol Député à l'Assemblée-Nationale Constituante."--Catalogue.]

720 Cook (Moses). Manner of Raising, Ordering and Improving Forest-Trees, etc., plates, P. Parker, 1676—Berewood (Edw.) Enquiries touching the Diversity of Languages and Religions (America, etc.), G. Norton, 1635-Henley (Wm.) Experiments on Lightning Rods, 1785, etc., in 4 vol., bound, small 4to. (86) Wesley, £2 25.

721 C(ooper) (A[nthony or Andrew]). ETPATOXOTIA, or the History of the English Civil Warrs in English Verse, original calf, J. Crawford, 166(2), small 8vo. (87) Dobell, £3 75. 722 Copie (The) of a Letter written from Master C. S. neere Salisbury to Master H. A. at London, concerning the Proceedings at Winchester on the intended Execution and Reprieve of Lords Cobham and Grey and Sir Griffin Markham, 8 leaves (top paginations cut into, signature of "Elizabeth Evelyn" on title), unbound, Imprinted by R. B., A. D. 1603, 8vo. (88) Cooper, £1 10S. 723 Cotton (Roger, Draper). A Direction to the Waters of Lyfe, black letter. G. Simson and William White, 1590-A Brief Discovery of the Untruthes and Slanders against the True Government of the Church of Christ, by D. Bancroft (no



imprint), Printed abroad, 1588-Timme (Thos.) A Plaine Discovery of Ten English Lepers, etc. (title defective), P. Short, 1592—A Defence of the Churches and Ministery of Englande, Middelburgh, R. Schildero, 1599-Henoch Clapham His Demaundes and Answeres touching the Pestilence (no name or place), 1604-A Myld and Just Defence of Certeyne Arguments in behalf of Ministers Suspended and Deprived, against M. Gabriel Powell (title cut), Imprinted 1606-A Supplication of the Family of Love, Printed for John Legate, 1606, together in I vol., half calf, small 4to. (89) Bell, £4 7s. 6d. 724 Dante. Divina Commedia, 100 copies printed, roxburghe, uncut, T. and G. Boone, 1858, folio (90) Barnard, 1 125. 725 Davenant (Dr. Chas.) Political and Commercial Works, by Sir Chas. Whitworth, 5 vol., old calf gilt, y. e., R. Horsfield, etc., 1771, 8vo. (91) Harding, £2 125. Gondiber't, an Heroick Poem, first edition, leaf of errata, original calf, John Holden, 1651, small 8vo. (92) Tregaskis, Li

726 Davenant (Sir Wm.)

727 Defoe (Daniel). The Secret of the Invisible World Disclos'd, by Andrew Moreton, Esq., plates, old calf, J. Clarke, etc., 1729, 8vo. (94) Shepherd, 11s. 728 Delectable Demaundes and Pleasant Questions, with their severall Answers, black letter and roman, 120 leaves including title (title soiled), Thos. Creede, 1596--Markham (G.) The Second and Last Part of the First Booke of the English Arcadia (title and last leaf soiled), N. Okes for T. Saunders, 1613-Court (Andrew). Of Constancie, Three Bookes (the first book wanted title), B. Alsop, 1622, together in I vol., half calf, small 4to. (96) Dobell, £6 15s. 729 Denton (Dan.) A Brief Description of New-York, formerly called New-Netherlands, with the places thereunto adjoyning, 13 leaves (wanted blank for A 1), unbound, John Handcock in Popes-Head-Alley, 1670, small 4to. (97) Sabin, £350 [The Ashburton copy realised £400. See BOOK-PRICES CURRENT, vol. xv., No. 391.-ED.]

730 Dibdin (T. F.) Bibliographical Decameron, engraved portraits, woodcuts, etc., 3 vol., original russia extra, g. e., 1817, imperial 8vo. (99) Sotheran, £7 15s. 731 Dibdin (T. F.) Bibliographical, etc. Tour in France and Germany, views, etc. by Geo. Lewis, facsimiles, woodcuts, etc., some on India paper, 3 vol., morocco extra, g. e., Printed for the author, 1821, imperial 8vo. (100) Edwards, £7 732 Dickens (Charles). Sketches by "Boz," both series (series i., 2 vol. second edition, series ii., first edition), illustrations by Geo. Cruikshank, 3 vol., original cloth, uncut, J. Macrone, 1836-37, 8vo. (101) Spencer, £2 18s. 733 [Domenichi (Lod.)] Facetie et Motti Arguti di Alcuni Eccelentissimi ingegni et nobilissimi Signori, prima edizione, old French calf gilt, g.e., In Fiorenza (Torrentino), 1584, 8vo. (102) Pickering, £4 4s. 734 Edmondson (Jos.) Complete Body of Heraldry, portrait and

plates of arms, etc., 2 vol. in 1, old calf, m. e., 1780, royal folio (110) Barnard, £1 158. 735 Eliot (John) and Mayhew (Thomas). Tears of Repentance, or a further Narrative of the Progresse of the Gospel amongst the Indians in New England, 42 leaves, unbound (some headlines shaved), Peter Cole, 1653, small 4to. (111) Quaritch, £17 175. 736 Eliot (John). Strength out of Weaknesse, or a Glorious Manifestation of the further Progresse of the Gospel among the Indians in New England, published by Mr. Henry Whitfield, late pastor of Gilford in New England, 28 leaves, unbound, uncut lower edges, M. Simmons for John Blaque and S. Howes, 1652, small 4to. (112) Quaritch, £25 Transactions, new series,

737 Ethnological Society of London.

vol. i.-vi., original cloth, uncut, J. Murray, 1861-68, 8vo. (113) Quaritch, Li

738 Evelyn (John). Diary and Correspondence, portrait and plates, 5 vol., calf gilt, H. Colburn, 1828, 8vo. (115)

Quaritch, £2 739 Fox (George). Cain against Abel, representing New England's Church Hierarchy, 24 leaves, 1675-Hay any Worke for Cooper, Printed in Europe not far from some of the Bounsing Priests, n. d.-Burrough (Edw.) A Description of the State and Condition of all Mankinde, etc., uncut, G. Calvert, 1656-Gordon (Rob.) Christianity Vindicated, R. Boulter, 1671, together in 1 vol., half calf, small 4to. (117)

Maggs, £6 10S. 740 Gibbs (James). Book of Architecture, 150 plates, old calf, 1728, imperial folio (122) Batsford, 1 18s. 741 Goldsmith (Oliver). The Good Natur'd Man, the rare leaf of "Epilogue" at end, first edition, W. Griffin in Catherine St., Strand, 1768, and 9 other plays of the same period, together in I vol., half calf, 8vo. (124) J. Bumpus, £8 5s. 742 Goldsmith (O.) Retaliation, a Poem, first edition, 10 leaves including title and half title, G. Kearsley, 1774, and 12 other poetical pieces, together in 1 vol., old calf, y. e., 4to. (125) Pickering, £24 743 Goldsmith (O.) She Stoops to Conquer, first issue of first edition (with erroneous pagination), J. Newberry, 1773, and 8 other plays of the same period, together in 1 vol., half calf, 8vo. (126) Pickering, £16 744 Gordon (Thomas). The Independent Whig, eighth edition, 4 vol., old morocco, g. e., R. Ware, etc., 1753, crown 8vo. (127) Quaritch, £2 4s. 745 Grace (Sheffield). Memoirs of the Family of Grace, special copy, privately printed on thick yellow paper, 168 portraits, views, etc., half morocco, uncut, 1823, imperial 8vo. (128) Downing, £25s. 746 Grammont (Comte de). Mémoires, par le C. Antoine Hamilton, édition ornée de lxxii. portraits gravés d'après les tableaux originaux, old russia gilt, Londres, Edwards (1793), 4to. (129) Bain, £4 5s.

747 Green (Robert). Euphues, his Censure to Philautus, black letter. 40 leaves (somewhat stained), Eliz. Allde, 1634Bryskett (Lod.) Discourse of Civill Life (stained), W. Apsley, 1606- Wilson (Thos.) The Arte of Rhetorike, black letter (stained and some plain margins wormed), Jhon Kingston, 1584, together in 1 vol., half bound, small 4to. (130) Dobell, £5 10s. 748 Guevara (Bishop D. Ant.) The Dial of Princes, translated by Thomas North (wanted last leaf), old calf, E. Alsop, 1619, small folio (131) Barnard, £1 749 Hakluyt Society. Publications, published between 1847 and 1874, maps, etc., 52 vol., original cloth, uncut, 8vo. (132) Quaritch, £44 750 Hamilton (Lady). Memoirs, second edition, portrait after Romney, calf, H. Colburn, 1815-Letters of Lord Nelson to Lady Hamilton, 2 vol., half russia, T. Lovewell and Co., 1814, together 3 vol., 8vo. (133) Downing, L1 4s. 751 Hamor (Ralph). A True Discourse on the Present State of Virginia, 3 preliminary leaves and pages 69, wanted title (first page of text and 3 preliminary leaves damaged, the latter sewed at the end), unbound, John Beale for W. Welby, 1615, small 4to. (134) Sabin, £10 IOS. 752 [Hardie (John)]. Description of the last Voyage to Bermudas, begun Nov. 12, 1670, and ending May 3, 1671, in verse, 18 leaves, some uncut, unbound, 1672, small 4to. (135)

Pickering, L8 5s. 753 Harris (W.) History and Antiquities of the City of Dublin, plans and plates, LARGE PAPER, bound in 2 vol., old calf, Dublin, L. Flinn, etc., 1766, royal 8vo. (136) Groom, £1 6s. 754 Harris (Dr. John). History of Kent, vol. i. (all published), portrait, map and views, old calf, D. Midwinter, 1719, folio (137) Walford, £4 4s. 755 Harward (Simon). A Discourse of the Severall Kinds and Causes of Lightnings, 12 leaves, unbound and uncut (stained), John Windet, 1607, small 4to. (138) Edwards, £ỵ 756 Hasted (Edw.) History of Kent, original edition, maps and plates, with the map of the Hundred of Worth, sometimes wanted, 4 vol., half russia, Canterbury, for the author, 1778-99, folio (139) Powell, £20 5s. 757 Helyot (P.) Histoire des Ordres Monastiques, plates, 8 vol., old calf, with arms, Paris, J. B. Coignard, 1721, 4to. (144) Edwards, £3 35. 758 Heywood (Thomas). A True Description of His Majesties Royall Ship ("Ye Soveraign") Built this Yeare 1637 at Wooll-witch in Kent, 29 leaves, including frontispiece (damaged), unbound (stained), John Okes, 1637, small 4to. (145) Pickering, 18s. 759 Heywood (Thomas). The Life of Merlin (frontispiece defective and mounted), old calf, 1641, small 4to.-A True Discourse of the two infamous upstart Prophets Richard Farnham and John Bull, title facsimile, half bound, 1636, small 4to. (146) Maggs, 175.

760 Hickeringill (Edm.) Jamaica Viewed, third edition, with the rare map, 26 leaves, unbound, lower edges uncut, Printed and sold by B. Bragg, 1705, small 4to. (147) Maggs, £2 15s. 761 Hic Mulier, or The Man-Woman, being a Medicine to Cure the Coltish Disease of the Staggers, 10 leaves, wanted blank for Aj (stained), unbound, Printed for J. T. and sold at Christ Church Gate, 1620, small 4to. (148) Barnard, £6 10S. 762 Higgeson (or Higginson) (Francis). New Englands Plantation, second edition, 14 leaves, unbound (stained), uncut lower edges, T. & R. Cotes for M. Sparke, 1630, small 4to. (149) B. F. Stevens, 100 763 Histoire du Clergé Seculier et Regulier, des Ordres Religieux, etc., nouvelle édition tirée du R. P. P. Bonanni, plates, 4 vol., old morocco, stamp of the Hon. Frederick North on flyleaves, g. e., Amsterdam, P. Brunel, 1716, small 8vo. (150) Downing,

198. 764 Historical Description (An) of the most famous Kingdomes and Common-Weales in the Worlde (stained, some margins cut into), unbound, Printed for J. Jaggard, 1603, small 4to. (151) H. Stevens, £2 765 Hogarth (William). Works, from the original plates restored by Jas. Heath, 119 plates, bound in 2 vol., half russia, Baldwin, 1822, atlas folio (156) Tregaskis, £4 16s. 766 Horsley (John). Britannia Romana, 100 plates, old calf, J. Osborn, etc., 1732, folio (157) Bull, £2 55. 767 Howel (James). A Survay of the Seignorie of Venice, frontispiece, R. Lowndes, 1651-Londinopolis, portrait of Howel, J. Streater, 1657-Discourse concerning the Precedency of Kings, 2 portraits (wanted that of Charles II.), J. Cotrel, 1664, together 3 vol., uniform half morocco, small folio (158) Lewine, 18s.

768 Hubbard (William). The Present State of New England, with the folding map of New England, "being the first that was ever here cut" [London reprint with "Wine Hills"] (leaf of licence defective), unbound, Tho. Parkhurst in Cheapside, 1677, small 4to. (159) Edwards, £50 769 Hutchins (Rev. John). History and Antiquities of the County of Dorset, first edition, map and plates, 2 vol., half calf, quite uncut, Bowyer and Nichols, 1774, folio (160) Downing, £2 770 Hutchinson (Thos.) History of the Colony of Massachussett'sBay, sccond edition, 2 vol., old calf gilt, 1765-8, 8vo. (161) H. Stevens, £1 125.

771 Illustrated Record of Important Events in the Annals of Europe, 1812-15, coloured views, maps, portraits, etc., half morocco, R. Bowyer, 1815-16, imperial folio (162)

Quaritch, £2 4s. 772 Ireland. A List of the Claims as they are entered with the Trustees at Chichester-House on College Green, Dublin, on or before the 10th August, 1700, old calf, Dublin, J. Ray, 1701, small folio (163) Walford, £3 3s. 773 Ireland. Cox (Rich.) Hibernia Anglicana, frontispieces and a folding map, 2 vol. in 1, old calf, J. Watts, 1689-Borlase

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