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7693 Walpole (Horace). Il Castello di Otranto, coloured plates,

morocco extra by Hering, Londra, T. Bensley, 1795, 8vo. (997)

B. F. Stevens, £3 18s. 7694 Walpole (Horace). Works, LARGE PAPER, 5 vol., 1798—

Letters to George Montague, 1818—Memoires of the last ten years, 2 vol., 1822—Letters to the Earl of Hertford, 1825, together 9 vol., morocco, 1798-1825, royal 4to. (998)

Maggs, £3 3s. 7695 Walpole (Horace). Anecdotes of Painting, by J. Dallaway,

LARGE PAPER, 5 vol., morocco, g. e., J. Major, 1826-28, royal 8vo. (999)

Hill, £6 155. 7696 Warrender (Margaret). Illustrations of Scottish History,

portraits and facsimiles, morocco extra, Edinburgh, 1889, 4to. (1003)

Magg's, 175. 7697 Webster (John). Displaying of supposed Witchcraft, calf, 1677, small folio (1009)

Hill, £1 9s. 7698 Weever (John). Ancient Funerall Monuments, LARGE PAPER,

portrait (re-margined), frontispiece (mounted) and illustrations, old morocco, T. Harper, 1631, small folio (1010).

Sotheran, £i is. 7699 Wilde (Oscar). The Happy Prince, first edition, LARGE

PAPER, illustrated by Walter Crane and J. Hood, the plates in two states (one of 75 copies), parchment, uncut, 1888, 4to. (1019)

Maggs, £4 75. 6d. 7700 Wilkins (William). Antiquities of Magna Graecia, plates,

russia, Cambridge, 1807, royal folio (1022) Hunt, 16s. 7701 Williamson (Captain Thomas). Oriental Field Sports,

coloured plates (frontispiece torn), half russia, 1807, oblong folio (1026)

B. F. Stevens, £12 7702 (Wolcott (John).] Works of Peter Pindar, portrait, 5 vol., calf gilt, 1812, 8vo. (1028)

Maggs, tel 75. 7703 Wolseley (General Viscount). Life of John Churchill, Duke

of Marlborough, portraits and illustrations, 2 vol., morocco

extra by Larkins, 1894, 8vo. (1030) Watkins, £1 195. 7704 Woltmann (A.) History of Painting, edited by Sidney

Colvin, illustrations, 2 vol., morocco extra, 1880, imperial 8vo. (1031)

Young, £i 18s. 7705 Wordsworth (William). Poetical Works, portrait, 6 vol.,

morocco gilt, Moxon, 1840 (1033) Maggs, £2 jos. 7706 Wraxall (Sir N. W.) Historical and Posthumous Memoirs,

edited by H. B. Wheatley, portraits, 5 vol., calf gilt, g. e., 1884, 8vo. (1036)

Quaritch, I 18s. 7707 Wylie (J. H.) History of England under Henry IV., 4 vol.,

calf extra, 1884-98, small 8vo. (1040) Sotheran, £2 4s. 7708 Wynne (William). Life of Sir Leoline Jenkins, LARGE PAPER, portrait, 2 vol., morocco extra, g.e., 1724, folio (1041)

Harding, £1 8s. 7709 Yarrell (William). History of British Fishes, with the 2

Supplements, LARGEST PAPER, portrait and woodcuts, 2 vol., half morocco, Van Voorst, 1836, imperial 8vo. (1043)

Quaritch, £i 16s.

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7710 Yonge (C. M.) Life of John Coleridge Patteson, portraits,

2 vol., morocco extra, 1874, 8vo. (1045) 7711 Young (Edward). Night Thoughts, LARGE PAPER, portrait

and plates after Stothard, morocco extra, by Bozerian, 1798, imperial 8vo. (1046)

Edwards, £3 6s. 7712 Zentner (L.) Landscapes from the Best Old Masters, plates

and portraits in aquatint, russia gilt, J. Thane, 1791, oblong 4to. (1047)

Griffith, 8s.

JUNE IST, 1908.]


(No. of Lots, 329; amount realised, £610 55. 6d.)

7713 Addison (Joseph). Works, portrait and plates, 4 vol., calf, Birmingham, J. Baskerville, 1761, 4to. (310)

Maggs, £2 125. 7714 Ames (J.) Typographical Antiquities, portraits and illustra

tions, cuttings from the first edition, MS. notes, etc., 3 vol.,

half morocco, uncut, 1785-90, 410. (28) Quaritch, 16s. 7715 Angelo (H.) Reminiscences, 68 plates, 2 vol., 1904, 4to. (309)

Edwards, £i ios. 7716 Antoninus (Archiep. Florent.) Quarta Pars Summae, lit.

goth., double columns, 58 lines, with signatures (blank for aj), illuminated initial on first page, original Venetian binding in oak boards, leather, metal ornaments, Venet. S. n. impr., 1481, folio (213)

Leighton, £4 125. 7717 Bale (John). Actes of Englyshe Votaryes, black letter,

Alex. Boswell, Ed., 1770” on fly-leaf, calf, Jhon Tisdale, 1560, Svo. (80)

Edwards, £2 7718 Barre (L.) Herculanum et Pompéi, 700 engravings, 8 vol., half morocco, uncut., Paris, 1870-2, 8vo. (27)

Sotheran, £4 125. 7719 Berjeau (J. P.) Speculum Humanae Salvationis, reproduit

en facsimile, C. J. Stewart, 1861, 4to. (61) Quaritch, 195. 7720 Berjeau (J. P.) The Book-worm, facsimiles, 5 vol., half morocco, uncut, 1866-71, 8vo. (8)

Maggs, EI 7721 Biblical Archaeology (Society of). Proceedings, vol. i.-xxi.,

with Index to vol. i.-x., in 19 vol., half morocco-Vol. xxii.xxix., part vi., in parts (wanted part iv. of vol. xxvi. and

part ii. of vol. xxvii.), 1872-1907, 8vo. (58) Bull, £4 125. 6d. 7722 Brant (Seb.) Stultifera Navis, editio prima, woodcuts (title page mended), morocco gilt, Basil., 1497, 4to. (85)

Lewine, £6 155. 7723 Breviarium Aberdonense, gothic letter. 2 vol., morocco extra

by Pratt, J. Toovey, 1854, 4to. (64) Edwards, £2 ios. 7724 Coryat (Thomas). Crudities, plates, 3 vol., half calf (wormed), 1776, 8vo. (79)

Warren, £2 6s. 7725 Cousin (Louis). Histoire de Constantinople, 8 vol. in 14

Histoire de l'Eglise, 5. vol.—Histoire d'Ammien Marcellin, 3 vol.-Histoire Romaine par Xiphilin, etc., 2 vol., together 24 vol., uniform, morocco, g. e., fine set, Paris et Lyon, 1686, etc. (57)

Sotheran, £3 5s. 7726 Dibdin (Rev. T. F.) Typographical Antiquities, portraits

and illustrations, 4 vol., half morocco, uncut (with Index, 1899, as issued), 1810-19, 4to. (30)

Ellis, £5 jos. 7727 Dion Cassius. Historiarum Romanarum libri (Græcè), editio

princeps, original oak boards, morocco, 4 clasps, Lut. Par.,

R. Stephanus, 1548, folio (212) Overberry, £10 5s. 7728 Douce (Fr.) The Dance of Death, extra inserted cuts,

morocco extra, g. e., by W. Pratt, Pickering, 1833—Description of the Lyons Woodcuts of the Dance of Death, after Holbein, and the Dance of Macabre (from Douce's work), plates, cuts pasted in covers, morocco extra, by Pratt, Pickering, 1833 (54)

Leighton, £2 7729 Dumas (Alexander). Celebrated Crimes, translated by I. G. Burnham, plates, 8 vol., Nichols, 1895, 8vo. (237)

Perkin, £i 175. 7730 Gessi (Berlingiero). La Spada di Honore, portrait and

plates, contemporary Italian vellum, arms of Card. Col

ionna? in centres, Bologna, 1671, 4to. (205) Sturt, £l 45. 7731 Girtin (Thomas). Views in Paris, 20 aquatinta plates, half russia, 1803, atlas folio (114)

Quaritch, £14 los. 7732 Gray (Thomas). Pauli Jovii Novocomensis De Romanis

Piscibus libellus (14 leaves), morocco by Clarke and Bedford, s. n. [Basil., P. Perna, 1578 ?], folio (121) Bain, ku

[This is the Treatise on Roman Fishes taken from the collected edition of Paulus Jovius, paged in columns 843891 (signatures Ggg-Kkk). The Treatise is annotated in nearly every margin in the very neat handwriting of the

Poet Thomas Gray.- Catalogue.] 7733 Hain (L.) Repertorium Bibliographicum, 4 vol., half morocco, uncut, Stuttgart, 1826-38, 8vo. (12)

Reid, £8 7734 Haïti. Gazette Politique et Commerciale d'Haïti, November,

1804 (Numéro I.)--August 22, 1805 (Numéro 37), in a vol., half bound, Au Cap Haiti, 1804-5, small folio (127)

Edwards, £3 185. 7735 Hakluyt (R.) The Principal Navigations of the English Nation, illustrations, 12 vol., Glasgow, 1903-5, 8vo. (274)

Maggs, £4 145. 7736 Houbraken and Vertue. Heads of Illustrious Persons,

LARGE PAPER, 108 portraits, early impressions, 2 vol. (vol. ii. wanted title and list of plates, had duplicate of vol. i. inserted), old English morocco, Knapton, 1743-52, imperial folio (162)

Parsons, £17 5s. 7737 Humphreys (H. N.) Masterpieces of the Early Printers and Engravers, facsimiles, half morocco, 1870, folio (39)

Parsons, 175. 7738 Humphreys (H. N.) History of the Art of Printing, 100

facsimiles, in 2 vol., half morocco, Quaritch, 1868, folio (40)

Parsons, £1 8s. 7739 Hutten (Ulrich Von). OYTIE NEMO (12 leaves), woodcut

on title, 3 copies, unbound, Augustae Vind. in Officina Millerana, s. a., 4to. (208)

Sparrell, 42 145. 7740 Hutten (Ulrich Von). Super Interfectione Propinqui sui

Jo. Hutteni Equ. Deploratio, etc., 2 woodcuts, 3 copies, unbound (one wormed), Stuttgart, excusum in Arce Stekelberk, 1519, 4to. (209)

Maggs, £2 18s. 7741 Hutten (Ulrich Von). In Hieronymum Alexandrum, etc.,

Invectivae Singulae, head on title, s. n.-Auta Dialogus, woodcut title (2 copies), Aug. Vind., S. Grimm, 1518Ad. B. Pirckheymer Epistola Vitae suae, ib., 1518 Defensio Jo. Eckii contra Amarulentas D. And. Bodenstein, 1518, together 5 tracts, all unbound, 4to. (210)

Maggs, £4 7742 [London Gazette.) The Oxford Gazette, original Nos. i.-xxiii.

[November 7-February 1, 1665/6), in a vol., original calf, with a lion and staff, coronetted, 1665-6, small folio (128)

Pickering, £ 5 jos. 7743 Lyndewood (Guil.) Provinciale, old calf, O.xon., 1679, folio (124)

Bull, £1 35. 7744 Meerman (G.) Origines Typographicae, 2 vol. in 1, half calf, 1765, 4to. (32)

Ellis, 145. 7745 Missale Secundum Usum Ecclesiae Sancte Andreae in

Scotia (Liber de Arbuthnott), morocco extra by Pratt,
Burntisland, 1864, 4to. (65)

Bull, £r 16s. 7746 Müller (Max). Sacred Books of the East, vol. i.-xlix., original cloth, O.xford, Clar. Press, 1879-94, 8vo. (59)

Bull, £15 7747 O'Brien (H.) Round Towers of Ireland, 1834-Phoenician Ireland, 1837, together 2 vol., original cloth, 8vo. (7)

Maggs, 175. 7748 Pentateuchus, Hebraicè cum Punctis, et cum Paraphrasi

Chaldaica et Commentario Rabbi Salomonis Jarchi,
Hebraicè, printed upon vellum, morocco extra by De
Coverly, Bononiæ, per Abraham Ben Chaiim, 1482 (77)
Prophetæ Priores cum Commentario Kimchii, Hebraicè,
Soncini, 1485-Prophetæ Posteriores, cum Commentario
Kimchii, Hebraicè, ib. (1485), first editions, 2 vol., morocco
extra, g. e., by De Coverly, uniform with former (78)

Reid, £120 [These 3 volumes form the first printed Bible of the Hebrew Text. They were the property of the late

Dr. J. C. Inglis.- ED. 7749 Pettigrew (T. J.) Bibliotheca Sussexiana, portrait and plates,

2 vol. in 3, half morocco, 1827-39, 8vo. (1) Essex, 195.

7750 Picart (Bernard). Cérémonies & Coutumes Religieuses (avec

le Supplement), LARGE PAPER, plates, old French morocco (Padeloup), Amst., J. F. Bernard, 1723-43, folio (109)

Edwards, £14 ios. 7751 Portfolio (The), edited by P. G. Hamerton, illustrations, vol.

V.-xxiv., the first 7 vol. half morocco, remainder in parts, 1874-93, folio (35)

E. Parsons, £ 1 7752 Purchas (S.) Hakluytus Posthumus, or Purchase His Pil. grimes, illustrations, 20 vol., Glasgow, 1905-7, 8vo. (273)

Hitchman, £6 1os. 7753 Sandford (Francis). A Genealogical History of the Kings

and Queens of England, plates, pedigrees, etc. (title inlaid), russia extra, 1707, folio (122)

Walford, £1 185. 7754 Sotheby (S. L.) Principia Typographica, facsimiles, 3 vol.,

half morocco, uncut, 1858, folio (37) Hartland, £5 55. 7755 Testament (Le Nouveau) [de la Traduction de Jacques le

Fevre d'Estaples), 2 parts in i vol., lit. goth., with the original gilt gauffered edges, wanted title to the Gospels, the second edition of this translation (wanted as of the first part), Imprime à Paris per Simon du Boys, Oct. xiv., xvi., xix., 1525, small 8vo. (187)

Quaritch, £4 55. [Sold on November 19th, 1906, when it was supposed to be more perfect, for £19. See Book-PRICES CURRENT,

Vol. xxi., No. 1594.—ED.) 7756 Thackeray (W. M.) Works, illustrations by the author,

etc., 26 vol., 1883, 8vo. (272) Edwards, £,6 25. 6d. 7757 Weaver (John). Orchesography, or the Art of Dancing, plates, old calf, H. Meere, 1706, 4to. (100)

Quaritch, £2 155. 7758 Wesley (Samuel). Life of Jesus Christ, second edition, map

of the Holy Land, and 60 plates by Faithorne, modern calf antique, 1697, folio (130)

Tregaskis, 41 8s.

(JUNE 2ND, 3RD AND 4TH, 1908.]


(No. of Lots, 820 ; amount realised, £9,503 9s. 6d.)

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Reported in the order of the Catalogue. (NOTE.—The following MSS. were, among others, sold at the prices affixed.

“Psalterium," on vellum (380 leaves, 5 by 3/2 inches), Sæc. xiv., £140 (Quaritch, Lot 612)—“Horæ Beatae Mariæ Virginis," on vellum (129 leaves, 7 by 5 inches), Sæc. XV., £50 (Perrin, Lot 633)—“Psalterium," on vellum (215 leaves, 5 by 374 inches), Sæc. xiv., £260 (Quaritch, Lot 740) —" Horæ Beatie

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