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[This edition may have appeared prior to Taylor's London edition of 1719. This copy appears to be the one sold on Dec. 12th last for £12 ios. See ante No. 2803.

-Ev.] 7871 Tennyson (Alfred, Lord). Poems, Chiefly Lyrical, first

edition, presentation copy, “With the Author's Respectful Compliments," morocco, g. e., Effingham Wilson, 1830, 8vo. (392)

Rutley, £9 7872 Atalanta in Calydon, by A. C. Swinburne, vellum, uncut,

Kelmscott Press, 1894, folio (411) B. F. Stevens, £3 155. 7873 Chaucer (Geoffrey). Works, original boards, uncut, Kelmscott Press, 1896, royal folio (415)

Sotheran, £,45 7874 Morris (William). The Earthly Paradise, 8 vol., vellum, uncut, Kelmscott Press, 1897, folio (416)

Thurnham, £9 Ios. 7875 Scrope (William). Days and Nights of Salmon Fishing in

the Tweed, first edition, presentation copy, original green cloth, 1843, 8vo. (418)

Carter, 8 7876 Dickens (C.) “Pickwick ” Illustrations. Sam Weller's Scrap

Sheet, containing all the “ Pickwick ” portraits, with the Poetical Effusions of Augustus Snodgrass, Esq., M.P.C., large folding sheet, Sold at Cleave's Penny Gazetteoffice, Shoe Lane, Fleet Street, n. d. (1840), (422)

Quaritch, £1 12s. 7877 Dickens (C.) Master Humphrey's Clock, first edition, 3 vol., original 88 numbers as issued, 1840-41, imperial 8vo. (426)

J. Bumpus, £4 16s. 7878 Dickens (C.) More Hints on Etiquette, original cloth, Tilt, 1838, 8vo. (427)

Quaritch, {2 25. 7879 Dickens (C.) Loving Ballad of Lord Bateman, first edition,

original cloth, pagination in centre of pages, Tilt, 1839, 8vo. (428)

Quaritch, £5 7880 Dickens (C.) Martin Chuzzlewit, first edition, complete in

the original parts, with wrappers, Chapman and Hall, 1844, 8vo. (430)

Myers, £6 55. 7881 Shakespeare (Wm.) Mr. William Shakespear's | Come

dies, | Histories | and | Tragedies, I the fourth edition, portrait by Droeshout with Verses beneath opposite title in facsimile (lower outside corner of first leaf of text mended, injuring 2 letters on reverse, outside plain margin of *, Eee 4-5, and a few at end mended, some stains and rust spots), morocco extra (13 by 872 inches), g. e., by Lloyd and Wallis, Printed for H. Herringman and are to be sold by Joseph Knight 1 and Francis Sauniers, at the Anchor in the Lower Walk I of the New Exchange, 1685, folio (444)

Sidney, 236 7882 Drake (Sir Francis). The World Encompassed, first edition,

engraved spherical map of the world (mounted and mended, one or two headlines cut into), old call, Nicholas Bourne, 1628, 4to. (445)

J. Seeley, £7 7883 Drant (Thomas). A Medicinable Morall, black letter (a few leaves stained, one soiled and written on, Mi deformed in printing), half bound, Thos. Marshe, 1566, 4to. (446)

Pickering, £6 55. 7884 America. Byam (William). An Exact Relation of the most

Execrable Attempts of John Allin, committed on the person of His Excellency Francis Lord Willoughby of Parham, complete with the rare leaf of License misplaced, half calf, London, Richard Lowndes, 1665, small 4to. (447)

Stedman, £2 45. 7885 America. Schmidel (Ulrich). Vera bistoria admirandæ

cujusdam navigationis, quam Huldericus Schmidel, Straubigensis, in Americam confecit, folding map in two sheets joined up, portrait and 15 plates besides the vignette on the title page, Spanish call, Noribergae Impensis Levini Hulsii, 1599, small 410. (448)

Maggs, £14 55. 7886 Bacon (Sir Francis). Cases of Treason, first edition, sewn,

uncut, Matthew Walbancke and William Coke, 1641, 4to. (450)

Leighton, £5 5s. 7887 Bacon (Francis). Ordinances for the better and more regular

Administration of Justice in the Chancery, first edition, original sewn condition, uncut and unopened, London, Mathew Walbanke and Lawrence Chapman, 1642 (451)

Pickering, £5 7888 Kelmscott Press. Morris (William). The Earthly Paradise,

8 vol., vellum, uncut, May 7, 1896-September 27, 1897, 4to. (452)

B. F. Stevens, £9 7889 America. Martyr (Peter). The Famous Historie of the

Indies, now published by L. M. Gent (Michael Lok), vellum, Michael Sparke, 1628, small 4to. (457)

Lane, £5 25. 6d. 7890 America. Stedman (C.) History of the American War,

with the half titles and all the maps and plans, 2 vol., morocco extra, uncut, Printed for the Author, 1794, 4to. (458)

J. Grant, £5 55. 7891 Marshall (C. H. T. and G. F. L.) Monograph of the Capi

tonidae, or Scansorial Barbets, coloured plates, morocco extra by Mansell, 1870-71, 4to. (459)

Quaritch, £5 7892 Browne (Hablot K.) “ The Rivals," a Series of Original

Water Coloured Circular Drawings, 16 inches diameter, with a title drawn in colours (as above), signed H. K. B.," mounted on cardboard, and bound in a volume, morocco (477)

Howard, 28 7893 Nelson. Manuscript Signal Book for the Royal Navy, with

the Names of the Admirals and the Ships forming each Squadron, coloured signal flags, Ms. paper (38 leaves), old calf, n. d., 410. (478)

Hamilton, £9 9s. · [The “ Commander-in-Chief's" copy (? Nelson). It has no date, but the Names of the Commanders are l'ice. Admiral Barrington, Commander Hotham, Commander-inChief, Rear-Admiral Hood, Rear-Admiral Sir Richard

Hughes and Vice-Admiral Milbanke.- Catalogue.] 7894 Henry VIII. (King). Assertio Septem Sacramentorum




adversus Martin. Lutherū, lit. rom., editio prima (wanted b 3-4, top margin of bj cut off, 2 or 3 lines erased), half vellum, In aedibus Pynsonianis, An. M.D.XXI. quarto Idus Julii, 4to. (479)

Harvey, £13 7895 Loddington (William). Plantation Work, the work of this

Generation (with a postscript containing a little Model concerning plantations taken verbatim out of the Lord Chancellor Bacon's Essays), title and 18 pages (pagination of 3 headlines cut into), morocco, Benjamin Clark, 1682, 4to. (481)

H. Stevens, £1m 5s. 7896 Swift. P. Virgilij Maronis Bucolica et Georgica, Dean Swift's

copy, with his autograph signature on title “ J. Swift," and presented by him to Sir Andrew Fountain, from the Fountaine Collection, old calf, Paris, T. Kerver, 1500, thick 4to. (482)

Potter, £12 ios. 7897 Woodroffe (Benjamin). The Fall of Babylon, old morocco

extra, the sides tooled to a design (by Charles Mearne),

g.e., Printed for G. Powel, 1690, 4to. (483) Pickering, £7 7898 Munden (Joseph, Comedian). Memoirs, by his son, inlaid

throughout to 4to. size, and extra illustrated, morocco extra by Rivière, 1844, thick 4to. (484)

Lesser, £5 7899 Cordiner (Rev. Charles). Remarkable Ruins, and Romantic

Prospects of North Britain, proof engravings, the author's own copy, with 24 water colours inserted, 2 vol., morocco extra, g. e., by Staggemeier, 1788-95, 4to. (491)

Maggs, £4 18s. 7900 Dresser (H. E.) and Sharpe (R. B.) History of the Birds of

Europe, coloured plates, 8 vol., half morocco, 1871-81, royal 4to. (495)

Sotheran, £37 7901 Sloane (W. M.) Life of Napoleon Bonaparte, coloured

plates and illustrations, 4 vol., 1896, 4to. (496) Hill, £2 6s. 7902 Drant (Thomas). Horace, his Art of Poetrie, black letter

(2 or 3 leaves cleaned and mended), morocco extra, g. e., by Lloyd, Thomas Marshe, 1567, 4to. (497)

Barnard, £5 5s. [The Rowfant copy.

The first edition in English of Horace's “Ars Poetica,” by the first English translator of

Horace.-Catalogue.] 7903 Dryden (John). De Arte Graphica. The Art of Painting, by

Ć. A. Du Fresnoy, first edition, engraved frontispiece by Gribelin, LARGE PAPER, old calf, J. Heptinstall, 1695, 4to. (500)

Pickering, £5 175. 6d. 7904 Markham (Gervase). The Second and Last Part of the First

Booke of the English Arcadia, title and last leaf soiled, collation A to Q in 4's, A 1 being blank, unbound, N. Okes for T. Saunders, 1613, 4to. (501)

Pickering, £14 [Only one other copy known, the Corser copy now in the Huth Collection being hitherto considered unique. This volume was published as a supplement to Sidney's

Arcadia.- Catalogue.] 7905 Nelson (Lord). Sailing Orders issued to Captain E. D.

King, of H.M.S. “ Endymion," with the Names of other

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Ships with their Pennants (written “Pendants”) in their sailing order from Cadiz to Trafalgar Bay, the “Endy mion ” leading. Original document, signed " Nelson and Bronté” (left hand), given on board the Victory' off Cadiz the ist October, 1805," mounted within two sheets of plate glass, folio (503)

Warner, £8 8s. 7906 Speed (J.) The Theatre of the Empire of Great Britaine,

portrait mounted, engraved title, maps (some leaves

repaired), calf, 1627-31, folio (506) D. Edwards, £2 ios. 7907 Shakespeare (William). Mr. William / Shakespeare's Come.

dies, / Histories, and / Tragedies. / The Second Impression, / the Perkins copy (title thickened and inner margin repaired), (measures 13 by 9%8 inches), morocco extra, Printed by Tho. Cotes for Robert Allot, and are to be sold at the Sign / of the Black Beare / in Pauls Churchyard, 1632, folio (511)

Edwards, £137 7908 Shakespeare (William). Mr. William Shakespear's/ Come.

dies,/ Histories, and Tragedies,/ the fourth edition, portrait by Droeshout, with verses beneath, opposite title (4 lines jagged), a hole in page 23 makes 3 letters defective, 4 lines erased by pen, with 2 blanks in front and i at end (144 by 94 inches), original calf, Printed for H. Herringman, É. Brewster and R. Bentley at the Anchor in the New Exchange, the Crane in St. Paul's Church-yard, and in Russel-Street, Covent Garden, 1685, folio (512)

Quaritch, £52 7909 Litta (Pompeo). Le Famiglie Celebri Italiane, complete

from the commencement to Dispensa 157, forming 10 vol., coats-of-arms emblazoned, half morocco, uncut, t.e. g., the set enclosed in a carved oak cabinet, Milano, 1819-68, folio (535)

O'Connell, £5 55. 7910 London Gazette (The). Original Numbers, Nos. 1-517, quite

consecutive (2 numbers defective), and a few with cut margins, the first 23 numbers entitled “The Oxford Gazette,” bound in I vol., original calf, November 7, 1665–October u, 1670, small folio (543)

B. F. Stevens, t.15 1os. 7911 Collection Spitzer. Antiquité, Moyen-Age, Renaissance,

plates and descriptive text, papier vélin (one of 600 numbered copies), in 6 portfolios, Paris, Quantin, 1890-92, folio (545)

Falk, £24 7912 Luther (D. Martinus). Bonaventura (S.) “Egregium Opus

Subtilitate et devoto exercitio, Secunda Pars, lit. goth., folio cccxlix. and Tabula 20 leaves, including title, rubricated throughout, full-page genealogical woodcut on reverse of title (repeated on reverse of folio cccxxxii.), a full-page apocalyptic figure on recto of folio cccxxxviii.,"contemporary German binding in oak boards, Impressi Argentine An. Dom. 1495 (S. N. Impressoris) (546)

Reed, £10 [Martin Luther's copy, with some writing in German at end in his hand, finishing “Vereret meynem gutten freunde

Oito Meydinger zu Halle, anno MD XXVII. Martinus
Luther.” Many MS. notes in the margiris in Luther's

hand.- Catalogue.] 7913 America.

An account of the Commitment, arraignment, tryal and condemnation of Nicholas Bayard, unbound, Printed at New York by order of his Excellency the Lord Cornbury, and reprinted at London, 1703, folio (548)

Maggs, £5 ros. 7914 Foster (J. J.) French Art from Watteau to Prud'hon, edition

de luxe, 53 photogravures and the additional plates (175 copies printed), 3 vol., half vellum, g. t., uncut, 1905-7, folio (551)

Edwards, £i 18s. 7915 Le Cronycke van Hollandt, Zeelandt end Vrieslant, gothic

letter, wood engravings, including 14 by Lucas van Leyden, calf (several margins defective), Leyden, 1517, folio (563)

Scotti, £4 155. 7916 Butler (Samuel). The Continuation and Conclusion of the Civil Warres of France, calf, R. Kaworth, 1648, folio (564)

Pickering, £8 [Samuel Butler's copy, containing his autograph inscription on title-page, “ Liber Samueli Butleri, an. dom. 1667,"

and elsewhere.- Catalogue.] 7917 America. Diaz del Castillo (Bernal). Historia Verdadera

de la conquista de la Nueva-España, morocco extra, g. e., Madrid, 1632, folio (568)

Barnard, £3 125. 6d. 7918 America. Zarate (Augustin de). Historia del descubri

miento y conquista de las Provincias del Peru, morocco extra, g. e., Sevilla, 1577, folio (569)

Barnard, 65 7919 Ordinance of Walter (de Coray), Archbishop of York, for the

Church of Barnburgh, co. York, the Salaries of ten Parsons Presented, their duties, etc. Witnessed by John de Long. esdon Canon of York and other Officials, document on vellum (1 foot by 11 inches), fragments of seal, dated January 29, 1243, folio (572)

Cragg, 421 7920 O'Conor (Charles). Rerum Hibernicarum Scriptores Veteres

(200 copies printed), 4 vol., original boards, uncut, Buckinghamiae, excud. J. Seeley, 1814-26, 4to. (581)

Quaritch, £1 55. 7921 Barclay (Alex.) Stultifera Navis, second edition, black letter

and roman, woodcuts (a few leaves stained, last leaf torn), old panelled calf, John Cawood, 1570, folio (589)

Maggs, 1:13 Ios. 7922 More (Sir Thomas). Workes, first edition, black letter (with

the Juvenile Poems and leaf to the Reader on the Printers' Errors), letterpress of title inlaid (many leaves dampstained), original calf, with clasp, Cawood, Waley & Tottle, 1557, folio (594)

Barnard, £8 55. 7923 (Scot (George).] The Model of the Government of the

province of East-New-Jersey in America, original calf, Edinburgh, printed by John Reid and sold be Alexander Oyston, Stationer, in the Parliament Close, Anno. Dom. 1685, small Svo. (597)

Sabin, £120

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