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[The first issue of the first edition. Dedicated to James, Earl of Perth, etc., signed George Scot. This had the

blank with signature A. before title.-C:ntalogue.] 7924 Oxford and Cambridge Magazine (The) for 1856, with a

MS. index of the contributors, half calf, Bell and Daldy, 1856, Svo. (598)

Maggs, £3 3. 7925 Horae B. V. M. ad Usum Romanum cum Calendario, printed

upon vellum, lit. rom., red and black, text of title and colophon in red, within woodcut borders, Kerver's device on title, and Astrological Man on reverse (undefaced), 46 woodcuts, within borders, small initials, etc., the ornamental initials illuminated (lower plain margin of title cut off), vellum, Exarate quidem Parisiis arte industria Bibliographi Thielmanni Kerver, A.D. 1520, xxiv. Nov. (599)

Quaritch, £17 7926 Herbert (George). The Temple, first published edition

(6%8 by 3/4 inches), original limp vellum, Cambridge, printed by Thom. Buck and Roger Daniel, Printers to the Universitie, 1633 (600)

Quaritch, £41 [A very fine copy, but had a modern stamp in analyne

within the covers. Text untouched.-ED.] 7927 Herbert of Cherbury (Edward Lord). Life, written by bim

self, first edition (200 copies printed), old calf, Strawberry Hill, 1764, small 4to (601)

B. F. Stevens, £5 5s. 7928 La Fontaine (J. de). Contes et Nouvelles en Vers, édition

executée aux frais des Fermiers-Généraux, portraits of La Fontaine and Eisen and 80 plates after Eisen, those of “Le Cas de Conscience" and " Le Diable de Papefiguière" in the two states, also 19 of the rejected plates, 2 vol., morocco super extra, g. e., by L. Hardy, Amst. (Paris, Barbou), 1762, 8vo. (602)

Robson, £,26 7929 Annals of Sporting and Fancy Gazette, coloured plates,

13 vol., half calf, last 2 vol. in boards, uncut, 1822-8, 8vo. (605)

Sotheran, £15 7930 Meredith (George). Poems, first edition, with half title

(wanted one leaf), original cloth, Parker and Son, n. d. (1851), 8vo. (606)

Koop, £17 155. 7931 Bunyan (John). The Pilgrims Progress, tenth edition, por

trait (with the Advertisement on the back) and woodcuts, original calf (almost uncut, 5i; by 3] inches), London, N. Ponder, 1685, 12mo. (614)

Maggs, 120 7932 Marlowe (Christopher). Ovid's Elegies. Epigrams by J.

Davies), first edition, blank leaf at end with printer's mark, morocco extra, g. e., At Midilebourgh, n. d. (1598), 8vo. (615)

Currie, LAI The following Relics of Captain Cook are the property of Dr. T. W.

Shortridge and were bought by him from a great-greatgrandniece of C. Doswell, who was a personal servant in

the employment of Captain Cook. 7933 Cook (Captain James). (1) The Original MS. wholly in

Captain Cook's autograph of a portion of his Second


Voyage between New Zealand and Cape Horn, on pages folio – (2) The Original MS. partly in Captain Cook's autograph of the General Introduction to the Second Voyage, on 34 pages folio-(3) Three water-colour sketches on 2 sheets, two being of the Island of Bona. vista and the third of a coral island — (4) Two Ships ' Husband Bills,' one being of the ‘Resolution and * Adventure' during the years 1772-5 --(5) Manuscript Song consisting of 9 verses, composed by Thomas Parry,

on board the ‘Resolution '-(6) A full-dress Naval Button taken from Captain Cook's uniform, and a Tusk from the necklace of a South Sea Islander-(7) Part of one of Captain Cook's printed Charts, mutilated remains of Commissions, Table of Logarithms belonging to Captain Cook, etc.

:--(8) A small folding teak table, which formed part of the cabin furniture during all three voyages (616)

Maggs, £214

a seaman

7934 Froissart.

Illuminated Illustrations of Froissart, with Descriptive Text, 2 vol., morocco, W. Smith, 1844-45, 4to. (617)

James, £,7 125. 6d. 7935 Arden of Faversham. The | Lamentable, and True

Tragedy | of Master Arden of | Feversham in Kent,
third 4to edition (36 leaves, including title, signatures A-I),
perfect and sound copy, russia, E. Allde, 1633, small 4to.

Pickering, £18 1os. 7936 Besant (Sir W.). The Chaplain of the Fleet, original manu

script and title entirely in the author's handwriting, in a solander case (619)

Quaritch, £20 Ios. 7937 Harte (Bret). The Boom of the Calaveras Clarion, original

autograph manuscript of 5,200 words on 13 4to. pages,

signed, “ Bret Harte” (June, 1898), (620) Morris, £7 7s. 7938 Harte (Bret). A Treasure of the Red Woods, original auto

graph manuscript of 6,340 words on 16 4to. pages, signed and dated, “ Bret Harte, April 24, '97" (621)

Morris, £8 55. 7939 Harte (Bret). Three Partners, original autograph manu

script, on 112 4to. pages, signed and dated, " Bret Harte, Arford House, Headley, Hants, 19th May, '96” (622)

Morris, £13 ios. The following Poems and Letter were sent together in one packet

by Burns to a friend and patron, a descendant of whom is

now selling them. 7940 Burns (Robert). Autograph Manuscripts of the following

Poems, on eleven quarto pages. On the late Capt. Grose's Peregrinations through Scotland, collecting the antiquities of that Kingdom :

Hear, Land o' Cakes, and brither Scots

[blocks in formation]

(ten stanzas of six lines each)-To Miss C********
(Cruikshank), a very young lady, written on the blank leaf
of a book presented to her by the author :

Beauteous Rose-bud, young and gay,

Blooming on the early day (sic). [two stanzas, one of twelve lines and the other of ten lines) -Song :

Anna, thy charms my bosom fire

And waste my soul with care. [two stanzas of four lines each)-On reading in a newspaper the death of J. - McL

-, Esq., brother to a young lady, a particular friend of the author:

Sad thy tale thou idle page,

And rueful thy alarms. [six stanzas of four lines each]—The humble Petition of Bruar Water to the Noble Duke of Athole :

My Lord I know your noble care

Woe ne'er assails in vain.
[a portion only)-A Welcome to a Bastard Wean :

Thou’se welcome, wean-mishanter fa’ me,

If thoughts of thee, or yet thy mammie. [eight stanzas of six lines each, and differing slightly from any published version) (623)

Burne, £170

7941 Thackeray (W. M.) Pendennis, 2 proof pages, 279 and 280,

with corrections and additions in Thackeray's autograph (626)

B. F. Stevens, £30 7942 Thackeray (W. M.) Twelve stanzas on one quarto page,

being “Two Ballads from Goethe ” entitled “The King of Thule” and “Mephistopheles' 'Song from Faust.'” The first begins :

“ There was a King in Thule

Right faithful to the grave
To whom bis mistress dying

A golden goblet gave."
Mephistopheles' song commences :

“Once on a time there lived a King

And he did keep a Flea,
And coaxed and loved this little thing

As tho' his son were he.”
Unpublished, the original manuscript, entirely in the auto-
graph of Thackeray (628)

Quaritch, £27 7943 Songs set to Music for three parts. Original manuscript on

20 leaves, with musical notes, old limp vellum, small oblong 4to. [c. 1640] (634)

Quaritch, 422 (A manuscript, containing what may be the earliest setting of Shakespeare's song : “What shall he have that kill'd the deer” (As You Like It, Act iv. sc. 2).-Cata

logue.] XXII.


Milton's Lycidas, Poems, Paradise Lost, and Paradise Regained.

First Editions. The five following Lots were uniformly bound in brown morocco,

elaborately tooled in scrolls and au-pointillé, g.e. by Riviere

and Son. 7944 Milton (John). Lycidas. Cantabrigiae apud T. Buck and

R. Daniel, 1638--Obsequies to the Memorie of Mr. Edward King, Anno Dom. 1638, title within black border, in i vol., Cambridge, Th. Buck and R. Daniel, 1638, small 4to. (635) - Milton (John). Poems, portrait, with Greek verses below (1 page defective), Ruth Raworth for Humphrey Mosely, 1645, 8vo. (636)— Milton (John). Paradise Lost, first title page according to Lowndes (1 leaf defective), London, 1667, 4to. (637)— Milton (John). Paradise Lost, second title according to Lowndes (Part of B4 gone), London, 1667, 4to. (638)— Milton (John). Paradise Regained, first edition, leaf of License opposite title, July 2, 1670 (printed on the usual thick paper), London, MDCLXXI., 8vo. (639)

Quaritch, £515

7945 Milton (John, Senior and Junior (the Poet]). Autograph

Signatures to the Marriage Covenant between Edward Phillips of London, Son of Katherine Phillips of Shrews. bury, and Anne, Daughter of John Milton, Citizen and Scrivener of London, dated 27 November, 1623, a large parchment document mea

easuring 2ft. high by 2ft. fin. wide, with portion of seal, 1623 (641)

Quaritch, £322 [The Signature of John Milton the Poet occurs in the endorsement of the Witnesses on the back of the deed, which reads as follows :-“Sealed and delivered in the presence of Susan (?) Milton, John Milton Junior, James Hodgkinson, Thomas Bower, John Hutton. I grante to the within named John Milton.” The writing of the three first lines of the endorsement are in the same legal hand and were perhaps all written by the Poet himself, who was

at this date 16 years of age.- Catalogue.) 7946 Missale Romanum, lit. goth. et rom., red and black, square

musical notes, copperplate engraving before the Canon, small woodcuts, etc., modern velluin, Romae, Ap. Dom. Basan, 588 (640)

Maggs, £2 7947 Morris (Sir Lewis). The Epic of Hades, in 3 Books, the

original manuscript of about 117 pages, entirely in his autograph, half bound, 4to. (644) Holloway, £15 Tos.

(Eight other autograph MSS. of Sir Lewis Morris's works were also sold ai sums varying from £5 to £10 each, the purchaser in all cases being Mr. Holloway. The MSS. of “Songs of Britain," 78 pages, 4to., and

Miscellaneous Poems,” in 2 vol., 4to., each realised £10. -ED.)

Maitland Club Publications.

[See Lowndes" Bibliographers Manual," appendix, pp. 20 et

. seq., where these books are described in chronological order as they are also catalogued below. The series of volumes now sold was finely bound in various coloured moroccos

and uncut, 4t0.-ED. 7948 Melville (James). Memoirs of His Own Life, Edinburgh, 1827 (652)

£1 7949 Spalding (John). History of the Troubles and Memorable

Transactions in Scotland and England, 2 vol., Edinburgh, 1828-9 (653)

£1 8s. 7950 Maitland (Sir R.) History of the House of Seytoun, Glasgow, 1829 (654)

195. 7951 Beaug né (Jean de). Histoire de la Guerre d'Ecosse, 1830 (655)

£i is. 7952 Moysie (David). Memoirs of the Affairs of Scotland, 1830 (656)

£i is. 7953 Maitland (Sir R.) Poems, 1830 (657)

155. 7954 Register of Ministers, Exhorters and Readers, 1830 (658) 16s. 7955 Babell, a Satirical Poem, 18 30 (659)

16s. 7956 Lamont of Newton (John). Diary, 1830 (660)

18s. 7957 Chronicle of the Kings of Scotland, 1830 (661) ti ris. 7958 Clariodus, a Metrical Romance, 1830 (662)

18s. 7959 Chronicle of Perth (The), 1831 (663)

ki nis. 7960 Registrum Metellanum I. (List of Works judged worthy to be printed by the Club), 1831 (664)

17s. 7961 Descriptions of the Sheriffdoms of Lanark and Renfrew, 1831 (665)

195. 7962 Inventory of the Ornaments, Reliques, Jewels, Vestments,

Books, etc. belonging to the Cathedral Church of Glasgow,

1831 (666) 7963 Notices and Documents illustrative of the Literary History of Glasgow, 1831 (667)

175. 7964 Henryson (Robert). Moral Fables, 1832 (668)

18s. 7965 Burgh Records of the City of Glasgow, 1832-4 (669) £i is. 7966 Registrum Monasterii de Passelet, 1832 (670)

£ 145. 7967 Drummond of Hawthornden (William). Poems, 1832 (671)

£l 4s. 7968 Cartularium Comitatus de Levenax, 1833 (672) £1 25. 7969 Ancient Criminal Trials in Scotland, by R. Pitcairn, 3 vol. in 7 parts, 7 vol., 1833 (673)

£4 155. 7970 Mackay (Major-General Hugh). Memoirs of the War

carried on in Scotland and Ireland, portrait and fac

simile, 1833 (674) 7971 Diurnal (A) of Remarkable Occurrents, 1833 (675). £1 25. 7972 Miscellany of the Maitland Club, vol. i.-iv., part i. (all pub

lished), in 6 vol., 1834-47 (676) 7973 Miscellaneous Papers, principally illustrative of Events in the Reigns of Queen Mary and King James VI., 1834 (677)

£1 3s.

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fi 5s.

42 6s.

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