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(Dr. E.) History of the Execrable Irish Rebellion, 1641, etc., old calf, 1680, together 2 vol., folio (164)

A. Massey, £t 195. 774 Ireland.

Crommelin (L.) Essay towards Improving the Hempen and Flaxen Manufactures of Ireland, plates, 1734– Prior (Thos.) Essay to Encourage and Extend the Linen Manufacture in Ireland, Dublin, 1749---Stephenson (R.) Observations on the Present State of the Linen Trade of Ireland, ib., 1784-Reports of Greer and Arbuthnot on the Linen Trade-Precedents and Abstracts, 1784, etc., half bound, 4to. (168)

Quaritch, £4 ios. 775 Ireland. Lodge (John). Peerage of Ireland, continued by

M. Archdall, coats of arms, 7 vol., old calf gilt, y.e., Dublin, 1789, 8vo. (169)

Walford, £2 135. 776 Ireland. Petty (Sir W.) Tracts on Ireland, Dublin, 1769–

Political Survey of Ireland, 1719- The Commercial Restraints of Ireland Considered, Dublin, 1779— Representation to the King of the Lords of the Parliament of Ireland, 1720—Coote's Survey of Armagh, Dublin, 1804, and i other, 8vo. (172)

Kinnahan, £i 195. 777 Ireland. Story (G.) Continuation of the Impartial History

of the Wars of Ireland, 1693— Temple (Sir John). The Irish Rebellion, 1641, with the State of the Protestants in Ireland under the late King James, 2 vol. in 1, Dublin, P. Campbell, 1713-16—Lee (Edw.) The Statute Law of Ireland Commonplaced, Dublin, 1734, all old calf, small 4to. (173)

Quaritch, £3 3s. 778 Ireland. Tracts. Conditions to be Observed by the British

Undertakers of the Escheated Lands in Ulster, 7 leaves, R. Barker, 1610--True History of the Earl of Tyrone (wormed), 1619-Speech of Sir A. Mervyn, Speaker of the Irish House of Commons, Dublin, 1661, and London, 1662 (the latter stained)-A Looking-Glass for England, 1667– A Relation of the Bloody Massacre in Ireland, 168, 4 leaves, woodcuts, R. Reynolds, 1689-A Faithful History of the Northern Affairs of Ireland, 1690 – Mackenzie (John). Narrative of the Siege of Londonderry, 1690 — Transactions of the late King James in Ireland, 1690 – Dr. Walker's Invisible Champion Foyl'd, by J. Mackenzie, 1690 - Murders, Cruelties and Oppressions of Protestants in Ireland by the late King James's Agents, 1690—List of Names included in the Act of Attainder of the Parliament of King James in Dublin, May 7, 1689, etc., 1690-A Relation of the Last Campaign in Ireland, Dublin, 1689–-Journal of the Affairs in Ireland, 1690–Griffyth (W.) Villare Hibernicum, 1670—Account of Cities and Garrison Towns in Ireland still possessed by the Forces of King James, 1690-Mullinaux (Dr. S.) Journal of the Three Months Campaign of His Majesty in Ireland, frontispiece, 1690—Diary of the Siege of Athlone, 1691- Journal of the Progress of their Majesties Forces in Ireland under General Ginckle, 1691– Account of the Sessions of the Parliament in Ireland, 1692, and 14 single-sheet broadsides, proclamations, orders, accounts, etc., in all 30 pieces, in i vol., half bound, mostly uncut, small 4to. (174)

Quaritch, £17 ios. 779 James VI. of Scotland. A Declaration of the Kings Majesties

Intentioun and Meaning toward the lait actis of Parlia. ment, original edition, 12 leaves, unbound, Edinburgh,

Thos. Vautrollier, 1585, small 4to. (177) Maggs, £3 3. 780 Jefferys (Thomas). Topographical Survey of the County of York, 20 plates, half bound, 1770, imperial folio (179)

Edwards, 16s. 781 Jesse (J. H.) Memoirs of the Court of England during the

Stuarts, first edition, frontispieces, 4 vol., original cloth, uncut, R. Bentley, 1840, 8vo. (180)

Walford, £,4 782 Jones (Inigo). Designs, published by William Kent, 136 plates, 2 vol. in 1, old call, 1727, imperial folio (181)

Bain, £3 6s. 783 Jonson (Ben). Works (some leaves at end wormed), old calf, portrait

, T. Hodgkin for H. Herringman, etc., 1692, folio (182)

Downing, kr 16s. 784 Jonson (Ben). Works, first collected 8vo. edition, portrait and plates, 6 vol., old calf, J. Walthoe, etc., 1716, 8vo. (183)

Sotheran, £2 145. 785 Jonson (Ben). Works, with Memoir by W. Giffard, portrait,

9 vol., half calf, Nicol, etc., 1816, 8vo. (184) Edwards, £3 ios. 786 Keller (Dr. Fr.) The Lake Dwellings of Switzerland, illustra:

tions, uncut, Longmans, 1866–Lower (M. A.) Patronymica Britannica, portrait, J. R. Smith, 1860, together 2 vol., 8vo. (185)

Barnard, ti 6s. 787 Lafontaine (Jean de). Contes de Nouvelles en Vers, édition

des Fermiers Généraux, 2 portraits, 80 plates and 56 vignettes, 2 vol., old French morocco, g. e., Amsterdam (Paris, Barbou), 1762, 8vo. (187)

7. Bumpus, £25 788 Lafontaine (Jean de). Fables Choises mises en Vers, premier

tirage, 238 plates, 6 frontispieces and 471 vignettes, 6 vol., old French calf, g. e., Paris, chez l'Auteur, 1765-75, 8vo. (188)

Maggs, £4 45. 789 Lavater (Lewes). Of Ghostes and Spirites walking by Nyght,

first edition, black letter, russia gilt, m.e., H. Benneyman (sic) for Rich. Watkyns, 1572, small 4to. (189) Pickering; £9 155.

[Another copy, with several leaves defective, sold for 2os.

at Sotheby's, on October 29th, half calf.—ED.] 790 Lechford (Thomas). Plain Dealing, or Newes from New

England, 44 leaves, unbound, W. E. & J. G. for N. Butter, 1642, small 4to. (190)

Quaritch, £17 791 Le Grand (J. B.) Fabliaux, or Tales, translated by G. L. Way,

first edition, LARGE PAPER, woodcuts by Bewick, 2 vol. in 1, half morocco gilt, uncut, W. Bulmer, etc., 1796-1800, imperial 8vo. (191)

W. Brown, 135: 792 Le Normant (J.) Histoire Veritable et Memorable de ce qui

c'est passe sous l'exorcisme de trois filles possedées és pais de Flandres, 2 parts in i vol., old calf gilt, y.e., Paris, N. Buon, 1623, 8vo. (192)

Dobell, £r 793 Le Page du Pratz. The History of Louisiana, translated from

the French, 2 folding maps, 2 vol., old calf, y.e., Becket and

De Hondt, 1763, crown 8vo. (193) H. Stevens, £3 75. 6d. 794 Le Sage (R.) Histoire de Gil Blas de Santillane, LARGE

PAPER, proof illustrations by Smirke, 4 vol., old English

morocco, g. e., Longman, 1809, 410. (194) Edwards, £4 ios. 795 Lindsay (Lord). Lives of the Lindsays, 3 vol., original cloth,

uncut, J. Murray, 1849, 8vo. (196) Wickham, 61 8s. 796 London and its Environs Described, 6 vol., old calf, Dodsley, 1761, 8vo. (197)

Leighton, £2 ios. 797 London Gazette (The), Published by Authority, from June ist,

1671 (No. 579), to December 9th, 1695 (No. 3138), and from March 5th, 1701 (No. 3790), to January 16th, 1720 (No. 5816), 5 vol., half bound, uncut, 1671-1720, small folio (198)

Quaritch, £t ios. 798 London. Plans and Drawings for the Improvement of the

Port of London, 14 large plates, half russia, 1799, imperial atlas folio (199)

Edwards, £1 3s. 799 London.

Taubmann (M.) London's Annual Triumph, 12 leaves, H. Playford, 1685—London's Yearly Jubilee, 10 leaves, ib., 1686—The Elephant's Speech to the Citizens and Countrymen of England, 4 leaves, 1675-An Account of the last Bartholomew Fair, 8 leaves, 1702—The Cities Loyalty Display'd, 4 leaves, 1661, all unbound (200)

Dobell, £2 55. 800 Lucretius. Della Natura delle Cose, 2 engraved titles, 2

frontispieces, 6 plates, 12 vignettes and tailpieces, 2 vol., old French morocco, g. e. (Derome), Amsterdam, 1754, imperial 8vo. (201)

Quaritch, £17 175. 801 Macpherson (D.) Annals of Commerce, 4 vol. 1805-Oddy

(J. J.) European Commerce, etc., map, 1805, together 5 vol., uniform half calf, 4to. (203)

W. Brown, £,2 8s. 802 Manlove (Edw.) 'The Liberties and Customes of the Lead

mines within the Wapentake of Wirksworth, composed in Meeter, 6 leaves, unbound, Printed A. D. 1653, small 4to. (205)

Pickering, £3 803 Mather (Increase, of Boston, N. E.) A Discourse concerning

the Subject of Baptisme, original edition, 40 leaves including title (last leaf defective), unbound, Cambridge (Mass.), Printed by Samuel Green, 1675, small 4to. (207)

Quaritch, £8 jos. 804 Mexico. Diaz de Castillo (B.) rue History of the Conquest

of Mexico, translated by M. Keatinge, plan of Mexico, calf gilt, m. e., 1800-Clavigero (Abbé) History of Mexico, translated by C. Cullen, map and plates, 2 vol., tree-marbled calf, 1807, together 3 vol., 4to. (210)

H, Stevens, £3 805 Meyer (H. L.) Ilustrations of British Land and Water Birds

(with their Eggs), 316 coloured plates, original issue (not subject to return), 2 vol., morocco gilt, g. e., Longman (1835-41), folio (211)

J: Bumpas, £18 Tos. 806 Milton (John). An Apology for Smectymnus, first edition, 30

leaves including title, John Rothwell, n. d. (1642?)-A Modest

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Plea for an equal Common-Wealth against Monarchy (headlines shaved), G. Calvert, 1659—St. John (O.) Argument of Law on the Bill of Attainder against Strafford, 1641– England's Complaint to Jesus Christ against the Bishops Canons, 1640—Ames (Dr. W.) English Puritanisme, 1641– Petitions, Declarations, King's Messages and Speeches, Parliamentary Speeches and Proceedings, and others, together 75 pieces, chiefly dated 1641-43, and relating to the differences between Charles I. and his Parliament, together in i vol., half bound, small 4to. (212)

Dobell, £ 5 125. od. 807 Morton (Thomas, of Clifford's Inne). New English Canaan, or

New Canaan, containing an Abstract of New England, composed in three books, original edition, 96 leaves, unbound, Printed at Amsterdam by J. F. Stam, 1637, small 4to. (213)

Sabin, £60 (This tract contains several poems, one of which in chapter xvii., “Of the Baccanall 'Triumphe of the Nine Worthies of New Canaan," occupying 3 pages, is by Ben Johnson, and is

not printed in his works.- Catalogue.s 808 Nash (Thomas). Have with you to Saffron Walden, original

edition, short copy (title damaged, stained and slightly wormed) unbound, Printed by John Dexter, 1596, small 4to. (214)

Quaritch, £16 809 Nativelle (Sieur P.) Nouveau Traité d'Architecture, contenant

les Cinq Ordres, suivant les quatres Auteurs les plus approuvez, Vignole, Palladio, Philibert de l'Orme et Scamozzi, 125 large plates, 2 vol., old calf, Paris, G. Dupuis, 1729, atlas folio (215)

Batsford, £2 4s. 810 Navy. A List of Queen Elizabeth's Ships-An Estimate for

Cordage-A List of ye Rates for Seamen's Wages, etc., etc. -A List of ye Shippes and Sea Commanders employed in that Voyage, manuscript on paper, 52 leaves (15 inches by 10 inches), old vellum gilt (circa 1632-3), folio (216)

Quaritch, £30 811 Neale (J. P.) History and Antiquities of the Abbey Church

of St. Peter, Westminster, LARGE PAPER, proof plates, 2 vol.,

russia extra, g. e., 1818, royal 4to. (218) Downing, £i is. 812 Nelson (Lord). Dispatches and Letters, with Notes by Sir

N. H. Nicholas, 1777-1805, portrait and autograph facsimile, 7 vol., original half cloth binding, uncul, H. Colburn, 1844-46, 8vo. (219)

Borrer, £1 813 Newes from Divers Countries, as Spaine, Antwerpe, Collin,

Venice, Rome, etc., black letter. I leaves, signature of “Hum. Dyson" on title, V. Sims, 1597—Briefe Discourse of the Voyage and Entrance of the Queene of Spaine into Italy, translated by H. W., black letter, G. Wolfe, 1599, and 20 other pieces, practically newspapers or fore-runners of the news sheets, a complete list of which is given in the catalogue, bound together in i vol., calf, 1597-1674, 4to. (221)

Leighton, £16 814 New England. A farther, briefer and True Relation of the late Wars risen in New-England, occasioned by the Quarrelsome Disposition and Perfidious Carriage of the Barbarous and Savage Indian Nations there, 6 leaves (top margins of last 2 leaves damaged), unbound, J. D. for M. K., 1676, small 4to. (222)

H. Stevens, £ 109 815 New England. A True Relation of the late Battell fought in

New England, between the English and the Pequet Salvages, 14 leaves, unbound, large copy, Printed by M. P. for Nath. Butter and John Bellamie, 1638 (at end 1637), 'small 4to. (223)

Sabin, £83 [On the reverse of the last leaf is the imprimatur in Latin, dated Nov. ix., 1637, and signed “G. R. Weekherlin.”

Catalogue.] 816 New England. Mather (Increase). A Brief History of the

War with the Indians in New-England, with “ Postscript,” 34 leaves (fly title damaged, 2 leaves in D transposed),

unbound, R. Chiswell, 1676, small 4to. (224) Quaritch, £19 817 New England. Mather (Increase). The First Principles of

New England, concerning the Subject of Baptisme and
Communion, original edition, 28 leaves, unbound, Cambridge

(Mass.), Samuel Green, 1675, small 4to. (225) Deane, £17 jos. 818 New England. News from New-England, being a True and

last Account of the Present Bloody Wars betwixt the Infidels, Natives and the English Christians, 4 leaves,

unbound, J. Coniers, 1676, small 4to. (226) Quaritch, £118 819 New England. The Planter's Plea, or The Grounds of Plan

tations examined, and usuall objections answered, 44 leaves,

unbound, Wm. Jones, 1630, small 4to. (227) Edwards, £24 820 Newfoundland. Reports of the Lords Commissioners for

Trade and Plantations relating to the Newfoundland Trade and Fishery, 1718-93, half call, small folio (228)

H. Stevens, £2 ios. 821 (North (Dudley, Lord).] A Forest Promiscuous of Several

Seasons Productions, in 4 parts, old calf, D. Pakeman, 1659, small folio (230)

Bain, £2 is. 822 North (Hon. Roger). Life of Lord Keeper Francis North,

Lord Chancellor of England, original manuscript in the handwriting of the Hon. Roger North (?) (first published in 1742 ?), 10 vol., old calf, xviii. century, small 410. (231)

Dobell, ki jos. 823 Ogilby (John). Works, viz., Japan, Asia, America, China and

Britannia, plates, 7 vol., old russia, T. Johnson, etc., 1670-75, folio (232)

Downing, £12 824 Owen (William). Welsh and English Dictionary, 2 vol., calf gilt, m. e., E. Williams, 1803, 4to. (233)

Bain, 18s. 825 Palatino (Giovanb.) Libro, nel qual s' insegna a Scrivere ogni

sorte lettera, Antica et Moderna, caligraphic alphabets and writing specimens (apparently wanted page 8, plain corners of title torn off), half bound, Roma, per Ant. Blado Asolano, 1547, small 4to. (234)

Downing, 155. 826 Parsons (Robert, Jesuit). Declaration of the true Causes of

the Great Troubles pre-supposed to be intended against the

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