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48 Scourge (The), or Monthly Expositor, coloured plates by George Cruikshank and others, II vol., half calf, 1811-16, 8vo. (466)

Spencer, £5 25. 6d. 49 Shakespeare (W.) Dramatic Works, with Notes by s. W.

Singer, 10 vol., boards, uncut, with labels, Chiswick, 1826, royal 18mo. (195)

Maggs, £4 155. 50 Shakespeare (w.) The Temple Shakespeare, frontispieces, 40 vol., limp morocco, Dent, 1901, square 12mo. (69)

Hill, £1 125 51 Sloane (W. M.) Life of Napoleon Bonaparte, portraits and

illustrations, mostly in colours, 4 vol., half morocco, gilt top, 1896, 4to. (276)

Maggs, £3 52 Stubbs ,(William). Constitutional History of England, 3 vol., 1896 (89)

Joseph, £! is. 53 Symonds (J. A.) The Renaissance in Italy, 7 vol., cloth,

7 1897-8, 8vo. (206)

Bailey, £i nis. 54 Tennyson (A., Lord). Life and Works, edition de luxe, portraits, etc., 12 vol., silk, gilt back, uncut, 1898-99, 8vo. (459)

Maggs, 64 175. 6d. 55 Theatre (The). A Monthly Review of the Drama, Music, and

the Fine Arts, photographic portraits, 26 vol., half calf, 1884-97, 8vo. (94)

Grant, £i 8s. 56 Thomson (James). The Seasons, engravings by Bartolozzi

and Tonikins, morocco, gilt edges (binding rubbed), Bensley, 1797, folio (309)

Peltin, £3 7s. 6d. 57 Vernon Gallery of British Art, 152 engravings, after Turner and

others, INDIA PROOFS ON LARGEST PAPER, 5 vol. in 2, half morocco, n. d., atlas folio (307)

Bailey, £i ios. 58 Viollet-le-Duc (E.) Peintures Murales des Chapelles de Notre

Dame, 60 large coloured plates of ornament, half morocco, gilt top, 1870, folio (636)

Scotti, ki 8s. 59 Walpole (Horace). The Castle of Otranto, coloured plates and

borders, morocco, London, 1796, 8vo. (49) Gardiner, £! 25. 60 Williamson (T.) Oriental Field Sports, 40 coloured plates

(reduced), 2 vol. in 1, original morocco, g. e., 1819, oblong folio (282)

Stracey, ti ios. On September 20th, before the commencement of the season,

Messrs. Puttick and Simpson sold the following works at the prices affixed. They were catalogued among a number of

prints. 60a Congreve (Sir W.) Details of the Rocket System, with general instructions, coloured plates, old calf, oblong folio, n. d.

£7 75. 600 Clayton (B.) Costumes of the First or Grenadier Regiment of

Guards from 1660, 12 large coloured plates, Ackermann, 1854, oblong folio

£15 1os. 60c Hort (R.) The Guards and the Line, London, 1851, oblong 4to.



(No. of Lots, 1304; amount realised, about £800.)

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61 Ægidius Columna. Ægidii Romani

super secundo libro Sententiarum, gothic letter (No. 127 in “ Hain”), initial letters in red (a few leaves at each end wormed), morocco, g. e., Venetiis, 1482, folio (597)

£2 25. 62 Ainsworth (W. H.) Works, original illustrated edition, plates

by G. Cruikshank, “ Phiz," and others, 16 vol., cloth, uncut, Routledge, n. d., 8vo. (1156)

£1 6s. 63 Ambros (A. W.) Geschichte der Musik, illustrations, 5 vol.,

half morocco, Leipzig, 1881-93, 8vo. (798) Barber, ki jos. 64 Arabian Nights. A Plain and Literal Translation of the Arabian

Nights, by R. F. Burton, 10 vol., and Supplementary Nights, 7 vol., with the series of illustrations by Albert Letchford on Japan paper, together 17 vol., cloth extra, t. e. g., Printed by the Burton Club, n. d., 8vo. (738)

Sotheran, £9 [On October 17th, 69 was also realised for a similar set, at

Hodgson's (Lot 302).- ED.) 65 Arabian Nights Entertainments, edited by L. C. Smithers, 70

illustrations by Letchford, THICK PAPER EDITION, 12 vol., half morocco gilt, t. e. g., enclosed in a morocco case, 1897, 8vo. (85)

£6 66 Archæologia, or Miscellaneous Tracts relating to Antiquity,

plates (some coloured), vol. xxxvi. to lix. (wanted vol. xlvii., part 2, xlvii. and xlvix., part 1), together 43 vol., cloth, 1855

1905, 4to. (288) 67 Baes (Jean). Tours et Tourelles Historiques de la Belgique, 50

coloured plates mounted as drawings, morocco extra, g. e., E. Lyon-Claessen, Bruxelles (1890), folio (934)

4,2 68 Bale (J.) Illustrium Maioris Britanniæ Scriptorum Summarium,

2 woodcut portraits, and initial letters, the first book printed at Ipswich (wanted title and first 6 pages), half bound, Gipeswici in Anglia, per J. Overton, 1548, small 4to. (451)

Tregaskis, £1 8s. 69 Balzac (H. de). Works, the Temple edition of the Comédie

Humaine, edited by G. Saintsbury, frontispieces, 40 vol., cloth, t. e. g., 1901, 8vo. (98)

Hill & Son, £2 45. 70 Barrett (C. G.) The Lepidoptera of the British Islands, 1 vol., cloth, 1893-1907, 8vo. (1151)

Wheldon, £2 135. 71 Becon (T.) The Pomaunder of Prayer, woodcut title, portrait,

text within woodcut border, black letter (2 leaves repaired), morocco, Imprinted by J. Daye, n. d. (circa 1550), 8vo. (507)

Tregaskis, į2 45. 72 Behmen (Jacob). Works and Life, with Figures illustrating his

£6 55. Principles, left by William Law, portrait and plates, vol. i. and ii. (should be 4 vol., 1764-81), 1764-63, 4to. (916)

Quaritch, £1 8s. 73 Bible (Holy), with the Apocrypha, woodcut title to Old Testa

ment only, “Breeches version,” calf, g. e., R. Barker, 1610, small 4to. (472)

Bull, £r 55. 74 Billings (R. W.) Baronial and Ecclesiastical Antiquities of Scotland, plates, 4 vol. cloth, 1845-52, 4to. (1197)

Thin, ki gs. [Another set, also in cloth, as issued, realised £1 155. (lot

285).-ED.] 75 Boccaccio. (G.) The Decameron, translated by J. M. Rigg,

illustrations by Louis Chalon, 2 vol., vellum, circuit edges, silk tie, t. e. g., 1903, royal 8vo. (737)

Winter, £1 6s. 76 Boetius de Consolatione Philosophiæ, cum commento Thomæ

de Aquino, gothic letter, initials in red and blue, old calf, gilt ornaments on sides, Nurnberga, A. Koberger, 1495, small 4to. (510)

Scotti, £i 195. 77 Boys (W.) Collections for an History of Sandwich, folding

plates, plans and pedigrees, old calf, Canterbury, 1792, 410. (286)

65 78 Brandt (S.) Stultifera Navis, woodcuts (headlines cut into),

russia, Argentina, 1497, small 4to. (474) Thorp, 42 25. 79 Brayley and Britton. Topographical History of Surrey, illustrations, 5 vol., cloth, 1850, royal 8vo. (1128)

£r us. 80 Brontë (The Sisters). Novels, with Life of Charlotte Brontë by

Mrs. Gaskell, “ Haworth edition,” 7 vol., half morocco, t. e. g., 1899-1900, 8vo. (96)

Lupton, ki nis. 81 Bruce (J. C.) Lapidarium Septentrionale, cuts, 5 parts, boards,

Newcastle-on-Tyne, 1870-75, folio (313) Barnard, £ 5 25. 6d. 82 Brunet (J. C.) Manuel du Libraire, fifth edition, 8 vol. in 7,

half morocco, t. e. g., Paris, 1860-80, 8vo. (64) Harris, £9 83 Bryan (M.) Dictionary of Painters and Engravers, edited by Graves and Armstrong, 2 vol., 1903-5, imperial 8vo. (719)

Thin, £1 13s. 84 Burne (N.) Disputation concerning the Controversit Headdis

of Religion (page 104 wanted, and a few headlines shaved), morocco, gilt edges, Imprented at Parise, 1581, 8vo. (452)

Bull, £i 75. 85 Camden (W.). Britannia, enlarged by Richard Gough, portrait, maps and plates, 4 vol., calf gilt, 1806, folio (631)

Andrews, £1 13s. [A second set, in half russia, realised ti Is. (Lot

1236).-ED.] 86 Carlyle (T.) Miscellaneous Essays, portrait, Library edition, 6 vol., red cloth, Chapman & Hall, 1869, 8vo. (751)

£1 35. 87 Caulfield (J.) Portraits, Memoirs and Characters of Remark

able Persons, LARGE PAPER, upwards of 150 India proof portraits, 4 vol., half morocco, gilt edges, 1819-20, 4to. (1196)

ti jos. 88 Cervantes (M.) History of Don Quixote, translated by Philips, 9 engravings, old mottled calf, 1687, folio (592)

Tregaskis, kl 125.

95 Dante.

89 Cervantes (M.) History of Don Quixote, translated by P. A.

Motteux, illustrations by Lalauze, 4 vol., buckram, t. e. g., 1906, 8vo. (87)

Yeates, £1 90 Chambers's Encyclopædia, latest edition, 10 vol., half morocco, 1906, royal 8vo. (281)

£3 155. 91 Chappell (W.) Popular Music of the Olden Time, revised by

H. E. Wooldridge, facsimile frontispiece and musical ex

amples, 2 vol., buckram, 1893, royal 8vo. (809) Barber, £175. 92 Churchill (John). Collection of Voyages and Travels, maps

and plates, 6 vol., old calf, 1732, folio (943) F. Carter, £2 3s. 93 Coleridge (S. T.) The Watchman, a complete set of the

original 9 numbers, published by the author, in i vol., old

half calf, Bristol, 1796, etc., 8vo. (397) Dobell, £r gs. 94 Crelle (A. L.) Calculating Tables, revised by Bremiker, cloth,

1897, folio-Burckhardt. Table des Diviseurs, half morocco, Paris, 1817, 410., together 2 vol. (827) Sotherun, £i 125.

L'Inferno di Dante Alighieri, illustrations, 3 vol. Le Prime Quattro Edizioni della Divina Commedia, together 4 vol., uniformly bound in half roan, Londra, Boone, 1858, folio (316)

Quaritch, £6 jos. 96 Defoe (D.) Works, limited edition, with introduction by

G. H. Maynadier, photogravure illustrations, 16 vol., buckram, uncut, t. e. g., New York, G. D. Sproul, 1903-4 (88).

Quaritch, £2 175. 6d. 97 Des-Cartes (R.) Excellent Compendium of Musick, translated by Lord Brouncker, diagrams, old calf, 1653, small 4to. (773)

Maggs, £! 98 Dewhurst (W.) Impressionist Painting, its Genesis and

Development, portrait and plates, buckram, t. e. g., 1904, imperial 8vo. (720)

Pearce, £ 1 ios. 99 Dickens (C.) Works, Fireside edition, illustrations by Cruik

shank and others, 21 vol. in 17, half calf, H. Frowde, n. d. (735)

Pearce, £2 us. 100 Dickens (C.) Works, Illustrated Library edition, 30 vol., half calf gilt, Chapman & Hall, n. d. (1874-76), 8vo. (92)

Bickers, £i 5s. toi Dugdale (W.) Antiquities of Warwickshire, folding maps, plates, etc., rough calf, Coventry, 1765, folio (633)

Sotheran, £1 7s. 102 Engel (C.) Music of the most Ancient Nations, on the

Study of National Music, and Literature of the same,

illustrations, 3 vol., cloth, 1864-79, 8vo. (803) Maggs, £ 1 8s. 103 Etchings. A Collection of Etchings after the most Eminent

Masters, particularly Rembrandt, Ostade, Cornelius Bega and Van Vliet, and a few Original Designs by D. Deuchar, 2 vol., old morocco, g. e., 1803, 4to. (291)

£2 35. 104 Fielding (H.) Works, introduction by G. H. Maynadier,

photogravure illustrations, 12 vol., buckram, uncut, t. e. g.,

New York, G. D. Sproul, 1903, 8vo. (90) Thin, £i 18s. 105 Florence Gallery. Tableaux, Statues, Bas-Reliefs, et Camées

de la Galerie de Florence et du Palais Pitti, engravings, with descriptions by Mongez, 4 vol., old morocco, g. e., Paris, 1819, folio (587)

Quaritch, £3 5s. 106 Frankau (Julia). John Raphael Smith, his Life and Works,

fifty engravings in colours and monochrome, in portfolio, with the octavo volume of text, 30 photogravures, buckram, t. e. 8., 1902, folio (308)

£13 107 Frankau (Julia). William and James Ward, their Lives and

Works, 40 engravings in monochrome and colours, in portfolio, with the octavo volume of descriptive text, photogravure plates, cloth, t. e. g., 1904, folio (309)

Maggs, £8 ios. 108 Froissart (Sir J.) Chronicles, translated by Thomas Johnes,

with the quarto atlas of plates, 13 vol., half bound, uncut, 1805, 8vo. (453)

Bailey, £1 3s. 109 Gautier (Théophile) Works, edited by Professor de Sumich

rast, etchings on India paper, 24 vol., well bound half blue calf, t. e. g., privately printed, 1906, 8vo. (91)

Lupton, £6 2s. 6d. [Another set, etchings on India paper, and of precisely the same character in other respects, except that the binding was buckram, t. e. g., realised £3 12s.6d. (Edwards,

Lot 115)).-ED.) 110 Gerarde (John). The Herbal, or General Historie of Plantes,

first edition, portrait and woodcuts (index and table defective), J. Norton, 1597, folio (595)

£4 11 Gibbon (E.) Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, 8 vol. (vol. i. loose in cover), cloth, 1854-5, 8vo. (1023)

Zaehnsdorf, £2 35. 112 Goldsmith (O.) The Vicar of Wakefield, first edition, with

Mulready's illustrations, original cloth, Van Voorst, 1843, 8vo. (403)

Hill, £ 1 25. 113 Green (J. R.) Short History of the English People, illustrated

edition, plates (some coloured), 4 vol., cloth gilt, 1902-3, royal 8vo. (1152)

£1 95. 114 Grote (G.) History of Greece, portrait and maps, 12 vol., cloth, uncut, 1846-57, 8vo. (225)

Bickers, £3 12s. 6d. 115 Grote (G.) History of Greece, portrait, maps and plans, 8 vol., cloth, uncut, 1862, 8vo. (1002)

£l is. 116 Hall (S. C.) The Royal Gallery of British Art, facsimiles

and steel engravings, 4 vol., half morocco, g. e., P. and D. Colnaghi, n. d., imperial folio (1233)

£3 18s. 117 Hamerton (P. G.) Etching and Etchers, illustrations, cloth,

t. e. g., Macmillan, 1876, 8vo. (753) Sotheran, £1 8s. 08 Hansard's Parliamentary Debates, third series, being vol. cxciv,

to cccxl. inclusive, 149 vol., half calf, 1868-89—fourth series. vol. i. to vii., xi., xiii. to xxi., xxx. to li., lviii. to lxviii., lxxiv., lxxvii. to lxxxi., Ixxxiv. to cxliii, cxlvi. to cli., and separate indexes for 1893, 1894 and 1897, 62 vol. cloth, 57 vol. boards, I vol. sewed, and 3 vol. half calf, together 272 vol., 1868-1905, 8vo. (39-40)

Quaritch, £19 119 Harmsworth's Encyclopædia, 10 vol., half morocco, 1906, royal 8vo. (282)

£1 155.

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