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120 Harrison's Novelist's Magazine, 23 vol., old calf (the first 3 not uniform), 1780-88, 8vo. (700)

£2 16s. 121 Harrod (H. D.) History of Shavington, plates, and the

Monuments of Shavington, 2 vol., cloth, uncut, Shrewsbury, 1891, 4to. (564)

Harding, £i 9s. 122 Havell (R., jun.) Panoramic view of London along the

Banks of the Thames, coloured, 12 feet 10 inches long by

3} inches, Rodwell and Martin, 1822 (863) Spencer, £ 175. 123 Hawker (P.) Instructions to Young Sportsmen, ninth edition,

plates and cuts, cloth, 1844, 8vo. (1164) W. Brown, £ 1 25. 124 Holbein's Portraits of the Court of Henry the Eighth, published

by John Chamberlaine, 80 coloured portraits, including the additional portraits of Holbein and his wife and the miniatures of the Duke of Suffolk, half mcrocco, g. e.,

London, W. Bulmer, 1812, royal 4to. (284) £6 1os. 125 Horace. Quinti Horatii Flacci Opera, Aeneis Tabulis incidit

Johannes Pine, first issue (“post est"), 2 vol., old morocco (joints cracked), g. e., 1733-37, 8vo. (502) Edwards, £5 ios.

[Another copy of the first, or post est," issue (see the inscription on the medal at page 108, vol. ii.) realised

£5 125. 6d., old calf (Lot 843).] 126 Illustrated Record of Important Events in the Annals of

Europe, 1812-15, complete, with the Waterloo Campaign, coloured plates (some repaired), maps, plans, etc., in i vol., half calf, 1815-16, folio (936)

Al jos. 127 Johnson (S.) Life, by Boswell, with Boswell's Tour to the

Hebrides, and Johnson's Tour into North Wales, edited by Birkbeck Hill, portraits and facsimiles, 6 vol, half roan, t. e. g., Oxford, 1887, 8vo. (279)

ki 155. 128 Keene (C.) Twenty-One Etchings by Charles S. Keene,

introduction and notes by Spielman, plates on Japanese paper, in portfolio (limited to 150 copies), buckram, Astolat Press, 1903, 4to. (307)

J. Bumpus, £,4 129 Kilkenny and South East of Ireland Archæological Journal,

plates (some coloured), pedigrees, maps, etc., new series, vol. i., to fourth series, vol. v., 12 vol., half morocco gilt,

t. e. g., Dublin, 1856-82, 8vo. (522) Quaritch, £4 2s. 6d. 130 (Lamb (C.)] The Last Essays of Elia, first edition, 2 leaves of

books “ Just Published" at end, cloth, uncut, Edward Moxon, Dover Street, 1833, 8vo. (395)

Hornstein, £7 ios. 131 Lamb (C.) Tales from Shakespear, first edition, 20 plates by

Blake, 2 vol., half calf, Printed for Thomas Hodgkins at the
Juvenile Library, 1807, 8vo. (of inches by 4 inches) (394)

Zaehnsdorf, £19 132 Lambillotte (Le P. L.) Antiphonaire de Saint Gregoire :

Facsimile du MS. de St. Gall, facsimiles, calf, Paris, 1851, 4to. (783)

Quaritch, £ios. 133 Lang (A.) Ballads and Lyrics of Old France, first edition,

original white cloth, 1872, 8vo. (748) Spencer, £2 ios. 134 Lee (O. A. J.) Among British Birds in their Nesting Haunts,

photographic plates, 4 vol., vol. i. in half calf and remainder in 12 parts, Edinburgh, 1897-9, oblong folio (321) £2 25.



135 Leech (J.) The Rising Generation, a series of twelve draw

ings on stone, original edition, coloured copy, wrapper, "PunchOffice, n. d., 4to. (1211)

Myers, £3 is. 136 Leech (J.) Pictures of Life and Character, the five series,

5 vol., boards, 1854, etc., oblong 4to. (1212) Myers, £! 7s. 137 Legendre (A. M.) Théorie des Nombres, troiséme edition, half roan, Pa 1830, 4to. (823)

£l 155. 138 Leslæus (J.) De Origine, Moribus, et Rebus Gestis Scotorum,

libri x., first edition, map of Scotland and engraved genealogical plates, with heads, including Queen Mary and King James, etc. (stamp on title and a few leaves soiled), old limp

vellum, g. e., Romæ, 1578, 8vo. (517) Tregaskis, £ 1 95. 139 Linden (J.) Pescatorea. Iconographie des Orchidées, numerous

coloured plates, vol. i. (all published), half cloth, Bruxelles, 1860, royal folio (959)

Quaritch, £I 125. 140 Littré (É.) Dictionnaire de la Langue Française, 2 vol. in 4,

half morocco, Paris, 1863-72, 4to. (902) Winter, ki 141 Locke (J.) Essay Concerning Humane Understanding,

portrait by Vertue, and coat of arms, first edition, panelled calf gilt, Printed for T. Basset, 1690, folio (603)

Maggs, £r 16s. 142 Lucas (T.) Lives, Intrigues and Adventures of the most

Famons Gamesters and Sharpers, frontispiece, morocco gilt, g. e., 1714, 8vo. (820)

Tregaskis, £i ios. 143 Lycosthenes (Conrad). Prodigiorum ac Ostentorum Chronicon,

woodcuts of monstrosities, leaf of errata, old calf, Basileæ, 1557, folio (605)

Quaritch, £1 8s. 144 Lytton (Lord). Works, Knebworth edition, frontispieces, 28

vol., cloth, Routledge, n. d., 8vo. (171) Pearce, ki 2s. 145 Malton (J.) View of the City of Dublin, aquatint plates and vignettes of arms, half calf, 1794, oblong folio (311)

E. Massey, £ 5 155. 146 Margaret, Queen of Navarre. The Heptameron, translated

by G. Saintsbury, LARGE PAPER, plates by Freudenberg, on Japanese paper, and tailpieces by Dunker, 5 vol. (limited to 312 copies), buckram, uncut, 1894, 8vo. (86)

Thiselton, £2 7s. 6d. 147 Marryat (Captain). Works, the “King's Own " edition, illustrations, 24 vol., half calf gilt, 1904, 8vo. (94)

Joseph, £3 12s.6d. 148 Massinger (P.) The Great Duke of Florence, first edition, half calf, Printed for John Marriot, 1636, 4to. (500)

Tregaskis, £2 145. 149 Molière (J. B. P.) Plays in French, with an English translation

and notes by A. R. Waller, portrait and illustrations after Leloir, in two states, edition de luxe, 8 vol., half cloth, uncut, 1907 (1154)

£1 150 Montaigne. Essayes, done into English by John Florio,

engraved portrait by Hole (title and corners of a few leaves repaired, and several leaves scored in ink), morocco, g. e., by Zaehnsdorf, Printed by M. Bradwood for E. Blount, 1613, folio (604)

Tregaskis, £4 125. 6d. 151 Montalembert (Count). The Monks of the West, 7 vol., cloth, 1861-79, 8vo. (49)

Thorp, £2 16s. 152 Monstrelet (E. de). Chronicles, translated by Thomas Johnes,

with the 4to. atlas of plates, 13 vol., half bound, 1810, 8vo. (454)

Bailey, £1 3s. 153 Morris (F. 0.) History of British Birds, fifth edition, revised

and brought up to date, 400 plates, coloured by hand, 6 vol., cloth gilt, 1903, royal 8vo. (280)

Hitchman, £2 125. 154 Napier (W. F. P.) History of the Peninsular War, plans, 6 vol., old calf, 1835-40, 8vo. (50)

£i 12s. 155 Nash (J.) The Mansions of England in the Olden Time,

litho. plates, original edition, the 4 series, 4 vol., half morocco, T. McLean, 1839-49, folio (310)

J. Rimell, £8 156 Niel (P. G. J.) Portraits des Personnages Français du XVIe.

siècle, coloured portraits, 2 vol., half morocco, Paris, 1848-56, folio (319)

£3 5s. 157 Northcote (J. S.) Roma Sotteranea, coloured and other illus

trations, 2 vol., cloth, 1879, 8vo. (752). Sotheran, 62.75. 158 Notes and Queries. First to eighth series (vol. viii.), 92 vol. in

46, half calf, with indexes to the eighth series, cioth, together 54 vol., 1849-98, 4to. (42)

Bailey, 416 159 Ormerod (G.) History of Cheshire, second edition, revised by

Helsby, plates (3 missing, w. a. f.), 3 vol., half roan, limp, 1882, folio (1237)

Andrews, £i uis. 160 Ovid. Les Metamorphoses d'Ovide, de M. l'Abbé Banier,

upwards of 140 plates by Le Mire and Basan, after Eisen and others, and vignettes by Choffard, 4 vol., contemporary French mottled calf, g. e., Paris, 1767-71, 4to. (298)

Quaritch, £15 1os. 161 Pepys (S.) Diary, edited by Wheatley, 10 vol., half calf, t. e. g., 1903-4, 8vo. (278)

£5 162 Pettus (Sir J.) The Laws of Art in Nature in Knowing,

Judging, Assaying and Refining Metals, portrait by White,

and engravings, half calf, 1683, folio (627) Tregaskis, £2 25. 163 Pharmaceutical Journal, from the commencement in 1841 to

June, 1901, 66 vol., the first 51 vol. half calf, etc., remaining

15 vol. in numbers (a few missing), folio (1009) Sotheran, £4 164 Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, plates, from

1852 10 1859 and 1866 to 1893, 1894 and 1895B. and 1896, with the extra vol. clxviii.- Transit of Venus, 1874-Observations on the Polar Expeditions, 1882-83—and The Eruption of Krakatoa, 1888, together 80 vol. and parts, first 28 vol. half bound, remainder in the publisher's cloth, 4to. (295)

Dr. Clay, £26 165 Plautus. Comædiæ, ex Emendationibus adque Commentariis

Bernardi Saraceni, etc., title within border, one full-page woodcut of the interior of a theatre, and small woodcuts in text, Venet., 1511 — Ciceronis Tusculanæ Questiones, woodcuts (2 leaves repaired and a few stained), ib., 1516, in I vol., old calf, folio (607)

Olschki, £ 1 8s. 166 Pliny. Historia Naturalis, roman letter, 356 leaves, 50 lines to

the page, large and small initial letters in colours, paragraph marks in red throughout, old half vellum, Venetiis, per Nicolaum Jenson, 1472, folio (608)

Tregaskis, £16 167 Pliny. The History of the World, translated by Philemon

Holland, 2 vol., vol. i. interleaved and illustrated by the insertion of numerous early woodcuts, calf, A. Islip, 1634, folio (594)

Tregaskis, £2 12s. 168 Plotinus. Opera Omnia, editio princeps (No. 13,124 in

“Hain," wanted leaf Ai and a few leaves wormed), half morocco, Florentiæ, 1492, folio (600)

£2 8s. 169 Prayer Book (Welsh), with Psalms of David and Edmund

Prys's Metrical Version, black letter (imperfect, but contained all from sheet B to end of metrical psalm cxl.), old calf, 1621, small 4to. (473)

£1 35. 170 Scott (Sir Walter). Goetz of Berlichingen with the Iron

Hand, translated from the German of Goethe by Walter Scott, Esq., advocate, Edinburgh, first edition (a few leaves stained), calf extra, by Bedford, uncut, 1799, 8vo. (398)

Shepherd, £i 4s. 171 Scott (Sir Walter). Waverley Novels, illustrations, 25 vol., half morocco gilt, t. e. g., Ward, Lock and Co., n. d., 8vo. (736)

Lupton, £3 1os. 172 Scott (Sir Walter). Waverley Novels, illustrations, 25 vol.,

cloth, Ward, Lock and Co., n. d., 8vo. (1158) Pearce, ti jos. 173 Scott (Sir Walter). Waverley Novels, Library edition,

portraits and engravings, 25 vol., red cloth, 1876-77, 8vo. (1075)

Bickers, £2 174 Scott (Sir Walter). Waverley Novels, illustrations by G. Cruikshank, Turner and others, 25 vol., cloth, 1879 (71)

Edwards, £1 5s. 175 Scott (Sir Walter). Waverley Novels, Edinburgh edition, 48 vol., buckram, uncut, t. e. g., 1901-3, 8vo. (93)

Donithorne, £7 155. 176 Scrope (W.) Days and Nights of Salmon Fishing in the

Tweed, first edition, litho. plates and wood engravings by
Landseer and others, original cloth, uncut, 1843, 8vo. (1162)

Morrell & Co., £6 2s. 6d. 177 Seebohm (H.) Geographical Distribution of the Family

Charadriidæ, coloured plates and other illustrations, cloth,

uncut, Sotheran and Co., n. d., 4to. (563) Harding, £i 175. 178 Sheridan (R. B.) The Critic, first edition, 98 pages, calf extra,

g. e., by Riviere and Son, 1781, 8vo. (399) Shepherd, £i 45. 179 Smollett (T.) Works, introduct by Maynadier, photogravure

illustrations, 12 vol., buckram, uncut, t. e. g., New York, G. D. Sproul, 1902, 8vo. (89)

Thiselton, £i 18s. 180 Spenser (E.) The Faerie Queene, woodcut border on title

and woodcuts in the text (a few leaves stained and cut into),

calf gilt. H. L. for Matthew Lownes, 1611, folio (601) 64 181 Spenser (E.) The Faerie Queene, with the fragment

Mutabilitie," edited by T. J. Wise, and pictured by Walter

Crane, 6 vol., buckram, t. e. g., 1897, 8vo. (908) £2 25. 182 Sporting Magazine (The), plates, vol. xxv. to xxxv., II vol., half bound, 1805-10, 8vo. (415)



183 Stevenson (R. L.) Works, Pentland edition, biographical

notes by Edmund Gosse, frontispieces, 20 vol., buckram, uncut, t. e. g., 1906-7, 8vo. (97) Quaritch, £7 125. 6d.

(A similar set realised £8 at Messrs. Hodgson's, on

October 16th (Lot 110).—ED.] 184 Story of the Nations Series, Subscription edition, maps and

illustrations, 64 vol., cloth, n. d., 8vo. (283) Thin, 65 5s. 185 Strutt (J.) Dress and Habits of the People of England, notes

by Planché, plates executed in gold, silver and colours,

2 vol., half morocco gilt, 1842, 4to. (552) Hill, £4 2s. 6d. 186 Teniers (D.) Theatrum Pictorium, 246 plates, original vellum, Antwerp, 1673, folio (625)

£2 16s. 187 Terentius. Comediæ, Commentariis Donato Guidone, etc.,

woodcut title of spectators at a play, several full-page and other woodcuts in text, half vellum, Argentina, J. Grüninger, 1496, folio (610)

Tregaskis, £5 75. 6d. 188 Thackeray (W. M.) Works, Library edition, 22 vol., half red morocco, m. e., 1867-9, 8vo. (84)

£4 los. 189 Thackeray (W. M.) Works, Biographical edition, illustrations

by the author and others, 13 vol., half calf, 1902-4, crown 8vo. (734)

£2 18s. 190 Thiers (A.) The Consulate and Empire, translated by

Campbell, 20 vol., 1845-62—History of the French Revolu. tion by Shoberl, 5 vol., 1838, together 25 vol., half calf, m. e., 8vo. (51)

Maggs, £3 5s. 191 Thornton (R. J.) New Illustrations of the Sexual System of

Linnaeus, 314 coloured plates, etc., atlas folio (not subject to return), old morocco extra, full gilt sides, g. e., 1799-1807, folio (938)

Neumaier, £i 75. 192 Unger (W.) Les Euvres, Eaux-Fortes d'apres les Maîtres

Anciens, Commentées par C. Vosmaer, 72 etchings, half morocco, t. e. g., Leyde, 1879, imperial folio (935)

£1 193 Vale Press. The Poems of P. B. Shelley, woodcut borders

and initials, 3 vol., buckram, uncut, 1901, 8vo. (68) 194 Vallas (Laurentius). De Lingua Latina (No. 15,808 in “Hain”),

roman type (leaf of index wanted), boards, Venetiis, J. Tortellus, 1480, folio (599)

Barnard, El is. 195 Victoria History of the Counties of England (The), edited by

W. Page. Surrey, vol. ii.-Sussex, vol. i.-Essex, vol. ii., illustrations and maps, together 3 vol., cloth gilt, t. e. g., 1905-7, 8vo. (1224)

[A number of other volumes belonging to the same series were also sold at sums which averaged about 9s. per volume all round. Thus, Oxford, vol ii., Berkshire, vol. i., Norfolk, vol. ii., Suffolk, vol. ii. realised £! 145. (Walford)—Derby, vol. i., Nottingham, vol. i., Lincoln, vol. ii., Durham, vol i.,

realised 6,2 4. (Ball).- ED.) 196 Virgilius. Opera, title within woodcut border and numerous

woodcuts, those in the Georgics showing a variety of sixteenth-century rural pursuits and amusements, old calf

gilt, Lugd., J. Crespini, 1529, folio (611) Maggs, £2 16s. 197 Waterloo. Seven Coloured Plates of the Battle of Waterloo

£1 5s.

Price £2

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