The Blackwell Companion to Hinduism

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Wiley India Pvt. Limited, Apr 17, 2008 - 616 pages
This Companion presents the most recent scholarly thinking about Hinduism in an accessible way. It provides a forum for the best scholars in the world to make their views and research available to a wider audience. The book is divided into four sections covering theoretical issues, textual traditions, systematic thought, and Hindu society and politics. It reflects the trend away from essentialist understandings of Hinduism towards tradition and regional-specific studies. This text is ideal for use on university courses.· Colonialism and the Construction of Hinduism: Gauri Visvanathan· Orientalism and Hinduism: David Smith· Vedas and Upanisads: Michael Witzel· The Dharmaúâstras: Ludo Rocher· The Sanskrit Epics: John Brockington· The Purânas: Freda Matchett· Tamil Hindu Literature: Norman Cutler· The Literature of Hinduism in Malayalam: Rich Freeman· North Indian Hindi Devotional Literature: Nancy M. Martin· The Úaiva Traditions: Gavin Flood· History of Vaisnava Traditions: Gérard Colas· The Renouncer Tradition: Patrick Olivelle· The Householder Tradition in Hindu Society: T.N. Madan· The Teyyam Tradition of Kerala: Rich Freeman· The Month of Kârtik And Women's Ritual Devotions to Krsna in Benares: Tracy Pinchman· The Science of Language: Frits Staal· Indian Mathematics: Takao Hayashi· Calendar, Astrology and Astronomy: Michio Yano· The Science of Medicine: Dominik Wujastyk· Hinduism and the Proper Work of Reason: Jonardon Ganeri· Restoring Hindu Theology as a Category in Indian Intellectual Discourse: Francis Clooney· Mantra: André Padoux· On the Relationship between Caste and Hinduism: Declan Quigley· Modernity, Reform and Revival: Dermot Killingley· Contemporary Political Hinduism: C. Ram Prasad· The Goddess and the Nation: Subterfuges of Antiquity, the Cunning of Modernity: Sumathi Ramaswamy· Gender in a Devotional Universe: Vasudha Narayanan

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