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100. C. M. Mr. Brown,
Confidence in God our Father.

Ou thy paternal care:
Thou wilt the Father and the Friend

In ev'ry act appear!
2 With open hand, and lib'ral heart,

Thou wilt our wants supply;
The needful biessings still impart,

And no good thing deny. 3 Our Father knows what's good and fit,

And wisdom guides his love:
To thine appointments we submit,

And ev'ry choice approve.
4 In thy paternal love and care,

With cheerful hearts we trust;
Thy tender inercies boundless are,

And all thy thoughts are just.
5 We cannot want while God provides;

What he ordainz is best;
And heav'n, whate'er we want' besides,
Will give eternal rest.

101. C. M. Dr. Watts. Protection from Death. Psalm xci. 916.

E sons of men, a feeble race Come make the Lord your dwelling-place,

And fry aiid trust his care.
2 No ill shall enter where you dwelt;

Or if the plague come nigh,
Ard sweep the wicked down to hell,

'Twill raise his saints on high.
3 lle'll give his angels charge to keep

Your feet in all your ways;
To watch your pillows while you sleep,

And guard your happy days. 4 Their hands shall bear you, lest you fall,

And dash against the stones; Are they not servants at lus call,

And sent t'attend his sons ?

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5' Becanse on me they set their love,

I'll save them (saith the Lord); • I'll bear their joyful souls above

Destruction and the sword! 6' My grace shall answer when they call;

In trouble I'll be nigh: • My pow'r shall help them when they fall, . And raise them when they die!

102. C. M. Dr. Watts. Afflictions and Death subject to Providence.

Job, v. 6-8.
COT from the dust affliction grows,

Nor troubles rise by chance;
Yet we are born to cares and woes;

A sad inheritance!
2 As sparks break out from burning coals,

And still are upward borne;
So grief is rooted in our souls,

And man grows up, to mourn.
3 Yet with my God I leave my cause,

And trust his promis'd grace:
He rules me by his well-known laws

Of love and righteousness.
4 Not all the pains that e'er I bore

Shall spoil my future peace:
For death and hell can do no more
Than what my Father please.

103. S. M. Mr. John Fawcett. Providence extends to Ravens.. Luke, xij. 24. 1

ISMISS your anxious care,
Consider how the ravens are

By heav'nly bounty fed. 2 Jehovah will provide

Your clothing and your food:
Think how the ravens are supply'd ;

And trust a faithful God. 3 You have no present store

Laid up for future needs;
Yet He will not forget the poor,

Who hungry ravens feeds.

4 Your Father will bestow

On you your daily bread;
The ravens neither reap nor sow,

And yet are richly fed.
5 How mean these creatures are !

Yet God supplies their wants;
And he that doth for ravens care,

Will not forget his saints.
6 For you the Saviour died;

Heav'n is prepard for you:
He that for ravens doth provide,

Will feed his children too.
7 If Satan should suggest,

God will not hear your cry,
He hears young ravens in their nest,

And answers from the sky. 8 His gracious word believe,

Forget your long complaint;
If God doth food to ravens give,

His children shall not want.

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104. L. M. Mr. John Fawcett. Miraculous Providence. 1 Kings, xvii. 6.

HEN God's own people stand in need,

His goodness will provide supplies; Thus when Elijah faints for bread,

A raven to his succour flies. 2 At God's command, with speedy wings,

The hungry bird resigns its prey, And to the rev'rend prophet brings

The needful portion day by day.
3 This method may be counted strange;

But happy was Elijah's lot;
For nature's conrse shall sooner change

Than God's dear children be forgot. 4 This wonder has been oft renew'd,

And saints, by sweet experience, find Their evils over-rul'd for good,

Their foes to friendly deeds inclin'd. 5 Wou shall distrust that mighty hand

Which rules with universal sway, Which nature's laws can countermand,

Or fwed us by a bird of prey I


105. L. M. Liverpool Liturgy. The Universality of Divine Providence. iT HE earth and all the heavenly frame,

Their great Creator's love proclaim: He gives the sun his genial pow'r,

And sends the soft refreshing show'r.
2 The ground with plenty blooms again,

And yields her various fruits to men;
To men who from thy bounteous hand,

Receive the gifts of ev'ry land.
3 Nor to the human race alone,
Is his paternal goodness shown;
The tribes of earth, and sea, and air,
Enjoy his universal care.
4 Not ev'n a sparrow yields its breath,

Till God permit the stroke of death;
He hears the ravens when they call,
The father and the friend of all.

106. C. M. Mr. Addison. Gratitude for continued Providence. 1 WHEN all thy mercies, co my God! Transported with the view,

I'm lost
In wonder, love, and praise.
2 Thy providence my life sustin'd,

And all my wants redrest;
When in the silent womb I lay,

And hung upon the breast.
3 Unnumber'd comforts, Lord of all,

Thy tender care bestow'd;
Before my infant heart conceiv'd

From whom those comforts flow'd. 4 When in the slipp'ry paths of youth,

With heedless steps I ran;
Thy arm, unseen, convey'd me safe,

And led me on to man.
5 When worn by sickness oft hast thon

With health renew'd my face;
And when in sins and sorrows sunk,
Reviv'd my soul with grace.


6 Thy bounteous hand, with various good,

Hath made my cup run o'er;
And in thy Son, my dearest friend,

Hath doubled all my store.
7 Through ev'ry period of my life,

Thy goodness I'll pursue;
And after death, in distant worlds,

The glorious theme renew.
8 Through all eternity, my God!

A joyful song I'll raise : But oh! eternity's too short,

To utter all thy praise.


107. C. M. Prayer for the Divine blessing on the

word preached. 1 OW may the Spirit's holy fire,

Descending from above, His waiting family inspire,

With joy, and peace, and love!
2 Wake heav'nly wind, arise and come,

Blow on the drooping field:
Our spices then shall breathe perfume,

And fragrant incense yield.
3 Touch with a living coal the lip,

That shall proclaim thy word, And bid each awful hearer keep Attention to the Lord.

108. C. M. A notiwr. 1

God, Once more his blessing ask: O may not duty seem a loail,

Nor worship prove a task!
2 Father, thy gnick’ning spirit send

Froni heaven in Jesu's name,
To make our waiting minds attend,

And put our sonls in frame.

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