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Before Thee Gabriel veils bis face,

Nor dares to lift his eyes.
2 Thro' nature's ample round, we see

Thy distant splendors shine;
Is There a God compar'd with thee

Or are their works like thine?
3 The moon and stars thy pow'r proclaim,

And shine with silver ray:
While in the sun, thy glories flame

Amidst the blaze of day.
4 But clearer rays of heav'nly light,

Beam in thy holy word:
Each doctrine and each sacred rite,

More loudly praise the Lord. 5 Bury'd in the baptismal stream,

Thy saints with rapture see,
What thou hast undergone for them,

And what they owe to thee.
6 Then seated round thy cheerful board,

They feed on bread and wine;

the victries of their Lord,
And feast on love divine.

494. L. M. Mr. Fellowes. The figurative Meaning of the Ordinance of

Baptism. 1 Pet. iii. 21. * COMEbersons of grace and view


bleeding Saviour's love to you: Behold him sink with heavy woes,

And give his life to save his foes!
2 When yon behold the sacred wave,

You see the emblem of his grave:
Come! all who would his laws obey.

And view the place where Jesus lay. 3 But not Death's adamantine chain,

Could long the mighty Lord detain:
Behold him cheer the heavy gloom;

And rise refulgent from the tomb. 4 When you ascend above the flood, Then call to mind the Son of God: Ye saints lift up your joyful eyes, Exulting see your Saviour rise. 5 Fresh from the stream, and filld with love:

Far from the tents of guilt remove:
Nobly from streagth to strength proceed,
And rise to ev'ry worthy deed.

495. L. M. Mr. Fellowes.
The Invitation. Matt. xi. 28.

that love Immanuel's name;
To see his glory, learn his praise,
And follow him in all his ways.
2 'Tis you, ye children of the light!

The Spirit and the bride invite:
Come, come, ye subjects of his grace!

Where he reveals his smiling face.
3 Come to his church, enter his gates;

For you his gracious presence waits :
Here peace and pardon are bestow'd;
Great gifts! and worthy of a God.
4 Thus welcome, why should you delay?

He who invites has mark'd the way:
It is the way the Saviour came,
He was baptiz'd in Jordau's stream.

496. L. M. Mr. Fellowes.
The Believer following Christ in his

Ordinances. John X. 27.
* !

Whose full, whose free unchanging love
Through each revolving age proceeds,
And like a flock thy people feeds.
2 Oh! tell me where the pastures are

Which bloom heneath thy love and care!
And let me with thy sheep abide :

Why should I ever turn aside?
3 May this inconstant soul of mine

Henceforth, for ever, Lord, be thine:
The paths of error may I flee,

But always humbly cleave to thee. 4 Regardless of reproach or blame,

Unaw'd by fear or sinful shame,
I come obedient to thy word;

And stand resolv'd to own my Lord. 5 I come, my King,

my God, my all
Jesus, I follow at thy call;
Take me! oh take me to thy fold!
I long thy glory to behold.

497. C. M. Mr. J. Stennett. Immersion, or the Baptism of Christ. VHUS was the great Redeemer plung'd

lu Jordan's swelling flood:

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To show he must be soon baptiz'd

In tears, and sweat, and blood. 2 Thus was his sacred body laid

Beneath the yielding wave, Thus was his sacred body rais'd

Out of the liquid grave. 3 When, lo! from realms of light and bliss,

The heav'nly dove comes down; Lights on his venerable head,

Which rays of glory crown. 4 While his eternal Father's voice

An awful joy excites; “ This is my well-beloved Son,

“ In whom my soul delights." 5 Lord, we thy precepts would obey,

In thy own footsteps tread; Would die, be buried, rise with thee,

Our ever-living head.
6 We look to thee, our Saviour dear,

Bless us with pow'r divine:
We would show forth thy glory here,
And be for ever thine.

493. P. M. Mr. Fellowes. Christ baptized in Jordan. John i. 33. 1 N Jordan's tide the Baptist stands, The Son of God the rite demands,

Nor dares the holy man refuse:
Jesus descends beneath the wave,

The emblem of his future grave.
2 Wonder, ye heav'ns! the Saviour lies

In deeps conceal'd from human view;
Ye saints, behold him sink and rise,

A fit example thus for you:
The sacred record, while you read,

Calls you to imitate the deed.
3 But, lo! fro yonder opening skies,

What beams of dazzling glory spread !
Dove-like, th' Eternal Spirit flies,

And lights on the Redeemer's head
Amaz'd they see the power divine,

Around the Saviour's temples shine. 4 But hark, iny soul, hark and adore !

What sounds are those that roll along, Not like loud Sinai's awful roar,

But soft and sweet as Gabriel's song!

“ This is my well-beloved Son,

“ I see well pleas'd what he has done 5 Thus the eternal Father spoke,

Who shakes creation with a nod:
Through parting skies the accents broke,

And bid us hear the Son of God: o hear the awful word to-day, Hear all ye nations, and obey!

199. C. M. Mr. Fellowes. The Believer constrained by the Love of Christ to follow him in his Ordi


2 Cor. v. 14, 15. DE

EAR Lord, and will thy pard’ning love

Embrace a soul so vile ?
Wilt thou my load of guilt remove

And bless me with thy smile?
2 Hast thou discharg'd my dreadful debt,

And set the prisoner free!
Canst thou each bold affront forget,

And save a wretch like me ?
3 And shall my proud rebellious heart,

Yet murmur at thy will ?
Shall I from thy coinmands depart,

And wander from thee stills
4 Hast thou for me the cross endor'd,

And all the shame despis'd ?
And shall I be ashan'd, O Lord,

With thee to be baptiz'd?
5 Didst thou the great example lead

In Jordan's swelling flood!
And sliall my pride disdain a deed

That's worthy of my God?
6 Dear Lord, thy condescending love

Reproves my cold delays: My wand'ring steps how slow they move,

How careless in thy ways! 7 And shall I still rebellious stand 3

Let fear and shame be gone! This ordinance is thy command; Thy will, my God, be done!

500. P. M. Mr. S. Deacon.

Reflections on Christ's Baptism. 1 In his divine array,


Go down into the flood,

His Father to obey;
In Jordan's stream to be baptiza,

Though by a carnal world despis'd. 2 Can we pretend to know

More fully God's design!
Can we pretend to show

A conduct more divine ?
Can we neglect this ordinance,

Without an insult to our Prince 3 Jesus, we will obey

Thy practice and command:
Behold us here to-day!

We in thy presence stand,
Devoted to thy blessed will,

Ready thy pleasure to fulfil. 4 We sink beneath the wave;

The water we go through;
The emblem of thy grave,

And resurrection too;
We die, are bury'd, rise again,

In hopes with thee to live and reign. 5 Great Father, cast thine eye,

And drive away onr fear:
Our ev'ry want supply;

Give grace to persevere;
And then rejoicing we will go,
To do our Father's will below.

501. L. M. Dr. Watts Christ's Commission. Matt. xxviii. 19.

Acts ii. 38.

“ Go, teach the nations, and baptize." The nations have receiv'd the word

Since he ascended to the skies. 2 He sits upon th' eternal hills,

With grace and pardon in his hands, And sends his cov'nant with the seals,

To bless the distant British lands. 3. "Repent, and be baptiz’d,” he saith,

" For the remission of your sins ;" And thus our sense assists our faith,

And shows us what his gospel means. 4 Our souls he washes in his blood,

As water makes the body clean;

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