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And the good spirit from onr God

Descends like purifying rain.
5 Thus we engage ourselves to thee,

And seal our cov'nant with the Lord;
O may the great eternal Threr,
In beaven our solemn vows record !
502. L. M. Mr. Joseph Stennett.

Jesus Baptized.
1 The Lecame the Tost to seek and save;
Went humbly down from Jordan's shore,

To find a tomb beneath the wave. &" Thus it becomes us to fulfil,

“ All righteousness;" he meekly said : Why should we then to do his will,

Or be asham'd, or be afraid? 3 With thee into thy wat'ry tomb,

Lord, 'tis our glory to descend; 'Tis wondrous grace that gives us room,

To lie interr'd by such a Friend!
4 But a much more tempestuous food,

O'erwhelm'd thy body and thy soul:.
That plung’d in tears, aud sweat, and blood,

Anil over this black terrors roll.
5 Yet as the yielding waves give way,

To let us see the light again;
So on thy resurrection day,

The bands of death prov'd weak and vain. 6 Thus when thou shalt again appear,

The gates of death shall open wide;
Our dust thy pow'rful voice shall hear,

Shall rise and triumph at thy side.
7 These now vile bodies then shall wear,

A glorious form resembling thine;
To be dissolv'd no more shall fear,
But with immortal beauty shine.

503. C. M. Mr. S. Deacon.
The Commission. Mark xvi, 15, 16.

voice is this; what lovely voice, That bids my heart and soul rejoice,

And banishes my fear.
l 'Tis Jesus speaks; and O, his words

In charming accents fly!
Life and salvation he affords,
Ye nations, leap fof joy!

1 W "Tatich echoes in my ear?

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3“ Go into all the world and preach

“ The gospel's joyful sound; “ My mercy and

compassion reach “ To sinners all arouud. 4“ [Go, let them all be well appriz'd,

à This on their hearts engray'd, “ He that believes, and is baptizů,

• Shall be for ever sav'd. 5“ But stubborn sinners, who refuse

* The privilege proclaim'd; “ Who mercy, such as this, abuse,

“ Shall be for ever damu'a."). 6 And will the Lord of Life receive

“ Such guilty wornis as we? Jesus, we in thy name believe, And humbly come to thee!

504. L. M. Mr. Fellowes. Obedience to Christ's Commission.

10 teach the nations, and baptize," His glad apostles took the word,

And round the nations preach'd their Lord. 2 Commission'd thus, by Zion's king,

We to his holy laver bring
These happy converts, who have known

And trusted in his grace alone.
3 Lord, in thy house they seek thy face,

O bless them with peculiar grace:
Inspire their souls with love divine;
Till leams of glory round them shire.

505. L. M. Mr. Fellowes.

Public Confession of Christ. 1

With hupuble joy, and holy fear, Thy, wise injunctions to obey!

While saints and angels hail the day! 2 In thy assembly here we stand,

Obedient to thy great command;
The sacred flood is full in view,

And thy sweet voice invites us through. 3 The word, the spirit, and the bride,

Must not invite, and be deny'd;
Was not the Lord who came to save,
Interr'd u soch a liquid grave?



4 Thus we, dear Saviour, own thy name,

Receive 13, rising from the stream
Then to thy table let us come,
And dwell ia Zion as our home.

506. L. M. Mr. S. Deacon.
The Design of Believer's Baptism.
ID Jesus, ere he chose to rise,

? Then, gracious God, help us to find

The wise intention of his mind! 2 This shows that he's authority,

To govern, institute, decree;
And chose this inoffensive way

To prove who would his voice obey. 3 By this we see our filthiness,

Our need of purifying grace,
And testify a death to sin,

A rising to a life divine.
4 'Tis not the ficsh to purify,

Put test of our sincerity;
An answer of a conscience good,

Dispos'd to do the will of God.
5 By this we publicly confess
The Lord is ours, and we are his;
Confirm before our fellow men,
That Christ is Head, and he shall reign.
6 Buried with the Redeemer, we

Show forth his death, his agony;
Whereby the flesh is crucify'd,

The body of our sin destroy'd.
7 Such are the ends he had in view,

The scriptures evidently show;
Now where's the christian, where's the man,
Dare call the institution vain?

507. L. M. Dr. Watts. Believers buried with Christ in Baptism.

Rom. vi. 3, &c. 1 ,

O we not know that solemn word,
Baptiz'd into his death, and then

Put off the body of our sil?
2 Our svuls receive diviner breath,

Rais'd from corruption, guilt and death;
So from the grave did Christ arise,
And lives to God above the skies.


3 No more let sin or Satan reign

Over our mortal flesh again:
The various lusts we served before,
Shall have dominion now no more.

508. Mr. Fellowes. Buried with Christ in Baptism. Rom. vi. I

Thou alone our guide shalt be;
Thy commission we rely on,

We would follow none but thee. 2 As an emblem of thy passion,

And thy vict'ry o'er the grave
We who know thy great salvation

Are baptiz'd beneath the wave. 3 Fearless of the world's despising,

We the ancient path pursue:
Bury'd with our Lord, and rising
To a life divinely new.
509. C. M. Mr. S. Deacon.

Primitive Practice.
* BEWEYERS in the days of old,
Went through the water to the fold,

In honour of their head.
2 Have we obtain'd another law,

That now we turn aside ?
Or do the vations wiser, grow

And take another guide ?
3 Lord, we desire to follow thee,

According to thy will;
Help us the proper way to see,

And strictly to fulfil.
4 Let others to the Fathers look,

And search their writings o'er,
The Holy Bible is thy book,

And we desire no more.
5 By this the simple soul may find

The way to heav'nly rest;
By this the conscientious mind
Shall be divinely blest.

510. Sevens. Mr. S. Deacon.

The Eunuch. Acts. viii. 20-40 1 EE the pious Eunuch ride,

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What he could not understand,

Philip soon to him explain'd. 2 Now the Eunuch, with surprise,

Jesus, as the Saviour, spiesof his privilege appriz'd,

Straight desires to be baptiz'd. 3 Philip answers his request,

“If thou dost believe, thou may'st."
He professes faith in Christ;
Philip hears, and can't resist.
Down they both together go,
(See the waters, how they flow 1)
Philip, in the Saviour's name,

Plunges him beneath the stream.
5 Up they come, and quickly part-

See the Eunuch glad at heart,
Go rejoicing on his way“

As we hope to do to-day.
6 Lord, thy book is still the same;

There we see a Saviour's name;
We in him believe, and lo!
Down into the water go.

511. C. M. Mr. S. Deacon. Reflection on the Eunuch's Baptism. Acts whil 1 WELL, now my ignorance ! see, It is a privilege to be

Baptiz'd in Jesu's name.
20! how I've seen it as a cross,

Too great to be endur'd;
To be baptis'd, as Jesus was,

And buried with my Lord.
3 This is the way, which God above

Commanded John to teach;
This is the way the Lord of love

Bade his apostles preach.
4 This is the way the saints of old

Their faith and love profess'd;
o how presumptuous, vain, and bold,

Are those who dare resist!
5 This is the way, I'll walk therein,

However it's despis'd;
See here is water, let me then
Go down, and be baptiz'd.

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