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Thou art the Lainb for sinners slain,

The Saviour of mankind.
3 To Jew and Gentile, bond and free,

The gospel is proclaim'd;
To ev'ry sinner-yes, to me,

My character is nam'd.
6 Infinite wisdom, pow'r, and grace,

This firm foundation lay:
On this my confidence I place;

Thy gospel I obey.
7 Thy holy word my right secures,

And there will I rely;
While that foundation tirm endures,
Who can my claim deny ?

524. Sevens. Mr. S. Deacon.

Self-Examination and Obedience. Ye are my Friends if- John xv. 14. 1 AMD.Jesu's friend or foe?

? I acknowledge him as Lord,

Do I hear and keep his word ? 2 Let me no pretences bring,

For I can't deceive my king:
Whatsoever he commands,

Steadfast as the gospel stauds. 3 Do I in his truth confide?

Do I in his love abide?
Do I hear his blessed voice?

Do I follow him of choice?
4 Do I take and bear his cross 3

Reckon all for him as loss?
Do I humbly follow him,

Even down into the stream
5 Jesus, thou hast died for me;

Died, to set my spirit free;
Thou art worthy as my Prince,

Rules of conduct to dispense. 6 Lord, behold me here to-day,

Thy injanction to obey;
Grant me fortitude and skill,

All thy pleasure to fulfil. 7 I desire to be thy friend;

Love thy truth, and it defend :
Special grace to me afford,
That I may not grieve the Lord.

8 Work in me to will and do;

Save my soul from ev'ry foe;
Let thy presence give me rest,
Till I'm consummately blest.


525. L. M. Beddome.

The Increase of the Church. 1

Through distant lands bis triumph spread, And sinners, free'd from endless pains,

Own him their Saviour and their Head. 2 His sons and daughters from afar,

Daily at Sion's gates arrive; Those who were dead in sin before,

By sovereign grace are made alive. 3 Oppressors bow beneath his feet,

O'ercome by his victorious power, Princes in humble posture wait,

And proud blasphemers learn t adore. 4 Gentiles and Jews his laws obey,

Nations remote their offerings bring, And, unconstrain'd, their homage pay

To their exalted God and King. 5 O may his conquests still increase,

And while fresh wreaths adorn his brow,
Let angels celebrate his praise,

And saints bis growing glories show. 6 Loud hallelujabs to the Lamb,

From all below and all above,
In lofty songs exalt his name,
In songs, as lasting as his love.

526. C. M. J. Newton
ROCLAIM,” saith Christ,“ my wondrous

(grace, He that believes, and is baptiz'd,

Salvation shall obtain."
2 Let plenteous grace descend on those,

Who hoping in thy word,
This day have publicly declard,

That Jesus is their Lord.
3 With cheerful feet may they go on,

And run the christian race;
And in the troubles of the way,

Find all-sufficient grace.

1“ PROCA the sons of meni

527. Mr. S. Deacon.
I am with you. Matt. xxviii. 20.
OLY Jesus, now defend us,

On thy promise we depend;
All we want, in mercy send us ;

Be our ever present friend. 9 In obedience to our Saviour,

We expose ourselves to shame;
O! may we enjoy thy favour,
While we glorify thy name.
528. L. M. Mr. S. Deacon.

Cheerful Obedience. 1 W e

Immanuel's precepts to obey?
Vihat he was pleas'd to institute,

We should obey, and not dispute. 2 Gracious Redeemer! we appear

On this occasion to revere
Thy great authority; and show
Our readiness thy will to do.
529. C. M. Mr. S. Deacon.

Conclusion. 1

! For a plenitude of grace,

Descending from above:
To overwhelm the human race

With peace, and joy, and love.
2 Grant, heav'nly King! what we desire,

And send the happy day,.
When all shall after thee inquire,

And cheerfully obey.
3 Then will the nations serve the Lord

With purity and zeal:
With candour hear his blessed word,

With pleasure do his will.

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530. L. M. Dr. Watts. Christ crucified, the Wisdom and Power of

God. * :

ATURE with open volume stands, And ev'ry labour of his hands

Shows something worthy of a God.

2 But in the grace that rescu'd man,

His brightest form of glory shines; Here on the cross, 'tis fairest drawn

In precious blood, and crimson lines. 3 Here his whole name appears complete;

Nor wit can guess, nor reason prove, Which of the letters best is writ,

The pow'r, the wisdom, or the love. 4 Here I behold his inmost heart,

Where grace and vengeance strangely join, Piercing His Son with sharpest smart,

To make eternal pleasures mine. 5 O! the sweet wonders of that cross,

Where God the Saviour lov'd and died ! Her noblest life my spirit draws

From his dear wounds and bleeding side. 6 I would for ever speak his name,

In sounds to mortal ears unknown;
With angels join to praise the Lamb,
And worship at hís Father's throne.

531. L. M. Dr. Watts.
The Gospel Feast. Luke xiv. 16, &e.
1 TOW rich are thy provisions, Iord!
The fruits of life o'erspread the board,

The cup o'erflows with heav'nly love. 2 Thy ancient family, the Jews,

Were first invited to the feast;
We humbly take what they refuse,

And Gentiles thy salvation taste.
3 We are the poor, the blind, the lame,

And help was far, and death was nigh! But at thy gospel cail we came,

And every want receiv'd supply,
4 From the highway that leads to hell,

From paths of darkness and despair,
Lord, we are come with thee to dwell,
Glad to enjoy thy presence here.

532. C. M. Dr. Watts.
Our Lord Jesus at his own Table.

THE mem'ry of our dying Lord
How rich he spread his royal board,

And blest the food, and sung!

2 Happy the man that eats this bread;

But doubly blest was he
What gently bow'd his loving head,

And lean'd it, Lord, on thee.
3 By faith the same delights we taste,

As that great fav'rite did,
And sit and lean on Jesas breast,
And take the heav'nly bread.
533. C. M. Dr. Watts.

The Same.
OWN from the palace of the skies,

Hither the King descends : " Come, my beloved, eat (he cries)

* And drink salvation, friends." 2 Hosappa to his bounteous love,

For such a feast below!
And yet he feeds his saints above

With nobler blessings too.
3 Come, the dear day, the glorious hour

That brings our souls to rest; Then we shall Deed these types no more, But dwell at th' heavenly feast.

534. C. M. Mr. Steele.

Praise to the Redeemer.
ITO our Redeemer's glorious nanie

Awake the sacred song!
O may his love (iminortal flame!)

Tune every heart and tongue. & Ilis love, what mortal thonght can reach,

What mortal tongue display? Imagination's utmost stretch

In wonder dies away.
3 lle left his radiant throne on high,

Left ibe bright realms of bliss,
And came to earth to bleed and dia!

Was ever love like this?
4 Dear Lord! while we, adoring, pay

Our humble thanks to thee;
May every heart with rapture say,

The Saviour dier for me.
5 O may the sweet, the blissful theme

Move every heart and tongue; Till strangers love thy charming name,

And join the sacred song!

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