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6 (What is there which I have not done,

To give me right to this ?
I own that Jesus is thy Son,

And him as Lord confess.) 7 Like Ethiopia's Eunuch, lo!

My Master I obey;
And when baptiz'd I mean to go,
Rejoicing on my way.

512. L. M. Mr. S. Deacon. Saul's Conversion and Baptism. Acts ix. 1

With letters to Damascus went:
A light beyond the solar ray

Sorpris'd him in meridian day. 2 Enlighten'd by celestial beams,

He drops his persecuting schemes, And trembling, cries to Jesus now, “ Lord, what wilt thou have me to do? 3 Jesus, with pity in his breast,

Answers the penitent's request-
Saul, of his duty well appriz'd,

Rose at his word, and was baptiz'd. 4 Jesus is sov'reign still, and we

Are under bis authority;
And what was right for Saul to do,

Is right for us to practise too.
5 (For we behold a light divine ;

Celestial beams upon us shine ;
The voice of Jesus we have heard,

And him with reverence regard.] 6 Lord, we no longer hesitate ;

Our souls to thee we dedicate;
With pleasure we thy, word obey ;
And rise to be baptiz'd today.

513. C. Mr. S. Deacon.

The Importance of Obedience. 1 T'importance of a sacred rite, For he's a Being infinire,

And awful is his word.
2 If be a trifle shall command

His creatures to fulfil ;
Tis not a trifle to withstand,

Or counteract his will.

3 Adam might think the thing but small,

And ventur'd to transgress;
But it produc'd a dreadful fall

To all the human race.
4 'Twas but a little, wherein Sault

His God did disobey :
But what reward had he for all

The labour of that day?
5 The Prophet unto Bethel sent, I

With messages express;
Was by a furious lion rent,

For eating at the place.
6 The man, who durst refuse to smite,

The Prophet of the Lord, $
Was slain for his presumptuous slight

Of the mysterious word.
7 Naaman contemns, with proud disdain,

To wash in Jordan's flood, ll
Concluding that would be in vain,

Or others were as good.
8 These may appear but little things,

To do, or not to do;
But see what grievous evil springs,

When not attended to.
9 Our bus'ness is to learn to know

Our great Redeemer's will;
And with alacrity to go,

His pleasure to fulfil
10 Whether the thing be great or small,

It matters Dot to us;
He is the Potter, and we all
Are vessels for his use.

514. C. M. Mr. S. Deacon.
The Counsel of God. Luke vii. 29, 30.

W great the readiness of those,
And shall not we as freely close

With God's beloved Son ? 2 But did the Pharisees reject

The counsel of the Lord ?
Then what do those who now neglect

The great Redeemer's word? · Rom. v. 12. +1 Sam. xv.

11 Kings. ziil $ 1 Kings XX. 35. || 2 Kings v.

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3 John was a servant, Christ the Son,

And those who disobey,
More buldly act, and surely ran

A greater risk than they 4 Then let us justify the Lord,

And do as he advis'd:
And pity those who slight his word,
And will not be baptiz'd.

515. S. M.
Encouragement for Penitents at the

Ordinance of Baptism.

Depress'd with grief and shame,
Wash'd in the dear Redeemer's blood,

Now call upon his name. 2 Rejoice, ye contrite hearts,

That tremble at his word;
In the baptismal laver plang'd,

As was your hrmble Lord. 3 Bath'd in repentant tears,

The sins which you deplore,
Dead in your Saviour's grave shall lie,

And shall be seen no more. 4 Ye who in Christ believe,

And to his sceptre bow,
Sing your Redeemer's love, and tel.

What he has done for you. 5 Unspotted robes you wear,

Your sighs to songs are turn'd,
Garments of praise adorn you now,

Who late in ashes mourn'd. 6 Ye with your Lord are ris'n,

Aspire to things above:
Mansions for you your Lord prepares
In realms of light and love.

516. Mr. Fellowes.
Invitation to follow the Lamb.
UMBLE souls who seek salvation,

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Hear the voice of revelation,

Tread the path that Jesus trod.
Flee to him your only Saviour,

In his mighty name confide;
In the whole of your behaviour,
Own kiin as your sov'reign guide.

Come yoints christiaus, follow Jesus;

2 riear the blest Redeemer call you,

Listen to his gracious voice; Dread no ills that can befal yon,

While you make his ways your choice. Jesus saya, “ Let each believer

“ Be baptized in my name :" He himself, in Jordau's river,

Was iininers'd beneath the stream. 3 Plainly here, bis footsteps tracing,

Follow him without delay;
Gladly his command embracing,

Y sur forerunner leads the way.
View the rite with understanding;

Jesu's grave before you lies!
Be interr'd at his commanding,
After his example rise.

517. Mr. S. Deacon, Encouragement to Candidates at Baptism. 1

Down into go He hath suffer'd to release us

From the gulf of endless woe. 2 Let not popular opinion

In religion be your rule; Yield to Jesus the dominion,

Be disciples in his school. 3 Read your bible for inst:action,

There you find the will of God, There yon find the introduction

To the church is through the flood. 4 Now let this assembly witness

Whose you are, and whom you serve:
Look to Jesus for your fitness;

Follow him without reserve.
5 Give your souls into his keepirog,

He's the master of the wave:
Though to sense he may be sleeping,

Soon he will awake and save. 6 Now descend into the water,

Think how Jesus was baptiz'd! He for us was led to slanghter,

He for us was sacritic'd! 7 Shame from ev'ry boson vanish,

Jesus, thou hast led the way: All intruding terror banish, While we cheerfully obey.


Come ye believing souls, to-day

518 L M. Mr. S. Deacon.

The same. 1

Depend upon your Saviour's word: Jesns has been baptiz'd, and now

He gives encouragement to you.
? Come, hear his voice, and follow him

With pleasure down into the stream;
Then rise and with delight obey,

Ilis blessed voice from day to day. 3 Soon will your trials all be o'er,

Soon you shall reach the heav'nly shore!
Then enter your eternal rest,
Completely savod, completely blest!

519. P. M. Mr. S. Deacon.

Invitation and Encouragement. 1

Confess the Lord in whom ye trust;
He in his conduct show'd the way,

And seal'd it by the Holy Ghost.
Here let it publicly be shown,

You are the Lord's, and not your own. 2 He dowy into the water went,

And John baptiz'd the Saviour there ;
The great, the glorious event,

Stands in the sacred volume clear;
o let this company to day

See you baptiz d the Saviour's way! 3 Go down into the water, go;

Fear not to hearken to your God:
Christ was baptiz'd in grief and wo;

O'erwhelm'd in sufferings and blood!
He bare your sins, your curse and shame,

That you might triumph in his name. 4 Now chow your gratitude and love

By your obedience to his word;
Till yon his whole salvation prove,

And live for ever with your Lord.
Then shall you be baptiz'd once more,
In seas of bliss without a shore.

520. L. M. Mr. S. Deacon.
The Administrator at the Water.

Now on the water's brink we stand;

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