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Yet I will stay my Father's time,

And hope and wait for heav'n awhile. 3 Then, dearest Lord, in thine embrace

Let me resign my fleeting breath;
And, with a smile upon my face,
Pass the important hour of death.

382. L. M. Dr. Doddridge. Prayer for Love to the Brethren. 1 Pet. 1. 2%. *GREachsate oar frozen hearts to move:

With ardour strong these breasts inflame

To all that own a Saviour's name. 2 Sall let the heav'nly fire endure

Fervent and vig'rous, true and pure:
Let ev'ry heart and ev'ry hand

Join in the dear fraternal band.
3 Celestial Dove! descend and bring

The smiling blessings on thy wing;
And make us taste those sweets below,
Which in the blissful mansions grow.

383. S. M. Mr. Beddome.

Christian Love. Gal. iii. 28. 1 LET

patyristians world verspread: Gentile and Jew, and bond and free,

Are one in Christ their head. 2 Among the saints of earth,

Let mutual love be found;
Heirs of the same inheritance,

With mutual blessings crown'd. 3 Let Envy, child of hell!

Be banish'd far away;
Those should in strictest friendship dwell

Who the same Lord obey. 4 Thus will the church below

Resemble that above,
Where streams of pleasure ever flow,
And ev'ry heart is love.
384. S. M. Mr. John Fawcett.

Love to the Saints. "I !

The heirs of bliss divine,
Who walk in paths of righteousness, Р

And fly from ev'ry sin,

2 They will my faults reprove,

When heedlessly I err;
How do I prize their faithful love,

Their kind and tender care! 3 They Jesu's image bear:

How lovely is the sight;
They shall at length with'him appear

In everlasting light.
4 They love the Father's name,

And gladly do his will;
They humbly follow Christ the Lamb

In purity and zeal.
5 Their footsteps I'll pursue

With vigour till I die: Rejoicing in the pleasing view

Of meeting them on high. 6 It is a sweet employ,

To join in worship here;
But how divine must be the joy
To see each other there!"

385. L. M. Dr. Watts.
Watchfulness and brotherly Love.

Psalin cxli. 2-5. "My Gires acceptguincease in thine house :

And let my nightly worship rise,

Sweet as the evening sacritice. in Watch o'er my lips, and guard them, Lord,

From ev'ry rash and heedless word;
Nor let my feet incline to tread

The guilty paths where sinners lead. 3 O may the righteous, when I stray,

Smite and reprove my wand'ring way!
Their gentle words, like ointment shed,

Shall never bruise but cheer my head. 4 When I behold them prest with grief,

I'll cry to heav'n for their relief;
And by iny warm petitious prove
How much I prize their faithful love.
386. S. M. Mr. John Fawcett.

Brotherly Love.
1 BLEST be the tie that biods

Our hearts in christian love;
The fellowship of kindred minda

Is like to that above..

2 Before our Father's throne

We pour our ardent pray’rs;
Our fears, our hopes, our aims are on

Our comforts and our cares. 3 We share our mutual woes,

Our mutual burdens bear:
And often, for each other, flows

The sympathizing tear. 4 When we asunder part,

It gives us inward pain;
But we shall still be join'd in heart,

And hope to ineet again. 5 This glorions hope revives

Our courage by the way; While each in expectation lives,

And longs to see the day. 6 From sorrow, toil, and pain,

And sin we shall be free;
And perfect love and friendship reign
Through all eternity.

387. C. M.
At the parting of Christian Friends.
I PLEST be the dear uniting love,

That would not let us part! Although our bodies sep’rate move,

Still we are join'd in heart. 2 Join'd in one spirit to our head,

Where he appoints we go: And still in Jesu's footsteps tread,

And do his work below. 3 O let us ever walk in him,

And nothing know beside; Nothing desire, nothing esteem,

Like Jesus crucify'd. 4 Closer and closer let us cleave

To his belov'd embrace; Till all his fulness we receive,

And see him face to face. 5 Partakers of the Saviour's grace,

The same in mind and heart;' Nor joy, nor grief, nor time, por place,

Nor life por death shall part. 60 let us keep in view the day

Which shall our flesh restore, When death shall all be done away,

And bodies part no more.

388. L. M. Dr. Doddridge. The Christian Farewell. 2 Cor. xiii. 11. * T Wigresence, everlasting God,

Wide o'er all nature spreads abroad; Thy watchful eyes, which cannot sleep,

In every place thy children keep. 9 While near each other we remain,

Thou dost our lives and souls sustain;
When absent, happy if we share

Thy smiles, thy counsels, and thy care. 3 To thee we all our ways commit,

And seek our comforts near thy seat;
Still on our souls vouchsafe to shine,

And guard, and guide us still as thine. 4 Give us in thy beloved honse,

Again to pay our thankful vows;
Or, if that joy no more be known,
Give us to meet around thy throne.

389. C. M. Dr. Doddridge. Love to our Enemies from the Example of

Christ. Luke xxiii. 34. Matt. v. 44. 1

Christ to his murd'rers bare!
Which made the tort'ring cross its throne

And hang its trophies there.
2“ Father, forgive!" bis mercy cried,

With his expiring breath,
And drew eternal blessings down

On those who wrought his death. 3 Jesus, this wondrous love we sing,

And, whilst we sing, admire;
Breathe on our souls, and kindle there,

The same celestial five!
4 Sway'd by thy dear example, we

For our worst foes will pray :
With love, their hatred, and their curse,
With blessings will repay.

390. C. M. Dr. Watts.

The Same. Psalm cix. 1-5. 31. iGO

OD of my mercy and my praise,
T Thy glory is my song;
Though sinners speak against thy grace

With a blaspheming tongue.
9 When in the form of mortal man

Thy Son on earth was found,

ALOhrist we his entire were bare grace

With cruel slanders, false and vain,

They compass'd him around. 3 Their mis'ries his compassion move,

Their peace be still pursu'd; They render hatred for his love,

And evil for his good.
4 Their malice rag'd without a cause !

Yet, with his dying breath,
He pray'd for murd'rers on the cross,

And blest his foes in death.
5 Lord, shall thy bright example shine

In vain before my eyes? Give me a soul akin to thine,

To love my enemies.
6 The Lord shall on my side engage,

And in my Saviour's name
I shall defeat their pride and rage,
Who slander and condemn.

391. L. M. Mr. Brown.

Love to all Mankind. 10

GOD, my Saviour and my King,

Of all I have, or hope, the spring!
Send down thy spirit from above,
And warm my heart with holy love.
2 With pity let my breast o'erflow,

When I behold a wretch in woe,
And bear a sympathizing part

With all who are of heavy heart.
3 And when another's prosp'rous state

Shall joy within himself create,
Let me too in his triumph join,
And count his peace and pleasure mine.
4 Yea, should my neighbour spiteful prove,

Still let me vanquish spite with love;
Slow to resent, though he would grieve,

But always ready to forgive.
5 Let love in all my conduct shine,
An image fair, though faint, of thine
Let me thine humble foll’wer prove,
Father of grace, and God of love!

392. L. M. Dr. Watts. The universal Rule of Equity. Matt. vii, 12 1 LESSED Redeemer, bow divine,

How righteous is this Rule of thinel

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