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No. 925—Vol. XVIII.

SEPTEMBER 30, 1854.



VICE-CHANCELLOR Wood's COURT. Holman o. Loynes.-(Attorney purchasing from Client Hudson o. Carmichael.-(Husband and Wife-Wife's -Attorney in hâc re)..


Right to be recouped for a charge during her COURT OF APPEAL IN CHANCERY.

Coverture upon her separate Estate)....

851 Sherwin o. Shakspeare.-(Vendor and Purchaser-In- Harrod v. Harrod.—(Marriage Contract- Mental Ca. terest on Purchase Money-Vendor in Possession

pacity-Practice as to directing an Issue)

853 - Account of Rent as against-Allowance of neces.

COURT OF Queen's Bench. sary Repairs-Decree- Allowance of Income Tax in respect of Occupation Rent)

Gurney v. Bebrend.-(Bill of Lading- Bills of Ex843

change drawn for Price of Cargo-Forwarded Rolls COURT. separately-Stoppage in Transitu)..

856 Byam o. Sutton.-(Charge of Annuity on Real Estate

The Linnean Society of London, Apps., The Church. - Charge upon Corpus-Annuitant Owner of Life

wardens and Overseers of St. Ann, Westminster, Estate-Merger)..


Resps.—(Poor-rate — “Linnean Society—Pur. VICE-CHANCELLOR STUART's Court.

poses of Science exclusively-Annual voluntary Cooke •. Wagster.-(Will - Construction " Ready

Contributions—6 & 7 Vict. c. 36, 8. 1-Librarian Money," what passes under)... 849 and Housekeeper-Porter).....


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on conviction before two justices, be adjudged to pay The Scale of Charges for Advertisements will in future be a penalty not exceeding 5001., or to be imprisoned for as follows :

£ 8. d. twelve months, with or without hard labour. (Sect. 4). For 2 lines or under

0 2 0

The wording of this and other sections shews how care3

0 2 6
0 3 0

fully the Legislature have to deal with the class of per

0 3 6 sons against whom the act is directed, so as to prevent 6

0 4 0 escape from its provisions. In furtherance of the obAnd so on, at the rate of 6d. per line.

ject of the act, persons found in a place entered under A discount, proportioned to the number of repetitions, a warrant or order (granted by virtue of the 8 & 9 will be allowed upon all Advertisements ordered for three or more insertions.

Vict. c. 109) may be required to be examined on oath

touching unlawful gaming in the house, or obstructing LONDON, SEPTEMBER 30, 1854. the entry of the officers, and shall not be excused from

answering on the ground that their evidence may cri. In continuing our review of the statutes of practical minate themselves, and may be committed for conimportance passed during the last session, we come to tempt if they will not be sworn or answer. If, how. one for the suppression of gaming-houses, (17 & 18 Vict. ever, they make a true and faithful discovery, to the c. 38), which has been in force since the 1st August best of their knowledge, they are to receive a certifilast. Owing to the dexterity with which the imple- cate to that effect, which will indemnify them against ments of gaming were disposed of before the police proceedings. (Sect. 6). The remaining sections (sects. could enter the room, the former law, requiring that 7—15) relate to the mode of enforcing and appropriating they should be found on the premises, had become a the penalties, the substitution of an informer (if necesdead letter, and it is consequently now enacted that sary) for the one who laid the information, the giving any person who wilfully obstructs or endeavours to an appeal, the taking away of the certiorari, and the obstruct the entrance of an officer authorised to enter protection of persons acting under the act. gaming-houses shall be liable to a penalty not exceed- Ecclesiastical Courts, (178 18 Vict. c. 47).-Witnesses ing 1001., or to imprisonment for six months; and if may be summoned and examined herein vivâ voce as such officer be obstructed, or the means of obstruction, well as by deposition, and notes of such evidence shall or the instruments of gaming, or means for concealing be taken down in writing by some officer of the court or destroying the same, be found on the premises, it or person directed by the court to do so. shall be primâ facie evidence of the place being a com- Admiralty Courts. It was lately decided in Reg. v. mon gaming-house, and of the persons found there Stone (17 Jur., part 1, p. 1106) that commissioners to having been unlawfully playing. (Sects. 1, 2). Any administer oaths in Chancery had no power to admiperson found therein refusing to give his name and ad- nister oaths in the High Court of Admiralty, although dress, or giving a false one, is liable to a penalty not it had long been the practice to do so, and therefore exceeding 501., or a month's imprisonment. (Sect. 3). that perjury could not be assigned on an oath so The owner, occupier, or keeper of the place using it taken. This is now altered, and further pro ision 3 for the purpose of unlawful gaming, or knowing it to made for the taking of oaths in that court. be so used, or advancing money for such purpose, may, Vict. c. 78, ss. 3–12). The remaining EVol. XVIII.


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13—23) relate to the procedure in the court, and to sell the animal openly at any public market (after the payment of fees by stamps.

three days' public printed notice thereof) for the best Friendly Societies are again legislated for by two price, and pay himself the expenses of the sale out of statutes, (17 & 18 Vict. cc. 56, 101). The former re- the proceeds, rendering the surplus (if any) to the lates only to such as grant policies of assurance payable owner. (Sect. 1). No person after the 1st January, at death for sums exceeding 10001., which are no longer 1855, is to use any dog for the purpose of drawing a to be friendly societies, nor to be affected hy acts passed cart, carriage, truck, or barrow on any public highway in the last or in future sessions relating thereto. No in any part of the United Kingdom, under a penalty of exemption from stamp duties is to extend to such 40s. “ Animal” is to mean any domestic animal, societies, and they are not to assure in favour of nomi- whether a quadruped or not. (Sects. 2, 3). nees, but only of the person assuring, or his executors, administrators, or assigns; but they may effect the PUBLIC GENERAL STATUTES. objects allowed by their rules, and all legal assurances. Provision is made for the investment of the funds of

17 & 18 VICTORIÆ.-Session 2. such societies, but they are not to invest in savings banks, or with the Commissioners for the Reduction of

(Continued from p. 340). the National Debt; they may purchase and hold build

CAP. LXXV. ings for offices; the attendance of witnesses before An Act to remove Doubts concerning the due Acknowledg. arbitrators under their rules may be enforced. The

Deeds by Married Women in certain Cases. act is to extend to Great Britain and Ireland, and the

[7th August, 1854.] islands of Guernsey, Jersey, and Man, and may be cited Sect. 1. Acknowledgment of Deed not impeachable by reason “ The Friendly Societies Discharge Act, 1854.”

only of Party before whom same was taken being (Sects. 1-10).

interested. The second act merely continues stat. 13 & 14 Vict. 2. Staying Proceedings for quashing Certificate of Ac. c. 115, and enacts, that all transcripts of the rules of

knowledgment. friendly societies, now filed with the rolls of the sessions 3. Court of Common Pleas may make Rules for pre. of the peace, shall be taken off the file and sent to the

venting Commissioners who are interested from registrars, who shall keep the same, as directed by one

taking Acknowledgments. of the Secretaries of State.

Whereas by the act passed in the session of Parliament Parliament.--Sheriffs of counties are to be returning holden in the 3 & 4 Will. 4, c. 74, " for the Abolition of officers for parliamentary electors in boroughs situate Fines and Recoveries, and for the Substitution of more simple in such counties where the office of returning officer is Modes of Assurance," it is provided that every deed to be vacant. (17 & 18 Vict. c. 57).

executed by a married woman for any of the purposes thereof, The laws relating to bribery, treating, and undue except such as may be executed by her in the character of pro. influence at parliamentary elections are consolidated tector, for the sole purpose of giving her consent to the dis. and amended by the 17 & 18 Vict. c. 102, which, how- position of a tenant in tail

, shall, upon her executing the same ever, is to be in force only for one year. (Sect. 39). act and deed before a judge of one of the superior courts at

or afterwards, be produced and acknowledged by her as her By this act, bribery, treating, and undue infuence are defined, and their penal consequences declared. Pay- perpetual commissioners, or two special commissioners to be

Westminster, or a master in Chancery, or before two of the ments made by a candidate or his agent for cockades, respectively appointed as therein provided, and a certificate of ribbons, or other mark of distinction, or for chairing, the taking of such acknowledgment is thereby directed to be bands of music, or flags or banners, at an election, are lodged with some officer of the Court of Common Pleas at declared to be illegal. (Sects. 1—7). Voters are not Westminster, who is directed, after satisfying himself that the compellable to serve as special constables at elections. requisitions of the said act have been complied with in manner (Sect. 8). No indictment for bribery or undue in- therein mentioned, to cause the said certificate to be filed of Àuence is to be tried at quarter sessions. (Sect. 10). record in the said Court of Common Pleas : and whereas it is Auditors of election expenses are to be annually ap- apprehended that deeds executed by married women under the pointed. Persons having claims on a candidate in provisions of the said act may be liable to be invalidated by respect of elections must send in their bills to such the circumstance that the judge, or master in Chancery, or one candidates or their agents within a month from the

or both of the commissioners, taking the acknowledgment, may day of the declaration of the election, otherwise their be or may have been interested or concerned, either as a party claims are to be barred. In case of the death of the knowledgment, and it is not expedient that deeds executed in

or otherwise, in the transaction giving occasion for such ac. creditor the time is extended. The bills are to be good faith under such circumstances should be invalidated : be sent by the candidates to the election auditor, through it therefore enacted &c. as follows :whom payment is to be made, and who is to pub

Sect. 1. No deed which has been acknowledged or which lish an abstract of the accounts in some newspaper shall hereafter be acknowledged by a married woman before s of the county or borough. The candidate, however, judge of one of the superior courts of Westminster, or a masmay pay his own personal expenses, and the expenses ter in Chancery, or before two of the perpetual commissioners, of advertising. No refreshment, or money or ticket to or two special commissioners appointed as by the said act is obtain it, is to be given to any voter, by the candidates required, shall be impeached or impeachable, at any time after or their agents, on the day of nomination or day of the certificate of such acknowledgment has been filed of record polling, under a penalty of 21. for each offence. Before in the Court of Common Pleas at Westminster, by reason only the nomination each candidate is to give to the election that such judge, or master in Chancery, or such commissioners, auditor in writing the names of his agents, who alone or either of them, was or were interested or concerned, either are to have authority to expend money or incur ex

as a party or parties, or as attorney or solicitor, or clerk to penses on his behalf. Among the acts repealed is stat. the transaction giving occasion for such acknowledgment.

the attorney or solicitor of one of the parties, or otherwise, in 7 & 8 Geo. 4, c. 37, which disqualified persons employed at an election, as counsel, attorney, agent, or

2. Provided, that if any proceeding instituted before the 13th in any other capacity, from voting. (Sects. 15—34).

July, 1854, in the said Court of Common Pleas, for the pur. The prevention of cruelty to animals is sought to be pose of quasbing, or taking off the file of records of the said rendered more effectual by the stat. 17 & 18 Vict. c. 60, married woman, on the ground that such judge, or master in

court, any certificate of an acknowledgment of a deed by : whereby every person impounding, or confining any Chancery, or either of such commissioners, was interested ar animal, and supplying it with food and water, may concerned as aforesaid, shall be pending at the passing of this recover from the owner not exceeding double the value act, it shall be lawful for the said Court to proceed with and of such food and water, or after seven clear days may I dispose of the same as if this act had not passed, except that

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if the said Court shall be satisfied that any person or persons person; and every such warrant or writing as aforesaid under acting bonâ fide has or have been induced by the terms of the her Majesty's royal sign-manual which may have been hereto. orders made by the said Court in Hilary Term, 1834, to ac- fore countersigned by such president shall not be deemed to knowledge, or to accept a title depending on the acknowledg- have required any other counter-signature or verification. ment of, any deed or deeds before commissioners, one of whom 2. During any vacancy in the office of President of the may have been interested or concerned as aforesaid, the said Board of Commissioners for the Affairs of India, any warrant Court may refuse to permit the certificate to be quashed or or writing required under this act or otherwise to be countertaken off the file, on such terms as to the payment of costs and signed by such president shall be countersigned by one of her expenses as the said Court shall think fit to make.

Majesty's Principal Secretaries of State. 3. The Court of Common Pleas may from time to time 3. It shall be lawful for the Governor-General of India in make any rules wbich to them may seem fit for preventing any Council, with the sanction and approbation of the Court of commissioners interested or concerned as aforesaid from taking Directors of the East India Company, acting under the control any acknowledgment under the said recited act, anything here- and direction of the Board of Commissioners for the Affairs of in contained to the contrary notwithstanding, so nevertheless India, from time to time, by proclamation duly published, to that no such rule shall make invalid any acknowledgment after take under the immediate authority and management of the the certificate shall have been filed of record as aforesaid. said Governor-General of India in Council any part or parts

of the territories for the time being in the possession or under CAP. LXXVI.

the government of the said company, and thereupon to give An Act for the Formation, Regulation, and Government of all necessary orders and directions respecting the administraConvict Prisons in Ireland. [7th August, 1854.] tion of such part or parts of the said territories, or otherwise

to provide for the administration thereof: provided always, CAP. LXXVII.

that no law or regulation in force at any such time as regards An Act to provide for the Mode of passing Letters-patent and any such portion of territory shall be altered or repealed except

other Acts of the Crown relating to India, and for vesting by law or regulation made by the Governor-General of India certain Powers in the Governor-General of India in Council. in Council.

[7th August, 1854.)

4. It shall be lawful for the said Governor-General of India Sect. 1. Warrants, 8c. under Royal Sign-manual relating in Council, with the like sanction and approbation, from time

to India to be countersigned by President of Board to time to declare and limit the extent of the authority of the of Control.

Governor in Council, Governor, or Lieutenant-Governor of 2. If Office of President vacant, then by Secretary of Bengal, or of Agra, or the North-west Provinces, who is now State.

or may be hereafter appointed. 3. The immediate Government of any part of the Indian Territories may be rested in the Governor- the Governor in Council, or Governor of the Presidency of

5. All powers now or at any time vested in or exercised by General of India in Council.

Fort William, in Bengal, or in or by the Governor-General of 4. Gorernor-General may limit the Powers of Gover

India in Council, in respect of such presidency, and which for nors herein named.

the time being shall not have been transferred to the Governor 5. Powers of Governor-General as Gorernor of Bengal in Council, Governor, or Lieutenant-Governor of Bengal, or transferred to the Governor of India in Council.

of Agra, or the North-west Provinces, shall be vested in and 6. Past Acts declared valid.

may be exercised by the Governor-General of India in Council, 7. Interpretation.

and the Governor-General of India shall no longer be the 8. Act to be construed with the 16 & 17 Vict. c. 95.

Governor of the said Presidency of Fort William, in Bengal. Whereas doubts may arise as to the mode of passing letters. 6. All acts of the Governor-General of India, or of the patent and other acts of the Crown relating to India in certain Governor. General of India in Council, done before the com. cases where her Majesty's pleasure is to be signified under her mencement of this act, in respect to the Presidency of Fort royal sign-manual, and it is expedient to remove such doubts, William, in Bengal, sball be as good and valid, and of the same and to provide an uniform mode of proceeding in such cases : force and effect, as if done by the Governor of the said Preand whereas it is expedient to provide for the administration sidency. by the Governor-General of India in Council of such parts of

7. In the construction of this act, “ India" shall be conthe territories for the time being under the government of the strued to mean the territories for the time being in the possesEast India Company as it may not be advisable to include sion and under the government of the East India Company. inany presidency or lieutenant-governorship, and to vest in such Governor-General of India in Council the powers now

8. This act shall be read and construed as part of the act of rested in the Governor of the Presidency of Fort William, in the last session of Parliament, c. 95. Bengal : be it enacted &c. as follows :Sect. I. Whenever it shall please her Majesty to cause let.

CAP. LXXVIII. ters-patent to be issued under the Great Seal of the United An Act to appoint Persons to administer Oaths, and to substi. Kingdom for the nomination or appointment of any person to tute Stamps in lieu of Fees, and for other Purposes, in the any office in India, or to any office relating to the government High Court of Admiralty of England. thereof, or for any other purpose whatsoever relating to India,

[7th August, 1854.] the warrant under her Majesty's royal sign-manual for causing Sect. 1. Short Title. such letters-patent to be passed under the Great Seal shall be 2. Commencement of Act. countersigned by the President of the Board of Commissioners 3. Judge of Admiralty may appoint Solicitors and No. for the Affairs of India, and by no other person, and shall be

taries to administer Oaths, &c. sealed with the privy seal, for which sealing such royal sign- 4. Commissioner's Appointment to bear a Stamp of 11. manual so countersigned shall be sufficient warrant to the Lord 5. Personal Answers may be taken without a CommisKeeper of the Privy Seal, and such warrant under the royal

sion. sign-manual, so countersigned and sealed as aforesaid, shall be 6. Commission for Eramination of Witnesses dispensed a sufficient authority to the Lord High Chancellor, or Lord

with, and Examiners empowered to administer Keeper or Lords Commissioners of the Great Seal of the

Oaths. United Kingdom, for passing letters-patent under such Great 7. Answers, Affidavits, &c., how to be sworn and taken Seal, according to the tenor of the same warrant; and when

in England and Wales. ever her Majesty's royal sign-manual is or may be required to 8. Answers, Affidavits, &c., how to be sworn and taken any warrant or writing for the appointment or removal of any

out of England and Wales. person to or from any office in India, or any office relating 9. Penalty for false swearing, &c. to the government thereof, or is or may be required to any 10. Penalty for forging Signature or Seal of Judge, &c. warrant or writing for the purpose of signifying her Majesty's

empowered to administer Oaths under this Act. approbation or consent to any appointment or removal to or 11. Power to appoint Persons under special Circumfrom any such office, or for any other purpose whatsoever

stances to administer Oaths, &c. relating to India, such warrant or writing shall be counter- 12. Power of Judge to issue Commissions as heretofore, signed by the president of the said board, and by no other

to administer Oaths, &c.


13. Power to Court to proceed by Way of Monition. Majesty's dominions ; and the judge and other officers of the 14. Her Majesty may by Order in Council vary, alter, said High Court of Admiralty shall take judicial notice of the

or abolish Fees, and provide for their Collection by seal or signature, as the case may be, of any such judge, court, Slamps.

magistrate, notary public, person, consul, or vice-consul at. 15. After such Order, Fees not to be received in Money, tached, appended, or subscribed to any such answers, exami. but by means of Stamps.

nations, affidavits, depositions on oath, declaratioos, affirma. 16. Commissioners of Inland Revenue to give the neces. tions, and attestations, or the documents to be used in the said

sary Directions as to the Stamps, and to keep court.
separate Accounts.

9. All persons swearing, declaring, affirming, or attesting 17. Provision for Sale of Stamps.

before any person authorised by this act to administer oatbs 18. Commissioners of Inland Revenue may make Regu- and take declarations, affirmations, and attestations, shall be

lations as to Allowance for spoiled Stamps. liable to all such penalties, punishments, and consequences for 19. Provisions of former Acts relating to Stamps to be any wilful and corrupt false swearing, declaring, affirming, or applicable to Stamps under this Act.

attesting contained therein, as if the matter sworn, declared, 20. No Document to be received or used unless stamped. affirmed, or attested had been sworn, declared, afirmed, or 21. Officers guilty of Fraud or wilful Neglect in rela. attested before any court or person now by law authorised to tion to Stamps liable to be dismissed.

administer oaths and take declarations, affirmations, and attes22. Power to Treasury to order Pensions for retiring tations. Officers.

10. If any person shall forge the signature or the official 23. Provisions to extend to Instance, Prize, and other seal of any such commissioner, judge, court, magistrate, notary Matters.

public, or other person lawfully authorised to administer oaths Whereas doubts have arisen whether the “ Commissioners and take declarations, affirmations, or attestations under this to administer Oaths in Chancery" may lawfully administer act, or shall tender in evidence any answers, esamination, de. oaths, or take declarations, affirmations, or attestations, in the position on oath, declaration, affirmation, attestation, or other High Court of Admiralty of England : and wbereas it is ex

judicial or official document, with a false or counterfeit signa. pedient that fit and proper persons should be forthwith

ture or seal of any such commissioner, judge, court, magis.

ap• pointed for such purposes; and it is also expedient to provide trate, notary public, or other person authorised as aforesaid, for the collection of the fees payable in relation to proceedings attached or appended thereto, knowing the same signature of in the said court by means of stamps to be provided and used guilty of felony, and shall be liable to the same punishment 23

seal to be false or counterfeit, every such person shall be for the purpose : be it enacted, &c. as follows:Sect. 1. This act may for all purposes be cited as “The any offender under an act passed in the 8 & 9 Vict., intituled

An Act to facilitate the Admission in Evidence of certain Admiralty Court Act, 1854.”

official and other Documents." 2. This act shall come into operation on the 1st day of 11. The judge of the High Court of Admiralty of England August, 1854.

may, whenever it shall appear to him necessary so to do, 203. It shall be lawful for the judge of the High Court of thorise any person to administer oaths and to take affidavits, Admiralty of England, and he is hereby empowered, from time depositions on oath, declarations, affirmations, and attestations to time, and as and when he may think fit, to appoint any per during the time such person shall be on the high seas, or if son practising as a proctor, solicitor, or notary public in any any place not within her Majesty's dominions, in or relating to part of England and Wales to administer oaths and tate de prize proceedings in the said court, and it shall not be necesclarations, affirmations, and attestations in or relating to any sary to affix any stamp to the fiat or document by which any matter, suit, or proceeding in the High Court of Admiralty of such person shall be appointed. England ; and such persons shall be styled • Commissioners 12. Nothing herein contained shall abridge or lessen the to administer Oaths in Admiralty," and shall be entitled to power of the judge of the said High Court of Admiralty of charge and take a fee of ls. 6d. for every oath administered by England, as it now exists, to issue commissions as heretofore, them, and for every declaration, affirmation, and attestation and to appoint fit persons to administer oaths, take affidavits, taken by them, subject to any order of the judge of the said depositions on oath, declarations, affirmations, and attestations, court varying or annulling the same.

and generally to execute any commissions, nor shall affect in 4. The fiat or document by which any such commissioner any manner the power of the judge or surrogates of the said shall be appointed shall bear a stamp of Il., and it shall not be court to administer oaths and take affidavits, depositions on necessary that any such appointment should be published in oath, declarations, affirmations, and attestations as heretofore, the London Gazette.

in or relating to any matter, suit, or proceeding in the said 5. It shall not be necessary to sue out any commission to take the personal answers of any party in any matter, suit, or 13. In all cases in which a party has a cause or right of action proceeding in the said court; and any such answers may be in the High Court of Admiralty of England against any ship, or filed without any further or other formality than is required in freight, goods, or other effects whatever, it shall not be neces. the swearing and filing of an affidavit.

sary to the institution of the suit for such person to sue out a 6. It shall not be necessary to sue out any commission for warrant for the arrest thereof, but it shall be competent to him the examination of any witnesses in any matter, suit, or proto proceed by way of monition, citing the owner or owners of ceeding in the said court; and any examiner appointed by any such ship, freight, goods, or other effects to appear and defend order of the said court shall have the like power of adminis. the suit, and upon satisfactory proof being given that the said tering oaths as commissioners now have under commissions monition has been personally served upon such owner or issued by the court for the examination of witnesses.

owners, the said court may proceed to hear and determine the 7. All answers, examinations, affidavits, depositions on suit, and may make such order in the premises as to it shall oath, declarations, affirmations, and attestations in or relating seem right. to any matter, suit, or proceeding in the said High Court of 14. Her Majesty may by Order in Council from time to Admiralty shall and may be sworn and taken in England and time vary, alter, or abolish all or any of the fees payable in Wales before any such commissioner appointed as aforesaid, or relation to proceedings in the High Court of Admiralty of before any magistrate or justice of the peace, or before any England, and may substitute one or more fee or fees in lieu commissioner to administer oaths in Chancery.

thereof, and may direct that all or any of such fees shall, from 8. All answers, examinations, affidavits, depositions on a day to be named in such order and thenceforth, be collected oath, declarations, affirmations, and attestations in or relating by means of stamps, to be provided and used in manner hereinto any matter, suit, or proceeding in the said High Court of after mentioned. Admiralty of England shall and may be sworn and taken in 15. From and after the day named in such order the fees Scotland or Ireland, or the Isle of Man, or the Channel directed by such order to be received by stamps shall not be Islands, or any of them, or in any colony, island, plantation, received in money, but by a stamp denoting the amount of the or place under the dominion of ber Majesty in foreign parts, fee which otherwise would be payable ; and where any fee shall before any judge, court, magistrate, notary public, or person be payable in respect of any document, such stamp shall, at the lawfully authorised to administer oaths in such country, island, expense of the party liable to pay, and in such manner and or plantation, or place respectively, or before any of her Mas under such regulations as shall by any order of the judge of the jesty's consuls or vice-consuls in any foreign parts out of her said court be directed, be stamped or affixed on the rellum,

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c. 24.

parchment, or paper on which the proceeding in respect him from the due execution of his office, or shall be desirous of xbereof such fee is payable is written, printed, or ingrossed, resigning the same, a superannuation or allowance; and in or which may be otherwise used in reference to such pro ascertaining and awarding the amount of such superannuation ceeding.

or allowance, the said commissioners shall proceed according 16. The Commissioners of Inland Revenue shall from time to the principles laid down in the act of the 4 & 5 Will. 4, to time, and as occasion shall require, give the necessary direc. tions for carrying the same into effect, and shall provide every- 23. Except where it shall be otherwise expressed, the pro

thing that is requisite for that purpose, and shall do or cause visions of this act shall apply to all instance, prize, and other to be done everything that is necessary for the receipt and col. matters, suits, and proceedings of which the High Court of lection of the money to be paid for such stamps, and the said Admiralty may legally take cognisance. commissioners shall cause separate and distinct accounts to be

(To be continued). kept of all sums of money received or collected by them in respect of the sale of such stamps, and of all costs, charges, and expenses incurred by them, or by their direction, in carrying

London Gazettes. the same into effect. 17. The Commissioners of Inland Revenue may, if they

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 22. think it necessary to do so, authorise proper persons for the sale and distribution of all or any of the stamps to be used

BANKRUPTS. under this act, and may allow to such persons the usual or cus. JAMES SANDERS, late of Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire, tomary discount or poundage thereon.

confectioner and wine merchant, but now of Paddington18. The Commissioners of Inland Revenue shall from time green, Middlesex, corn dealer, dealer and chapman, Oct. 5 to time make such regulations as they shall think fit for the at 11, and Nov. 9 at 12, Court of Bankruptcy, London: allowance of such stamps issued under the provisions of this Off. Ass. Bell; Sol. Hubbard, Bucklersbury.- Petition filed act as may have been spoiled or rendered useless or unfit for Sept. 20. the purpose intended, or for which the owner may have no WILLIAM ROBINSON, Church-row, Limehouse, Middleimmediate use, or which through mistake or inadvertence may sex, late of Liverpool, shipowner, but now a prisoner for bave been improperly or unnecessarily used, and such allow- debt in the Queen's Prison, Surrey, Oct. 4 and Nov. 2 at ance shall be made either by giving other stamps in lieu of the 1, Court of Bankruptcy, London : Off. Ass. Johnson ; Sol. stamps so allowed, or by repaying the amount or value to the Strong, 44, Jewin-st., Cripplegate.- Petition filed Sept. 16. owner or holder thereof, after deducting the discount or pound- JONATHAN SMART, Saffron Walden, Essex, cabinet age (if any) allowed on stamps of the like kind.

maker, upholsterer, and ironmonger, dealer and chapman, 19. The provisions contained in the several acts for the time Oct. 2 at 2, and Nov. 7 at 1, Court of Bankruptcy, Lon. being in force relating to stamps under the care or manage- don: Off. Ass. Lee; Sols. W. & R. D. Thurgood, Saffron ment of the Commissioners of Inland Revenue shall, (so far as Walden, Essex ; Sharpe & Co., 41, Bedford-row, London. the same are applicable and consistent with the provisions of --Petition filed Sept. 19. this act), in all cases not hereby expressly provided for, be of CHARLES HICKMAN, High-road, Knightsbridge, Mid. full force and effect with respect to the stamps to be provided dlesex, licensed victualler, dealer and chapman, Oct. 2 at under or by virtue of this act, and to the vellum, parchment, half.past 1, and Nov. 7 at 2, Court of Bankruptcy, Lon. or paper on or to which the same stamps shall be impressed don: Off. Ass. Lee; Sol. Stubbs, 46, Moorgate-street, or affixed, and be applied and put in execution for collecting London.-Petition filed Sept. 20. and securing the sums of money denoted thereby, and for pre- WILLIAM WEST, London-terrace, Hackney-road, Mid. venting, detecting, and punishing all frauds, forgeries, and dlesex, linendraper, dealer and chapman, Oct. 2 at half-past other offences relating thereto, as fully and effectually to all 2, and Nov. 7 at half-past Court of Bankruptcy, London: intents and purposes as if such provisions had been herein re- Off. Ass. Edwards ; Sol. Archer, 2, Church-court, Clepeated and specially enacted with reference to the said last- ment's-lane, London.- Petition filed Sept. 20. mentioned stamps and sums of money respectively.

JOSEPH CAWLEY, Michael's-place, Brompton, Middle20. No document which by any order as aforesaid ought to sex, upholsterer, Oct. 2 at half-past 12, and Nov. 14 at 12, bave had a stamp impressed thereon or affixed thereto shall be Court of Bankruptcy, London: Off. Ass. Edwards; Sol. received or filed or be used in relation to any proceeding in Kinsey, 20, Bloomsbury-square, London. - Petition filed the High Court of Admiralty, or be of any validity for any

Sept. 20. purpose whatsoever, unless or until the same shall bave a stamp HENRY BASIL BRAY, Coventry, Warwickshire, grocer, impressed thereon or affixed thereto in the manner directed by dealer and chapman, Oct. 6 and 26 at half-past 10, District soch order : provided always, that if at any time it shall ap- Court of Bankruptcy, Birmingham: Off. Ass. Bittleston ; pear that any such document wbich ought to bave had a stamp Sols. Motteram & Knight, Birmingham; Sturmy & Co., impressed thereon or affixed thereto has, through mistake or 14, Philpot-lane, London.-Petition dated Sept. 9. inadvertence, been received or filed or used without having such JOSEPH WHITMORE, Leicester, woolstapler, dealer and stamp impressed thereon or affixed thereto, the judge of the said chapman, Oct. 3 and 31 at 10, District Court of Bankcourt may, if he sball think fit, order that a stamp, not exceeding ruptcy, Nottingham : Off. Ass. Harris; Sols. Palmer & in value four times the amount of such original stamp, sball be Billson, Leicester; Motteram & Knight, Birmingham.impressed thereon or affixed thereto; and thereupon, when the Petition dated Sept. 8. proper stamp shall, in compliance with such order, have been WILLIAM CLARKE, Gloucester, licensed victualler, Oct. impressed on such document or affixed thereto, such docu- 3 and 31 at 11, District Court of Bankruptcy, Bristol : ment, and every proceeding in reference thereto, shall be as Off. Ass. Miller; Sol. Lovegrove, Gloucester.--Petition valid and effectual as if such stamp bad been impressed thereon filed Sept. 20. or affixed thereto in the first instance.

MICHAEL AUSTIN STUDDEN, Launceston, Cornwall, 21. If any officer of the High Court of Admiralty, or other gas manufacturer and leather merchant, Oct. 3 and 26 at 1, person, shall do or commit or connive at any fraudulent act or District Court of Bankruptcy, Exeter : Off. Ass. Hirtzel; practice in relation to any stamp to be used under the provi. Sol. Turner, Exeter.— Petition filed Sept. 19. sions of this act, or to any fee or sum of money to be collected FREDERICK KERSHAW, Sheffield, Yorkshire, builder, or which ought to be collected by means of any such stamp, or Oct. 7 and Nov. 11 at 12, District Court of Bankruptcy, if any such officer or person shall be guilty of any wilful act, Sheffield : Off. Ass. Brewin; Sol. Fernell, Sheffield. Deglect, or omission in relation to any such stamp or fee as Petition dated Sept. 9. aforesaid, whereby any fee or sum of money which ought to be WILLIAM WALKER, Manchester, builder, dealer and collected shall be lost, or the payment thereof evaded, every chapman, Oct. 6 and Nov. 7 at 12, District Court of Bank. such officer or person so offending may be dismissed from his ruptcy, Manchester : Off. Ass. Fraser ; Sol. Boote, ManOffice or employment by the judge of the said court.

chester.- Petition filed Sept. 13. 22. It shall be lawful for the Commissioners of her Majesty's JOHN HARWOOD, Blackburn, Lancashire, tailor and Treasury, on the recommendation of the judge of the High draper, dealer and chapman, Oct. 5 and Nov. 8 at 12, Court of Admiralty, to order to be paid to any person now or District Court of Bankruptcy, Manchester : Off. Ass. hereafter holding any office or employment in the said court, Pott; Sol. Haigh, Huddersfield, Yorkshire.-Petition filed who shall be afflicted with some permanent infirmity disabling

Sept. 13.

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