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But as neither explanation nor example is given, welchecks, or to reserve and exercise the right of continuous pass to its effect on the relation of master and work-i inspection and control. That is the ground and the jus. man, illustrated, of course, by the contrasted example of tification of our law of unlimited liability. It is reasonLowell. We almost doubt Mr. Field's candour when able to insist, that if several persons join in a mercantile we find him adopting this puerility. In an under- undertaking, not only shall all be liable collectively peopled and improving country the bodily and mental for the full amount of the joint debts, but each shall faculties alone of an intelligent labourer are capital of be induced to exercise at least some caution in the no inconsiderable value, giving him the means and the selection of his associates and agents, by being made a desire to rise to a higher grade in society. The con- surety for them; and we think this requisition should sequence is, that in America the classes of the employers be universal, extending to the entire prohibition of and the employed melt insensibly into each other. ' privileged trading companies. Experience is not in Mr. Bancroft Davis, in his evidence before Mr. Slaney's favour of companies. Even in the case of railways we committee of 1851, said, “I can hardly conceive of are finding the advantage of substituting debenture any other state of things in America. We are all holders for subscribers, and lessees for directors No one working people there; and it is impossible for a gentle- who has compared the idleness and waste in a railway man who has not been there to comprehend the state of fitting shop with the activity and economy of a private society. The differences in condition are much less engineer's establishment can believe that society has marked than in Europe. There is less accumulated anything to gain from the encouragement of joint-stock capital, and labour becomes capital more rapidly than in companies. The discouragement of companies would an older country. If there is any one thing that distin- not give an undue advantage to large capitalists. Trade guishes the people in New England, it is that nobody is could be carried on with borrowed capital, but instead contented with his present condition; and that will of being mismanaged by directors or managers, owing account for a good many things which I cannot account their position to anything rather than their fitness for for otherwise. Everybody is struggling for something discharging its duties, it would be conducted by compebetter.” (Pp. 823, 824)." Is this a consequence of the tent men, stimulated to the most energetic and prudent law of limited liability ? No. The state of society use of their faculties hy their responsibility for the bordescribed by Mr. Davis existed before the American rowed capital, and their interest in the entire surplus revolution; the law of limited liability was first enacted profits of the undertaking. Whether at any stage in in New York in 1822, in Massachusetts in 1835, long the progress of a commercial people companies are useafter the New England States had become remarkable ful as pioneers is a question we need not discuss. The for their labouring partners. Mr. Wilkins, on whose opinion of most observing men is, that they are not authority Nr. Field relies, finds that the proportion of needed in this country and at this time. special partnerships to general partnerships and char- The law has interfered by limiting the effect of the tered companies is small. Mr. Gerard, a leading mem- general notices of carriers, by prohibiting general carber of the New York Bar, says, “ The proportion with riers from making special contracts for the carriage of us is small, as the American people are all men of bu-' goods, &c., and we think-the laissez faire “principle” siness, and take an active part in all commercial pur- notwithstanding--that it would act wisely in interfering suits.” (Field, p. 77). We are afraid that the example in other cases. It is a delusion to say that these are of Massachusetts is not worth much. They have interferences with private contracts. There is no conlegalised mandatory partnerships, which they do not tract at all in such cases. You take your passage by use; they are overrun with chartered companies, which a railway train, and are told on the back of your every one condemns; (see the opinions of MM. Troubat ticket that the company will not engage to keep their and Wolowski, cited by Mr. Field, p. 49); and they time, or be responsible for your luggage. You must obstinately retain the usury laws, which they are con- go; there is no other way; you accept the ticket. tinually evading.

This is no contract: it is duress. And generally, It is pretended that our law discourages workmen when any mercantile undertaking is started, with a from clubbing their savings in partnership, and masters large capital and limited liability, those to whom it from assisting skilful workmen to commence business. offers its custom are under duress to accept it, however There is no truth in either statement. Unlimited lia- ' much they may dislike the limit of liability; for when bility cannot be a bugbear to one who has little capital, such associations are allowed, you must either deal and puts all he has into one venture; and no country with them, or retire from business in favour of others has yet been discovered in which masters shew a desire more adventurous. The reckless debtor thus creates to help able workmen to set up for themselves. If the the reckless trader. If we were to abolish the remedy wish exists here, the relaxation of the usury laws for debts altogether, we should not destroy credit, but affords ample opportunity for combining its gratifica- only vitiate it. With the Oxford dealers in non-necestion with that of self-interest.

saries a minor is a favourite customer. “ The law converts real partners into nominal credi- The testimony of Mr. D. D. Field, of New York, tors.” The subject of credit is still the opprobrium and Professor Greenleaf, is cited in favour of the results both of science and of legislation. We do not pretend of the law in America. This does not quite agree with to have probed it to the bottom. But what is the dif- what we have cited above from Mr. Wilkins; and we ference, let us ask, between lending money at interest have heard a contrary opinion strongly expressed by and selling goods on credit? If there is no distinction very competent observers; and both in America and in between the dormant partner sharing profits and the France the proportion of reckless speculation to the lender of money taking interest, then there is none be- amount of capital is notoriously far greater than in tween the dormant partner and the dealer supplying England. goods on credit at credit prices. But the differences in Mr. Field sees mischiefs arising out of the conflict of Loth cases are vital. One is this: if you agree to share our law with the laws of other countries. A good reaprof te, you agree, or ought to agree, to have some con- son for extending the best law to every country which trol, by way of check, at least, over the management. it will suit. A creditor cannot have such control--a partner may. Mr. Field asserts that the statistics of failed unliTo trust a manager with more capital or more credit : mited liability companies, as compared with those of than belongs to his interest in the business tends to failed liability companies, prove the expediency of the make him reckless, and it is expedient that they who change; but, until he gives us the statistics, we shall trust him should be induced by an unlimited liability be excused for doubting the fact. His authority, Mr. either to surround him at the outset with sufficient : Troubat, is against him here. After stating that in



France it was proposed by certain lawyers to correct | * Cornwall-Francis Howell, Esq., Ethy, near Lostwithiel, the over-trading there attributed to the commandite

Cornwall. system, by the substitution of incorporated companies

(J. E. Buller, Esq., 56, Lincoln's-inn. with limited liability, Mr. Troubat says, (in a passage


Undershs., cited by Mr. Field), “ Had those gentlemen come to

P. Glubb, Esq., Liskeard, Cornwall. the United States about the same time, we could have

A. U. demonstrated to them, in the ruin of some scores of

Dep., J. E. Buller, 56, Lincoln's-inn-fields.

*Cumberland Thomas Alison Hoskins, Esq., Higham, near loan companies, savings funds societies, local companies,

Cockermouth. and banks, all exploded upon the principles they

Undersh., Edward Bowe Steel, Esq., Cockermouth. advocated in France, with acts of incorporation, the

Dep8., Bischoff, Coxe, & Bompas, 19, Coleman-st. blessings to be obtained from the establishment of part- Derbyshire-William Drury Lowe, Esq., Locko Park. nerships with nobody responsible” &c.

Undersh., John James Simpson, Esq., Derby. But, Mr. Field says, the popularity of limited lia

Deps., Taylor & Collisson, 28, Great James-street, bility associations in the United States, and elsewhere

Bedford-row, where they are allowed, is an experimentum crucis in Devonshire-Richard Sommers Gard, Esq., Rougemont. their favour. “ What the world for itself finds best

Undersh., Thomas Edward Drake, Esq., Exeter. in a long run is commercially the best.” Such an ex

Deps., Buckley & Philbrick, 39, Basinghall-street. perimentum crucis would prove the utility of bubble Dorsetshire-Sir Henry Oylander, Bart., Purnham House, companies, betting-houses, hells, and the like.

near Beaminster, Dorsetshire. We heartily concur in all that Mr. Field says against

Undersh., Branch Fox, Esq., Beaminster. the system of Board of Trade charters. It is a barba

Dep., George Weller, 8, King's-road, Bedford-row.

* Durham-H. J. Baker Baker, Esq., Elemore Hall, Durham. rous absurdity, and must soon be swept away; but

Undersh., Wm. Emerson Wooler, Esq., Durham. with it we would also abolish every other mode of

Deps., Pollard & Hollings, Carlton-chambers, 12, authorising participation in profits without soliditaré.


Essex—T. White, Esq., Manor House, Weathersteld, Essex. LIST OF SHERIFFS AND UNDER-SHERIFFS,

William Thomas Wade, Esq., Great WITH THEIR DEPUTIES AND AGENTS,

Undershs., Dunmow, Essex. FOR 1851.

Gepp & Veley, Chelmsford. A. U. Deps., Hawkins, Bloxam, & Hawkins, New Boswell.

court. [Note.- Warrants are not granted in town for those places *Exeter-Joseph Sheppard, Esq., Cowley House, near Exeter. marked (*). The term of office of the sheriffs, &c. for cities

Undersh., Edwin Force, Esq.,, Ca. and towns expires on the 9th November. Office hours, in

thedral yard, Exeter. Term, from 11 till 4; and in Vacation, from 11 till 3.]

Dep., W. Harris, 5, Stone-buildings, Lincoln's-inn. Bedfordshire-F. C. Polbill Turner, Esq., Howbury Hall, *Gloucestershire--John Henry Elwes, Esq., Colesborne, near Bedford.

Ezra Eagles, jun., Esq., Bedford.

Undershs., Burrup & Son, 3, Berkeley-street, Glou-
Undershs., Gustavus Thomas Taylor, 18, Feather.
stone-buildings, Holborn. A. U.

Deps., White & Sons, 11, Bedford-row. Dep., Charles Arrowsmith, jun., 10, Devonshire- *Gloucester -- Robert Heane, Esq., Gloucester. street, Queen-square.

Undersh., Thomas Smith, Esq., Gloucester. Berkshire-James Joseph Wheble, Esq., Buimershe Court,

Deps., Trinder & Eyre, 1, John-street, Bedford-row. Berkshire.

Hampshire-J. R. Ives, Esq., Bentworth Hall, near Alton. Undersh., John Jackson Blandy, Esq., Reading.

Undersh., John Markham Carter, Esq., (firm of Dep., I. S. Gregory, 1, Bedford-row.

Dunn & Co.), Alresford. Berwick-upon-Tweed -_Geo. Johnston, Esq., Berwick-upon

Deps., Braikenridge & Sons, 16, Bartlett's-buildTweed.

ings, Holborn.
Robert Douglas, Esq., Berwick-upon- | Herefordshire-- Elias Chadwick, Esq., Puddlestone Court.

Robert Horne, Esq., Berwick-upon-

Undershs., {

Thomas Sale, Esq., Leominster.

R. Underwood, Esq., Hereford. A. U. Tweed. A. U.

Dep., George P. Wilton, 1, Raymond-buildings. Dep., W. Pringle, 3, King's-road, Bedford-row. Hertfordshire-Robert Hanbury, Esq., Poles, Thundridge. * Bristol - Philip John William Miles, Esq., Bristol.

Undersh8., Longmore, Sworder, & Longmore, HertUndersh., Wm. Ody Hare, Esq., Small-st., Bristol.

ford. Deps., Bridges, Mason, & Bridges, Red Lion-square.

Deps., Hawkins, Bloxam, & Hawkins, 2, New Bos. Buckinghamshire Henry Horner, Esq., Stockgrove, Leigh

well-court. ton Buzzard.

Hunts & Camb.-George William Rowley, Esq., Priory, St.
Undersh., Edward Robert Baynes, Esq., (firm of

Neot's, Hunts.
Tindal & Baynes), Aylesbury.

Undersh., G. F. Maule, Esq., Huntingdon.
Dep., C. Cooke, 7, Lincoln's-inn-fields.

Dep., G. L. P. Eyre, 1, John-street, Bedford-row. Camb. & Hunts-George William Rowley, Esq., The Priory, Kent-Alex Glendining, Esq., Ashgrove, Sevenoaks, Kent. St. Neot's, Hunts.

Undersh., W. H. Palmer, Esq., Bedford-row. Undersh., George F. Maule, Esq., Huntingdon.

Deps., Palmer & Co., Bedford-row. Dep., G. L. P. Eyre, 1, John-street, Bedford-row. * Kingston-upon- Hull---Charles Liddell, Esq., Hull. * Canterbury-Joseph Jackson, Esq., Canterbury.

Undersh., Thomas Holden, jun., Esq., Hull. Undersh., T. Thorpe De Lasaax, Esq., Canterbury.

Deps., Hicks & Son, 5, Gray's-inn-square. Dep., J. Fluker, 10, Symond's-inn, Chancery-lane. Lancashire-Richard Fort, Esq., Read Hall, Lancashir . Cheshire-- Francis Dukinfield Palmer Astley, Esq., Dukin

Undershs., Wilson, Son, & Deacon, Preston. field Lodge, Dukinfield.

Dep8., Ridsdale & Craddock, Gray’s-inn.
Joseph Hibbert, Esq., Hyde.

* Leicestershire-Henry Corles Bingham, Esq., Wartnaby John Hostage, Esq., Chester. A. U.

Hall, Leicestershire.
Deps., Chester, Toulmin, & Chester, 11, Staple-inn.

Edward Henry Maior Clarke, Esq., * Chester-Samuel Peacock, Esq., Chester.

Undershs., Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire. Undersh., John Hostage, Esq., Chester.

Bellairs & Eddowes, Leicester. A. U. Deps., Chester, Toulmin, & Chester, 11, Staple-inn.

Deps., Chilton, Burton, & Johnson, 7, Chancery-lane. *Cinque Ports—The Most Noble James Andrew Marquis of * Lichfield.- Joseph Naden, Esq., Lichfield. Dalbousie.

Undersh., John Philip Dyott, Esq., Lichfield. Undersh., Thomas Pain, Esq., Dover.

Deps., Baxter, Somerville, & Co., 48, Lincoln'sa Deps., Kingsford & Co., 23, Essex-street, Strand.


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Undershs., { Menry Williams, Esq.. Lincoln. A. U.

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Lincolnshire-Anthony Willson, Esq., Ranceby Hall. *Suffolk-Major W. Parker, Esq., Clopton Hall, Rattlesden, Maurice P. Moore, .


Undersh., James Sparke, Esq., Bury St. Edmund's,
Dep8., Taylor & Collisson, 28, Great James-street,


Dep., T. H. Dixon, 5, New Boswell-court, Lincoln's. *Lincoln, Theodore Trotter, Esq., Lincoln.

inn. Undersh., Richard Mason, Esq., Lincoln.

Surrey-Robert Gosling, Esq., Botleys Park, Chertsey. Deps., Taylor & Collisson, 28, Great James-street,

C. J. Abbott, Esq., 8, New-inn. Bedford-row.

Undershs., W. H. Smallpiece, Esq., Guildford, London-David William Wire, Esq., 9, St. Swithin's-lane.

A. U.
Undersh., James Anderton, Esq., 20, New Bridge.

Deps., Abbott, Jenkins, & Abbott, 8, New-inn. street, Blackfriars.

Sussex-John Day, Esq., Newick, Sussex.
Dep., George W. Killett Potter, Secondaries Office,

Undersh., C. J. Palmer, Esq., Bedford-row. 5, Basinghall-street.

Deps., Palmer & Co., Bedford-row. Middlesex_G. A. Wallis, Esq., 2, Philpot-place, Philpot-lane. Warwickshire-W. C. Alston, Esq., Elmdon Hall, Warwick. Undersh., C. A. Smith, Esq., Croom's Hill, Green

shire. wich.

Undersh., Henry M. Griffiths, Esq., Birmingham. Deps., Burchill & Hall, Red Lion-square.

Deps., Taylor & Collisson, 28, Great James-street, *Monmouthshire-T. Brown, Esq., Ebbw Vale, Monmouth.

Undersh., William Woodhouse Secretan J. Wood-Westmoreland-Jobn Wilson, Esq., The Howe, Windermere.
house, Esq., Abergavenny.

Undersh., Thomas Harrison, Esq., Kendal.
Deps., Gregory & Sons, Clement's-inn.

Dep., Thomas Johnston, 5, Raymond-buildings, *Newcastle-upon-Tyne - John Gibson, Esq., Newcastle-upon.


Wiltshire-Edmund Lewis Clutterbuck, Esq., Hardenbuish
Undersh., J. Fenwick, Esq., Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

Park, Chippenham.
Deps., Shield & Harwood, 10, Clement's-lane,

Undersh., West Awdry, Esq., Chippenham.

Dep., W. Lewis, 6, Raymond-buildings, Gray's-inn.
Norfolk-B. B. Cabbell, Esq., M. P., Cromer Hall, Cromer. *Worcestershire, Edward Bearcroft, Esq., Mere Hall.
Undershs., { Adam Taylor & Sons, Norwich. A.U.
Thomas Moore ,

Undershs., {Hyde & Tymbs, Worcester. A. U.

, Dep., Charles Blake, 2, Serjeants'-inn, Fleet-street.

Deps., Hall & Hunt, 11, New Boswell-court. Northamptonshire The Right Hon. Lord Henley, Watford *Worcester-William Cowell, Esq., Worcester, Hall.

Undersh., Wm. S. Price Hughes, Esq., Worcester.
Undersh., John Becke, Esq., Northampton.

Dep., George ke, 44, Bedford-row.
Dep., A. Mc. A. Low, 65, Chancery-lane.

Yorkshire-Henry Willoughby, Esq., Birdsall, near Malton. Northumberland-S. E. Widdrington, Esq., Newton, North

Undersh., William Gray, Esq., York. umberland.

Deps., Williamson, Hill, & Williamson, 10, Great
Undersh., R. Leadbitter, Esq., Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

James-street, Bedford-row.
Dep., Thomas Leadbitter, 7, Staple-inn.

*York-William Charles Anderson, Esq., Stonegate, York. *Norwich-Henry Birkbeck, Esq., Norwich.

Undersh., E. R. Anderson, Esq., Stonegate, York. Undersh., Arthur Dalrymple, Esq., Norwich.

Dep., Samuel Jackson, 25, Bedford-row, London. Deps., Bircham, Dalrymple, & Drake, 46, Parliament-street.

NORTH WALES. Nottinghamshire-Samuel Bagnal! Wild, Esq., Costock, * Anglesey-R. Brisco Owen, Esq., Haulfre, near Beaumaris. Nottinghamshire.

Undersh., Thomas Owen, Esq., Llangefni, Anglesey.

H. B. Campbell, Esq., Nottingham.
J. Brewster, Esq., Nottingham. A. U.

Deps., Abbott, Jenkins, & Abbott, 8, New-inn,
Deps., Taylor & Collisson, 28, Great James-street, Carnarvonshire-Thos. Love D. Jones Parry, Esq., Madryn.

Nottingham-Anthony J. Mundella, Esq., Nottingham.

Undersh., Henry S. Westmacott, Esq., Pwllheli.

Dep., H. S. Westmacott, 28, John-st., Bedford-ror.
Undersh., Christopher Swann, Esq., Nottingbam.
Deps., Holme, Loftus, & Young, 10, New-inn, * Denbighshire—Richard Jones, Esq., Bellan Place, Ruabon.

Edward Williams, Esq., Oswestry.

Undershs., Oxfordshire-John W. Fane, Esq., Wormsley, Oxfordshire.

Richard Williams, Esq., Vale-street, Undersh., John M. Davenport, Esq., Oxford.

Denbigh. A. U. Deps., Davies, Son, & Campbell , 17, Warwick-street, *Flintshire Henry Raikes, Esq., Llwynegrin, near Mold,

Dep., James William Dean, Bloomsbury-square. Regent-street, Poole-Alfred Crabb, Esq., Poole.

Undersh., Arthur Troughton Roberts, Esq., Mold.
Undersh., H. M. Aldridge, Esq., Poole.

Dep., Nathaniel Charles Milne, Temple.
Dep., W. Skilbeck, 19, Southampton-buildings.

*Merionethshire-George A. Huddart, Esq., Plasynpenrhyn. Rutlandshire-R. L. Bradshaw, Esq., Tinwell, near Stamford.

Undersh., Griffith Williams, Esq., Dolgelly.
Undersh., Benjamin Adam, Esq., Oakham.

Dep., Charles Wilkin, 10, Tokenhouse-yard.
Deps., Bell, Brodrick, & Bell, Bow-churchyard, *Montgomeryshire-J. Michael Severne, Esq., Wallop Hall.

Undersh., Robert D, Harrison, Esq., Welchpool. Shropshire-R. A. Slaney, Esq., Hatton Grange, near Shiff

Dep., George Faulkner, 1, Bedford-row,
nall, and Walford Manor, Shrewsbury.

Undersh., Wm. Henry Cooper, Esq., Shrewsbury.
Dep., H. S. Westmacott, 28, John-street, Bedford. Breconshire-John Powell, Esq., Walton Mount, Brecon.

Undersh., Henry Maybery, Esq., Brecon.
Somersetshire-James Curtis Somerville, Esq., Dinder,

Deps., Gregory & Sons, Clement's-inn.

* Cardiganshire Morgan Jones, Esq., Penlan, Cardigan. Undersh., John Nicholetts, Esq., South Petherton,

Undersh., Thomas Morgan, Esq., Cardigan,

Deps., Trinder & Eyre, Johu-street, Bedford-row. Deps., Dynes & Harvey, 61, Lincoln's-inn-fields. Carmarthen-N. Williams, Esq., Lammas-st., Carmarthen. *Southampton-Richard Coles, Esq., Southampton.

Undersh., Richard A. Thomas, Esq., Carmarthen. Undersh., Wm. H. Newman, Esq., Southampton.

Deps., Williams, Hett, & Bowman, 14, Gresham. Dep., W. Braikenridge, 16, Bartlett's-buildings,

street, City. Holborn,

*Carmarthenshire-John Jones, Esq., Blaenos, near LlanStaffordshire-John Davenport, Esq., Westwood Leek.

dovery, Carmarthenshire. Undersh., Robert William Hand, Esq., Stafford.

Undersh., Charles Bishop, Esq., Llandovery. Deps., White & Sons, 11, Bedford-row.

Deps., Gregory & Sons, Clement's-inn.


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Glamorganshire-William Llewellyn, Esq., Court Colman,


Joseph Rowe, Hunter-street, Kent-road, Surrey, baker,
Undersh., David Randall, Esq., Neath.

March 21 at 11, Court of Bankruptcy, London, last ex. Deps., Holme, Loftus, & Young, 10, New-inn, Wm. H. Chidwick, Dover, Kent, tobacconist, March 21 at Strand.

half-past 11, Court of Bankruptcy, London, last ex.-Henry *Haverfordwest-Henry Phelps Goode, Esq., Haverfordwest. Braun, Old Fish-street.hill, London, importer of foreiga

Undersh., William Davis, Esq., Haverfordwest. glass, March 8 at 1, Court of Bankruptcy, London, last ex. Deps., Hastings, Best, & Smith, 3, Southampton. Edward Bladon and Henry Coates, Manchester, stuff mer. street, Bloomsbury.

chants, March 8 at 12, District Court of Bankruptcy, Man. * Pembrokeshire-The Hon. R. Falke Greville, Castle Hall, chester, last ex.-Wm. Bennett, Foster Mill, near Hebden.

near Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire. bridge, Yorkshire, and Harwich, near Bolton, Lancashire, Undersh., James Summers, Esq., Haverfordwest. cotton spinner, March 8 at 12, District Court of Bankruptcy,

Dep., T. L. Marriott, 1, Lancaster-place, Strand. Manchester, last ex.-Caleb Ambrose, Sheerness, Kent, iron. * Radnorshire-John Jones, Esq., Cefynfaes Nanmel, near monger, March 8 at half-past 1, Court of Bankruptcy, LonRbayader, Radnorshire.

don, aud. ac.- John Milnes, Rochdale, Lancashire, woolUndersh., Richard Wood, Esq., Rhayader.

stapler, March 8 at 12, District Court of Bankruptcy, Man. Deps., Meredith & Co., 8, New-sq., Lincoln's-inn. chester, aud. ac.- - Win. Moble, Charles-street, St. George's.

in-the-East, Middlesex, wholesale stay manufacturer, March London Gazettes.

18 at half-past 12, Court of Bankruptcy, London, fin. div.Josiah Brockwell, Old Broad-st., London, merchant, March

18 at 12, Court of Bankruptcy, London, fin. div.-William FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 24.

Benning, Fleet-street, London, law bookseller, March 17 at BANKRUPTS.

half-past 1, Court of Bankruptcy, London, div.-J. Nutter EDWARD CAHAN and JAMES VICAT the younger, I and W. Elliston, Cambridge, brewers, March 20 at 2, Court

Strand, Middlesex, tailors and drapers, dealers and chap- of Bankruptcy, London, div. sep. est. of W. Elliston. men, (carrying on business under the style or firm of Cahan George Statham, Henrietta-street, Covent-garden, Middlesex, & Co., the said Edward Cahan residing at 15, York-street, tailor, March 20 at 11, Court of Bankruptcy, London, fin. Covent-garden, Middlesex, and James Vicat the younger div. - Samuel M. Stable, Fenchurch-street, London, wine residing at Eltham, Kent), March 9 at 2, and April 13 at merchant, March 20 at 1, Court of Bankruptcy, London, fin. 12, Court of Bankruptcy, London: Off. Ass. Johnson; div.- Robert Baxter, Wisbeach St. Peter, Cambridgeshire,

Sol. Clarke, 28, Bedford-row.- Petition presented Feb. l. currier, March 20 at 11, Court of Bankruptcy, London, dir. MARY BROWNE and JOHN READ BROWNE, Mid.

CERTIFICATES. dle-row South, Knightsbridge, Middlesex, window glass To be allowed, unless Cause be shewn to the contrary on or cutters, plumbers, and glaziers, (trading under the firm of

before the Day of Meeting. Browne & Son), March 7 at 12, and April 11 at 11, Court John J. Harris, Cranmer-place, Waterloo-road, Surrey, of Bankruptcy, London: Off. Ass. Johnson ; Sol. Asprey, brewer, March 21 at 1, Court of Bankruptcy, London.-John 3, Bedford-row.-Petition dated Feb. 21.

Şayer and Wm. Sayer, High-street, Portland-town, MiddleWILLIAM KIDSTON and FILMER KIDSTON, North.

sex, oilmen, March 18 at 11, Court of Bankruptcy, London, street, Sidney-street, Mile.end, Middlesex, and Liverpool- -John Davis and Solomon Davis, East Smithfield, Middlestreet, Bishopsgate, London, medical and general fitters, and

sex, clothiers, March 17 at half-past 12, Court of Bankruptcy, fixtare dealers, March 9 at 11, and April 11 at 12, Court of London.- Augustus Rapp, Cranbourne-st., Middlesex, watchBankruptcy, London: Off. Ass. Bell; Sol. Cattarns, 33, maker, March 17 at 2, Court of Bankruptcy, London.Mark-lane. - Petition filed Feb. 21.

Richard Anderson, Wright's-lane, Kensington, Middlesex, WILLIAM MILES, King's Lynn, Norfolk, shipowner, licensed victualler, March 20 at 12, Court of Bankruptcy,

dealer and chapman, March 4 at 12, and April 7 at 1, Court London. of Bankruptcy, London: Off. Ass. Whitmore ; Sol. Wilkin,

To be granted, unless an Appeal be duly entered, 3, Furnival's-inn, Holborn.-Petition filed Feb. 22. WILLIAM STRAFORD VAILE, East Greenwich, Kent, auctioneer.- Edward Ablewhite, Mortimer-st., Cavendisha

Samuel Cooper, Reading, Berkshire, and Brighton, Sussex, licensed victualler, March 15 at 2, and April 10 at 12, Court of Bankruptcy, London: Off. Ass. Graham ; Sols. G. & C. square, Middlesex, coach builder.-R. Bailey the younger, Corner, 19, Tooley-street, Southwark, and 36, Mark-lane, London, wholesale clothier. -John Egan, High-row, Kuights

Hastings, Sussex, tailor.–Abraham Cohen, Houndsditch, City.- Petition filed Feb. 23. JAMES KINGSTON, Reading, Berkshire, draper and leather bridge, Middlesex, ironmonger.-J. Whitehead the younger,

Princes-street, Lambeth, Surrey, rectifier. seller, dealer and chapman, March 15 at half past 12, and

Scotch SEQUESTRATIONS. April 10 at 1, Court of Bankruptcy, London: Off. Ass. Grabam; Sols. Ashurst & Son, Old Jewry.--Petition filed Inverness, ironmonger.-Walter Mercer, Stow, woollen ma

Richard Murdoch, Stirling, baker.—John Mackenzie Ross, Feb. 20. JOHN MATTHEWS BAYLEY, Wheaton Aston, Stafford. Watt, Bridge of Allen, innkeeper.

nufacturer.— Thos. Gardner, Glasgow, brickmaker. ---Charles shire, beerseller and commission agent, March 6 and 27 at 10, District Court of Bankruptcy, Birmingham : Off. Ass.

INSOLVENT DEBTORS Christie ; Sols. Motteram & Knight, Birmingham ; Slaney, who have filed their Petitions in the Court of Bankruptcy, Newcastle-under-Lyme.-Petition dated Feb. 16.

and have obtained an Interim Order for Protection from JOHN DUCKER, "Bilston, Staffordshire, and Warwick, Process.

Warwickshire, railway contractor and dealer in railway Samuel Gross, Birmingham, commission agent, March 11 materials, beerseller, dealer and chapman, March 6 and 27 at 10, County Court of Warwickshire, at Birmingham.--F. at 10, District Court of Bankruptcy, Birmingham : Off, Pritchett, Birmingham, huckster, March 11 at 10, County Ass. Whitmore; Sol. East, 45, Ann-street, Birmingham.- Court of Warwickshire, at Birmingham.--William Knowles, Petition dated Feb. 18.

King's Norton, Worcestershire, coal dealer, March 11 at 10, JAMES BOUGH, Kidderminster, Worcestershire, carpet County Court of Warwicksbire, at Birmingham.- Arthur E. manufacturer, dealer and chapman, March 8 and April 4 at B. Durant, Bonningale, Shropshire, gentleman, March 11 at 12, Distriet Court of Bankruptcy, Birmingham : Off. Ass. 10, County Court of Shropshire, at Madeley;-Wm. Eardley, , Bittleston ; Sols. Brinton, Kidderminster ; Reece, Birming. Albrighton, Shropshire, saddler, March 11 at 10, County ham.- Petition dated Feb. 17,

Court of Shropshire, at Madeley.-Elizabeth Green Wait, THOMAS BROOMFIELD, Worcester, butcher, March 11 widow, Skinner street, Monmouthshire, licensed victualler,

and 27 at 10, District Court of Bankruptcy, Birmingham : March 8 at 12, County Court of Monmouthshire, at NewOf. Ass. Bittleston ; Sols. Knipe, Worcester ; Motteram & port. William Whitworth, Caistor, Lincolnshire, carpenter, Knight, Birmingham.- Petition dated Feb. 14.

March 15 at 11, County Court of Lincolnshire, at Caistor. SAMÚEL RATCLIFFE, Stanningley, Yorkshire, shop, - Wm. Morley, Nottingham, inspector of licenses, March 16

keeper and whitesmith, March 7 and April 4 at 12, District at 9, County Court of Nottinghamshire, at Nottingham.-J. Court of Bankruptcy, Leeds : Of. Ass. Hope ; Sol, Nay. Stone, Nottingham, shoemaker, March 16 at 9, County Court lor, Leeds.-Petition dated Feb. 15.

of Nottinghamshire, at Nottingbam.-H. Capp, Mansfield,

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Nottinghamshire, flour seller, March 13 at 10, County Court ROBERT NODES NEWTON, New Park-street, South.

1 of Nottinghamshire, at Mansfield. - Robert A. Lafargue, wark, Surrey, gas engineer, (lately carrying on trade in part. Market Rasen, Lincolnshire, clerk, March 18 at 11, County nership with Thomas Godfrey Payne), March 14 at 2, and Court of Lincolnshire, at Market Rasen.-Thomas Martin, April 11 at 1, Court of Bankruptcy, London : Orf. Ass. Tunbridge Wells, Kent, tailor, March 9 at 10, County Court Lee; Sol. Collins, 5, Crescent-place, Bridge-street, Black. of Kent, at Tunbridge Wells.-James Kirsopp, Hexham, friars. - Petition filed Feb. 18. Northumberland, joiner, March 22 at half-past 11, County WALTER FITCH HART, Brighton and Worthing, Sussex, Court of Northumberland, at Hexham. - Francis Matson, tailor, dealer and chapman, March 8 and April 12 at half. Sheepshead, Leicestershire, plumber, March 13 at 10, County past 12, Court of Bankruptcy, London: Off. Ass. Pennell; Court of Leicestershire, at Loughborough.-- Geo. Grantham, Sols. J. & J. H. Linklater, 17, Sise-lane, London.- Petition Headington, Oxfordshire, basket maker, March 13 at 2, dated Feb. 27. County Court of Oxfordshire, at Oxford. - Edward Parry, THOMAS STANIFORTH, Sheffield, Yorkshire, joiner and Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, grocer, March 13 at 10, i builrier, dealer and chapman, March 11 and April 8 at 12, County Court of Monmouthshire, at Abergavenny.

District Court of Bankruptcy, Shetheld : Off. Ass. Brewin; The followiny Persons, who, on their seceral Petitions filed in

Sol. Webster, Sheffield. - Petition dated and filed Feb. 24. the Court, have obtained Interim Orders for Protection from JOSEPH FLINT, Sheffield, Yorkshire, shoe manufacturer, Process, are required to appear in Court as hereinafter March 11 and April 8 at 12, District Court of Bankruptcy, mentioned, at the Court-house, in Portugal-street, Lin

Sheffield : Off. Ass. Brewin; Sols. W. & B. Wake, Shef. coln's Inn, as follows, to be examinell and dealt with

field.---Petition dated Feb. 10, and filed Feb. 11. according to the Statute :

HENRY HUGGINS, Manchester, wood-type cutter and March 10 at 10, before the Chief COMMISSIONER.

printers' joiner, March 10 and 31 at 12, District Court

of Bankruptcy, Manchester : Off. Ass. Hernaman; Sols. Charles Spriygs Gamlyn, Carpenter-place, Mount-street, Berkeley-square, Middlesex, carpenter.

Hampson & Sons, Manchester.-- Petition filed Feb. 17.

MEETINGS. March 13 at 11, before the CHIEF COMMISSIONER.

Joseph Lomas, Manchester, Manchester warehouseman, Jos. Dedman, Orford-row, Old Kent-road, Surrey, cheese- March 17 at 12, District Court of Bankruptcy, Manchester, monger.– Wm. Haynes, Lambeth-walk, Lambeth, Surrey, last ex.-M. A. H. Ward, I'pper Dorset-place, Clapham. shoemaker.

road, Surrey, printer, March 15 at 12, Court of Bankruptcy, March 13 at 1l, before Mr. Commissioner Phillips.

London, aud. ac. ; March 21 at 11, div.- Edward T. Lodge, H. C. Biggs, Cumberland-place, Newington-butts, Surrey, · Throgmorton-street, London, stock broker, March 11 at 12, hosier.--Samuel J. Christmas, Cross-st., Royal-road, Wal. Court of Bankruptcy, London, aud. ac.--Henry Allen, Bristol, worth, Surrey, chemist.-William Collens, Ranelagh-grove, chemist, March 23 at 11, District Court of Bankruptcy, Bristol, Pimlico, Middlesex, dealer in horses.

aud. ac. --Thos. Dark, Bristol and Exeter, contractor, March The following Prisoners are ordered to be brought up before | 24 at 11, District Court of Bankruptcy, Bristol, and ac.-J.

the Court, in Portugal-street, to be examined and dealt Jones, Machen, Monmontasluire, coalowner, March 17 at 11, with according to the Statute:

| District Court of Bankruptcy, Bristol, aud. ac.- Richard

| Porter, Wm. Porter, and Robert Porter, Carlisle, Cumber. March 10 at 10, before Mr. Commissioner Murphy. James Gregg, Elm-place, Boston-road, Ealing, Brentford, land, ironfounders, March 14 at half past 12, District Court Middlesex, inspector of weights and measures.

of Bankruptcy, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, aud. ac.--Thomas Hen.

derson, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, draper, March 31 at half-past March 11 at 1l, before Mr. Commissioner PHILLIPS.

11. District Court of Bankruptcy, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, aud. Harriet Hill, Charlotte-street, Caledonian-road, Islington, ac. ; April 4 at 11, div.-J. Goodchild the elder, John Jacka Middlesex, out of business.-Alexander Maugham, Bridge- son, John Goodchild the younger, James Jackson, William road, Battersea, Surrey, beer-shop keeper.

Jackson, and Thomas Jones, Bishopwearmouth, Durham, and March 13 at 10, before the Chief COMMISSIONER. Dowgate, London, bankers, Varch 14 at 12, District Court of Francis Hill, Modena-terrace, Bath-road, Asylum-road, Bankruptcy, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, aud. ac. sep. est. of John Old Kent-road, Surrey, carpenter.-H. Jessop, St. Alban's- Jac! son.- John Todd, Newca-lle-upon-Tyne, distiller, March place, Edgeware-road, Paddington, Middlesex, cowkeeper.-- 16 at 11, District Court of Bankruptcy, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, John Bickerton Cash, Cannon-street, St. George's-in-the-aud. 90.--Ann Crawford, Warden, Northumberland, paper East, Middlesex, beer-shop keeper. - Jules G. Kammerer, manufacturer, March 14 at 1, District Court of Bankruptcy, Cranbourne-st., St. Martin's, Middlesex, coffee-house keeper. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, aud. ac.- Ralph Hutchinson, MonkThe following Prisoners are ordered to be brought up before wearmouth Shore, Durham, ship builder, March 22 at half.

a Judge of the County Court, to be examined and dealt past 12, District Court of Banh ruptcy, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, with according to the Statute:-

aud. ac.- Archibald Mouat, Creed-lane, London, wine mer. At the County Court of Gloucestershire, at Bristol,

chant, March 21 at 12, Court of Bankruptcy, London, div.March 8 at 11.

James 0. Mason, John Mason, and Alfred Mason, New Broad. George J. Jones, Bristol, mason.

street, London, merchants, March 23 at 11, Court of BankAt the County Court of Berkshire, at Reading, March 9 bard-street, merchant, March 22 at 1, Court of Bankruptcy,

ruptcy, London, div.--F. P. R. Webb, Nicholas-lane, Lomat 10.

London, div.-A. Cohen, Houndsditch, London, wholesale Wm. Burson, jun., Grove, near Wantage, baker.

clotbier, March 21 at 11. Court of Bankruptcy, London, div. At the County Court of Durham, at DURHAM, March 10. -Juseph Raynes, Nottingham, laceman, March 22 at half

Robert Thompson, Durham, joiner.- John F. W'. Brewer, | past 1, Court of Bankruptry, London, div.- Wm. Barnfield Hartlepool, solicitor.Thos. Thompson, Durbam, joiner. the younger, Mark-lane, London, wine merchant, March 22 at At the County Court of Leicestershire, at LEICESTER, 1, Court of Bankruptcy, London, fin. div.- George T. Brown, March 15.

Gloucester-terrace, New-road, Whitechapel-road, Middleses, Thomas Peach, Castle Donington, bricklayer's labourer.- draper, March 21 at half past 1, Court of Bankruptcy, LonThomas Cooke, Thurmiston, out of business.

don, div.- George Booth, Bishopwearmouth, Sunderland, INSOLVENT DEBTOR's DIVIDEND.

Durham, shipowner, March 22 at 1, District Court of BankThe Rev. S. Williams, Mager, Monmouthshire, March 7, ruptcy, Newcastle upon Tyne, div.-—-Joshua Taylor, Manat Mullock's, Newport, Monmouthshire: ls. 7d. (making chester, power-loom cloth manufacturer, March 22 at 12, Diswith former dividends 20s.) in the pound.

trict Court of Bankruptcy, Manchester, div.


To be allowed, unless Cause be shewn to the contrary on or TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 28.

before the Day of Meeting. BANKRUPTS.

Mary Ann Thomas and William Thomas, Upper King. JAMES WILKS, Crimscott-street, Bermondsey, Surrey, street, Bloomsbury, and Green-street, Theobald's-road, Mid

waggon and cart builder, wheelwright, dealer and chapman, 1 dlesex, builders, March 22 at 12, Court of Bankruptcy, March 10 at 1, and April 11 at 12, Court of Bankruptcy, | London.-1. Hayward, Gloucester, pastrycook, March 27 London : Off. Ass. Lee; Sols. Holman & Robinson, 26, at half-past 12, District Court of Bankruptcy, Bristol. - Jas. Bridge-street, Southwark.-Petition filed Feb. 15.

Frame, Liverpool, stationer, March 23 at 11, District Court

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