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Dr. J. H. Lather, President Baylor College, Independence, Texas, say 'I regard this series as the best pablished for this department of cod lege study. The Annuals are specially valuable as sustaining the interest of the pupil and widening her knowledge of our bene authors.”

CONTENTS OF No. 11. Apostrophe to the Ocean. Her Name.

Queen Vashti's Lama Arctic Aurora, An. Jerry.

Rock Me to Sleep. Dallet Girl, The.

Joan of Arc at the Stake Romance of a Hammasele Dobolink, The.


Shadow of Doom, Tho. Datching the Colt. Knowledge and Wisdom. Song of the Mystic. Child Martyr, The. Life's Loom.

Speeches of Zenobia na Clown's Baby, The. Lisping Lover, The.

her Council in Reference Convict's Soliloqay, the Little Boy's Valentine, A. to the Anticipated Val

Night before Execution, Little Gottlieb's Christmas. with Rome (Dialogue).
Mice at Play.

Bunday Fishin'. Death of Little Paul Dom- Model American Girl, The. Supposed Speech of Jobu bey.

Modern Facilities for Evan. Adarns on the Declaration Decoration Day.

gelizing the World. of Independence. Dutchman's Snake, The. Mona's Waters.

Telephonic Conversation, A, Echo and the Ferry. Naomi and Her Daughters This Side and That. Esecution of Queen Mary. in-Law (Tableau).

New Slate, The.

Ticket o' Leave.
Flash-the Fireman's Sto. Nicodemus Dodge, Trial of Fins Wing (Die
No Kiss.

logue). Foxes' Tails; or, Sandy Mac- Old Year and the New, The. Tribute to Sir Walter Scom

donald's Signal, The. One Flower for Nelly. Freckled-faced Girl, The. Parson's Fee; or, The Bag Wedding of sbon Macleaning Front Gate, The.

of Beans, The (Tableau). The. Froward Duster, The. Possible Consequences of a Where's Annette ! Garted at the Wheel. Comet Striking the Earth Winter in the Laps @randmother's Apology, in the Pre-glacial Period. Spring (Tableau).

Prospects of the Repub’ic. Wonders of Genealogy, thn

CONTENTS OF No. 12. Aunty Doleful's Visit. Felon's Cell, A.

Mine Schildhood.
Aux Italiens.

Fly's Cogitations, A. Newsboy's Debt, The.
Ballad of Cassandra Brown, God's Love to Man. Old Book, That.

Old Letter.
Battle Flag at Shenandoah, Grace of Fidelity, The. Over the Orchard Fena.
How Girls Study.

Pantomime, A. Bell of Zanora, The. How the Gospel came to Poor-House Nan. Bells, The.

Jim Oaks.

Popular Science Catechion Bells Across the Snow Industry Necessary to the Power of the Tongue, Tha Beyond the Mississippi. Attainment of Eloquence. Psalm Book in the Garre Bishop's Visit, The. Innocence.

The. Blind Poet's Wife, The. Interviewing Mrs. Pratt Receiviag Calls. Book Canvasser, The. I would'na Gie a Copper Santa Claus in tre Mines) Brother's Tribute, A.


Serenade, The. Donvention of Realistie Jesus, Lover of my Soul

She Cut his Hair. Readers.

Jimmy Brown's Steam Skeleton's Story, The. Country School, The.


Story of Chinese Love, An

Tarrytown Romance, A.
Dude, The.

Legend of the Beautiful. Teddy McGuire and Pado Duelist's Victory, The. Tbe.

Earnest Views of Life.
Life's Story

Easter-Tide Deliverance, Lincoln's Last Dream. Ter'ble 'Sperience, A.
A. D. 439.

Total Annihilation.
Laginoors Making Love, Magic Buttons.

Trying to be Litom Tho.

Maister an' the Bairns, The. Wave, The.
Tall of Pemberton Mui, Malaria.

Wendell Phillips
Man's Mortality.


The selections in the Elocutionists' Annual presint a very proud me variety in style and suhject, and afford a convenient little volume from which to make selections for readings and recitations." mgton Hawkeye.

Abbess's Story, The. Jehoshaphat's Deliverance. Only.
After- Dinner speech by a Lady Rohesia, The. On the Blairway.

landlord s Visit, The. Oui to Old Aunt Mary's Ancient Miner's Story,The. Little Quaker Sinner, The. Our Relationa to England Aristarchus Studies Elo Lead the Way.

Playful (Acting Charade cution.

Legend of the Organ- Playivg School. At Last.

Builder, The.

Public Speech. Arnt Betsy and Little Da- Let the Angels Ring the Regulus to the Cartha vy (Dialogue Bells,

ians. unt Polly's “ George Literary Recreations. Rhymlet A. Washington."

Lord Dundreary in the Smoke of Sacrifice, Tha. Banford's Burglar-Alarm. Country.

Song of the American Better Things. Marit and I.

gle. Canada.

Mary's Night Ride. Spring Poet, The. Chase, The.

Marry Me, Darlint, To statuary (Tableaux). Child's Dream of a Star, A.


Tableaux from Hiawath Chopper's Child, The Memorial Day.

with Readings. Cloud, The.

Methodist Class Meeting, A Three Gracou, The (Ta. Devotion (Tableau). Mine Shildren,

bleau). Diana (Tableau). Mother and Poet.

Tribute to Longfeslom, de Ego et Echo,

Murder of Thomas a Beck-Two Stamamorers, The Elijah and the Prophets of et (Dialogue).

Union Forever, The Baal.

New Cure for Rheumatism, bleau), Griffith Hammerton.


“Uncle Ben. Humblest of the Earth - New Year; or, Which Way? V-2-8-e, The Children, The.


Yosemite, The In the Signal-Box; a Sta-jold Continentals, The. Zara

tion Master's Story. Old Man Goes to Town, The.

CONTENTS OF No. 14. Are these God's Children? Gracie's Kitty.

Pockets. Artist: Dream, The (Tab. Great Issue, The.

Psalm XCV. leau)

Head and the Heart, The. Puritan, The. Ballad of the Wicked Neph- Her Laddie's Picture. Romance of the Rood-LA ew. Ho, Boat Ahoy!

A. Battle

of Morgarten. Incompatibility (Charade 1. Romaace of the Swan's Neim Be a Woman.

Jimmy Brown's Sister 8 The. Bill and Joe.


School-Boy on Corns, A. Brudder Yerkes's Sermon. June.

Second Trial, A. Child is Father to the Man, Jupiter and Ten.

Self-Culture The.

King Harold's Speech to his ship of State, The. Child's Thought of God, A. Army before the Battle sing a Song a Sixpenco, Columbus before Ferdinand of Hastings.

Sister Agatha's Ghosi. and Isabella (Tableau). Lady Judith's Vision, The. Smile and the Sigh, The, Contrast, A.

Last Charge of Ney, The. Soldier's Home, Washing, Cow and the Bishop, The. Lifeboat, The.

ton, The. Crazy Nell.

Light that is Felt, The. Stolen Bird's Nest, The Culprit, A.

Military Supremacy Dan. (Tableau). Daniel Gray.

gerous to Liberty.

Story Kathie Told, The Day is Done, The.

Miseries of War, The. Sweetest Picture, The. heath of Steerforth, The. Mither's Knee, A.

Tear of Repentance, A. Tastiny of America. Model Woman, The.

Tender Heart, The.
Domestic Economy.
Money Musk.

Thoughts for the New Y Don't Be Mean, Boys. Mother's Portrait, A. Three Leaves froni a Boy Doubting H-art, A.

Mr. Winkle Puts on Skates. Diary.
Drummer Boy of Mission Nearer Home,

To the Desponding
Xidge, The.
Night-Watch, The.

Twenty-Second of Febro
Extract from a Eulogy on Old Homestead, The.
General Grant.

Origin of Scandal, The. Victor of Marengo, The. Tlading of the Cross, The. Orlando's Wooing (Dia- What we Did with the com Gettysburg


Widow Cumskey, Tbe Sod's Anvil

Pleasant Acquaintanco, A Woman's Power. Lesag box the Cower



ary, The.


Guessing Nationalities. On Eloquence. Anno Boleya's Rejection Heart's Resolve, The (Tab. Old Roundsman's Shery. of Henry VIII.'s First leau).

Our Choir. Gift (Tableau).

Church - During the Our First Experience with Bachelors, The.


a Watch Dog. Balaam's Parables.

In the Children's Hospital. People's Song of Peace. Bartholdi Statue, The.

Ireland To Be Ruled by Perfectly, ćwfully, lovely Beautiful Hands.


Story, A.
Jem's Last Ride.

Price of a Drink, Tho.
Burial of the Old Flag. King Arthur and Guine. Proof Positive.
Brave Aunt Katy.


She Wanted to Hear
Children, The.
Kiss Deferred, The.

Childhood's Scenes.
La Tour D'Auvergne.

Skipper Ben.

(A Christmas Guest, The. Little Christel.

Speech Against the Stamp City of Is, The. Little Foxes.

Squire's Bargain, The. Commerce.

Little Maid with Lovers Song for the Conquered, A. Concord Love Song, A.


Story of an Apple, A. David's Lament for Absa- Lullaby Song.

Strange beperience, A. lom. Manhood.

Three King, The. Death of Jezebel, The. Month of Apple Blossoms, Three Meetings. Der Oak und Der Vine.


Tragedy on Past Part Discovering a Leak (Tab. Midsummer.

ciples, A. leau). Moral Courage.

Two Dutiful Daughters (A Doubtful Bank Note, The Mouse Trap, The (A Colloquy). (Tableau).


Two Runaways, Tho. Fading Leaf, The.

Mr. Beecher and the Vanity. Fall In ! 1860.


Village Post Office. The Flag of the Rainbow. Mrs. Pickett's Missionary (Tableau). G'den Bridge, The.


Watch Night.
Grant's Place in History.
Music in Camp.

What of That?
Gray Champion, The. Niagara Falls.

World We Live In, The

CONTENTS OF No. 16. Esthetic Craze, The. House that was Just like its the Art of Expression, All Hollow.

Neighbors, The.

Angel and the Shepherds, How the Celebrated Mil- Portrait, The.

tiades Peterkin Paul got Praying for Shoes. Another Year.

the Better of Santa Claus. School Boys' Strike, Tho. Appeal for Liberty, An. Invitation to the Zoological Self-Life. Baby in Church.

Gardens, An.

Skipper's Love, The; or, the Back from the War. Ivy Green, The.

Tide will Turn. Bad Prayers.

"I Wouldn't, Would You ?" | Song of the Mountaineers. Battle Hymn, The. “Jefful, The."

Stratford Fountain. Better than the Misor's Jimmy Hoy.

Swan Song, The. Gold.

Legend of the Earth, The. Tell-Tale Heart, The. “Calls." Lily Servosse's Ride.

That Waltz of Von Weber. Chariot Race, The. Lincoln.

Thanksgiving in Boston
Christening, The.
Lost Child, The.

Harbor, The.
Cicely Croak.
Medley, A.

Topsey's First Lesson. Curse to Labor, The. Message of the Dove, The. Toussaint L'Ouverture. Day of Judgment, The. Miriam's Song.

Two Pictures, The. Death of Napoleon, The. Mourner a la Mode, The. Two Queens in Westmin Decoration Day. New South, The.

Elf Child, The.
Old Fireplace, The.

Uncle, The.
First View of the Heavens, Old Man and Jim, The. Wasted.
Old Story, The.

1 Water Lily, The. fraudulent Party Outcries. Old Sweetheart of Mine, An. Water and Rum. Trom the shore of Eternity. Pennsylvanian's Lament, What She Said. General Grant's English. The.

While we May.
Pin, A.

Wisdom Dearly Purchase Grant's Strategy.

Place of the Imagination in Wonderful Country. This



Alexander's Feast; or, The Jimmy Brown's Prompt | Poor and the Rich, Tho. Power of Music.


Ride of Collins Graves, The Army of the Potomac. John Burns of Gettysburg. Riding to the Tournament, Army of the Potomac, The. Knight and the Page, The. Aunt Mellissy on Boys. Labor.

Rome and Carthage. Aunt Sylvia's First Lesson Labor.

Rover in Church. in Geography.

Land of Thus and so, The. Rustic Bridal, The; or, The Beautiful in Croation, The Legend of Rabbi Ben Levi, Blind Girl of Castel Cuillo Boat Race, The.


Scientific Genesis, The. Bonnie Wee Eric. Lexington.

Sent Back by the Angels. Bravest Battle that Ever Little Match Girl, The. Several Cats. was Fought, The.

Lord Dundreary's Riddles. Silver Plate, Tho.

Single Head of Wheat, The. Colloquial Powers of Dr. Love of Country.

Starless Crown, The. Franklin.

Low-Backed Car, The. Story of John Maynard. Courting and Science. Minuet, The.

To Barbary Land. Cumnor Hall.

Miss Witchazel and Mr. Took Nodice. Dead Grenadier, The.


Upward and Onward. Dead March, The.

Monks' Magnificat, The. Usual Way, The. Dead on the Field of Honor. Mother-in-Law, The. Vane on the Spire, The. Death of Jefferson, The. Mr.Brown has His Hair Cut. Victuals and Drink. Easter Morning.

My Wife is a Woman of vow of Washington, The. First Thanksgiving, The. Mind.

Walpole's Attack on Pitt. Garfield Statue, The. Nurse Winnie Goes Shop- What is a Minority ? Heavenly Guest, The.


What Men Have not Fought How we Fought the Fire. One Niche the Highest.

For. Ignorance a Crime in a Re On the Ice.

When I Mean to Marry. public. Our Flag.

When I Was Young. lage, The Boy King. Porn's Monument,

Wild Night at Sus, A.'.

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Prepaid, paper binding, 30 cts.; boards, 60 cm "It is a very fine selection of articles from our best autbors. would heartily recommend its perusal as a sure cure for a åt of tho blues."-Christian Advocate, San Francisco, Cal. At the Masquerade. Getting Letters.

Pat's Letter.
Amateur Flute-Player, Girl of the Period, A. Pat's Reason.
Happy Love.

Arathusa's Torment. Her No.

Parent with the Hoof, Thed Art an Nature. Her Lovers.

Phariseo and Sadducee. Agnes, I Love Thee. His Sign.

Photographs, The. Back Where They Used to Hoffenstein's Bugle. Polonius to Laertes-REO Be. Honest Deacon, The.

newed. Beating a Conductor. How Jimmy Tended the Pointer's Dyspeptic Goat, Beneath ler Window. Baby.

Poet-Tree. Boy's Story, The.

How His Garments Got Proposal, A. Boy and the Frog, The. Turped.

Quart of Milk, A. Brudder Gardner on Mu- Idyl of the Period, An.

School-Day, A. sic.

Irishman's Panorama, The. She Referred Him to Be Burdock's Music-Box. Jealousy in the Choir.

Pa. Burglar Alarm, The. Katey's Letter.

Similar Case, A. Candor.

Labor Question, The. Spoopendyke Stops Brooke Consolation Even a Load on His Mind, The. ing. Mixed Train. Love's Seasons.

Timothy Doolan's Will. Daniel in the Lions' Den. Lesson in Tennis, A.

Time's Revenge. Der Dog und der Lobster. Love at the Seaside.

Time Turns the Tables. Dot Leedle Loweeza.

Lightning-Rod Dispenser, Three Lovers, The, Duel between Mr. Bbott The.

Trials of a Schoolmistress, and Mr. Nott, The. Man Who Apologized, The. Tom Sawyer Treated for Pogaged.

Minister's Grievances, The. Lovesickness. Ethiopiomania.

Miss Minerva's Disappoint- Theology in the Quarter. Experience with a Refrac


Umbrella on the Beach, tory Cow.

Miss Simmons' New Bon. Uncle Tom and the HorFarmer Stebbins on net.

nets. Rollers.

Modern Wedding Rites. Uncle Cephas' Yarn.
First Adventures in Eng- Mrs. Middlerib's Letter. Victim of Charity, A.
My Rival.

What the Choir Sang About Flood and the Ark, The. Medley, A.

the New bonnet. Fourth of July in Jones. Naughty Greek Girl, The. Wny He Waited to Laughes ville

Nickerdemus Quadrille. Woman's No, A.



FOR SCHOOL AND SOCIAL ENTERTAINMENT. “The dialogues are widely varied in character and topics. And all of the best tone and style, free from coarseness and irreverence, and get sprightly and humorous.

“ Explanations are fully given to facilitate the proper presentation." - Journal of Education, Boston, Mass. Aimost a Mormon. Double Play.

Opening Address, The. Art Critic, The. Genevra.

Our Country's Wealth. Best Policy, The.

Ghost of Crooked Lane, Railway Matinee, The Bold for the Right.


Ruggles & Co. Brave Boston Boys. Gods in Council, The. Seizure, Tbe. Bridget's Investment. Going to the Dentist's. Signing the Pledge. Changed Housewife, A. Have a Shine, Sah? Spirit of Liberiy, The Christmas Eve Adventure, Jue Fleming's Thanksgiv- Ten Famous Women. A.

Trapped. con testing for a Prize. Justice.

Tucle Morton's Gift. 9


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