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Paper binding, 30 cts.; boards, 50 cts.
Annie's Ticket.
Funeral, The.

Prayer, The.
Apples, A Negro Lecture. Gabe and the Irish Lady. Sable Theology.
Aunt Parson's Story. Grandfather's Rose.

Schneider's Tomatoes. Aunt Sophronia Tabor At Grandpa's Courtship. Simon's Wife's Mother Lay the Opera.

He Guessed He'd Fight. Sick of a Fever. Be Centent.

How Pat Went Courting. Speak Nae Ill. Bevare of the Vidders. Inasmuch.

Street Gamin's Story Biddy's Trials Among the Inventor's Wife, The. the Play, A. Yankees. Irish Coquetry.

Teamster Jim. Biddy McGinnis at the It's Vera Weel.

Text Without a Sermon, Photographer's. Jimmie's Prayer.

Thet Boy oy Ourn. Bonnie Sweet Jessie. Kit; or, Faithful Unto Tim Murphy's Stew. Book Larnin'.


Tommy's Twials. Bravest of the Brave. Kyarlina Jim.

Tramp's Philosophy, A. Burglar Bill.

Larry's On the Force. Trapper's Last Trail, The. Cabin Love Song.

Light From Over the Tribulations of Biddy Man Coffee My Mother Used to Range, The.

lone, The. Make, The. Life's Game of Ball.

Uncle Gabe on Church Cultured Daughter of a Mary O'Connor, The Vol. Matters. Plain Grocer, The. unteer's Wife.

Uncle Gabe at the Cora Dat Yaller Gown. Mischievous Daisy.

Shucking. De Preacher an' De Hants. Mother Doughnuts. Uncle Ned's Banjo Song. Der Deutscher's Maxim. Mr. Schmidt's Mistake.

Uncle Pete and Marso De Yaller Chinee.

Music of the Past, The. George. Diffidence.

Mutilated Currency Ques- Wake of Tim O'Hara, The, Dutchman's Testimony in tion, The.

Wee, Wee Bairmie, The. a Steamboat Case, A. Neighbors.

Wet Weather Talk. Earthquake in Egypt, The Old Woman's Love Story. When Greek Meets Greek, Engineer's Story, The. “Ole Marster's Christ. Why Ben Schneider De Evening Song on the Plan- mas, The.

cides for Prohibition. tation. Over the Crossin'.

Widow O'Shane's Rint, Examination in History, Pat's Letter.

The. An.

Pine Town Debating so. Winnie's Welcome. Fritz and I.

ciety, The.

Yours, Truly,



Paper binding, 16 cts.; boards, 23 cts.
In the Closet.

To Kriss.
Is it You?

Tommy's Army.
Almost a Man.
Jack Grey.

Two Little Old Dama,
Among the Animals

Where They Grow.
Bessie's Letter.
Kitty and I.

When I Am a Man.
Best of the Dollies.

Kitty Didn't Mean To. Who Was She? st Beauty, The.


Winter's Jewels.
Bird That Sings, The. Little Patriot, The.

Bite, The.
Little Clock, The.

Work and Piay.
Little Seamstress, The.

Motion Recitation, Boy's Opinion, A.

Little Teacher, The.
Bunny Did It.
Little Song, A.

Exercise Recitation, Al. Child's Evening Prayer, Long Ago.

Farmer, The.
Maud's Birthday.

Helping Mamma.
Cherry Time.

May's Flowers. Cold Water Boys,

Concert Pieces. Menagerie, The. Corn.

Model Tea-Party, A. Bunch of Flowers, A.
Daisy Time.
Mother's Children,

Little Helpers.
Damaris Brown.
Mr. Tongue.

We Little Boys.
My Shadow.

Motion Songs Dickey Bird, The.

Naming the Baby. Doll- Baby Show, The. Nell's Letter.

Little Mothers, The.
Dolls' Wedding, The. October's Party.
Eddio Visits the Barber. Old Apple Tree, The.

Edna's Birthday.
Opening Address.

Boys and Girls.
Elsie's Soliloquy.
Our Flag.

Dead Bird, The.
Frowns or Smiles.

Out In the Meadow. Dolls' Hospital, The. Good Company. Partnership.

Golden Rod.

Praise of the Cat.
Grace and Dolly.
Question, A.

Dressed for the Party. Guest, The.

Queer Little House, The. Dolly's Doctor.
Gunner and the Bird, Rosebud or Thorn.

Match Bor. The.
Secret, The.

Putting the Children
Harry's Dog.
Senses, The.

Bed. Hattie's Views on House Summer Games.

Raise the Gates. Cleaning.

Sweetest Place, The. Sunshine or Shower. How Did it Happen! Temperance Boy, The. Tired Out. Can't Army, The. Ten True Friends.

You Can't Find Me I'U Try and I Can't. Those I Love.

Young Artist, The 10


For Children 10 years


ago. Postpaid, paper binding, 15 cts.; boards, 25 cts. Bod and the Bible. Little Boy Who Ran Away Two Little Stockings, The - Bob White."

Little Kitty.
Boy's Pocket, A.
Little Orator, The.

Concert Recitations. Boy's Complaint, A. Little Things.

American Flag, The.
Boys' Rights.

Little Schoolma'am, A. Choice of Trades.
Burial of the Cat, The. Little Boy's Wonder, A. Going to School.
Buy my Dolls.
Little Boy's Speech, A.

Caw! Caw! Caw!

Little Girl's Hopes, A. Human Body Lesson ha Chicken's Mistake, Tho. Little Seamstress, A.

Rhyme. Child's Wonder, The. Little Boy's First Recita- I Did It, Not, “I Done It. City or Country.

tion, A.

Iron-Silver-Gold. Cross Betsy.

Luving Little Girl, The. Kate's Freuch Lesson. Doll Rosy's Bath. Mamma's Help.

Little Foxes and Little Don't. New Mittens, The.

Hunters. Do Your Best.

One Thing at a Time. Only a Chicken.
Edith's Secret.
* Old Speckle."

Egg a Chicken, An.
Our Presidents.

Our Delight.
Farmer Nick's Scarecrow. Poor Little Motber, A. Our Flag
First Letter, The.
Sad Case, A.

Recitation for Three Little For Decoration Day. Small Dressmaking.

Garfield at Chattanooga. Speech for a Very Little Song of the Waters.
Good Night and Good Boy.

Motion Recitations Morning.

Stagnant, The. Grandma's Angel.

Things That I Do Not Like Playing Carpenter. Grumbler, The.

To See.

This Way.
Hands and Fingers.
Two Little Bears.

'Tis Spring-Time.
Barry's Arithmetic. Valedictory.
Ha "y's Lecture,
Watching for Crumbs. Temperance Reciter

tions. Harry's Mistake.

What I Think.
How Two Birdies Kept Willie's Speech.

Dragon, The.
House in a Shoe.
Won't and Will.

Little Drops.
I Want Mamma.

Little Girl's Declaration, John's Pumpkin.

Christmas Recitations. Pitcher or Jug. Little French for a Little Christmas Bells.

Song of the Corn, The. Girl, A. Christmas Morning.

Touch it Never. Little One's Speech, The. Christmas Time.

Why aud Because.


No. 1.

For Young People of 15 years of age.

Postpaid, paper binding, 15 cts.; boards, 25 cts. American Flag, The. Grand Scheme of Emi- Return from Batt'e, The America's Obligations to gration.

Sin. England.

Grandpa pa's Spectacles. Six O'Clock P. M. Antony on the Death of Homesick.

Sollum Fac', A. Cæsar.

Homeopathic Soup. Somebody's Mother, Baby's Soliloquy.

Horse's Petition to His Song of the States, A. Battle Bunny - Malvern Driver, A.

Sour Grapes.

How Cyrus Laid the Cable. Speak the Truth.
Be in Earnest.
Indian Brave, The.

Sparkling Bowl, The.
Being a Boy.
Johnny the Stout.

Squirrel's Lesson, The. Bird and the Baby, Tbe. Johnny's Pocket.

Stolen Custard, The.
Blowing Bubbles.
King and the Child, The.

Success in Life.
Boy's Complaint, The. Knowing the Circum. Suppose.
Boss Wanted.


Sweet Peas,
Boy and the Frog, The. Lazy Daisy.

Three Good Doctors.
Brave and True,
Little by Little.

Three Littlo Mushroom
Brutus on the Death of Little Boy's Lament, The. That Calf.
Lines to kuce.

Tribute to Water, A.
Child's Wisdom, A. Little Boy's Troubles, A. Two Roads, The.
Christmas Eve Adventure. Little Light, The.

Two Cormands, The.
Cobbler. The.
Lost Tommy.

Way to Do It, The.
Dignity in Labor.

War Inevitable.
Do Right.

Moon and the Child, The. What the Winds Bring. Do Something. Nature.

What the Minutes Say. Do You Know How Many Never Say Fail.

What's the Matter? Stars?

Nobility of Labor, The. When the Frost is on the Farewell of the Birds. Notes from a Battle-Field. Punkin. Fathers of the Republic, On Conquering America. Where Did You Cou Only a Baby Small.

From, Baby? Hebruary Twenty-Second. Peaceable Secession. We Must All Acratah. Foolish Haroleil, The. Planting Himself to Grow. Willie's Breeches. Kon11 Deeds. Real Elocution




No. 2

For young people of 15 years.
Paper binding, 15 cts. ; boards, 25 cts.

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Advice to a Young Man. George Washington. Old Winter, Esquin.
Angelic Song, The.
Gossips, The.

Apple Seed, The.
Grandfather's Barn.

Our First Thanksginer
Artie's “Amen."
Hilda Spinning.

Day. Big Shoe, The.

His First and Last Drink. Our Heroes. Christmas Acrostic.

How the Question Came Pardon Complete. Christmas.


Playing Drunkard. Christmas Goose, The. In Santa Claus Land. Rhyme of the Year, A. City Sportsman, The. John White's Thanksgiv- Saint Nick. Contentment.


Singing Joseph. Country Thanksgiving, A. Judge Brown's Watermelon Thanksgiving Story, A. Daisies.


Three Kings, The. Dressed Turkey, The. Katrina.

Two Bills, The. Drinking a Farm.

Kriss Kringle's Visit. Two Pilgrims. Fall Fashions.

List of Our Presidents, A. Under the Holly Bough. Falling Snow, The. Milly.

What Bessie Saw. Fate of Sin Foo, The; or Mr. Nobody.

What Became of a Lie. the Origin of the Tea Mrs. June's Prospectus. Where They Never Feel the Plant. Mrs. Piper.

First Christmas-Tree in Months, The

Whistler, The.
New England.
Nativity, The.

Woman's Curiosity. Fourth of July Record, A. New Year's Talk, A. Wonderful Weavor, Tho.

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Designed for Children from 10 to 15 years of age.

Prepaid, paper binding, 25 cts.; boards, 40 cts. “Without exception, this is the best book of the kind."-Regiatan Bpringfield, Ill. Actions Speak Louder than | Good Way to Play 6 Joke, Place for Everything, and, Words. A.

Everything in Its Ploon,
Auntie Dimple.

Preparing for a Picnic.
Bird's Funeral, The. Guess What's my Rainbow, The.
Bunch of Flowers, A.


Rehearsal, The. Choosing Vocations. How the Story Grew. Rule Golden, The. Christmas Dialogue, A. Keeping House

Sick Doll, The. Counting the Chickens Be. Lenna's Dream,

8. P. C. A., The. fore They Were Hatched. Little Helpers.

Through Children's Eye
Ccijsin Bell's Visit.
Lost Child, The.

True Charity.
Curiosity, The.
Lost Knife, The.

United Workmen, The. Doll Show, The.

Military Discipline. Wax Figures, The.
Fanny's Secret.
Peacemaker, The.

Wishes, The.
Jirs of April.
Playing School.

Youthful Dissipation.


Designed for Children from 5 to 15 years of age.

Prepaid, paper binding, 25 cts.; boards, 40 cts. " It is one of the very best books for entertainment purposes that we have seen.” Popular Educator, Boston, Mass. Acting Charades. Unjust Suspicion.

My Best Friend.
Visitors from Story Land. My Dog.

Ned's Best Friend.


New Toy, The.
Japanese Fan Drill.

Opening Address.
erch, A.

Phil's Complaint.
Tambourine Drill.

Charados in Panto.

Sixty Years Ago.
Motion Recitations in

Troublesome Visitor,


What They Said.
In the Morning.

Who Made the Speech
Little Housekeepers

Looking Ahead.

We are Four.

Motion Songs.
Concert Recitations.

After the Explosion.
Good Advice.

Before the Explosion.
Jarm Boy's Song, The. Old Time Plays.

Counterfeit Monoy. ,Kittens, The.

Rainy Day, The.
Dur Flag.

Evening Prayer.
Snow Brigade, The.
Our Work.

Free Smoke, A.

Roadings and Reoita. Going to the Train.

Grandma's School Day
Baby's Drawer.

He Loves Me; Ho Lava Aunt Kitty's Shopping. Be Polite.

Me Not. How the Quarrel Began. Catch the Sunshine.

I Wonder Who It I. In Illustrated Story, An. Christmas Belly.

Old Time Lovers.

Composition on Animals. On the Train.
Playing Store.
Little Speech, A.

Playing Doctor.
Poor Work Don't Pay. Lost Kitty, The.

Playing Grande ha's Praotical Joke. Moving.

Too Hot.

Replete in amusing characters and laughable situations.

Paper binding, 30 cts. ; boards, 50 cts.
Adventures in the Wrong | Frog Hollow Lyceum, The. | Rival Speakers, The.
From Down East.

Shakespearian Burlesque. Brought to Trial for Going to a New Home. Stage-Struck. “Blowin'."

Leap Year in the Village Trial of Fing Wing. Convention of Realistic With One Gentleman. Two Dutiful Daughton. Readers. Mouse Trap, The.

Viola's Answer. Courtship Under Difficul. Professor Puzzled, The. Woman's Rights. ties.

Quarrel Between Sir Peter Yankee's Stratagom, Thu Egyptian Debate.

and Lady Teazle.

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ENTERTAINMENTS. Dramatized Bible stories, dialogues, concert exercises, and a va riety of features, all'illustrating in an impressive way

some biblical truth.

Paper binding, 30 cts. ; boards, 50 cts. Boys of the Bible.

Honor thy Father and thy | Seed-Time. Building the Ladder.


Short Missionary Servimi, Casting Bread Upon the If You Want to be Loved. A. Waters. Jesus Loves Me.

Some Children of the Bible, Children's Wishes, The. Little Child shall Lead Star Exercise. Children's Voices.

Them, A.

Sunday-School Acrostic. Christmas Exercises.

Little Motto Bearers, The. Temperance Alphabet.
Cities of the Bible.
Naaman, the Leper.

Ten Commandments, Tho. Count Me.

New Sunday School Scholar, Thanksgiving. Doom of King Alcohol. The.

Tree of Spiritual Blessing,
Easter Exercise.
New Year's Exercise.

Easter Service, An.
Ocean of Life, The.

Where Shall We Find God? Easter Wreath, The. Our Anniversary.

Which Path ? Elijah and the Rain. Proverbs, or Rhymes and While Shepherds Watohod. From Captivity to Power. Reasons.

Wisdom's Treasures. Help for My Sisters. Reward of Earnest Effort,



Selected from the works of the best dramatists.

Paper binding, 30 cts. ; boards, 50 cts.
Aunt Botnoy and Little Lochiel's Warning.

Rivals, The.
Mark Antony Scene.

Romeo and Juliet.
Bridal Wine-Cup, The. Mary Stuart.

Saracen Brothers. Christmas Tide.

Murder of Thomas a Becket, Scene from Damon und Combat between Fitz James The.

Pythias. and Roderick Dhu. Parthenia.

Scene from Lady of Lyons. Cool Reason.

Prince Henry and Falstaff. Songs of Seven. From the Tragedy of Ham. Quarrel of Brutus and Speeches of Zenobia and let. Cassius, The.

Her Council. Henry the Fifth's Wooing. Quoon Mary.

Trial Scene,

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