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Prof. Goorge P. Beard, Principal South-western State Normal School, California, Pa., says: “The Elocutionist's Annual is largely used by students of this school for choice selections for public recitation and class-reading. They are admirably adapted to the practi. cal work of elocution.”

CONTENTS OF No. 7. American War. The. Leper, The.

Paul before King Agrippen Auld Lang Syne. Light-house May.

Reflections on Westminste Rooks.

Lochiel's Warning (Die Abbey. Builders, The.


Royal Princess, A.
Oaro of God, The.

Saving Mission of Infancy,
Crescent and the Cross, The. Masters of the Situation. The.
Cuddle Doon.

Master'y Touch, The. Selling the Farm.
Daisy's Faith.
Marco Bozzaris.

Shakspearian Burlesque Death of the Old Year, The. Milking-Time.

(Dialogue). Death of Nelson, The. Mine Katrine.

Sheriff Thorne. Death of the Old Squire, Model Discourse, A. Ship of Faith, The. The.

Mont Blanc before Sunrise. Sister and I. Early Christmas Morning. My Minde to Me a King. South Wind, The. Fair Play for Women.

dom Is.

Surly Tim's Trouble. Farmer's Life, The. Night After Christmas, The. Tableaux from Cotter's Dwi Glove and the Lions, The. Night Before Christmas, urday Night. Gray Honors the Blue, The.


That Hired Girl. Hamlet, Act II., Scene 2 Old Grimes.

Tired Mothers. (Dialogue). Old Robin.

Tom's Little Star. Eannah Binding Shoes. Our Minister's Bermon. Village Blacksmith, me Henry the Fifth at Har- Our Traveled Parson. Voice in the Twilight, Tha deur. Owl Critic, The.

Woman's Rights (Dialogues How Tom Sawyer White- Parody, A.

Wounded Soldier, The. washed his Fence.


CONTENTS OF No. 8. After Death.

How Ruby Played. Philosophy of Laughter American Specimen, An. In the Garret.

Practical Young Woman Arrow and the Song, The. International Episode, Ac. A. Bald-headed Man, The. King's Missive, 1661, The. Psalm XC. Bay Bills

Leap Year in the Village Reckoning with the OU Beecher on Eggs.

with One Gentleman (Di- Year. Better in the Morning. alogue).

Reply to Hayne. Bensie Kendrick's Journey. Lesson, The.

Rest. Blue Sky Somewhere. Little Feet.

Rivals, The (Dialogue). Carl.

Monk in his Cell, A (Ta- Scene froza Leah tho Fex Character of Washington, bleau).

saken. Tne.

Mrs. MacWilliams and the Setting a Hen. Child Musician, The.


Sioux Chief's Daughter Christmas Carol, A. Nations and Humanity.

The. Conev Island Down der Nebuchadnezzar.

Slander. Pay

"N" for Nannie and "B" Song of Steam, The. Defence of Lucknow, The. for Ben.

Stage-Struck (Dialogue). benigrant's Story, The. Nun at her Devotions, A Statue in Clay, The. Enoch Arden.


Tale of the Yorkshire Court Everlasting Memorial, The. Old Folks.

Mro-Bell's Story, The. Ophelia (Tableau). Temperance Question, Tha
Tirst Quarrel The. Order for a Picture, An. Tbere's No Rose Without
Oran'ma Al'as Does. Over the Hill from the Thorn (Tableau).
Harvesters, The (Tableau). Poorhouse.

Undine (Tableau).
Ter Letter.
Peace in God.


“This series is designed as a receptacle into which shall fall som by year the newest and best readings of the elocutionists of the country. A few of the old standard pieces are always intermixed with the newest, thus making the Elocutionist's Annual a compact and 'Bonvenient manual and a thing of merit.”—Intelligencer, Doglan kron, Pa.

Agad Stranger, The. Henry Fifth's Wooing (Dia. River, The.
Awfully Lovely Philosophy. logue).

Rover's Petition.
Baby's Visitor.

Sailing of King Olal,
Baby's Kiss, The.
Ideal, The.

Sam's Letter.
Bertha in the Lane. I Was with Grant.

School Begins To-day. Births, Mrs. Meeks, of a Lady of Lyons, Scene from Selling the Farm. Son.


Sometime. Brier Rose.

Last Prayer of Mary, Queen Song of the Camp, Tbo. Bumboat Woman's Story, of Scots.

St. George and the Drag The. Lookout Mountain.

on. Child on the Judgment. Master Johnny's Next-Door Terpsichore in the FL Seat, The. Neighbor.

Creek Quarters. Christmas Ballad, A. Maud Muller (Tableau). Then and Now. Combat between Fitz- Mine Vamily.

Thoughts for a New Year. James and Roderick Mrs. Walker's Betsy. Tribute to Washington, Dhu (Dialogue).

Mrs. Ward's Visit to the Truth of Truths, The. Connor.


Unnoticed and Unbonord Death of Minnehaha (Ta National Ensign, The. Heroes. bleau). Only.

White Squall, The. Fisherman's Wife, The. Palace o' the King, The. Widow and Her Son, Tbe First Party, The. Paul at Athens.

William Goetz. Gypsy Fortune-Teller (Ta- Potency of English Words. World, The. bleau).

Pwize Spwing Poem. Words of Strength. Hamlet, Act III., Scene 4 Queen Mary, Act V., Scene Yorkshire Cobbler, The. (Dialogue).

5 (Dialogue).

CONTENTS OF No. 10. be as Thorough as You Can.Lost Found, The.

Schoolmaster Beaten, The Balaklava,

Mick Tandy's Revenge. Sympathy. Blind Lamb, The.

Macbeth and the Witches Sky, The. Caught in the Quicksand. (Dialogue).

School Statistics. Chimney's Melody, The. Mother of the Grachii, The Scene from Damon est Chickamauga.


Pythias (Dialogue). Despair.

Nay, I'll Stay with the Lad. Snow-Birds (Tableau). Drifting.


England's Chevy- Tilghman's Ride. Dick Johnson's Picture. Chase.

Theology in the Quarten, Death of Roland, The. Old Year and the New, The. To the Susvivors of the Best Dot Baily off Mine. Phantom Ship, The.

tle of Bunker Hill,
Kulogy on 17arfield. Quarrel betwoen Bir Peter Till Death Us Join.
Frenchman on Macbeth, and Lady Teazle (Dia- Tammy's Prize.


Tragedy, The. Lerve Riel.

Rev. Gabe Tucker's Re- True Story of Little Day Irrepressible Boy, The. marks.

Blue, The. Job XXVIII.

Railway Matinee, A. Two Blind Beggars (The kamie. Rizpah.

bleau). Law of Death, The. Reveries of a Bachelor (Ta- Village Choir, The httle Rocket's Christmas. bleau).

bleau). Larrie O'Dee.

Reminiscence of Exhibi. Washington Hawkins Die Mittle Dora's Soliloquy.

tion Day.

with Col. Seller. hent Obarge of Nej. Shriving of Guinovere, The Wayside Inn, The.

Dr. J. I. Luther, President Baylor College, Independence, Texas, say "I regard this series as the best pablished for this department of code lege study. The Annuals are specially valuable as sustaining the Interest of the pupil and widening her knowledge of our bene authors.”

CONTENTS OF No. 11. Apostrophe to the Ocean. Her Name,

Queen Vashti's Lancut Arctic Aurora, An. Jerry.

Rock Me to Sleep. Ballet Girl, The.

Joan of Arc at the Stake Romance of a Hammoek Dobolink, The.


Shadow of Doom, The.
Datching the Colt. Knowledge and Wisdom. Song of the Mystic.
Child Martyr, The.
Life's Loom.

Speeches of Zenobia wa Clown's Baby, The. Lisping Lover, The.

her Council in Reference Convict's Soliloqay, the Little Boy's Valentine, A. to the Anticipated Val

Night before Erecution, Little Gottlieb's Christmas. with Rome (Dialogue).
Mice at Play.

Banday Fishin'. Death of Little Paul Dom- Model American Girl, The. Supposed Speech of Jobu bey.

Modern Facilities for Evan. Adarns on the Declaration Decoration Day.

gelizing the World. of Independence. Dutchman's Snake, The. Mona's Waters.

Telephonic Conversation, A, Echo and the Ferry. Naomi and Her Daughters- This Side aud That. Esecution of Queen Mary. in-Law (Tableau). Thora. Finished. New Slate, The.

Ticket o' Leare. Flash-the Fireman's Sto. Nicodemus Dodge, Trial of Fing Wing (Di ry. No Kiss.

logue). Foxes' Tails; or, Sandy Mac- Old Year and the New, The Tribute to Sir Walter Scom donald's Signal, The. One Flower for Nelly.

A. Freckled-faced Girl, The. Parson's Fee; or, The Bag Wedding of sbon Maclenna Front Gate, The.

of Beans, The (Tableau). The. Froward Duster, The. Possible Consequences of a Where's Annette ! Garteld at the Wteel. Comet Striking the Earth Winter in the Lap randmother's Apology, in the Pre-glacial Period. Spring (Tableau).

Prospects of the Repub’is. Wonders of Genealogy, thu

CONTENTS OF No. 12. Aunty Doleful's Visit. Felon's Cell, A.

Mine Schildhood.
Aux Italiens.

Fly's Cogitations, A. Newsboy's Debt, The.
Ballad of Cassandra Brown, God's Love to Man. Old Book, That.

Old Letter.
Battle Flag at Shenandoah, Grace of Fidelity, The. Over the Orchard Fena.
How Girls Study.

Pantomime, A. Bell of Zanora, The. How the Gospel came to Poor. House Nan. Bells, The.

Jim Oaks.

Popular Science Catechion Bells Across the Snow Industry Necessary to the Power of the Tongue, Tha Beyond the Mississippi. Attainment of Eloquence. Psalm Book in the Garreta Bishop's Visit, The. Innocence.

Blind Poet's Wife, The. Interviewing Mrs. Pratt Receiving Calls.
Book Canvasser, The.
Brother's Tribute, A.


Serenade, The. Convention of Realistie Jesus, Lover of my Sou) She Cut his Hair. Readers.

Jimmy Brown's Steam Skeleton's Story, The. Jountry School, The.


Story of Chinese Love, A. Disrontentment. Lasca.

Tarrytown Romance, A. Dude, The.

Legend of the Beautiful. Teddy McGuire and Pado Duelist's Victory, The.

Earnest Views of Life.
Life's Story.

Easter-Tide Deliverance, Lincoln's Last Dream. Ter'ble 'Sperience, Aro
A. D. 439.

Total Annihilation.
Saginoors Making Love, Magic Buttons.

Trying to be Liter The.

Maister an'the Bairns, The. Wave, The. fall of Pemberton Mu, Malaria.

Wendell Phillips
Man's Mortality.


I would'na Gie a Copper Santa Claus in tie Minen ?


The selections in the Elocutionists' Annual present a very plous og variety in style and subject, and afford a convenient litti volume from which to make selections for readings and recitations.”. mgton Hawkeye.

Abbeke's Story, The. Jehoshaphat's Deliverance. Only.
After-Dinner Speech by a Lady Rohesia, The. On the Stairway.

laudlords Visit, The. Oui to Old Aunt Mary's Ancient Miner's Story,The. Little Quaker Sioner, The. Our Relationa to England Aristarchus Studies Elo Lead the Way.

Playful (Acting Charud cution.

Legend of the Organ- Playivg School. It Last.

Builder, The.

Public Speech. Arnt Betsy and Little Da- Let the Angels Ring the Regulus to the Carthagte, vy (Dialogue : Bells.

ians. dunt Polly's “ George Literary Recreations. Rhymlet A. Washington."

Lord Dundreary in the Smoke of Bacrifice, Tha. Banford's Burglar-Alarm. Country.

Song of the American Better Things. Marit and I.

gle. Canada.

Mary's Night Ride. Spring Poet, The. Chase, The.

Marry Me, Darlint, To Statuary (Tableaux). Child's Dream of a Star, A. Night.

Tableaux from Hiawath Chopper's Child, The Memorial Day.

with Readings. Cloud, The.

Methodist Class Meeting, A Three Gracote, The Devotion (Tableau). Mine Shildren.

bleau). Diana (Tableau). Mother and Poet.

Tribute to Longfe.lo?, Ego et Echo.

Murder of Thomas a Beck. Two Stammurers, The Elijah and the Prophets of et (Dialogue).

Union Furever, Tbo Baal.

New Cure for Rheumatism, bleau). Grifitb Hammerton.


“Uncle Ben. Humblest of the Earth - New Year; or, Wbich Way? V-a--e, The Children, The.


Yosemite, The In the Signal-Box; a Sta-Old Continentals, The. Zaraa,

tion Master's Story. Old Man Goes to Town, The.

CONTENTS OF No. 14. are these God's Children? Gracie's Kitty.

Pockets. Artist Dream, The (Tab. Great Issue, The.

Psalm XCV. leau).

Head and the Heart, The. Puritan, The. Ballad of the Wicked Neph- Her Laddie's Picture. Romance of the Rood. Lod ew. Ho, Boat Ahoy!

A. Battle of Morgarten, Incompatibility (Charade 1. Romadce of the Swan's Norm Be a Woman.

Jimmy. Brown's

Sisters The. Bill and Joe.


School-Boy on Corns, A. Brudder Yerkes's Sermon. June.

Second Trial, A. Child is Father to the Man, Jupiter and Ten.

Self-Culture. The.

King Harold's Speech to his ship of State, The. Child's Thought of God, A. Army before the Battle Sing a Song a Sixpenco, Columbus before Ferdinand of Hastings.

Sister Agatha's Ghosi. and Isabella (Tableau). Lady Judith's Vision, The. Smile and the Sigh, The. Contrast, A.

Last Charge of Ney, The. Soldier's Home, Washing, Cow and the Bishop, The. Lifeboat, The.

ton, The. Crazy Nell.

Light that is Felt, The. Stolen Bird's Nest, Culprit, A.

Military Supremacy Dan. (Tableau). Paniel Gray.

gerous to Liberty.

Story Kathie Told, The. Day is Done, The.

Miseries of War, The. Sweetest Picture, The. heath of Steerforth, The. Mither's Knee, A.

Tear of Repentance, A.
Destiny of America.
Model Woman, The.

Tender Heart, The.
Domestic Economy.
Money Musk.

Thoughts for the New Y Don't Be Mean, Boys. Mother's Portrait, A. Three Leaves froni a Boy Doubting H-art, A.

Mr. Winkle Puts on Skates. Diary.
Drummer Boy of Mission Nearer Home.

To the Desponding
Xidge, The.
Night-Watch, The.

Twenty-Second of Febro Extract from a Eulogy on

old Homestead, The. General Grant.

Origin of Scandal, The. Victor of Marengo, The. I lyding of the Cross, The. Orlando's Wooing (Dis. What we Did with the con Hettysburg


Widow Cummiskey, Tbe. God's Anvil

Pleasant Acquaintanco, A Woman's Power. Lesag for the Cow



ary, The.

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Guessing Nationalities. On Eloquenca. Anne Boleyn's Rejection Heart's Resolve, The (Tab. Old Roundsman's Story, of Henry VIII.'s First leau).

Our Choir. Gift (Tableau).

1 Church - During the Our First Experience with Bachelors, The.


a Watch Dog. Balaam's Parables.

In the Children's Hospital. People's Song of Peace. Bartholdi Statue, The.

Ireland To Be Ruled by Perfectly, Ewfully, lovely Beautiful Hands.


Story, A.
Jem's Last Ride.

Price of a Drink, The.
Burial of the Old Flag. King Arthur and Guine. Proof Positive.
Brave Aunt Katy.


She Wanted to Hear Children, The. Kiss Deferred, The.


1 Childhood's Scenes. La Tour D'Auvergne.

Skipper Ben.

(A. Christmas Guest, The. Little Christel.

Speech Against the Stamp City of Is, The. Little Foxes.

Squire's Bargain, The. Commerce.

Little Maid with Lovers Song for the Conquered, Concord Love Song, A.


Story of an Apple, A. David's Lament for Absa- Lullaby Song.

Strange baperience, A. lom. Manhood.

Three Kinds, The. Death of Jezebel, The.

Month of Apple Blossoms, Three Meetings. Der Oak und Der Vine, The.

Tragedy on Past Parts Discovering a Leak (Tab. Midsummer.

ciples, A. leau). Moral Courage.

Two Dutiful Daughters (A Doubtful Bank Note, The Mouse Trap, The (A Colloquy). (Tableau).


Two Runaways, Tho. Fading Leaf, The.

Mr.' Beecher and the Vanity. Fall In ! 1860.


Village Post om... The Flag of the Rainbow. Mrs. Pickett's Missionary (Tableau). G'den Bridge, The.


Watch Night.
Grant's Place in History.
Music in Camp.

What of That! @ray Champion, The. Niagara Falls.

World We Live In, Tba.

CONTENTS OF No. 16. Zsthetic Craze, The. House that was Just like its the Art of Expression, All Hollow.

Neighbors, The.

Angel and the Shepherds, How the Celebrated Mil- Portrait, The.

tiades Peterkin Paul got Praying for Shoes. Another Year.

the Better of Santa Claus. School Boys' Strike, The. Appeal for Liberty, An. Invitation to the Zoological Self-Life. Baby in Church.

Gardens, An.

Skipper's Love, The; or, the Back from the War. Ivy Green, The.

Tide will Turn. Bad Prayers.

“I Wouldn't, Would You ?" Song of the Mountaineers. Battle Hymn, The. “Jefful, The."

Stratford Fountain. Better than the Miser's Jimmy Hoy.

Swan Song, The. Gold.

Legend of the Earth, The. Toll-Tale Heart, The. • Calls." Lily Servosse's Ride.

That Waltz of Von Weber. Chariot Race, The. Lincoln.

Thanksgiving in Boston
Christening, The.
Lost Child, The.

Harbor, The.
Cicely Croak.
Medley, A.

Topsey's First Lesson.
Curse to Labor, The.

Message of the Dove, The. Toussaint L'Ouverture. Day of Judgment, The. Miriam's Song.

Two Pictures, The. Death of Napoleon, The. Mourner a la Mode, The. Two Queens in Westmin Decoration Day. New South, The.

Elf Child, The.
Old Fireplace, The.

Uncle, The.
First View of the Heavens, Old Man and Jim, The. Wasted.
Old Story, The.

Water Lily, The.
fraudulent Party Outeries. Old Sweetheart of Mine, An. Water and Rum.
Trom the Shore of Eternity. Pennsylvanian's Lament, What She Said.
General Grant's English. The.

While we May.
Pin, A.

Wisdom Dearly Purchard Grunt's Strategy.

Place of the Imagination in Wonderful Country. This


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