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The fatted Ox, and spring the bearded Seed ;
Their Loyns shou'd bless me for the warm-
ing Fleece,
Their pleaded. Cause, their Property and
Thus bless'd, unenvy'd, and to Courts un-
The Vale of Life I’d glide serenely down,
With grateful Thanks resign my latest Breath
Norslow, nor painful pass the Gulph of Death.


7an, 24. Noa T H U M or 1 vs.

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into that high Employment, Prince de C n her Husband owed about Six Millions (Livres) in Paris ; his Creditors pursu'd him in order to obtain Payment ; and the Affair came at last before the Privy Council, the Abbe Dompon being made Reporter of the Process. The Abbe in the Interim receiv'd an Order from M. Chavelin, (now made * Keeper of the Seals) not to make a * Report, but he being a Man of In* tegrity, and of the Blood of the

* Haro, signifies the Hue and Cry, and every Thing that is even more defamatory,

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none; not the least alleviating Circumstance of Ignorance to fly to for Refuge : They knew what they did ; they knew that the Victim of all their Animosity, Insolence, Rage and Fury, was their natural and lawful Sovereign and King, to whom they ow’d Fidelity and Obedience, both by the Laws of God and the Laws of the Kingdom . They knew that it was the Sacred Head of their Liege Lord, the Head of the Almighty's Anointed, and Vicegerent over them that they ftruck off in the Face of all Mankind by the Ax of the Hangman, under the as preposterous as wicked Pretence of Treason and Rebellion against the People. This is the Difference in Guilt between them and the Jews : The English Rebels and Regicides 1&new what they did, but the unhappy and much more excusable Jews did not. To aggravate their Crime, and

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