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To this the usual Answers were made, That the Supplies necessary for the current Service of the Year might have been greatly reduced, if some Gentlemen had thought fit, in which Case they would not ilave been obliged either to throw an additional Burden on the Landed Interest, or to incroach upon that Fund, which had always, till of late Years, been deemed sacred to the Payment of our publick Debts: That if Words in an Aćt of Parliament could appropriate any Sum to a particular Use, the Sinking Fund was originally appropriated, in the most express Terms, to the Payment of the publick Debts contraćted before the Year 1716: And the only Pover that was left to future Par

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pay them off as fast as possible; and that, tho’ they might perhaps be able to borrow the Sum then proposed at Three per Cent. yet even at that Rate, it was adding to the future yearly Expence of the Nation a Sun of 18,000 l. per Annum for ever, which, tho’ perhaps a small Sun in the Eyes of a Gentleman who dealt in Millions, was however a Sum, that might thereafter be greatiy wanted for the current Service of

some succeeding Year. To this it was added, That, coilsidering the great Expence we had been at in the then current Year, and

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