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so: HEN we changed our Quarterly Register into a Monthly one, 54 we gave our Reasons to the Publick for so doing : But as it has been since fignified to us, that the Majority of our Readers have kept compleat Sers of our Works, and therefore desire us to go on in the former Method, in order to make their Colle&tion the more Uniform, we shall not hesitate to comply with what the Encouragement we have received from them has given them a Right to demand and expect from us. Nevertheless, to give as general Satisfaction as possible, at the same Time that we go back to a Quarterly Register, we shall keep to the same Letter and Page which we have made Use of in the Monthly one ; by which Means, this and each succeeding Number, will contain just half as much more as any of the former did before the Change, without augmenting the Price : And this we do by Way of Acknowledgement, for the favourable Reception our Register has so many Years met with from the Publick,

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