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bring in a Bill for the better Relief and Employment of the Poor, and for the more effectual punishing Rogues and Vagabonds, and for reducing the Laws relating to the Poor. and to Rogues and Vagabonds into one Law ; which was accordingly granted, and Mr. Hay, Mr. Hooper, and Mr. Pallen, were ordered to prepare and bring in the same. This Bill was presented to the House by Mr. Hay, on Thursday the 11th of the same Month, and being then read a first Time, and ordered to be read a second Time, it was ordered to be printed. On the 7th of April, it was read a second Time, and committed to a Committee of the whole House; and on the 13th, 17th, and 18th of May, Mr. Brereton be. ing in the Chair, the Committee went through the Bill, and made several Amendments, which were reported to the House on the 19th, and the Report ordered to lie upon the Table. Next Day, being the last Day of the Session, the House ordered that such a Number of Copies of the said Biłł, with the Amendments reported the Day before, as should be sufficient for the Use of the Members of the House, should be printed: which Order was made, that the Members might all have Copies of

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Commonwealth, an Account whereof
had been annually printed and pub-
lished; and that the Objetts of that
Charity were far more numerous,
than the Petitioners could provide for,
out of their certain annual Revenues,
and casual Benefactions, their certain
annual Revenues then not exceeding
3oool, a Year; and therefore, as
that Charity was so well founded,
and for so good Purposes, and that
Corporation restrained from accepting
Lands beyond jooo l, a Year, and
those alienable in the Discretion of
the Petitioners, praying, that that
Corporation might be wholly accept-
ed out of the Bill then depending in
that House, for restraining the Dispo.
sitions of Lands, whereby the same
become unalienable, or that such Pro-
vision might be made thereby, that
that Corporation might enjoy the
Benefits intended them by the said
Royal Grants, and that the same
might be preserved to them, to the
full Extent thereof. No Motion be-
ing made for referring this Petition
to the Committee, it was ordered to
lie upon the Table.
On the 2d of April, a Petition of
the Governors of the Bounty of Q.
Anne, for the Augmentation of the
Maintenance of the poor Clergy, was
presented to the House and read; set.
ting forth, “That the said Governors
“were made a Body corporate by her
* late Majesty Queen Anne, in the
• 3d Year of her Reign, in pursuan's
* of an Aćt of Parliament, impower
‘ing her to settle apon them the R*
• venue of the First-Frtits and Tenth,
* for the Augmentation of the Main"
• tenance of the poor Clergy, and "
* make Rules and Orders for the reg"
“lar Administration of the same, "y
‘which Statute Licence was given"
‘ all and every Person or Persons,"
“Deedinrolled, in such Manner.”
- - - - . . . within

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