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N. B. This Title is design'd for such Pera fons as think fit to bind the Registers of this Year in one Volume : And for the same Reason is added a Table of the Principal Mat. ters contain'd in them.

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14 to 16

Ontinuation of the Debates in the House of Lords on the Page
Amendment offer'd to the fifth Paragraph of the Ad-

7 dress to be presented to his Majesty,

} His Majesty's most gracious Answer to the Address,

Motion in the House of Commons for an humble Address

be presented to - bis Majesty,
Debates on the Motion,

The Address,
His Majesty's most gracious Answer,
Debates of the Norfolk Petition, complaining of an undue E-?

11 to 14
Proceedings on the Petition about the Coventry Eleflion, and

that about the Election of a Knight of the shire for the County

of Southampton,
Ordinary Eftimate of the Navy for the rear 1736,
Eftimate of Guards, Garrisons and Land Forces in Great Bri-
of the Office of Ordnance

for ditto,
Services incurr'd Anno 1935, and not provided for by Parlig-

Eftimate of the Navy as it ftood 31 Dec. 1735,
Án Account how the Moneys given for the Service of the Year 2

1735, bave been disposed of, &c.
Account of the Number of Seamen employed in the Service of the

Royal Navy from 30 Dec, 1735 to 31 Dec. 1736,


17 18

, } 18, 19

19, 20




ta 23

} 24, 25 of the}

the }

57, 58

"} 67, 68

Page Debates on the Petition complaining of an undue Elezion for tbe} 26 to 28 Proceedings relating to 15000 Seamen to be employed in the

} 29 0 31 Sea Service for the Year 1736, Debates on a Motion for referring the ordinary Estimate of the

} 31 to 39 Navy for the Year 1736, to a selea Committee, Resolutions on the Supply granted to his Majesty for the Year

year} 40 1736, Report of the Commissioners of. Greenwich Hospital to the House

. } 41 of Commons, An Account of all the publick Debts, &c. due or ftanding out

at Christmas 1735, with the annual Interest paid for the 41 to 43

fame, Debates upon a Motion for raising the Supplies for the Year,

} 43 to 55 within the Year, Further Resolution relating to the Supply,

56 Ode for the New Year 1737, with Remarks,

56, 57 The Dublin Ode for the same Year, King Auguftus's Circular Letter from Dresden te the Senators

fors }

} 65 to 67 of Poland,

- Univerfalia from Warsaw to the Senatus confilium, Propofitions in the Senatus Confilium,

68, 69 King Augultus's Manifesto relating to the Rufian Troops in Po-} 69, 70 Empress of Russia's Manifesto,

71, 72 Letter from the Polish Lords in King Stanislaus's Party to the 2

the} 72, 73 Resolutions of the general Confederacy of Dzikow, in Favour} 73, 74

of King Stanislaus, The Crown General of Poland's Manifesto,

74 Articles of the Sufpenfiou of Arms,

75 The Crown General's Submiffior to King Augustus,

75 Primate of Poland's Declaration,

76 to 78 gan Letter to the Polish Lords, - Letter to the Bishop of Cracow,

79 Bihop of Cujava treats unsuccessfully with the Confederates

of} Journal of the Confederate Army of Dzikow,

80 to 83 Refult of the Senatus Consilium,

83 to 85 Marifefto falfy afcribed to King Stanislaus, Manifesto published against it at Konigsberg,

86 te 89 Primate's Letter of Submision to King Augustus, with his Ma.

} 88 Primate's Speech to King Auguftus, witb bis Majesty's Answer, 89 Primate's Letter to King Stanislaus,

89, 90 King Augustus's Univerfalia for convoking the Dictines of Poland,

90, 91 Primate's Circular Letter to all the Palatinates and Difries

, , } 95, 92 of the Republick



79, 80

85, 86

} 92, 93

118, 119

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-257 to 286

Page Proceedings on the Yorkshire Petition,

.225 to 228 Motion for committing the Bill for limiting the Number


228 Officers in the House of Commons passes in the Negative, Further Resolutions on the Supply granted to his Majesty,

228 Account of the several sorts and Quantities of Coru exported} 229, 230

from Christmas 1734, 10, 1735; &c. Motion for a Bill to enable bis Majesty to borrow 600,000 l. on the Sinking Fund, with the Proceedings thereupon,

" } 231, 232 Motion for the Land-Tax to be 2 s. in the Pound,

232 The Bakers petition the House of Commons for a Bill to amend

and explain the Laws then in being, for regulating the Price 233 and Allize of Bread, &c. The Quakers petition the House for Relief in the Manner of paying their Tithes, &c.

1} 234 A Bill order'd to be brought in, to enlarge, amend, and render

more effectual, the Laws then-in being, for the more easy 234 : Recovery of Tithes, &c. The Clergy of the several Dioceses, petition against the Bill, 234 to 236 Proceedings upon (and Copy of the said Bill,

236 to 247 Letter in the Craftsman of April the 2d,

247 to 250 April the 9th,

250 .to 254 Debates and Proceedings in the House of Lords, on the Tithe->

"}:25 Bill, Motion in the House of Commons for. Leave to bring in a Bill

to restrain the Disposition of Lands, whereby. the same be 286

come unalienable, Several incorporated Bodies petition again the Bill,

286 to 289 Proceedings on the Rill,

289 to 291 Proceedings and Debates in the House of Lords on the said Bill, 291 to 318 The Druggists, Grocers, China-men, &c. petition the House of Commons against the Smugglers,

of } Proceedings of the House thereupon, Proceedings and Debates in the House of Lords on the Bill against Smugglers,

} 322 to 350 Motion in the House of Commons for repealing Part, and ex-2

352 plaining and amending other parts of the Test Aa, Debates on the Motion,

352 to 352 The King gives the Royal Asent to five publick and ferven, pri-} 362, 363

vate Bills, Further Resolutions on the Supply granted to bis Majesty, 363 The King gives the Royal Asent to fix publick Bills,

363,364 Bill moved for and passed in the House of Commons for ex

plaining an Act entitled, An Act for the more effectual preventing Bribery and Corruption in the Election of Mem

364, 365 bers to serve in Parliament, The King gives the Royal Affent to ten publick and ten private

vate} 365 His Majesty's most gracious Speech to both Houfes at shat Time, 365 to 367 Parliament prerogued,




318 to 322

Bill} ex-}


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