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afraid of the power? do facia ch' i bene, tu hathat which is good, and veraì laude da effa. Perthou shalt have praise of cioche il Magijirato è mithe same : for he is the nistro di Dio per te el bene: minister of God to thee Ma se tu fai male, teme; for good. But if thou percioche egli non porta indo that which is evil, be darno la spada; conciofia afraid ; for he beareth cofa ch' egli fia ministro di not the sword in vain: Dio, vendicator in ira for he is the minister of contr' a colui che fa ciò ch' God, a revenger to ex- è male. Perció conviene ecute wrath upon him di necessità esergli fogetto, that doth evil. Where- non fol per l' ira ma anchofore ye must needs be ra per la conscienza. subject, not only for wrath, but also for conscience fake.


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ers only, deceiving your tori, ingannando voi fteffi: own selves. For it any be percioche se alcuno è uditor a hearer of the word and della parola, e non facitore, 'not a doer, he is like egli è fimile ad un huomo unto a man beholding his che considera la sua natia natural face in a glass. faccia in uno specchio. ImFor he beholdeth him- peroche dopo ch'egli so i self, and goeth his way, mirato; egli fene va, and straitway forgetteth Jubito ha dimenticato quale what manner of man he egli foffe. Ma chi havrà


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was. But whoso looketh riguardato bené adentro into the perfect law of nella legge perfetta. ch' . liberty, and continueth la legge della libertà, e fard therein, he being not a perseuerato; eso non essenforgetful hearer, but a do uditor dimentichevoll, doer 'of the work, this mia facitor dell opera, farà man shall be blessed in his beato nel suo operare. Se deed. If any man among alcuno pare esser religioso you seem to be religious, fra voi, e non tiene a freno and bridle not his tongue, la sua lingua, anzi södducer but deceiveth his own il cuor suo, la religion de l heart, this man's religion tale è vana: la religion is vain. Pure religion and pura ed imaculata appa Idundefiled before God dio il Padre è questa, Viliand the Father, is this; tar gli orfani, e le vedove to visit the fatherless and nelle loro afflizioni, e con* widows in their affliction, fervarsi puro dal mondo, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.



Buffed if the man E ATO l'huomo, che

that hath not walk- non è caminuita nel ed in the counsel of the consiglio degli empi, e non ungodly, nor stood in s'è fermiato nella via de peithe way of sinners : and catori, e non è faluto nella hath not fat in the seat of sedia degli. fibernitori. the scornfull.

But his delight is in Anzi il cui diletto è nella the law of the Lord: legge del Signore, e medita and in his law will he ex- in efa giorno e notte. ercise himself day and night.



Hesthall be like a tree Egli farà come un albero planted by the water- piantato preso à ruscelli fide : that will bring forth d'acque, il qual rende il his fruit in due season. suo frutto nella sua stagione.

His leaf also shall not E le cui frondi non apwither : and look what- paljano: e tutto quello ch' foever he doth, it shall egli farà prospererà. profper.

As for the ungodly it Cosi non saranno già gli is not so with them : but empi : anzi saranno come they are like the chaff pula sospinta dal vento. which the wind scattereth away.

Therefore the ungod- Per cio gli empi non iftoly shall not be able to ranno ritti nel giudicio, ne, Stand in the judgment : i peccatori nella raunanza neither the finners in the de' giusti. congregation of the righteous.

But the Lord knoweth Perçioche il Signore conthe way of the righteous: ofte la via de' giusti : ma and the way of the un- la via degli empi perirà. godly shall perish.

Note, The Learner may furnish himself with more

English Lessons from the Pfalms, or other Part of the Book of Common-Prayer, Teftament, or other good Author, and correct them by the fame in Italian.



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* In making the foregoing Compositions, or other Lessons that may be given, it will frequently occur that some Words in the Italian, by an allegorical or different Expression or Turn, give more Elegance and Grace to the Language, I shall therefore here fet down for the Learner's Improvement, certain Verbs and Prepositions that have various Significations and require his attention.

ANDARĖ, to go, &c.

A , , ,

Andare dietro, to follow, to press, to folicit

a Person. Andar' in amore, to be in love. Andare via, to go away, Andar' in eftafi, to be raised, or in extasy. Andar male, to perish. Andar' in collera, to be angry, to put oneself in a

paffion. Andar' a donne, to visit the Ladies. Andar' in cerca, to search


and down. Andar' a cercar rogna, to seek trouble. Andar' a gala, to float, or swim on the Water, Andar' in buon ora, to go in peace, Andar' in maľ ora, to be ruined. Andar per le peste, to be beaten. Andari alla longa, to be tedious.


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Andar' 'alle corte, to make hafte.
Andar di corpo, to go slow.
Andar' attorno, to run up and down.
Andar' altero, to be proud.
Andar dietro ad una cosa, to stand triAing with any

thing. Andar per la mente, to come into one's mind. Andar di mal in peggio, out of the Frying pan into

the fire. Andar mal in arnese, to be ill dressed. Andar' a gambe levate, to lose, or squander away his

estat. Andur' a cavallo, to ride a Horseback. Andar per viole, to speak impertinently. Andare in beftia, to be in a paflion. Andare groso, to look big. Andar' ad hofte, to be a Soldier. Andar' alla bufca, to go a plundering. Andar in cimbalis, to be transported with joy. Anlar in succhio to have one's Mouth water. Andar vuota, to miss one's aim. Andar per filo, to be forced to do a thing. Andar in sincopi, to fall in a swoon. Andar in piccardia, to go and be hanged. Andar sopra le parole, to trust to fair words. Andar per il mondo, to travel. Andar spanto, to be dressed extravagantly. Andarlene preso alle grida, to believe every idle Report A kongo andare, at long run..

DAR E, to give, &C.

Dar d'occhio, to cast one's Eyes on.
Dure ad:10/]o ad uno, to throw one'sfelt upon a Person.
Darfi a gamte, to run away.


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