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Indicative Mood.

Present Tense.

I have been.
thou haft been.
he has been.

Sing. Io sono stato,

tu sei stato,

egli è stato, Plur, noi fiamo stati,

voi fete Pati,
eglino sono stati,

we have been.
ye have been.
they have been.

Imperfect Tense. Siug. Io ero ftato,

I had been. tu eri stato,

thou hadít been. egli era stato,

he had been. Plur. noi erámo ftati, we had been. voi erate stati, ye

had been. eglino erano stati, they had been.

Optative Mood.

Present Tense.

Sing. Ch'io sia stato,

That I have been. che tu sii, or sia stato, that thou hast been. ch'egli fia ftato,

that he has been. Plur. che noi fiamo stati, that we have been. che voi fiate sati,

that ye have been. ch'eglino siano stati, that they have been.

Imperfect Imperfect Tense. Sing. lo farei fata, I mould or would have

been. tu farefti ftato,

thou should'st have been. egli sarebbe stato,

he should have been. Plur. noi faremmo ftati, we should have been.

voi fareste sati, ye should have been. eglino farebbero stati, they should have been.

Preterit, or Definite Tense.

Sing. Se io folli stato, If I had been.

se tu foli ftato, if thou hadft been.

s'egli fole ftato, if he had been. Plur. fe noi fossimo ftati, if we had been.

Je voi fofte fati, if ye had been
s'eglino foljero fiati, if they had been.

Infinitive Mood.
Esere fato, to have been.


Elendo stato, having been. Note. It is to be observed, that the Participle Common of this Verb, changes its Gender and Number, as Occasion requires ; i. e. Stato Sing. Stati Plur. Masc. Stata Sing state Plural. Fem.


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There is, c'è or v'e. There are, ci fono, vi

fono. There was, c'era. There were, c'erano. There was, ci . There were, ci furono. There has been, c'è There have been, ci sono ltato. .

There had been, c'era C'erano ftati.

There shall be, ci farà. Ci saranno.
Let there be, ci fia. Ci siano.
That there may be, che che ci fano.

ci fia.
That there were, che ci che si fossero.

folle. There would be, ci fa- ci sarebbero.

rebbe. That there has been, che ci, or, vi sia stato Sing.

che ci siano stati ; or, vi fiano stati Plur. If there had been, je ci, or, vi folle ftato Sing.

ci, or vi follera ftati Plur. That there had been, che vi foffe ftate Sing.

che vi fossero stati Plur. There would have been, ci sarebbe stato Sing.

vi farebbero stati Plur. When there has, or shall have been, quando vi farà ftuto Sing. quando vi faranno stati Plur.


There to have been, effervi ftato.
In there having been, ofendovi pato.

Learners also find a Difficulty in expressing
rightly in Italian the English Impersonals, There is of
it, or them ; There is not of it ; Is there of it? and
the like : For their Ease therefore I shall here set
down these Impersonals through all the Tenses,
Singular and Plural.
There is of it, cen’è, ven'è.
There is of them, cené fono, vene fono.
There is not of it, non cen'è ; non cene fono.
Is there of it ? cen’è ? cene sono ?
Is there not of it ? non cen'è ? non cene fono?
There was of it, ven'èra ; ven'erano.
There wa not of it, non ven'era ; non ven'erano.
Was there of it ? ven'era ? ven'erano?
Was there not of it ? non ven'era? non ven'erano?
There was of it, vene ; vene furono.
There was not of it, non vene ; non vene furono.
Was there of it? vene ? vene furono?
Was there not of it? non vene fu? non vene fu-

rono ? There shall be of it, vene sarà ; vene saranno. There shall not be of it, non vene sarà ; non vene

faranno. Shall there be of it ? venè farà ? vene saranno ? Shall there not be of it ? non vene farà ? non vene

faranno? That there may be of it, che vene fia; che vene fiano. There may not be of it, che non vene sia; che non vene fano.


That there were of it, che vene fore; che vene

foffero. There were not of it, che non vene fale; che non

vene fallera.

There would be of it, vene sarebbe ; vene farebbero. There would not be of it, non vene farebbe ; non

vene sarebbero. Would there not be of it? non vene farebbe? non

vene farebbero ? If there had been of it, fe vene fole ftato ; fe vene

fossero stati. If there had not been of it, se non vene fore stato ;

se non vene fossero ftati. Had there been of it? vene farebbe stato ? vene

farabbero stati ? Had there not been of it? quando non vene farebbe

ftato? or, quando non vene sarebbero stati ? If there had been of it, fe vene fose stato ; or, se

vene fossero stati. If there had not been of it, fe non vene fore stato ;

fe non vene fossero stati. There would have been of it, vene farebbe stato ;

vene farebbero stati. There would not have been of it, non verio farebbe

ftato ; non vene sarebbero stati. Would there have been of it? vene farebbe stato ?

vene farebbero ftati? Would there not have been of it? non vene farebbe ftato ? non vene farebbero stati ?



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