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From F. P. Strong, Esq., forwarding a resolution of the managers of the Calcutta Public Library, stating that they were willing to receive and take charge of the Society's Library, and to afford the services of their librarian, should it be deemed expedient to remove the books of the Medical Society from their present situation. Dr. Strong stated, that the whole cost of the preservation of the books, should the above offer be accepted, would not exceed 5 rupees per month ; (the salary of an extra dustry).

From the same gentleman (Dr. Strong) forwarding the case of a young man who was deaf and dumb, and requesting that the society would consult upon the possibility of affording the patient any relief.

From Mr. Secretary Mangles, forwarding copies of Dr. Helfer's report upon the Tenasserim province.

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Sketch of Dr PENDFNcies, &c. Cr. By balance as above,.............. 3,776 0 By bills receivable [sum due from Members.]... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ............. 6,625 0

Rs 10,401 0 Dr. To liabilities for 1838... ........... 2,472 0

Probable balance at the end of the present year without including subscriptions growing due for 1838, . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ....... 7,929 0

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The report of the Committee appointed to enquire into the state of the society was then presented.

[The Committee reconneuiled,

1st. That the Quarterly Journal cannot consistently with the interests of the society, be can lied on in its present form, and the funds ought not to be expended otherwise than by publishing from time to time the transactions of the society by building or purchasing suitable apartments to meet in, and to contain the library and museum, and by encreasing these according to the means of the society.

2nd. That the election of office-bearers should be by vote of the resi ignt inenbers, among whom the voting list should be circulated soon after the last December Meeting, that the re-ult of the election may be ascertained before the beginning of the succeeding January.

This will prevent self election in case of the January meeting being thinly attended, and be the means of avoiding personal and disagreeable discussions, and of making the votes public in so far as the resident members are concerned.

3rd. That instead of two committees, there should be only one, to be called “ the Committee of Management and Papers," consisting of the Office-bearers anil four ordinary members.

This committee to be elected at the some time and in the same manner as the other office-bearers, and in the event of a vacancy occurong between the period of election, the vacancy to be filled up by the individual who commanded the number of votes next to those of the members returned at the last election.

4th. That no official statement of the proceedings of the society shall in suture be published without having been previously laid be Vore the Committee of Management and approved of by then.

5th. That in consequence of the difficulty of collecting the subscriptions from the more distant stations, the secretary shall be releived from the duties of treasurer, and a person, not a member of the society, be appointed treasurer.

The present committee being desirous of ascertaining if the above opinions meet the wishes of the resident members, they are requested to have the goodness to in: sert, yes or no, as they may approve or disapprove of each of the five propositions according to the form appended.

This report was signed by two members of the committee, but Dr. Goodeve objected to the 1st proposition, stating that he wished this question and some others to be referred to the Mofussil members.

At the suggestion of Dr. O'Shaughnessy, these pro Para. 4th. The Committee of Management report, that Mr. Stoddart has furnished every document neces. sary to his admission, accompanied by a letter addressed to the Secretary to the Government of India in the Mali tary Department, tendering his resignation of the service; which letter was forwarded to the Officiating Secretary with the remark that “if Mr. Stoddart's resignation can be unconditionally accepted by the local Government, so as to give immediate promotion in his room, that Gentleman's application to be admitted on one of the Annuities declar. ed this yeur will be immediatelu complied with ; if, how. ever, the confirmation of the Hon'ble the Court of Directors to his resignation be necessaru, ou ing to his being on Jurlough, the committee must deter granting him an unnuity until the recept of the Hon'ble Court's orders.” The Comunittee have been informed in reply in Officiating Secretary Lieutenant Colonel J. Stuart's letter of the ll thultino, that “ Mr. Stoddart's application should be submitted to the Hon'ble Court, it not being within the competency of the local Government to accept the resignation of an Officer on furlough.” Alr. Stoddart has had the sentiments of Government communicated to him by the Committee. in their last Teport, they readily inserted in their present Report the explanation that Mr. Pearson himself dictated, he, as a Member of the Management, could bear his testimouy to the zeal and trouble Mr. Pearson took in conducting the details of his office, and he was sure that, had Mr. Pearson continued as their Secretary, the books of the office would have been systematized ; but as he quitted Calcutta, without, having done so, the work has been necessarily left to his successor, and to draw the present Secretary's attention to the state of the Accounts, on communicating to him his election to that office, the committee recorded a Resolution, “That, Dr. O'Shaughnessy having brought to our notice the total want of system and regularity in the Books of the Office, the Secretary be directed to attend particularly to this Department, and bring the books and Accounts' into due order without delay.” The substance of this Resolution was noticed in the committee's last Quarterly Report, and which was the subject of Mr. Pearson's animadversion. Had the Conmittee not readily acceded to Mr. P.'s wishes regarding the explanation in the present Report, he (Dr. G.) would not have objected to the publication of the letter at the proper time; but pending the consideration of it by the Committee, he certainly did object, as such publication could serve no good purpose and would tend to keep up excitement, and prolong controversy.

Rs. 3,776 0 | positions were then put to the vote seriatim.

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Para. 5th. An Annuity has been likewise reserved for Mr. Scott pending his resignation of the service appearing in General Orders. His Attorneys have been advised to this effect.

Para. 6-h. It has also been intimated to Mr. Superintending Surgeon Thomas Tweedie (furlough) whose application for an Annuity was noticed in the Committee's Report read at the last Quarterly General Meeting. that the publication of his resignati on of the service in General Orders is a necessary preliminary to his admission on an Annuity.

Para. 7th. Surgeon Thomas Munro, M. D., of the 58th Regt. N. I., whose acceptance of one of the first declared three Annuities for 1833 was noticed in the Committee's Report read at the Quarterly Meeting, held on the 10th July, 1837., not being yet relieved from the charge of his Regiment, an Annuity renaius reserved for him.

Para 8th. The Committee beg to notice, that of the seven Annuities offered by Circular dated 11th July, 1837," six have been accepted ; viz. by Messrs Swiney, G. G. Campbell, Thomas Tweedie, Thomas Stoddart, Alexander Scott, and James Hall, leaving only one available, and which the Committee have reason to suppose will be immediately taken up.

Para 9th. During the present quarter application. for admission as Subscribers to the Fund have been received from Surgeons John Turner and William Dyer, and Assistant Surgeon Alexander Smith, \l. D., all of whom have just returned from furlough. The Conmittee will submit their request for the consent of the Subscribers agreeably to the provision of Section 111. of the Fund Deed.

Para. 10th. The Committee of Management find, that their ex-Secretary, Mr. Assistant Surgeon J. T. Pearson, has taken some objection to the following words used in the Report of their Proceedings read at the last Quarterly General Meeting. “No regular sets of books of Accounts having been at any time kept in the office of the Secretaru to the Fund, the present Secretary has been directed to open the necessary books.” As in noticing the fact above recorded, the Committee of Management did not mean to convey any censure against Mr. Pearson, but to urge upon the present Secretary, the expediency of having the accounts systematised and brought up as

... • 3 for 1833 and 4 for 1834 declared at the Quarterly Meeting held on the 10th July 1837.

speedily as possible, they have much pleasure in giving, in his own words, the explanation that Mr. Pearson desires the Committee of Management to offer, “As misconception has arisen of the meaning of the 2d paragraph, page 3d of the Committee's last Ireport, they have to state that they did not mean to convey an impression that there had been any neglect or incorrectness in bringing up the arrears of account on the purt of the late Secretary ; but that the irregularity they alluded to, was unavoidably owing to the unsatisfactory and unsettled state of the Fund, pending the sanction of the Court of Directors, which for so long a time interrupted and pretented the business of the Office, and the organization of a regular system of receipts and payments, and to the requisite documents not having been supplied to enable them to bring up and complete the Accounts.

Para. 11th. Whilst on the subject of the Accounts of the Fund, the Commitee of Management are glad to be able to inform their constituents that the Fund Accounts have been brought up as respects the posting up of each Subscribe's Account; but as it is necessary that the balance of the fund, as found by this process, should correspond with that exhibited in its favour on the Government books, and any discrepancy in either account properly reconciled ; it will be necessary to wait the receipt of the Accountant General's promised Account of Interest on assets of the Fund in the Treasury. This account will be found useful for check in the adjustment of the interest accruing on each subscriber's account as computed in the Fund Office; and as its preparation is indispensable for the use of the Treasury Officers themselves, to enable them to arrive at the correct balance due from the State to the Fund on the 30th April, 1837, preparatory to investing it in General Treasury notes, as directed by Government, the Committee anticipate that it is, by this time, completed, and that a copy will now be soon furnished to them. Until, therefore, the Committee are favoured with this Account, they cannot carry into effect their intention to furnish each Subscriber with his Account Current with the fund, including Interest, as noticed in their last report. As the arrears, however, due from every Subscriber can now be accurately determined. all such as have not paid up, will be immediately called upon to liquidate.

Para, 12th. The Receipts and Disbursements of the Fund from 1st October, 1837 to 31st December, 1837, are as follow : Recepts in October, 1837.....Co.'s Rs. 10,505 3 8

Ditto ,, November, ,, . . . • -- 18 208 9 0 Ditto , , December, ,, . . . . . . . ,, 45,352 8 l I 74,352 5 7 PAY Mexits. For Secretary's salary for above three months.. .....Co,'s Rs. 750 0 0 Printing & Advertising charges... . . . . . . , 153 2 0 903 2 0.

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16th Ditto, ,,..! Watson,........ Lewis Thackeray. 16th Ditto. ...|Davies, ........} Elliot Voyle.

George Schuyler.

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Proposition of last Quarterly Meeting empowering Dr. A. R. Jackson to consult a professional Actuary on his arrival in England as to the basis of the Fund calculations, &c. :

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of which 13 propose a reference to Mr. Curnin, and 5 limit the expence to £50; giving a majority of 67 for reference to an Actuary of a London Assurance Office. Para. 18th The two sentor Members in the com-mittee of Management going out in rotation this year conformably to Section XIV. of the Fund Deed, are A. R. Jackson. M. D., and C. C. Egerton, Esquires, and the subscribers have been called upon for their vote in the election of their successors.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Majority for the reference............

By order of the Committee of Management, Geo. Hill, Secretary.

Resolved.—That the Report of the Committee of Management, just read, be confirmed and al. pted by this meeting, and that the same be prin:el, and a copy thereof be sent to each subscriber conformably to Section XXI. of the Fund Deed.

Dr. Jackson called the attention of the Meeting to an editorial article in this month's number of the “ India Journal of Medical and Physical Sciences,” entitled “the last quarterly proceeding and close borough sustem cominenced in the Committee of the Medical Fund,” and handed a number of the work to the Chairman,

The Chain MAN read the article to the Meeting. It expressed Mr. corbyn's dissent from the Report of the Committee of Management, read at the quarterly meeting held on the 30th October last, as respected the Agra proposition, as well as the passage in the Report commencing with the words " No regular sets of books of accounts having been at any time kept in the office of the Secretary to the Fund, the present Secretary has been directed to open the necessary books.” Mr. Corbyn observes that the ex-Secretary, (\}r, Pearson,) sent a “full refutation of all neglect on Mr. Pearson's part,” implied in the Committee's Report, and that he (Mr. Corbyn) applied to the Secretary for the letter containing such refutation to publish the same in his Medical Journal ; but that Mr. Hill,—instead of complying with his request, which, as a member of the Management he had a right to expect, he (Mr. Hill) took the orders of his (Mr. Corbyn's) colleagues in the Management, and the result was, that his request was negatived. Mr. Corbyn asks, “ by what authoritu or by what law the Committee of Management thus assume such a power,” and whether a functionary [in reference to the Secretary] was authorized to disregard the requesition of a Member of the Management.” Mr. Corbyn's remarks are follow ed by the note of the Secreta v to the committee of Management submitting Mr. Corbyn's request for orders ; and the votes of the several Members of the Management, with their remarks.

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Mr. Sawhns, Drs. RANKEN, Jackson, and Stfwant, and Mr. Raleigh respectively addressed the Meeting on the mischievous tendency of publishing garbled Statements of the proceedings of committees entruste.

with the management of pecuniary Institutions. The committee of Management of the Medical Retirins Fund, the speakers presumed, would have no objection to the publication of all their proceedings, and would rather afford every facility towards, than thwart publication, The following Resolutions were then put and carried. Resolved,—That the Secretary was fully justified in not sending any papers to Mr. Corbyn for the avowed purpose of publication in his Journal, without the previous sanction of the committee of Management.

Resolved,—That the remarks published by Mr. Corbyn in his Journal of this month, and read to this Meeting by the Chairman, were premature and injudicious.

Resolved.—That no Member of the committee of Management is at liberty to publish any documents

of the Fuad office without the consent of a majority of his colleagues.

Resolved,—That the committee of Management will be ready-to afford every facility to the publication of a fair and complete account of their Proceedings.

Resolved, -That the thanks of this Meeting are offered to Thos. E. Baken, Esquire, for his impartial

conduct in the chair.
T. E. Bakee, Chairman.

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