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leaving the dates of their commissions for future adjustment :

Military Retiring Fund could be successfully formed, we had

Artillery —Mr. Henry Lewis, date of arrival at Fort William, thought it right so far as we could feel justified in doing so to

17th December 1837, and Mr. John Mill, ditto 18th ditto.

rovide for the object contemplated in schemes of that nature by

infantry-wessrs. Deane christian shute, Arthur carrington|an enlargement of the Retiring Regulations, ano!, that we had in

and Athill Turner, ditto 16th December 1837; Walter William
Davies Voyle and Orfeur Cavenagh, ditto 17th ditto, and Byam
Martin Loveday ditto 18th ditto.
The underonentioned officers are permitted to proceed to Europe
on surlough:
Brigadier Gabriel Richard Penny, of the 11th regiment N I ,
comm inting the station of Barrackpore ; Lieutenant colonel
Jes-ph Harris, of the 63d regiment N. 1 , and ensign Robert In.
glis, of the 37th re-iment N. L., on medical certificate.
Brevet colonel Forster Walker, of the 33d regiment N i ;
captain Frederick Gov. ntry, of the 6th regiment light cavalry ;
Lieutenant George Richard sildons, of the 1st regiment light
cavalry, and Lieutenant Prinole Short reed, of the 17th regiment
N. L., on account of private affairs.
Surgeon Nathanial Morgan, of the m-dical department and of
the Nizam's service. is permitted to proceed to Europe on fur.
lau oh, on account of his private affairs, from Bombay.
Colonel John Peter Boileau. of the regiment of artillery, is
permitted to proceed to the Cape of Good Hope, on medical cer-
tificate, and to be absent from Bengal on that account for two
Lieutenant John Michael Loughnan, of the 10th regiment light
cavalry, sort adjut,nt of Fort William, is permitted to proceed to
New South Wales, on medical certificate, and to be absent fron
Bengal on that account for two years.
1st ieutenant R. Walker, of the regiment of artillery Aide
de camp to Major General Sleigh, of the staff of the Madras
army, has leave of absence from the 15th January to the 15th July
next, to enable him to rejoin his company.
Major Peter Johnston, of the 5th regiment native infantry, 2d
assistant to the resident at indore, is perinited to retire from the
service of the East India company, from the 15th instant, on
the pension of a Lieutenant colonel, agreeably to regulation of
the 23d May 1836.
Captain William Ellis, of the 45th regiment native infantry, is
permitted to retire from the s rvice of the East India company,
on the half pay of his rank, from the date of departure of tue ship
on which he moy embark for Europe.
His honor in council is pleased to nake the following promo-
tions :
Ordnance commissariat department.—Sub-conductor Joseph
Vyal to be conductor, an I serjeant Patrick Bentley to be Sub
conductor. from the 29th November, 1837, vice Irish deceased.
Sub-conductor Henry Michell to be conductor, and Serjeant
major Joseph Higginbottom of the 65th regiment native infant y
to be Sub conductor, from the 30th November, ls&7, vice Carn
Con suctor Edward Townsend, attached to the 5th division
department of public works. has leave of absence for three
months from the 10th ultimo, to visit the presidency, preparotory
to applying for leave to proceed to Europe, on motical certificate.
The services of apothecary Francis Peterson, at present attach.
ed to the garrison dispensary in Fort William, are placed at the
disposal of the Honorable the Deputy Goveruer of Bengal, for the
performance of medical duties in Arracan.
Assistant Apothecary James Hifferan is appointed by the De.
puty Governor of Fort William, to the g raison dispensary in
Furt. William, vice Peterson.
Memoranium – The date of the return from the furlough of
Major G. N. C. Camp or II, of the regiment of a tillery, and Can-
tain W. Saurin, of 31st regiment uative infantry, is the 15th
instant, instead of the 16th, as announced in general orders No.
250, of the 18th instant. The older books to be altered accord.


Fort William, December, 20th 1837 —No 257 of 1837.-In rontinuation of General ()rders No 75, of the 17th April last, the following para. of a violitary Letter, No 3, from the Hon’ble the Court of Directors to the Governor General of India in Council under date the 5th July 1837, and the further warrant, dated the 20th May 18,7, granting additional advantages to soliers in Her Majesty's Service. for good conduct, therein referred to, are pub. lished in General Orders.

Para. I. In continuation f our Letter in this Department dated the 19th October 1836, No. 12, we t ansmit a forther War. lant received iron He, Majesty's Secretary at War dated the 26th May 1837, granting additional advant ges to Soidiers for good conduct, you will adopt similar measures for bringing this Warrant into operation to those pursued by you on carrying into effect the previous War ant which accompauied our Letter of October 1836 above quoted.

[Here follows the Good conduct warrant dated 25th May 1837, which was inserted in the India Gazette of the 13th ultimo.]

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consequence resolved to grant the full pay of Captain to evory
officer who should have served in India 23 years. (3 years fur-
lough included) whether he had a tained that rank itegimentally
or not, and the full pay of each of the superior ranks of Major.
Lieutenant colonel and colonel after the com le: ion of an
a ditional period of 5 years service for each of tuose ranks in such
ces-lon. Viz.
l . \lajor's pay, 23 years service, including 3 years for a fur-
For Licut. Colonel's pay 33 ditto ditto.
For Colonel's pay, 3-, aitto ditto.
being in v of opinion that some additional advantage in res-
ct othe periods of retirement may properly we granted to the
S-nior Oificers w o would have been more esoecially the im-
mediate objects of benefit from a Retir ng Fund hat such a
fund been esta lished, we have resolved that the period of ser-
vice to qualify an olic or for the pay of each adv onced rank after
that of captain, s all be reduced from five to four years, the
periods of service in India required for ech rank being conse-
quently hereafter as follows, v z.
Eve v O.fice, who so ill have served 23 years (3 years furlough
includ (i) shall be allowed to reire on he way of a Cat' ain whe-
ther he shall have attained that rank Regimen ally or not.
Sve y o licer who shall have served -7 years (swears furlough
included shall be allow d to retire on the pay of a Major winehter
he sh 11 have attaine that rank or not.
Every officer who shall have served 31 years (3 years furlough
include ) shall be a lowed to retire on the pa of Lieutenant
Colonel whether he shall have attained th t rank or not
Every officer who shall h ve served 35 veals ( ; years furlough
incinde I shall be allowed to retire on the ful pay of a to lonel
whether he shall have attained that rank or not.
4 The e arrancements to have eff cu without prejudice to any
claims at is ng out of the Retiring teg lations as established in
the year 1796.
we desire that i may be distinctly understood that the pre-
sent is final measure . You will accordingly decline to forward to
us any application which may have in is w a turther extension of
the 18 egotiations now established with regard to the retiremont of
our Milita y Servants.
Fort Willian, December 29th.-No 250 of 1837.-The hon’ble
the president in C uncil is pleased to direct that the following
paras. of a military letter from the Honorable the Court of Direc-
to's to the Beuta Governon-nt, No 71, dated 30th August
1857, and its enclosures, be published in general orders.

Para. I. We forward for your information the copy of a reso. lution adopted by us on the 30th November 1336, for granting honorary certificates of diligence and good conduct to these gentlemen cadets at a military seminary, who although they may have been unsuccessful in obtaining engineer appointments, may yet be considered as meriting some testimony of approbation for the r exertions in study and regularity of behaviour whilst at the institution 2. We have now to inform you that at the public examination which was held at the military seminary on the 12th June list, Alessrs. Henry Lewis and Robert Christie were sound to have rendered themselves worthy of the distinction of receiving the honorary certificate which was presented to thein in our name accordingly. 3. In conformity with the last part of our resolution of the 30th November 18 6, we forward for your observation, and also for pub ication in general orders, a copy of the repo t of Major Ge. neral Sir A. Dickson on the merits of Messrs. Lewis and out islie, who were selected for the ar, illery and stationed to your presi. dency, but Mr. Christie has since been allowed to resigu that branch of the service for a cavalry appointment At a Court of Directors held on Wednesday the 30th Nurember 1436 Resolved.—That this court entirely concur in the propriety and expediency of the surgestions which are offered in the lette, from Colonel sur Alexander Dickson and Colonel - tannus, with a view to the encouragement cf young men of talent at the ini itary se. minary, to persevere in the diligent study of the various branches of scence pur-ued at that ins it ution That as, from the want of vacancies in the scientific corps, there is not at the present period sufficient object for emula ion, it is desirable as an incitement to encreased application on the part of the gentleinen cadets, to grant honorary certificates of diligence and rood conduct to those who, although they may have been unsuccessful in attaining engineer appointmen s, may be considered to merit some testimony of approbation for their exertiou in study and regularity of behaviour while at the institu. tion. That honorary certificates be accordingly granted to such cadets appointed to the artillery and infantry, as may have attained to the required standard of qualification by the sulfilment of the following conditions w ich shall be deemed requisite to renuer a cadet eli ible thereto, viz. In Mathematics—to have gone through the course to the end of fluxions ,, Fortification- to have completed the course. ,, Military drawing—the surveys to be well and correctly finished and to have attained a fair proficiency in military drawing. ,, Civil drawing-to have obse, ved unremitting diligence and industry.

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In Hindoostanoe-to be able to read and translate at the public examination ,, French 2-to have observed every diligence and industry in ,, Latin these branches. ,, Character—to have borne in the reports generally a character of diligence and good conduct. That the rentlemen cadets obtaining these certificates (which are to be engraved in a suitable manner) be allowed the privilege of see time the presidency to which they shall be posted, and that their names with a suitable statement of their m, rits be communicated by the court for the onservation of the local Govern. meuts, and also for publication in general orders to the ai iny.

Report of Major General Sir Alexander Dickson, K. C. B., 15th
June, 1837.

It has afforded me mich pleasure on this occasion to witness the presentation of honorary certificates to the following gentle men callets, which from their diligence an goo conduct they fully merited ; and I trust that the mistinction thus conferred will have tue best effect by exciting encreased emulation in study ; "sins. of cadets who received honorary certificates.

1. Mr Henry Lewis.
2. Mr. Itobert Christie.

No. 26m of 1837—The Honorable the President in Council is pleased to direct, that the following extract (para. 2 to 6) of a miliary letter from the , Hon’ble the rourt of inirectors, No. 50, dated oth August 1-37, broublishes in general ordes:

Para. 2. It is our wish and desire that regimental rise should in every case he brought into full operation at the earliest practi cable period after he arrival of the cadet at the presidency for which he is appointed.

3. With this view the lists of rank of cadets are forwarded by the first opportunity after the can be finally arrangel, and upon an average no callet has been inore than two or three months in India before you are apprized of the order in which he stands for succession to a regionen al vacancy If there be then a vacancy and he s an first of the unpost-d cadets he should be imm-diate ly appointed to fill it, so that his pa ticipation in the cuances of regimental rise may a once commence.

4. The supply of cadets being duly apportioned to the wants of the se, vice it will seldon happen it the above rule be carefully acted upon, that any one regionent has more. th one vacancy at a time and consequently that under ordinary circumstances no necessity will arise for the transfer of cornets or ensigns from one regimeu to another.

5. Should cases arise hereafter in which there are two or more vacancies in any one regiment whilst other regiments of the same army are coinplete, we concur in opinion with the Commander in Chief that the senior cornet or ensign would gain one step by removal should is he desire it be granted that au van. tage. - 6. No cornet or cnsign is removeable for purposes of promo. tion except at his own request, and as there are difficulties in the way of ascertaining the wishes of individuals in this respect at the tune when conting, ney arises, we desi e that it be established as a regulation that every cornet or ensign who may wish to he noved to any corps by removal to which he would gain one e steps shall notifs his wish to that effect to the Adjutant

!st Lieutenant Francis Claude Burnett, of the regiment of artil ley, has returned to his duty on this establishment, without pre "ice to his rank, by permission or the Honore the court" or Directors, date of arrival at Fort William, 17th December 1837.. The undermentioned officers are permitted to proceed to Eu rope on furlough : Colonel Richard Collyer Andree, of the 7th regiment N I. : Captain William Geides, of the regiment of artillery : Lieuteuant George Hutchines of the 69.h regiment N. I. and Assistant **reeo" Alan ourray, M. D., of the medical department, ou account of private affairs, Lieutenant Colonel Hugh Morrieson, of the 57th regiment 1 ; ensign Charles Dovo ton, of the 14th regiment N. I., and "..." "eorge Jenkins, of the 21st regiment N. L., on medical certificate. Lieutenant Colonel James Tennant, the regiment of artill-ry. is permitted to proceed to the Cape of Good Hope, on medical **tificate, and to be abseut from Bengal on that account for two years Lieutenant Richard Samuel Tickell, of the 72d regiment native infantry, suh assistant commissary general, has leave of absence from the 25th January 13 is to the 25th January 1839, to visit Sinla, on medical certificate. The leave of abs-nee obtained by Captain william Freeth, of the oth regiment native infantry, in general ordes No. 248, of the "to ultimo is cancelled at the request of that officer. Condoctor Edward Townsend, of the department of public works, is permitted to proceed to Europe on sut lough, ou medical certificat... Serjeant Major Frederick Whitehead, on the 26th re-iment native insantry, is allinitted to the benefits of the pension sanctioned by minutrs of council of the 11th of Jaauary 1797 and general orders dated the 5th February 1820, subject to the coufirmation of the Hon’ble the Court of Directors, with permission to receive his pension a Dey, ah. No.4 of 1838. The President in council is pleased to make the following appointments : Surreon John Sawers, 31 and officiating as 2d member of the mo"ical board, to be 2d member, vice Swiney retired, and to. *te as 1st member, during the absence of su geon Langstag. Suprointendin: Surgeon Thomas Smith, officiating 3d Member, to be 3d member of the Medical Board, vice sawers and so olli. ciate as 2.1 member, during the absence of Surgeon Langstaff. Superintending. Surgeon Colin Campbell to officiate as ad member of the Moliol Board, during the absence of surgeon Langstaff, or until further orders. Surgeon Alexander Halliday, M. D., officiating superintending surgeon, to be a superintending surgeon on the establishmeus, vice Sinith appointed to the medlcal board. Surgeon George King, garrison surgeon at Chunar. to officiate as superintending surgeon, during the p-rior Mr. Campbell unay be employed in the Melical Board, or until further orders. Th" foregoing appointinents are to have effect from the 31st ultimo.

Fort William, 3d January 1838,-No. 2 of 1s 38–Lienteannt Arthur Conolly, of the 6th Regiment Light Cavalry, Assistant to the Governor General's Agent in Rajpootanah, is permitted to proceed to Europe on Furlough, on Medical Certificate. Fort Withiam, January 1, th–No. 5 of 1338. – the undermentioned officers are permitted to proceed to Europe on through : Major General Martin White of the 22d regiment native i fantry: Lieutonon colonel John Taylor, of the '9th regiment native infontry : Qaptain Thomas Fisher, of the 48th regiment native infant y : Lieutenant Kenneth John White of the regiment of artillery; Lieutenant Whalley Master, of the 7th regiment light Covalry : Lieutenant Sonari James Tabor, of the 7th regiment light covalry, and surgeon Thomas E. Baker, of the medical department, on account of private affails Lieutenant Co one is enry rock, of the 23d regiment native ins-litry and brevet Captain William Biddulph, of the 45th regiment native infantry, on medical certificate. In eneral orders No 1, dated the 2.1 instant, publishing off. reckoning advances for the year 1-37, the word “ Europe" in. serted by desire of Viajor General Willian Hopper opposite to his name in the statement, is changed to “ India,” to en ble him to draw the advance of Company's rupees (3,266) three thuusaud two hundred and sixty-six. No 7 of 1828-Assistant surgeon W B o'Shaughnessy, w p. p of essor medical college, is exempted from the operation of clause 25 of general orders No 2s., of the 28th January 1835, prohibiting thr European assistant in that institution from inter. ing into private practice. Fort William, January 19th —No. 12 of 1838 – The Hon'ble the president in council is pleased to make the follow. ing appointinent. 1.ieutenant Colonel John Cheape of the corps of engineers, to be executive engineer of the 12th or Kurnaul division department of publice works. Cornet George Itowcroft Budd, of the 3d regiment light caval. ry, is permitted to proceed to Europe on furlough, on medical certificate. Port William, January, 22nd 1s28 –No. 13 of 1838.- The Hon'ble the President in Council is pleased to make the follow. iug Promotions and Alteration of Rank: 45th Itegiment native infantry.—Lieutenant and Brevet Cap.

or 1 - General of the army, within one month from the date of his being

first posted—should he afterwards desire to alter this determina

tion he may notify the sane in the Adjt. General. The Cornman.
der in chies will thus at all times be in possession of the urces.
sary information to enable him to equalize the number of cornets
or ensigns in each corps with uue attention to the iuterests of all
"How man. January 5th.-No. 3 of 1838—The President
in council is pleased to make the following promotions .
it ight Wing European regiment – Ensign Frederick Summers
Macmullen to be lieutenant, srom the 18th December 1837, vice
Lieutenant Andrew Dick deceased. -
5th Regiment N. I.-Captain Stephen Swayne to be major ;
Lieutenant harles Willian H...igh to be Captain of a Company
and ensign Ralph Dows n to be lieutenant, footn the 15th Decem-
ber 1837, in suc, ession to Major Peter Johnston retired on the
ion of a lieutenant colonel
"...'...'. N. I.-Ensign John Guise to be lieutenant, from
the 1st January 1838, vice Lieuttnaut George Brockiuan re-
"...e. department.—Assistant Surgeon Richard Shaw to be
surgeon, from the 31st December 1837, wice Surgeon Jolin
swiney, M. o., retired.
The undermentioned officers of cavalry and infantry are pro-
moted to the rank of Captain by brevet, from the dates expressed
opposite to their names - - -
Lieutena John Bracken, of the 29th regiment native infantry,
anuary 1833. -
*o Edward Watt, of the 6th regiment light cavalry,
anti-ir 834. -
*''. John Christie, of the 3d regiment light cavalry, 4th
r a 3-
o: hol. the Deputy Governor of Fort William has been
pleased to appoint Assistant surgeon H. H. Spry, to officiate
until the pleasure of the Governor. General be known, as 1st
assistant garrison surgeon of Fort Williau, during the absence of
Dr. Bcll, on sick certificate.

tain Robert Warden Fraser to be Captain of a Company, and


Phsien Henry Colvin Jackson to be Lieutenant, from the 13th January 1838, in succession to Captain William Ellis, retired on the Half Pay of his rank. Medical Department.—Assistant Surgeon Angustus William Stuart to be Surgeon, vice Surgeon William Thomas retired, with rank from the 31st December 1837, vice Surgeon John Swi ney, M. D., retired surgeon Richard shaw to rank from the 1st August 1837, vice Surgeon Willia o Thomas retired. The undermentioned Officer of the Infantry is promoted to the rank of Captain by Brevet, from the date expressed opposite to his name : 7th Regiment N. 1.-Lieutenant Samuel Robinson Bagshawe, Ixth January, 1833. The undermentioned Officers are permitted to proceed to Eu. rope on Furlough : Lieutenant and Brevet Captain Francis Thomas, of the 73d Regiment N. T., aud Lieutenant Richard George Grauge, of the 10th Regiment N. I., on medical certificate The permission granted by the Bombay Government to Captain Henry Patch, of the 73d egt. Bengal N. 1 , to proceed from that Presidency to Europe on Furlough, on medical certificate, as well as the previous leave to remain at Bouhay till the 31st December last, granted to that officer in extension of the leave obtained oy him in Bengal, are confirmed by the Sapreme Government. No. 14 of 1 x 38-The Forms A. and B. of reports on the claims of discharved and deceased men claimin: Ava Prize Money, at . tached to General Orders No. 245, of the 19th December 1836, not being suited to the case of individuals who belonged to the Marine force from Bengal, employed on the late expedition to Rangoon, the Hon’ble the President in Council is pleased to direct the publication of two other Forms C. and D in substitution, as follows, and to authorize the signature thereto of the Secretary to

the Marine Board to be considered sufficient to enable the Gene

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I hereby Certify that

duced and his reply to our questions. I have reason

is entitled to ney having served as-

that he is now reading or

to the Share of

Fort William, Jrnuary 15th–No. 8 of 1838.-The followitt: list of rank of a cadet of cavalry, appointed for the Bengal presidency, is published far general information :

No. 4 of 1837.
List of rank of a cartet for the Bengal cavalry
To rank from the sailing from Gravese nd of the ship by which
he proceeded :
William Fisher, Roxbourgh Castle, sailed 5th October 1837.
Secy. Mily. Dept.,

East India House, 18th October 1837.
(A true Copy,)

(Sd ) J AMES C MELVILL, Secretary. East India House; London, the 28th October 1837.

No. 9 of 1-38 –The following paragraphs of military letter of No. 76, dated the 18th October 1537, from the Honorable the Court of Directors are published for general information : “ Para. 2. Major Benson, Lieutenant Ma tin, and Ensign andon (permitted to return overland to their duty) have been informed that their Initian allowantes will not commence until they shall have eached the presidency or joined the corps to which the v belong 3. We have granted additional leave to the following officers, wiz. Lieutenant Colonel S. Hawthorn ; Lientenant Colonel H. L. White, and Captain Sir R D Colquhoun, Bart. for six mouths. Captain W A Smith, till November next. 1.ieuteuant Edward Meale, for nine months Lieutenants F. W. Cornish ; W. S. Pilans: Henry Barry : ension Robert Hoy ; Surgeon Andrew Murray, M. D., and Assistant Surgeon E. Mitchell, for six months. . Assistant Surgeon J. J. Boswell, for twelve months 4. We have pormitted superintending Surgeon William Tho. in as to retire from the service. This vacancy has effect froun the 1st August 1837.”


[blocks in formation]

Head Quarters. Camp, Delhi, Decrmber 5th–that part of the General ()rders of the 28th October last, which directs the 2d company 6th battalion of artillery to proceed to Meerut for practice is countermanded, and the company, with its field battery, will continue a ta hed to the Delhi brigade. The following Presidency division orders are confirmed; 12th November 1837 Assistant Apothecar, J. Dempsey, do. ing duty at the general hospital, to act as Assistant Apothecary and Assistant Steward to the detachment of recruits for the European regiment, proceeding to Agra by water, under the command of Captain F Beaty. 17th Novem", r 1837 – Assistant Surgeon A. Donaldson, M. D. doing duty at the general hospital, to take medical charge of Captain Beaty's detachment of recruits, proceeding to Agra by water. The following appointments, made in the Presidency division order of the 19 h ultimo, for the duties of the hospital of H r , jesty's 3d regiment of light dragoons, are confirmed as a temporary arrangement: Assistant. At othecary T. Nulty, on leave at the Presidency, to act as Apothecary Apprentice W. McKeon to act as Hospital Steward. a pprentice T. Muri by to act as Assistant Apothecary. Apprentices J. B. Hanly and T. Coleman to do duty in the hospital. There being no qualified officer present with the 9th native infantry, Lieutenant A. Q. Hooper, of the 24th regiment, is appointed to at t as Interpreter and Quarter master to that corps, and directed to join.

Head Quarters, Camp, Delhi, December 6th. – The Sir. bird division order of the 99th ultimo, directing Surgeon B. W. Macleod, M. o. of the 3d regiment of cavalry, to receive medico charge of the 27th regimeut of native infantry from Sur. geon W. S. Charles, M. D. is confirmed.


5th batt. artillerv.–Lieut. and brevet Cantain and adjutroit J. Turton, from 25th Nov. to 1st Jan. 1835, to remain at Nee'...', preparatory to applying for furlough to Europe via o "bay. N. B. This cancels the unexpired period of he leave granted |. brevet C“ptain Turton, in generai orders of the 39th Augat as H-at Quarte s, Camp, Bur-Ke Chaokee, recember 13th – The presidency div sion order of the 34th ultimo, directing ensign A H. C. Sewell, at present at ached to the 4th na ive infantry, to joi, and do duty with the 65th regiment of native infant y, is confirmed. The presidency division order of the 94th ultimo, directing the u’ derinent oned enrigo at present attached to the 9th native infantry, to join and do duty wi.h the regiments specified oppesite their names, is confirmed : ...nsigns F. H. Thomas, C. MacMillan, E. Cook, H. B. Meivil e, J. I. Mainwaring A. O. Farquharson, W. R. Cunninghain, N B. Chamber a n, with the 12th native infantry at to arrackPore : W. E. Mulcaster, J Robinson, A Skene, M. B. W. h =h. W. F. Nuthall, (; , icolson, aud W. H. Oakes, with the 13, a native infantry at Hatrackpore. The Ben res division order of the 27th ultimo, directing errduc or J Green, of the Chunar magazine, to proceed with the Stores for the practice of the artillery division to Sultan ore. *enares, and to remain with the division during the practice season, is confirmed. The untierinentioned officer has leave of absence: 37th regt. N. ...—Lieutenant T. Hutton from 1st March to “Ist October 1833 to visit the hills west of the Jumna, ea private affairs. N. B. This cancels the leave granted to Lieut. Hutton, in ge, oral orders of the 1, th instant. The Aiee ut a tillery division order of the 5th instant, directing lieute ant and adjutant J. H. Danieli, of the 2d ur-sate, to “t is adju, ant to the division is confirmed. The gra artillery division order of the Ist instant, directin: Gunners otto, of the od, and Kehoe, of the 4th corn pany oth battalion, to act as lauoratory-men uuring to e practice season, is coil si nied. . The Henares artillery division order of the 1st instant, ext"o the following arrangements for the annual practice season is confirmed : 1st Lieutenant F. Gaitskell, of the 4th company 3d battalion of artillory, to act as adjutant to the divisi


* on Staff sergeant . . . a 's, of the 3d company 3d battalion, to act

as sergeant major and quarte master sergeant. Cunners G. Byrnes, of the th, an 1 F Sullivan, of the ci

company Ju oattaliou, to be laboratory-ineu.

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The Renares division order of the 27th ultimo, appointing Assistant Surgeon T. Smith, M. o. of the 8th regiment of light cavalry, to the medical harge of the au tillery assimbled for practice at Sultan pore. is confirmed. Ensign J. W. Carnegie, of the 15th regiment native infantry, having been declared by the examiners of the college of Fort Willian to be qualified for the office of interpreter to a native corps, is exempted from further examination in the native lauguages. Ensign George Gardner Bowring is, at his own request removed from the 17th, and posted to the 9t regiment of native infantry Ensign Thomas Latter is, at his own request, remoted from the 4-th. and post-d to the 67th regiment or native infantry. Jem adar Moh put Sin , late of the 69th regiment notive insantly, and who was transferred to the pension establishment by general orders of the 30th of August 1833, is in consequence of his wounds and length of se vice, allowed the additioual invalid pay of his rank. from the 20th ultino The undernmentioned officers have leave of absence : Infantry—Ensign C D veton, doing duty with the 40th native infantry, from 25th November to 25 h February 1833, to proceed to the preside cy, on Inedicol certificate, preparatory to applying for leave to sea. Ordnance commiss triat department—conductor J. Graves, from 15th December to 19th March, 1838, to visit Allahabad, on private affairs.

Head Quarters, Camp, Delhi. December 10th.-Lieutenant
Colonel C. A. G. Wallington's regionental order of the 17th
ultimo. appointing Lieut, n\nt H. Hollings to act as intre proter
and quarter master to the 66th native infantry, during the absence
on duty, o' Lieutenant Nugent, is co-fi, mr.t.
The presiden y division order of the 12th of August last ap-
pointing hospital apprentice James Healy to act as apothecary |
and bospital apprentice J. Sheetz as assistant apothecary, untier
the olders of the surgeon to the right | jonorable the Governor
General, is confirmed.
‘I he general order of the 15th ultimo, directing Major P L
Pew, of the 2d battalion of artillory to preceed so thwith to Nus.
seerabad, is to have effect trom the 13th instant, that oilicer hav.
ing been detained, since the publication of the order, on duty at
The undermentioned officers have leave of bsence.
22d regiment native infantry-- viajor C. an ilton, from 20th
Dec. mber to 20th June 1833, to visit the presidency, preparatory
to applying so, furlough.
27th r ciment untive infantry - Leutenant T. Hutton, from 1st
March 19.3s to 3 st Oct., 1838, in extension, to remain in the hills,
on p, ivate atlairs
53d regiment native infantry–Captain W Barnett, from 4th
November to 4th November 1838, in extension, to remain in the
hills north of Deyrah, on medical certificate.
Head Quarters, Camp, Aileepore, December 11th. —The Agra
garrison order of the 29th of October last, directing assistant
surg J. S Login, M D . to afford medical aid to the 4th battalion
of artillery, is confirmed as a tern pornay arrang, m nt.
The Agra garrison order of the 20th ultino, directing garrison
surgeon D. Woodburn to make over the medical harge of the
47th to surgeon R. Brown of the 37th regiment of native infan-
try is confirmed.
The Sirhind a tillery division order of the 1st instant, appointing

lieutenant and brevet ('alotain G. J. Cookson, alju ant of the left
wing 2d battalion of artillery, to act as adjutant to the division,
vic - Lieute naut lied proceeding to join his battalion, is cou-
The Dinapore division order of the 24th ultimo, directing hospi
tal app entice W. J Thompson to do duty with Her Majesty's
49th regiment at Hazatec baugh, is confit intol.
The presidency división o der of the 10th ultimo, directing
Captain W. A Ludlow, of the 12th regiment native infantry,
ac ing major of brigade at Barrack ore, to officiate assistant adju
tant general of the presidency divisiou, during the absence, on
duly of Major Penny, is confirmed.
His excel ency the Commander in Chief is pleased to make the
following removals :
Colonel E 1. Simpson, from the
native infantry.
colonel B Troope, from the 19th to the 24th regiment of native
Č. Henry Robert Grindlay, who was brought on the effec.
tive strength in government go heral orders No 232, of the 27th
ultimo, is posted to the oth ego ment of light cavalry.
Hospital apprentice Oakely is attached to the medical depot
at Cawnpore, vice Hornby promoted.

24th to the 19th regiinent of

Head Quarters. Camp. Barctah, De ember 15th.-Frisign Nevi'ile Bowles hamberlain is, at his own request, removed from the byd, and posted to the oth legiment of native insantry unuer orders for luck now

The undermentioned officers have leave of absence:

34th regt, N. 1 — For sign C. F. M. Munay, from 1st Jan. to 1st July 1834, in extension, to is it the presidency, on medical certificate prelaratory to a spplying for furlough.

3, th regt N. 1.-Lieutenant intr and Qr, Mr. J. G. W. Curtis. from 16th occ. to 16th March 1939, to visit the presidency, on private aflails.

point g gunners Richard on and James Ford, or the 1st c, no-
pany : a battalion, to act as laboratory men to the uivision, during
the ractice se son, is coutit me 1.
The following orders, by Captain T Hockman, commanding a
detachment of artillery, proceeding to the upper provinces, sie
confirmed :
Dated October : Ist.—Appointing corporal Davies, of the
| 1st troop od brigade, to act as can p coivur-man to his troop. and
'I hon, as Shine of the 2d company of artillery drafts, as calisi-
colour-man to his coin pany.
Dated November 1st.-Appointing corporal Carlile, of the
lst troop - d brigade, gunner Grisinths, of the 4th, and gurner
Jameson, of the 3d company of artillery draft-, to act as can p
colour men, the former to the 1st company, and the latter to
their respective compaties.
The leave of a stice granted in general orders of the 9th ultimo,
to eutenant interpreter and quarter mas or M Hyslop, of the
59th regiment of native infantry, is cancelled at his requist.

‘1 he undermentioned ificer as leave of absence:

27th regioneut native infantry –Captain L. W. Gibson, from | oth January 1 38 to oth November 1838, in extension, to remain at Situla, on medical ce, tisica e.

48th regiment native insautry.—l ieutenant and brevet captain E. race, from 12th D. ceinber to 31st March 1-3-, to preceed to the presidency, preparatory to submitting an **ioca less for furlough.

55th regiment native infantry —Lieut. Col. M. C. webber. from - d Decemb r to , to reunalu al Beruanpore, aud awaii the arrival of his regiuent.

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