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Head Quarters, Simla, 14th March 1838–The Meerut divi. sion orders of the 2d and 5th intant, the former appointing assistant surgeon A. Bryce, M. D., of the 1st brigade of horse nrtillery, to the medical charge of the detachment of convales cents proceeding to Landour, and the latter directing hospital apprentice A. W. Wallace, of Her Majesty's 3d buffs, to officiate as assistant steward with the detachment, are confirmed.

The Meerut station order of the 5th instant, making the following non-commissioned staff appointments for the detchment of convalescents proceeding to Landour, under the command of Captain Mudie, of Her Majesty's 16th foot, is confirmed.

Sergeant Parkingson, of Her Majesty's 16th lancers, to be Ser. geant major.

Sergeant Ruggles, of Her Majesty's 16th foot, to be prevost sergeant.

Corporal McLean, of the 2d company 5th battalion of artillery, to be camp-colourman.

Head Quarters, Simla, 15th March 1833.-Lieutenant Colonel T. Worsley's appointment on the 4th ultimo, of assistant surgeon H. Bousfiell, attached to the civil station of Mynpoorie, to afford medical aft to the 28th regiment of native infantry, is confirmed The Agra garrison and station order of the 3d instant, directing Corporal Thomas Gowland, of the European regiment. to officiate as church clerk, during the absence, on leave, of pensioned ser. geant Rivett, is confirmed.

The Kurnaul station order of the 7th instant, appointing arting sergeant m jor Ryan, of the left wing 2d battalion of artillery, to act as Bazar Sergeant at that station, is confirmed as a tempo rary arrangement.

His Excellency the Commander in Chief is pleased to confirm the following appointments of non-commissioned officers to a detachment of artillery drafts proceeding towards Saugor, under the command of Brevet Captain H. N. Pepper, to have effect from the 12th of January last :

Gunners Charles Callum of the 1st company 3d battalion, to be acting sergeant major ; William Bardin, of the 2d company 3d battalion, to be provost sergeant; William Warrington and James Scofield of the 2d troop 1st Brigade, to be acting sergeant : Ed ward Fort and John Fancourt, of the 2d troop 1st Brigade, and John Best, of the 1st company 3d battalion, to be acting Corporal

The Commander in Chief is pleased to make the foll wing re. movals and postings of warrant officers of the ordnance commis. sariat department :

Conductor D. Ross, from the Agra magzine to the Hansi depot, vice Carr, deceased.

Conductors W. Gibson and J. Gower, from the Cawnpore to the Saugor magazine, vice Gale deceased, and Wheeler, who has obtained permission to retire from the service.

Sub-conductors R. Hunter, W. Cowan and A. McGregor, now at the arsenal, are posted, the former to the Agra and the two latter to the Cawnpore magzine.

Ensign J. S. Bristow is, at his own request, removed from the 6 oth to the 71st regiment of native infantry, as youngest of his rank.

No. 47 of 1838.-Captain N. Lowis, of the 63d regiment na tive infantry, an assistant to the general superintendent of the opcratious for the suppression of thuggee, has obtained in the General Department, leave of absence from the 20th instant, to visit the presidency, with a view to applying for leave to proceed to sea, on medical certificate. 67th Regiment native infantry.—Lieutenant and Adjutant F Rainsford, from 5th May, to 5th September to visit the presi. dency, preparatory to submitting an application for furlough to Europe. 4th battalion artillery –Coloned A. Lindsay, C. B. from 3d. April to 3d October, to visit the hills north of Deyah, on private affairs, 26th regiment native infantry.—Major G. Huish, from 25th April to 25th October to visit Mussoorie, on private affairs. 68th regiment native infantry.-Lieut. and Adjt. E. P. Bryant, from 15th April to 30th July, to visit the presidecy, on private affairs, and apply for furlough. Division Staff. - Captain J. S. H. Weston, Deputy Judge Ad. vocate General, Meerut division, from 1st April to Ist October to visit the hills north.of Deyrah, on private affairs.

15th regiment native infantry.—Ensign B. M. Loveday, late doing duty with the 37th N. l. from lat March to lst September to remain at Agra, on private affairs.

16th regiment native Infantry.—Captain H. M. Graves, from 15th April to 15th October to visit Mussoorie, on private affairs

18th regiment native infantry-Ensign Frederick C. Tombs, from 5th March to 5th August, in extension, to remain at Bareil ly, on private affairs.

1sth regiment native infantry.—Eusign Francis Tombs, from 5th March to 5th September, in extention, to remain at Bareil y, on private affairs.

20th regiment native infautry.—Ensign C. R. Larkins, fram . March to 15th November, to visit Simla, on medical certificate.

59th regiment native infantry.-Ensign J. Gordon, from 30th April to 30th September, to visit Mussoorie, on private affairs.

6?d regiment native infantry.—Lieutenant Colonel T. Dun. das, from 17th February to 17th March, to remain at the presidency, on medical certificate

Head Quarters, Simla, 15th March 1838–His Excellency the Commander in Chief, with the sanction of the Right Hon. The Governor General, is pleased to grant to the uative army, the indulgence or leave of absence, from the 1st provino, under the following restrictions and limitations. Where circumstances may prevent this indulgence from being granted to the sull exteut authorized, a report is to be made to head quarters. To the troops stationed in Assam, at D acca and Chittagong, leave is granted to the extent of 4 native officers and 24 non-cuinmissioned officers per regiment, and 15 privates per troop or company, to cease on the 1st January 1839. Orders will hereafter he issued relative to the furlough of the troops in Sylhet and belonging to the Meywar field force. to all other corps. in the presidency division, except those enumerated above, to corps in the Sangor division, in the slaiwa and Rajpootanah field sorces, and in the Sirhi “I division. leave is granted to the salue number, to cease on the 13th Nuvember next. To hill corps stationed at Subathoo, Deyrah, and Kemacon, leave is to be granted to the same number, to cease on the 15th December next To the troops of the line stationed in Kemnoon, leave is to be granted to the same number, from the 19th October next to the 15th April 1839. To the corps stationed in the D.napore, Benares and Cawnpore divisions at Allahabad, and in the Meerut division, (exceptinz Kemason) leave is grauted to 3 native oslicers and 16 noncommissioned officers per regiment, and lü privates per troop or company, until the 15th October next. Commanding officers will be careful that leave is granted with strict regard to priority of claims. and will limit the time granted to individuals, with reference to the distance of their homes. and the nature of their business, so as to allow as full a participation as possible in the indulgence. Officers and men going on surlough, ale to be remanded of the penalties attached to the overstaying of their leave, as well as the necessity of giving notice to their regiments, if sickness should detain them at their homes. The general orders of the 28th April 1810, containing precau. tionary directions to native troops, when travelling to or from their regiments, is to be particularly explained to the effice is and men of every regiment, previous to their deporture on leave. The attention of commanding officers is directed to general orders of the 19th February 1834, regulating the mode of granting the leave now authorized, as regards uon-commissioued office, s. Much unnecessary correspondence being occasioned by general officers, in their inspection reports, makin: reference to articles ... wanting” without , omnuuicating what orders they have issued for correcting the disliciency, His Excellency the Commander in chief requests they will be so good as to refer to paragraph the 5th of a memorandum. dated Adjutant General's odice, sta September 1st -, and, in future, render their reports in surict accordance theret , in the particular alluded to. The leave of absence granted to Captain George Cox, of the 69th regiment native infautry, in general orders No 2-11, dated the 11th December last, to visit Boli, bay, is cancelled. Lieutenant C. H. Thomas, of the 11th regiment native inf utry an assistant to the general superintendent of the operations for the suupression of thuggee, having returned to his duties on the 1sth February, his leave of absence from that date to the lst of April next, has been caucelled in the political department uuder date the 14th instant. The leave of absence, for six months, granted to Captain H. H. Arnaud, of the 34th regiment of native infantry, in general orders of the 23d ultimo, is cancelled at his request. The leave of absence granted in general orders of the 24th uitimo, to Captain J Nash, of the 43d regiment of native insautry, is cancelled at his request. Major John Barclay of the 4th regiment light cavalry, having been declared incapable of performing the active duties of his profession, is, at his own request, transferred to the lavalid Establishmeut.

No. 46 of 1833.-The Hon. the Pisident in Council having approved of a compilation of orders for the conduct of the nedial Department of the Bengal army, hereby establishes the same as a code of Regulations for the guidance of all corps and depart ments to which it relates.

The hon the President in conncil is pleased to annul and to declare to be abrogated from and after the 30th April next, a il existing regulations inilitating against any part of the code now cstablished,


Quarter Master Sergeant John Dalton, of the 21st, is appointed sergeant Major to the 20th regiment native infantry at Loodianah, vice Acton, deceased.

Quarter Master Sergeant John Cooke, of the 58d, is appointed Sergeant Major to the 44th regiment of native infantry at Etawah, vice iteilly transferred to the 16th native infantry.

Quarter Master Sergeant Thomas Mahon, of the 51st, is ap' pointed sergeant major to the 65th regiment native infantry at išarrackpore, vice Higginbottom, proudted to sub-conductor.

The following non-commissioned officers, of the regiment of

artillery, are transferred to the town major's list, and appointed quarter inaster sergeants to the corps specified opposite to their nannes :

Staff Sergeant William Templeton, of the 1st company 5th bat: talion, to the 2d regiment uative infantry at Lucknow, vice Catling invalided.

Drill Sergeant Henry Burgoyne, of the 5th battalion to the 4th regiment native infantry at Goru: kpore, vice Heery remanded.

Sergeant James Tyrrell, of the 4th company 2.1 battalion, to the 21st regiment native infantry at Kurnaul, vice Dalton appointed sergeant major to the 20th regiment.

sergeant James Foohy, of the 2d company 26 battalion, to the 26th regiment native infantry at Meerut, vive Crossley appointed sergeant major

Sergeant Thomas Morgan, of the 1st company 1st battalion, to the 51st native infintry at Dinapore, vice Alahon appointed sergeant major to the 65th regiment.

Sergeant Peter Montgomery, of the 2d company 1th battalion, to the 57th regiment native infantry at Barrackpore, vice William. son deceased

The following non commissioned officers, of the European regi. ment, are transferred to the tow u major's list, and appointed quarter master sergeants to the corps specified opposite to their natures : Sergeant Adam McGregor to the 5th regiment of native infantry at Benares, vice Daltou transferred to the Nusseree battalion. Sergeant John Nicholas to the 28th native infantry at Myn. poorie, vice Jones appoin ed sergeant major to the 72d regiment. Sergeant Andrew Brenan to the 44th regiment native infantry at Banda, viee Sutcliffe transferred to the Oude auxiliary force. Sergeant David Clunie to the 53d native infantry at Meerut. vice Cooke appointed sergeant major to the 44th regiment.

The leave of absence, for six months, granted to Apothecary J. Douglas, in General Orders of the 29th December last, is to have effect fron the 1st of may next, instead of from the date therein specified.

Quarter master sergeant Laurence Cullen, of the 7th light ca valry, is appointed to act as sergeant mojor to that regiment, vice Ray acting as riding master, during the absence, on fourlough, of riding master Jordan

Sergeant John Cooke, of the 2d troop 2d brigade horse artillery is appointed to act as quarter master sergeant to the 7th regi ment of light cavalry, vice Cullen.

GENERAL orders to the queen's troops. Iread Quarters, Simla, 12th F. bruary 1838 – No. 102.-Her Majesty h is been pleased to make the following promotions and appointments in the regiments serving in India : 13th Light Dragoons.—Captain Thomas Pilling Lang to be Ma jor, without purchase, vice Taylor deceased, 27 th November 1546 Lieutenant George Manuers to be Captain, vice Lang, 15th, September 1837. Cornet John Hamilton Gray to be Lieutenant, vice Manners 15th Sept 1837. Cornet and Adjutaut Charles Floyd to have the rank of Lieutenant, 16th September 1837. William Highmore Rosser, gent. to be Cornet, vice Gray, 15th September 1337. 2d Foot Eusign Thomas A Nixon to be Lieutenant, without purchase, vice Walton ueceased, 6th February 1837. Gentleman Cadet Thomas Addison, from the Royal Military College, to be Ensign, vice Nixon, 15th September 1837. 4th Foot.—Lieutenant Farquhar M. Campbell to be Captain, by purchase, vice Westmacott, who retires, 6th October 1837. Ensign Charles Staniforth Hext to be Lieutenant, by purchase, vice Campbell, 6th October 1837. Ensign Willam Wilby to be Lieutenant, by purchase, vice Zouch, who retires, 7th October 1837. John Hales Glazbrook, gent. to be Ensign, by purchase, vice Hext, 6th October 1837. 6th Foot.—Lieutenant Andrew David Alston Stewart, from the 4?d regiment, to be Lieutenant, vice Lord Charles Kerr, who exchanges, 1st September 1837. 41st Foot.—Lieutenant General Sir Ralph Darling, from the 99th foot, to the Colonel, vice Lieutenant General Honorable Sir Edward Stopford, G. C. B. deceased, 26th September 1837.

Head Quarters, Simla, 15th February 1838–No. 104. His Excellency the Commander in Chief has been pleased to direct the publication of the following circular memorandum and letter for the information of Her Majesty's troops in India. (cioculah) Mentonandum. The General Commanding in Chief desires, that all recom. mendations for the restoration of Service, forfeited by either non-Commissioned officers or soldiers, may be accompanied by a correct transcript of the record of the service of the indivi. dual, on a separate sheet, according to the form issued by the War Office on the 21st March 1836, By Command, &c. (Signed John MACDONALD, A. G.

(ciacular, No. 820) War Office, 30th September 1837. SIR,-lt having been ascertained that sums of

G. 50045 Money paid to soldiers on their discharge for - arrears of pay, or advance of pension, are frequently 61 squandered before the men arrive at their places

of residence, I am directed by the secretary at War to acquaint you, that arrangements have been made, with the concurrence of the General commanding in Chief, for differing the payment of such sums until the men shall have reached their destinations, and to suggest, that similar directions should be given to the agent of the regiment under your com. mand, in regard to any payments to be made to discharged men, either on account of family remittances, or out of any regimentai fund which may exist, from which contributions are made to men on their discharge.

I have, &c.

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The division orders by Major General Sir Willoughby Cotton, C. B. and K. C. H. cranting leave of absence to the undermen. tioned officers to proceed to England, each, for 2 years from date of embarkation, on medical certificate, are confirmed : 3d Light Dragoons,—Lieutenant E. G. Swinton. I6th Lancers, Lieutenant J. O. Burridge, 26th Foot—Ensign W. B. Park. 31st ditto-Ensign T. J. Bourke. Phe leave of absence granted by His Excellency Lieutenant Genl. Sir J. Keane, to Lieutenant Bennett, 2d foot, to proceed to Eugland, for 2 years from date of embarkation, on private affairs, is confirmed. The undermentioned officers have leave of absence : 3d Foot—Captain G. J. Austin, from 1st May to 1st Novem. ber, to visit the hills north of Deyrah, on private affairs Ditto—Lieutenant A. J. Camerou, from 7th February to 1st May, to visit Mussoorie, on private affairs. 26th ditto—Captain G. Hogarth, to proceed to sea, for 6 months from date of embarkalion, ou urgent private affairs. 31st ditto-Captain H. L. McGhee, from 1st March to 31st August, to proceed to Cawnpore, on private affairs. 49th ditto—Lieutenant H. J. Turner, from 1st March to 3ist August, to visit Aleerut and the Hills, on private affairs.

Head Quarters, Simla, 16th February 1838.-No. 105–At a general court martiel held at Fort William, on Monday, the 3d day of January 1838, Cornet Edmond Roche, of Her Majesty's 22dlight dragoons, was arraigned on the following charge :

Charge, “ For Conduct unbecoming an officer and a Gentle. man, in having, on the night of the 12th of October 1837, grossly insulted Mr. Henry Pownall Sawell, third mate of the ship Thomas Grenville, by striking him a blow, which knocked him down.”

Upon which charge the court came to the following decision :

Finding.—“The court, upon the evidence upon before them, are of opinion, that the prisoner Cornet Edmond Roche, of Her viajesty's 3d light dragoons, is guilty of having. on the night of the 12th of October 1837, struck Mr. Henry Pownall Sawell, third mate of the ship Thomas Grenville; but the Court taking into consideration the great and continued provocation received by Cornet Itoche, fully acquit him of the remainder of the charge.

Sentence.—“The court sentence the prisoner Cornet Edmond Roche, of Her Majesty's 3d light dragoons, to be severely

[blocks in formation]

Head. Quarters, Simla, 17th February, 1838 – No. 106 —At a general court martial holden at Bellary, on Thursday, the 4th day of January 1838, Lieutenant and Brevet Captain Richard Pingham Hill, Her Majesty's 41st soot, was arraigned on the sollowing charges: First Charge.—“ For Conduct unbecoming the character of an officer and a gentleman, and to the prejudice of good order and military discipline in the following instances : “First instance. In having, at Bellary on the 16th of septem. ber 1837, absented himself without leave, from his regiment, so continuing absent until the 23d of the same month. “Second instance. In having, near Guddakul, on the 22d of the same month, when being brought back a prisoner by an escort of the same regiment, made his escape there from, not withstand. ing that he had given the sergeant of the escort his word of honor, that he would not ride out of his sight. Second charge.—“ For scandalous and infamous conduct, unbecoming the chararter of an officer and a gentleman in having, at the same place, on the 23d of September 1837, addressed an offi. cial letter to the Adjutant of the same regiment, Lieutenant Eugene James Vaughan, containing a gross falsehood.” “The above being in breach of the Articles of War.” Upon which charges the court came to the following decision;

Finding—“The court having most maturely weighed the evi dence brought forward in support of the prosecution on the charges, as well as what the prisoner Lieutenant and Brevet Cap tain Richard Bingham Hill, of Her Majesty's 41st regiment of foot, has urged in his defence, and the evidence in support there as, is of opinion.

“That the prisoner is guilty of the first instance of the first charge, which, however the court does not consider in this in. stance, as conduct unbecoming the character of a gent, eman.”

“‘I hat the prisoner is guilty of the second instance of the first charge "

“That the prisoner is guilty of the second charge.

Sentence.—“The court having found the prisoner guilty to the extent above stated, doth sentence him, the said IRichar, Bigham Hill, Lieutenant and Brevet Captain in Her Majesty's 41st regiment of foot, to be cashiered.”

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Sin,-It having appeared on the trial of Serjeant Hugh Brenian, of the 1st battalion of the Royals, before a garrison court martial at Limerick, in April last. that as hospital serjeant, he practised a course of systamatic sraud, and the facts elicited upon that and other occasions, having afforded the strongest ground for belief that the case of this culprit is not singular, but, on the contrary one of no unfrequent occurrence in the regimental hospitals, I have Lord Hill's commands to direct your special attention to a subject, in which the character of the non commissioned officers of the army, and the interests of the pnblic, are so deeply con cerned.

His Lordship desires that you consider it a most important part of your duty to examine, frequently and strictly, the Charges in the hospital accounts of the regiment (or depot, as may be) under your command ; – that you particularly lock, not only to the quantity of cxtra articles but to the prices charged for ordinary

\nd extra articles purchased for the hospital;—that your corectly inform vourself as to the local prices of provisions of very iiscription, groceries, &c. which may be required from time to time, for the use of the sick ;—and, that, upon the appearance of excessive charge, you take prompt measures to arrive at the ruth, either by the preliminary investigation of a regimental board, consisting of three officers, where the case admits of doubt, or by bringing the accused to trial, when the facts present themselves to your mind in a conclusive shape.

Lord Hill assures himself, that no effort will be wanting on vour part, to give due effect to these instructions as well as that you will derive the most zealous support from the medical officers of the regiment committed to your charge. His Lordship strenuously recommends, that, in your ordinary visits to the hospital (as enjoined by tier Majesty's regulations) you invariably examine the various items of hospital expenditureI have the honor to be, Sik,

Your most obedient, humble Servant,
Adjutant General.

Head Quarters, Simla, 22d February, 1838.-No. 09–The Commander in Chief has been pleased to make the following promotions uutil Her Majesty's pleasure shall be known. 621 Foot.—Lieutenant Colin Buchanau to be Captain, without purchase, vice Moore deceased, 15th January 1838 Ensign John Grant to be Lieutenant, without purchase, vice Buchanan promoted, 15th January 1888.

His Excellency the commander in Chief has been pleased to promote the under mentioned officers to the rank of Captain, by Brevet, in the East Indies only. 4th Foot—Lieutenant J. Cameron, from 24th December 1828. 19th disto- Lieut. A R. Marshall, from 15th August 1830.

The leave of absence granted by His Excellency Lieutenant Ge. neral Sir J. Keane. K. C. B. , to Lieutenant and Adjutant DCooper, 17th Foot, to proceed to England sor 2 years from date of embarkation, on medical certificate, is confirmed. The leave of absence granted by His Excellency Lieutenant, General Sir P. Maitland K. B. C., to Lieutenant G. F. McKenzie 41st Foot, to proceed to Bombay on medical certificate, from 25th January to 14th July next, is confirmed The regimental order by the officer commanding 3d light drago ons dated the 27th December 1837, appoin ius Lieutenant G. Forbes to act as interpreter to the regiment, until its arrival at Cawnpore, is confirmed, as a temporary arrangement.

Bt. Maj Barnwell The station and regimential orde's issued capt c. Douglas by the officer commanding the 9th foot, dated Bt. Maj. Hartman, the 16th, 20 h and 23d January last, directing Capt. J. Hammill, the officers of that corn, named in the margin traducing the character of Captain Kelth to a private soldier of the same regiment aud tending to degrade Captain Keith's cha. racter in the estimation of the said soldier, and the other sol. diers of the corps. 2d Charge.—” For scandalous and disgraceful conduct, unbe. coming the character of an oslicer and a gentleman, in having, in cantonment near Belgaum, cn or about the 10th June 1837, assert. ed a wilful and deliberate falsehood to the aforesaid paymaster J. S. Darby, by stating to him, that Brigadier General Salter commanding the southern division of the army, had, some time previously, gone into his (Lieutenant Cuyler's) tent, when he (Lieutenant Cuyler) was under arrest for alloged misconduct at the mess, and that he (the Brigadier General) had then and there listened to the reflections referred to, in the preceding charge, against the character of Captain Keith ; such false statement on the part of Lieutenant Cuyler, being derogatory to the professional character of Brigadier General Salter, his superior officer.”

,, M. Smith to proceed on duty, to Fort William, by water, Lieut. W.B. Farrant and to return in like manner after its

,, J. Dunne. completion, in confo mily with division

Lieut. & acts. Adjt orders by the officer commanding presidency
Robinson. division, are severally confirmed.
Assist. Surgeon J. The uuderme, tiuned oilict rs have leave of
Robertson. abseuce :

4th Foot—Lieut J. Espinasse, to Fngland, for the purpose of retiring on half p ty, and will report himself to the Adjutant General, horse guards upon arrival. 16th ditto.—Lieut. F. Casidi, from 1st March to 20th February to 39, to Landour on medical certificate.

31st ditto,-Captain and Brevet Major H. C. V. Courtland rom 10th May to 10th November next, to Loodianah, and the bills north of Deyrah, on private affairs. Head Quarters, S. mia, 24th February 1888 —No. 110.- At a general court martial holden in antonment nea Poona, on Monlaw, the 22d day of January 1838, Lieutenant G.E. Cuyler, Her Majesty's 2d, or Queen's royal regiment of Foot, was arraigued on the following charges :

1st Charge.—“ For disgraceful and scandalons conduct, unbecoming the charecter of an officer and a gentleman, in the follow ing instances : viz

“First. In baving, in cantonment near Belgaum, on or about the 27th June 1827, and on subsequent days, asserted to pay master J. S. Darby of the same regiment, a gross and wilful false hood, reflecting on the character of his senior and superior officer Captain H. D. Keith of the same regiment, by stating, that he (Lieutenant Cuyler) had, at the mess of the officers of the regiment, on the march from Vingorla to Belgaum, on or about the 13th January 1847, addressed most approprious language to Brevet Captain Keith, reflecting on his honor and honesty, and that he (Captain Keith) had taken no notice of the same.—Whereas, no such language had ever been addressed by Lieutenant Cuyler , o Captain Keith.

“ second. In having, at Belgaum, on the 28th June, 1s37

dictated to private Thomas Sinnott, of the 2d, or Queen's roya regionent of foot, a paper containing false and scandalous asper sions against the character of Brevet Captain Keith,to the effect a set forth in the preceding instance, the eby infamously and falsely LIAbilities.

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Amount of subscription received as per de

tailed account No. 1,................. 19,996 9 2 Sicca rupees,....4.0,267 10 1 DISBUttsrat eNTs. To amount paid for four 3d 4 per cent. Govt. notes, Nos. 896, 7 181, 2109 of 9344 and 2061 of 8:47, for . . . . . . . ...... Sa. Its 9,300 9,273 5 9 ,, ditto for # 4 per cent. Govt. note, No. 590, for Co.'s Rs 700 639 9 I ,, established office allowance for a writer, stationery, &c from 1st Oct. 1836 to 30th Sept. 1837,... 960 0 0 ,, amount awarded to the families of deceased officers, as per list No. 2, ... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1,216 8 H Governmentagent's commission, brokeraged and other charges, 101 3 6

- 22, 190 l l (; Cash balance, Sa. Rs.... 18,076 it, I

Assets. Cash balance as above, in Guvt.

Agent's hands,................... 18,076 15

2 second 5 per cent notes:

No. 89.11 of 1825 26, dated
15th Sept. 1827, for sicca
rupees................. 3000
13546 of 1825-26, dated
12th June IS28, for sicca
rupees,................ 4500

– 7500 0 0

16 third 4 per cent notes :No. 395 of 1832.33, dated 1st May 1832, for sicca

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rupees ......... . . . . . 4,400 526 of 5103 of '32.33, May 1,32sr. 13,000 , 2061 of 88.47, ... do... do..... 3-130 x * 109 of 9344, 500 • 2341 ... do,... • do.... 1,700 , 2907 ... do... do..... 11,200 , 3061 of do... .. 800 * 4131 ... do... do..., 8,300

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Award passed, but passage mone and travelling expenses not yet pa to the widow and 5 children of a Lieutenant, 41st regiment ......

Established allowance for writer, sta. tionery, &c. for quarter ending 31st December 1837, .................

3,6-0 0 0

240 0 0

- - -- 8020 0 0

(signed) R. H. Strong. 'Pay Master H.M. 26th, Regt. Actg. for Cominittee of Gen. Management. Fort William, 31st December, 1537. Certified, we have examined the Accounts and find them correct. (Signed) W. JAMES, Lieut. Colone/, Commanding H. M. 26th Regt. G. HOGAR i H, Capt. H. M. 26th Regt.

1 1st No. 1.

Subscription received from 1st January to 31st December 1887 Major Geul. James Watson, C. B., from 1st April

1836 to 3, st January 1837, .................... 187 8 0 Major General Hon. J. Ramsay, from 1st January 1845 to 31st December 1836, ......... ... ... . . 450 0 0 Major General *ir D. Ximenes, K C.H., from 1st June 1836 to 21st March 1837 - ------------- 93. I? 0. Majr General It. I orens, , Adjutant General, from 1st January is 35 to 31st December 1835, . 135 0 0 Major General Sir J. tickson, K.C.B., Qr. Mr. Genl... from 1st January 1836 to 31st December 1836, 135 0 0 Major General Oglander, from 1st January 1837 to 31st December 1837.................... ......... 84 6 0 B. Maj. Halfhide, 44th Ft. Brig. Maj. Fort win., from ist October 1836 to 30th September 1837 ... . 45 0 0 Doctor McLeod. Inspector Genli of hospitals, from 231 July 1836 to 31st March 1837,................. 92 13 0 capt. Barnes, 4 st foot, brigade Major. Bombay, from Ist October 1836 to 80th September 1837, ... . 67 8 0 4th Light dragoons, from 1st October 1836 to 30th September 1837, ........ -- 351 1 1 0 11th ditto, ditto ditto -- $57 13 0 13th ditto, uit to ditto, 610 & 0 16th Lancers, ditto ditto.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 785 10 0 2d Foot, from first Jan, 1836 to 31st Dec 1836, ... IOU3 12 0 3d ditto. from Ist Oct, 1s56 to 30th Sept. 1837. 498 12 0 6th ditto, ditto ditto... . 1:90 13 0 9th ditto, ditto ditto,. 50 - 11 0 13th ditto, ditto ditto, . 855 5 0 10th ditto, ditto ditto, .. 701 4 0. 17th ditto, ditto ditto, . . . . . . . . . . . . . ........ 629 5 5 20th ditto, from 1st Nov. 8,6 to 30th Nov 1837 58 8 5 2, h ditto, from 1st Oct 1836 to 30th Srpt 1837,. 6 1 4 0 litto, ditto ditto, . . . . . ............. 1126 12 8 30th ditto, ditto ditto,.... . . 508 - 0 40th ditto, uitto ditto,.. . 421 14 0 41st ditto, ditto ditto . 767 lo o 4 ith ditto, litto ditt - 432 8 0 45th ditto, ditto ditto, . . . 987 3 0. 49th ditto, ditto ditto, . . . . . 12.0 is it 54th ditto, ditto ... 10.2 8 0. 55th ditto, ditto . 971 6 2 57th ditto, ditto - - - - - - - - 433 2 0 62d ditto, from 1st July 1836 to 30th June 105 - 11 I 63d ditto, from 1st Oct. 1836 to 30th Sept. 1837, 1024 11 0

Total, Sa Rs....... 19,996 9 2

List No 9. Statement of Relief afforded by the Fund from Ist January to 31st December 1837. To two childreu of a Captain llth dragoons, who died at Meerut, maintenance for each child,. . .

at 600 rs each . 12to 0 0 Passage money at 500 ditto.... 1000 0 0 Travelling expences and attendence, 250 ditto. . . . . 500 0 0 Total, awarded Co.'s Rs. 2700 0 0 - 2531 4 0 The leaves of absence granted by His Excellency Lieutenant General Sir P. Maitland, K.C.B., to the following officers, are confirmed :

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Ha lore, on the 26th Nov 1836, maintenance for two months, .... 1560 0 0 25 days traveilin: allowance from bangalore to wairas .......... 650 0 0 Passage money to the widow 2000 o 0. lot to for one chill . . . . . . . . ... 500 0 0 Trave lin; expences from London to Bally Shaunon, Ireland, 373 miles .............. C 22 5. 232 0 0 Total, awarded Co.'s Its... 4942 0 0 — 4633 2 0 To the widow and one child of a Lieutenant, 29, h foot, who died on Board the ship Jova, in the Madras roads, 24th February 1s +7, maintenance for 2 months,.. 401 0. Passage money to the widow...... 1500 0 0 Ditto for one child, . . . . . . . . . . 000 0. Travellino expenses for herself and child, from Portsinonth to Derby, 193 miles,... & 14 17... I 12 9 " Total, awarded Co.'s Rs. 2514 1 0 ——— 2355 2 11 To the widow of a Lieutenant, 11th dragoons, who died at Meerut, on the 1st August 1-36, Maintenance for three months, or in full of all deman's against the fund, ... . . . . . . . .'s Rs. 885 12 0 —– 830 G 3

To the widow and five children of a Lieutenant, 41st regiment of foot who died at Bellary, on the 22d May 1-37,

Maiutenance for two months.... 510 0 0 one month and 15 days travelling allowances from Bellary to Madras........... .... ...... 382 's 0 Passage inoney for the widow,.. 100 0 0 Ditto for 3 first children, . ... 1500 0 0 pit to for remaining two children 000 0 u Travelling expences from London to Brighton, 60 miles, it 8 10... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 80 0 0 Total, awarded Co.'s Rs. 4572 8 0 Paid on account of maintenance mud travelling allowance,..... 892 8 m

–– 836 l l 6

Total, Sa. Its .......... 11,216 8 s

-1t may be satisfactory to add, that the awards paid to the families of deceased officers by this institution since its establishment in 1820, amount to sicca rupees two lacs, ninety five thousand, seven hundred and three, six annas

and ten pics, ...... ... ............ Sa. Its 205,703 6 in

Fort William, Queen's Military Widows' Fund Office, 31st Dec. IS 7.

Herd Quarters Simla, 1st March 1838.-No. 112.-Her Malesty has been pleased to make the following pronotions and Appointments in the regiments serving in India ; it, Foot Lieutenant Thomas Founce to be Captain, by pur chase, vice Lonsdale, who retires, 23d June 1837. Ensign John Henry Day ltuxtou to be Lieutenant, by purchase vice Faunce, 23d June 1837. Joseph Palmer, gent. to be Ensign, by purchase, vice Ruxton, 23d June 1837. 26th Foot –ensign Charles Cameron to be Lieutenant, without purchase, vice Heming deceased, 22d September 1837. Eusign John Wright, from the half pay of the 96th regiment to be Ensign, vice Cameron, 32d September 1837. Quarter Master Sergeant John Cumming to be Ensign, by pur. chase, vice Wright who retires, 23d September 1887. 93d Foot.—Captain Henry Croly, from the half-pay, unattached to be Captain, vice Lane, appointed Pay Master, 29th September 1837. captain Richard Lane to be Pay Master, vice Foster appointed pay master of a recruiting district, 29th September 1837. To be captain without purchase :-Lieutenant Robert Stuart Ridge, from the 13th light diagoons, 29th Septembar, 1837. The Christain name of quarter master Sheridan, of the 13th foot, is Mark.

4th Foot.-Lieutenant R. Hawkes, for 3 months from date of embarkation, to Calcutta, on private affairs.

*7th ditto — "antain T. Shadforth, to England, for 2 years from date of embarkation, on private affairs. The division orders by Major General Sir Willoughby Cottom, C.B. and K. C.H., of the following dates, are confirmed : 15th February 1833 – Appointine Lieutenant Hadfield, 3d light dragoons, to the command of a detachment of that, and other corps. proceeding to Cawnpore, by water. 16th February 1833.-Granting leave of absence to Captain D. MacAndrew, 49th regiment, to proceed to England, for 2 years, from date of embarkation, ot medical certificate. e regimental order issued by the officer commanding the 9th Foot dated 9th February 153s, directing the officers, named in the margin, to proceed to Barrackpore, on Court Martial Duty, by water, and to return in like on anner after its completion is confirmed.

Bt. Maj. Hartman. Capt. J. Hammill: Bt.. Capt. W. F. Ker. Lt. W. B. Farrant. ,, J. Dunne. ,, J. W. Robinson. acts. Adjutant. The leave of absence granted in division orders by Major G. neral Sir Wiltoughby Cotton, C. B. & K. C. H., to Ensign T. J. Bourke, 31st Foot, to proceed to England, on medical cert.ticate, and confirmed in the general order No. 104, of the 15th February 1833, is cancelled at the request of that officer. The leave of absence granted to Lieutenant J. H. Shadforth, 57th foot, in the general orders No. 85, of the 14th D, cember 1837, to preceed to England, for 2 years, on private affairs, is cancelled. The undermentioned officers have lenve of absence: 3d Light Dragoons.—Lieutenant J. Martin, to proceed te the presidency, and eventually to England, for 2 years from the date of embrkation, on private affairs. 3d Foot.—Pay Master J. Lukis, from 15th March to 15th November 1848. to Mussoorie, on medical certificate. captain Carmac will perform the duties of regimental pay master, during the absence, aud on the respousibility of, pay master Lukis 13th F, ot–Major E. T. Tromson, from 10th May to 9th No. vember 1838, to Simla, on private affairs. 45th ditto – Lieutenant J. C. Campbell, to remain at Calcutta till the 31st March (instant) on private affairs. By order of the Commander in chief. Head Quarters, Simia. 8 h farch, 1s38 —No. 114.—The resimental order by the oliver commanding the 17th Foot datest the 15th ultimo, appointing Lieutenaut Owen to wet as Arjutant to that corps, from the 1st February is 38, during the absence of Lieutenant and Adjutant Cooper, proceeded on leave to England. is confirmed. The leave of absence granted by His Excellency Lieutenant General Sir P. Maitland, K. C. to the underluentioned officers, are confirmed : 13th Light Dragoons.—Cornet C. H. D. Donovan, to Fneland for 1 year from date of embarkation, on urgent private affairs. 41st Foot.—Captain J. Simmons, from 25th January to 24th July next. to Bombay, on medical certificate. The undermentioned officer has leave of absence. 16th Foot.—Lieutenant H. D. Gibbs, in extension, from 15th to 31st January 1838, to enable him to rejoin. Head Quarlers, Simla, 15th March. 1838.-The Commander in Chief in India has been pleased to make the following Appointment on His Excellency's persoual stats. Ensign R. H. Yea, of the 13th light infantry, to be Aide-deCamp, from the 1st of March, instant The Commander in hief has been pleased to make the sollowing promotion until Her Majesty's pleasure shall be known : 3d Foot.—Ensign W. J. Dorehill to be Lieutenant, without perchas-, vice Withworth deceased, 10th March 1838. The order by Captain C. F. Thompson, 16th Foot, commanding detachments of Her Majesty's troops, proceeding to the up. per provinces, by water, dated 25th February 1838, appointing the following non rounissioned acting staff, is consirmed : Acting Provost Sergeant James Warren, 16th Foot, to act as Sergeant Major. vice O'Connor, 31st, who has joined his corts. Acting Sergeant Timothy McNamara, 16th Foot, to act as Provost sergeant, vice Warren. Acting Corporal John Jackson, 16th foot, to act as sergeant, vice John Carr, 31st, who has joined his corps. Acting Corporal Patrick Murphy, 16th Foot, to act as Scrgeant, vice Hefferon 31st, who has joined his corps. Privates William White, and William Read, 16th Foot, to act as corporals. The leaves of absence granted by His Excellency Lieutenant General Sir P. Maitland, K. C. B. to Lieutenants T. Parker, and W. M. Julius, of the 13th Light Dragoons, to proceed to England, each for two years from date of embarkation, on medical certificate, are confirmed.

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