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departures from calcutta. March 7th--Belhaven, B. W. Crawford, for Bussorah and Bushire. 8th–Susan, J. Young for Liverpool. .9th.-London, M. King, for Liverpool; Sir Edward Ryan H. Pybus. sor Singapore and China March 10.h.—C-celia. Levesque, for Bourbon; Astronome, G. Bernard, for Bourbon ; Francis Warden, Nacoda, for Dombay. 12th - Haidee, A Symers. (or Mauritius; John Adam, E. D. O. Eules, for Persian Gulph. 14.—Eucles, R. Paul, for Liverpool ; Royal Saxon, R. Renner, for London ; Bright Planet, A. Steel, for Australia ; Ann, J. McGowan, for China; Resolution. A. R. Dixon, for Madras |, 19th–Bubpo. G. B. Brock, for London; Annund Chunder, G S Jones, for Khyouk Phyoo and Moulmein. 20th – 11orion, McCarthy, for London ; Ariel, W. Warden, for Singapore and China. 21st.— Euphrasia, A. Payet for the Mauritius. 24d. – Lover, J. Austen, for Boston. 26th.-John Hepburne, B. Robertson, for Moulmen and Rangoon; Cath, rina, A. Brown, for Cape of Good Hope. 29th.-Soubroup. W. Smith, for Point de Galle. 30th —Donna Maria, H. R. Bowman, for Stockholm ; Volun teer, A. McMinn, for Singapore and Cuiua ; Frasquitta, P. Her richou, for Bourbon.


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Feb. 2. At Saugor Central India, by Major General Sir T. Anbury, C. B. Commanding the Saugor division, Lieutenant W. Bignal 60th regiment native infantry, to Miss M. Kyd. 13. At Calcutta at the Principal Romon Catholic Church, by the Rev. Antonio da Santa Maria, Mr J. H. Peters, Watchmaker, to Miss Henrietta Rittman 20. At Futtehghar, at Christ Church, by the Rev. W. Sturrock A. B., Mr. John O'Brien Kew, lead clerk magistrate's office, Shahjehaupore, to Miss via ia Tutty. 23. At Saint Peter's Church, Mr. W. Mario, of the Iro Bridge Department, to Mary Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Capt lt. Smitn. – At Calcutta, at the Old Church, by the Venerable the Archdeacon, Mr. W. Ridsdale, of Bi-hop's College, to Heurietta Rothman, second daughter of the late J. U. Sherist, E-q. – At Chinsurah, by the Rev. Mr. It udd, C. D. Quinton, Esq., to Mrs. T. Elizabeth, relict of the late Charles Barber, Esq. of Chinsurah. 24. At Calcutta Mr. V. Rees, to Miss Eliza Jones, eldest daughter of the late Mr. James Jones, of Ireland. – At Fort Willam at St. Pete l’s Church, by the Rev. O. Rus. pini, Mr. J. Jeffereis, formerly Sergeant Major to the 1st battalion artillery, to Mrs. Sarah luchanan. 27. At the Scotch Rirk, by the Rev. Mr Charles, Mr. Augustus Frederick Langer, to Miss Sarah Colgan, 28. Agra by the Rev. Gregory Mary de Bénée, Catholic Apostos lic Missionary, and afterwards at the Protestant Church, by the Rev. R. Chambers, Arnold Henry Matthews, Esq., of Alumchund near Allahabad, to Mary Eleanor, eldest daughter of the late Captain John Camin Carne, of the Honorable East India Company’s 13 engal Artillery. 29. At Calcutta, at the Armenian Church, by the Rev. David Mackertich, M. Ter Arratoon, Esq., to Miss Elizabeth Carapiet, second daughter of Carapiet Mackertich, Esq Mur. I. At the Cathedral, by the R-v H. Fisher. P. P. Carter. Esq., of Bhojepore, to Sarah Adeline, eldest daughter of the late J W. Ricketts, Esq – At Calcutta, at the Scotch Kirk, by the Rev. James Charles, Seuior Chaplain. Capt. William Prescott, of the Madras native iusantry, to Eliza Jane, eldest Danguter of the Houorable Alex. ander Ross. — At Benares, by the Rev. W. Smith Richardson Nicholson, Esq., to Miss Elaenor Watson. 5. At Dacca, by the Rev. H. R. Shepherd, George Henry Lamb, Esq., to Miss Georgian M. Lamb. 8. At Chinsurah, by the IRev. J. Rudd, John Frederick Field Esq., Lieutenant in Her Majesty's 9th regiment, to Mary, the ouly daughter of Lieuteuaut li. 15, l'arraut, of the same corps.

- At Cawnpore, by the Rev J Jennings, M. A., Cornet H. Y Bazett, 5th light cavalry,to Lousia Colebrooke, youngest daughte of the late John Bruce, Esq. of the Honorable East India Company's medical service. 1". At Calcutta at the Cathedral, by the Rev, Henry Fisher, Werner Cuthr, y, Esq., of Her Majesty's 11th regiment of light dragoons, to Jane Jann, tte Hose'sson, surviving daughter of the late Thomas Hoseason, Esq., formerly of Bankiands, near Lynn, in the County of Norfolk, - At Barrack pore, by the Rev, A. Hammond, A, B, Charnock. Ingleby Harrison, Esq., 65th regiment native infantry, to Mary Anne fifth Daughter of the late capuain Tritton, Her Majesty's 24th dragoons. 12, At Calcutta, at the Cathedral, by the Rev. H., Fisher, Mr. William, Neil Dodd, Serjeant Major 67th regiment native infantry to Miss Margaret Ailey. – At Chinsurah, by the Qev. J. H. A. Rudd, A. B. J. Saukey Esq., of H. M. 9th regt, of foot to Mrs. Sarah Anne Bromly. 15. At Calcutta, at -t. Andrew's Church, by the Reverend Mr. Mc Donald, James Adves, Esq, to Miss Flora Lyon, - At Meerutt, at St. John's Church, George Larkins, Esq. horse artillery; to Emma Carnachan. 20. At Allahabad, by the Itev. H. Pratt, A. M., John The opilus, Revaz, Esq. of the Bengal Civil Service, to Mary, eldest daughter of William Lambert, Esq., of the same service. – At Calcutta, at the Cathedral, by the Rev. A Garstin, Mr. Robert Godfree, to Miss Anne Margaret Hamilton. 29. At St John's Cathed, al, by the Venerable the Archdeacon. Mr. J. B. M. Ross, to Miss Letitia Powers, only daughter of Mir, •P. W. Powers. Europe, -The Rev. R., Crosse, son of a crosse. Esq., of Eyne Court, Bromfield, to Eliza Mary, widow of the late Lieut, Arch-r, H. M. 16th foot, and second daughter of Charles Mackenzie, Esq. Bengal Civil Service,


Non 4. on board the Barque Britannia, Capt. Leiuth, on lı is passage to the Mauritius, William McDonald Cameron, Esq., aged 26 years, 8 months and 15 days. Dec. 7 At Sea, on board the Palmyra, Jackson Perring, Esq., late solicitor General of the Island of Ceylon, aged 37 yearsFeb 2. At ruddalore, virs. Frnelia Barbara McCally, (relict of the late Mr Andrew McCally, Head Uncovenanted assistant in the principal collector's office of that district,) aged 50 years and 7 months. 20. At Kutnaul, of small pox, Brevet Captain George James Cookson, 2d battalion H. C. Artillery. 21. At Delhi, Mrs. F. Crouch. 22. At Calcutta, Mrs Elizabeth Bailey, relict of the late Mr. William Bailey, aged 105 years 23. At Calcutta, at the General Hospital, Mr. John Gibbons, late steward of the Ship Vansittart, aged 50 years. 21. At Vihow, Malwa, Brian Hamllton, the son of Lieut. W. Hodgson, of the Ben. H A., aged 16 months and 5 days. 25. At Calcutta, Mrs. Charlotte Watts, reliet of the late Joseph Watts, Esq. of Howrah, aged 51 years. 26. At Calcutta, Mrs. Ann Humphreys, relict of the late, Mr Jacob Humphreys, aged 90 years. 27. At Fort William, Mrs. Mary Ann, the lady of Capt. George Hogarth, of the Cameronians. 28. At Agra, the infant son of Mr. E. Gray, of the Political Department, aged 3 months. War, h 1'. At Nusseerabad, Major Hector Mackenzie, 74th, regt. N. I., deeply regretted. 2. At Agra, C. ptain and Brevet Major Theophilus Bolton of the 47th native infantry. – At Kishnaghur, at the house of Dr. Fuller, E. Delperon, Esq., aged 21 years and 5 months, deeply and sincerely regretted. 4. At calcutta, Mr. Charles Malachi Smith, an assistant in the secret and pelitical department. - At Purneah, Mrs. M. A. D'Assis 6. At Calcutta, Mr. Michael Newson, Keeper, aged 38 years– At Caleutta, Mrs. Ann Cox, relict of the late Captain William Bentford Cox, of the Bengal Engineers, late of Fort Marlbro’ Bencoolen, deeply regretted. 8. At Calcutta, in Park Street, Chowringhee, Amelia Anne, infant, daughter of the Hon. Mr. and Mrs. Shakespear, aged 1 year, l month and 27 days. At Dacca, Mrs. P. M. David, relict of the late P. M. David, Esq., sincerely regretted. - At Madras, in the 30th year of her age, Elizebeth Susanna, the beloved wife of W. R. White, Esq., Acting Deputy Inspector General of Hospitals, Her Majesty's troops. II. At Barrackpore, Emily Madeline, the infant daughter of Alexander Humfrays, Esq., of the horse artillery, aged 13 months, and 5 days. 12. At Calcutta, Mr. John Smith, Surveyor aged 22 years. – At Calcutta, Mrs. Mary Anne Clive, wise of Mr. George Clive, Assistant in the Sudder Board of it evenue, Allahabad, aged 24 years and 4 months. — At inpore, Augusta Anna, the beloved child of

Livery Stable

Augustus Master, Esq., 7th light cavairy, aged 2 years, 10 montus and 12 days, devply lauvated.


13 At the Goneral Hospital, Mr. John Longdon, aged 37 years — At mymensing, M. W. Carruthers, Esq., of the Bengal Civil Service, aged 17 years. | 16. At Delhi, Philip Augustus, infant, son of the late G. Lumley, Esq., aged 1 year and 5 months. 17 At Chandermagore, Monsieur Claude Brunet, aged 21 years and 9 days. 19 At Calcutta, after about fourteen hours suffering of spasmodic cholera, Mrs. Amelia Hendersen, the wife of George Henderson, Esq., of 5, Farlie Place, solicitor, deeply regretted. – At Calcutta, Master John Nicol, a Ward of the Upper Orphan School, aged 9 years and 6 months - At Calcutta, Charles Frederick Young, Esq., of the Bengal Civil Service, aged 26 yeara. 20. At Calcutta,the Honorable Henry Davenport shakespear Esq., member of the Supreme Council of India, aged 52 years 21. At Calcutta, Mr. Win. Johnson, of Cholera, aged about 19th years. – At Cal. utta, Mr. J. T. Laurence, of Cholera, aged 31 years — At Calcutta Mrs. Anna Maria Grillard, aged 48 years, 9 months and 26 days. – At Fort Willian, Louisa Cenelia, the infant daughter of Brevet Captain French, Her Majesty's 26th regiment, aged 10 months and I4 days. - At Mr. Spence's, Town hall, Calcutta Mrs. Anna Austin, relict of Dr. Austin, Madras Medlcal Service, aged 27 years | 23. At Calcutta, Mrs. Elizabeth Matthews, wife of the late Mr. Joseph Matthews, of the Judicial department, aged 75 years. 24 At Calcutta, Master Robert Orton, son of the late Mr.

22. At Calcutta, of Cholera, Mrs. E. Davis, aged 42 years

and 5 months.
23. At Calcutta, Robert, the infant son of P. Daly. Jail
Sergeant, aged 7 months.
24. At Calcutta, Miss Cecilia Damzen, daughter of Mr.
Solomon Damzen, Political department, aged 10 years, 8
Inonths and 24 days.
– At Calcutta, Mr. Johu Rittman, constable of the police,
aged 38 years.
— At Calcutta, Miss Louisa Lee, aged 16 years, 4 months
and 13 days.
— At Calcutta, Mrs. Elizabeth Carmello Rodrigues, aged
25 years, 2 months and 0 days.
25. At Calcutta, Mrs Frances Hanway Udny, lady of
George Udmy, Esq., of the H. C. Civil Service, aged 21 years.
— At Calcutta, Mr J Espencer, aged 27 years.
26 At Calcutta, of Cholera, Miss Joana Pereira, aged 40
27 At Calcutta, at the residence of his brother, Monsieur
Frederic Tiron, of la Rochelle, aged 37 years.
29 At Calcutta, William Levie Malone Toone, Esq., of the
Hon'ble Company's Civil Service, aged 26 years.
EURope.—Died in London, on the 18th December, 1337,
Jane Ralston, second daughter of Captain G, R. Crawfurd,
Artillery, aged 7 years and 10 days.
At Bath, on the 29th July last,
daughter of the late william Marriott, §:
Honorable Company's Civil Sevice on the Be

At Kensington, on the 27th November, Edwarrd William,

Jane, eldest formerly in the ngal Establish

George Orton, of the Ordnance department, aged 10 years fourth son of Major H. Moberly, Secretary Madas Military

and 5 months.

Board, aged 9 years.


(From the Bengal Hurkaru

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Raw silk.-We have not heard of any transaction since our last, and have no alteration in prices to notice silk piece goods —The demand has been somewhat active during the week, chiefly for the English market, and our last quotations are maintained. cotton.-We have not heard of any transaction in the new staple. A shipment of last year's produce has been made per Wolunteer for China, which we understand, was purchased from 8 to 12 aunas under the currency of last season. saltpeth E. —The demand for this article, continues to be but trifling, but prices remain steady. The Stock in the Bazar is very heavy, and reported of Chaprah about 10,000 bags and other qualities 18,000 bags. sugaa–Continues to engage attention for shipments to Eng

Price Current, March 31.)

The stock of the old Sugar has considerably diminished and is reported to consist of about 5,000 bags, none of the new sugat has yet arrived in the market. shell Lac AND I.Ac dye.-Transactions during the week have been confined to the latter, prices of which have advanced a shade. hides AND hoans–Continue in steady demand, at former prices. oil seeds.-Without report of purchase, and remain at last week's quoiations. GRai N.—We have not heard of a single transaction during the week in any description of Grain, but the quotations of the day show a shade of improvement on Rice, Dholl, Oats, Bran and Flour. opium.—There has been nothing doing in this Drug during the week, and our quotations are nominal. The quantity uncleared at this Company's Warehouse to 30th instant, consists of

aand and Hobart Town, and prices are quoted at an advance of bout 3 annas per maund ou our last quatatious.

Patna. Benares, ‘Total. New........ , 773 . . . . . 456 ....... 1229 chests. Old.......... 560 ..... 240 .... .. 800 ,, 2029

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March 25. Spanish Dollars,... 8 6 a 21 1 0 o per 100 Dubloons........... 0 0 a 33 8 0 each. Joes or peazas .. - li o a 20 to 0 Sovereigns ... . . . . ... 10 8 0 a 10 9 0 Bank of England Notes .... 10 8 6 a 10 10 8 Gold Mohurs ...... ---- 18 6. 0 a 18 7 0 China Gold Bars . . . . . . . 12 00 a 14 10 8 per. sawt Sycee Silver ............... 102 4 0 a 104 8 3 p 100 sa..wt


AIDIMINorsTrua Trox. To ESTATEs.

Humphreys, Ann. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Cox, Anne, Widow.................... Pigou, Robert.....................

Rees, William Edward, Lieutenant of Engineers. ........ -

Buchan, Mary, alias, Mary Healy....

Hodges, Sarah, widow................

Lonsdale, G. G., Lieutenant H. M. 3d Regt... .............
Mcqueen, Roderick, Captain.......... ..... ...
Strong, Lawrence Coulder............................. ...
Shakespear, Hon'ble H. D.......................

Smith, C. M..........
Toone, W. L. M...................


BANK OF being All.

on Government Bills and Salary... 5 per cent.
on Private Bills, 3 months.. ... 10 ditto.
on Loans on Government Papers... 61 ditto.
on Goods...... . . . . . . . ....... 8 to 10

Discount ;
Interest ;


charged on Govt. and Salary Bills. 5 per cent. Discount charged on Private Bills, 1 month. 9 ditto. charged on ditio ditto, 2 ditto.... 10 ditto. charged on ditto ditto, 3 ditto.... 11 ditto. Int charged on Company's Paper Loans 8 ditto. *** : charged on Deposit of Goods....... 9 ditto.

Mr. Manuel Payne.
A/r. William Starmer.
Regiorar Supreme Court.

Registrar Supreme Court.
J. W. Caston.
Registrar &upreme Court.
W. Ainslie.

Registrar Supreme Court.

Registrar Supreme Court.
Mrs. L. Shakespeare, Widow.

Registrar Supreme Court.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Registrar Supreme Court.

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|dency of Fort william in Bengal, to exercise the powers vessed in a single Judge of the Snider Dewanny Adawlut, by cause, 2 section 11, regulation 1X, of 1831 of the Bengal code.

The following act is passed by the Hon. the President of the Ceuncil of India in council on the 23d of April, 1838, with the assent of the Right Hon. the Governor General of India, which has heen read and recorded.

Ordered, that the act be promulgated for general information. Act No. VIII. of 1838. I. It is hereby enacted, that from the 10th day of May, 1838. the following rates of toll shall be levied, in the Company's currency, at the toll-gate of the Bhore ghaut, on palanquins and laden bullocks, both iu going and returning :

On every palanquin... ---- I rupee. On every landen bullock......... 6 pies.

II. And it is hereby enacted. that from the said day, all the provisions of Act No. 11. of ts37, of the Governor General of India in Council, shall be applicable to palanquins and laden bullocks, and the tolls to be levied thereon, as if they had been inserted among the rates of tolls contained in section II. of that, Act.

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Judicial and revenue department.-The Honorable the Deputy Governor of Bengal has been pleased to make the following appointments: The 20th March, 1888 —Mr John Fitzpatrick to the charge of the revenue survey of the northern division of Cuttack, with the powers of a deputy collector under regulation IX. of 1833, for the special and exclusive duty of deciding boundary disputes within the limits of his opperations as surveyor. The 10th April, 1888.-Mr. G. G. Mackintosh, to be joint magistrate and deputy collector of Purneah. The 14th April, 1838—Baboo Rae Purnsnath Bose, principal sudder ameen West Burdwan, to be a principal sudder auneen in East Burdwan, vice Mr. Dumoulin deceased. Moulavie Abdool Majid, principal sudder ameen in Chittagong to be a principal sudder ameen in West Burdwan. Moulavic Mahommed Fyz Khan to be a principal sudder ameen in zillah Chattagong Baboo Ram Lochun Ghose to be a sudder ameen in zillah Tipperah. Moulavie Mohummud Khoorshed to be additional principal sudder ameen in zillah My munsingh. The 16th April, 1828–The leave of absence granted to Mr. R. P. Nisbet, judge of Nuddea, under orders of the 3d instant, has this day had been cancelled at his request.

The 17th April, 1838.-The following officers have obtained leave of absence from their stations :

Mr. C. Steer, officiating magistrate of Nuddea, an extension of two days leave of absence in addition to that granted to him on the 3d instant.

Moulavie Mahommed Rafiq, officiating sudder ameen of Mon ghyr for four days, on privrte affairs.

The Hon. Deputy Governor of Bengal has been pleased to make the following appointments:

The 19th April, 1838.-Mr. Assistant Surgeon E. V. Davies to perform the medical duties of the civil station of Boncoorah

The 20th April, 1838–Lieutenant Robert Mathison, of the 6th regiment native infantry, to be a revenue surveyor in cuttack, with the powers of a deputy collector under regulation IX. of 1838, for the special and exclusive duty of deciding boundary disputes within the limits of his operations as surveyor.

The following officer has obtained leave of absence from his station:

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