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Schedule A

Rates of Duty to be charged on Goods imported by Se

a into any Port of the Presidency of Bombay.

- When imported on British When imported on No. Enumeration of Goods. 'o. Fureign Bottoms. 1 Rullion and Coin,.. Free. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Free. 2 Precious Stones and Pear - - . . Ditto. 3 |Grain and Pulse, . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I) it to. 4 Horses and other living Animals, . . ) it to. 6 §§ -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - . . Ditio. 6 oal Coke, Bricks, Chalk, Stones, (Marble and Wrought - o * * * ***{\pato......... ................jotto. Utks to I t* *.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*;|bu............................|s per cent 8 ;..." Book, ... . . . . . . - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 3 per cent........ .............! 6 per cent. arine Stores, the produce or manufacture of the United 9 K.'...!". Possession, . . . . . . . . o 3 per cent......................! 0 per cent. t t *...* - !n as to "oo"...”.” ”;| < ... ant....................], or out. l Metals, wrought or unwrought, the produce, or unanufacture I of the United Kingdom or any oritish Possession, :: 8 per cent........ ............. i0 per cent. l Metals, ditto ditto, excepting l'in the produce or manufac. t o o - - - - - - - - - - - ; 6 per cent...................... 13 per cent. 13 l'Tin, the produce of any other pace than the Uuited King. 3 doin or any British lo. - - - - - - - - - - - - - b ; 10 per cent.....................!?0 per cent. Woollens, the produce or manufacture of the United King 14 down or any British Poss'ssion, . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . : ; 2 per cent .................... 4 per cent. 15 Ditto, the produce of any other place or country, ...... 1 per cent........ . . . . . . . . . . . . i* Por cent, 16 |Cotton Wool not covered by certificate of the payment o: 9 as per und. of 80 Tolas to the 1 rs. 2 annas per mi. of Export outy at any other Port of Bombay . . . . . . . - - - - - Secr. • . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . * * * 80 Tulahs to the seer. 17 ICotton and Silk Piece Goods, Cotton Twist and Yarn, the produce of the United Kingdom, or of any British Pos. : 33 per cent. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 per cent, Session . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 Ditto, the produce of any other place, . 7 per cent.. 14 per cent. 19 |Opium covered by a Pass, - Free. 20 | Ditto not covere by a Pass, . . 24 rs per seer of St. Toas 21 rs, pr st. of 80 Tolas 21 Salt not covered by a Puss, 8 as per ind, of S0 Tolas per seer... [***. prima of 89 Tos. prisr , 22 || Alumn, .. lo per cent. 20 per cent. 23 1Camphor, .. 10 per cent. 20 per cent. 21 |Cassia,.. 110 per ceut. 20 per cent. 25 10 per cont. 20 per cent. . 2. 7; per cent.. 15 per cent. 27 . ... 10 per cent. 20 per cent. 28 ||Nutinegs aud Mace ... 10 per cent . . . . . . 40 per cont. 23 'P. pper....... 10 per cent. . . . . . 20 per cent. 30 lt attans, .. 73 per cent. - 15 per cent. 31 || "a, . . . . -, lo per cent. 20 per cent. 3, Vernillion, - in per cent. . . . . . . . ... *0 per cent. 33 Wines and Liqueurs, .... - - - - - - - - - - - - - || 0 per cent..................... 20 per cont34 || Spirits, consolidated puty, including any du ties levied - - - heretofore thro’ ulme Pulice. .. - - - 9 as. per imperial gallon. . . . . . . . . 1 re. per. imperial galon And the duty on, spirits shall be ed as the strength exceeds London proof, and wilen imported in hot les, five quart buttles su ol ue declined toual to the iuperial gallon. 35 l'Tobacco,. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ... ...............' I r. 8 as, prind, of 80 Tolas pr.seer 1 r. 8 as prim of 80Tul prosr Which duty shall be the montinum rustoms duty levied on Raw Tobacco and all preparation- thereof in all the norts of the Bombay Presidency, but if at the rate of 5 per cent on the actual value, a ligher duty than 1 r. 8 annas per mod. should be leviable on any preparation of Tobact o, the inty shall be levied advałorem at that rate if imported on is ritish bottoms, and at 10 per cent. on Foreign bottoms. Anot the Customs dity laid upon Tobacco shall be allowed in settings for the special duty levied on the import of this atticle into She island of Bombay, which special duty shall be levied at the rate of 9 rupees for the Inti an maund. 36 All articles uot included in tue above cuumeration,.........] 3% per cent.................... •l 7 per cent.

And if the Collector of customs shall see reason to doubt weither

the goods liable to a different rate of duty according to the

place of their production come from the country from which they are decla e to come y the importer it shall he lawful (or the Collector of cūstons to all on the importer to furnih evidence as to the place nf manufacture or production. and if such evidence

shall not satisfy the said Collector of the truth of the declaration, the always to an appeal to the Governor in Council at Bombay.

goods shal be charged with the highest rate of duty, subject

And upon the re-export by senof goods imported, excepting Opium and salt, all and goods of the growth, production or manufacture of the continent of india.orovided the re-export be in tie with n two years, of the date of inport as per Custon House Register, and the goods be ideotified to the satisfaction of the Collector of customs, there shall be retained one-tight of the aunount

of duty, levied and the remaiutler shall be repaid or drawback.

But no exporter of imported goods shall be entitled to drawback inless the draw bock be claimed at the time of re-export nor shall

any payment be made of drawback unless the auwuut claiuleu be dest for re-export in toe Custom House Registers.

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schedule B
Rates of duty to be charged on Goods exported by sea from any Port or Place in the Presideney of Bombay.

No. Enumera'ion of Goods. | *"...out." esperor." I Bullion and Coin........................ ..............! Free,.. !2 | Precious stonos and Peares, ... . . . . . . . . . . . . . In it to, ... I Ditto. 3 Books, Maps and Drawings printed in Indi | Ditto,.. . I Ditto. 4 || Horses and living Animals,. ......... ... Ditto, .. , I Ditto. 5 |Opinm covered by a Pass, . --- Dutto, . . . . I soit to 6 |Ditto not covered by a P - - - - - ... Prohibited, ... .I Prohibited. 7 |Cotton Wool exported to Europe, the one o IF 9 a.s. pr. mi. of 80 Tolrica or any British Possession in America... . - tee, - . . . . . . . ----------- las to the seer 8 || " it to ditto exported to places other than above, ... 9 as per md. of 80 Tolas per seer so. 2 as...prind of 80 Tollas 9 |Sait having paid the Excise of 8 anuas a maund,............ Pree,. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [Free- [to the seer 1 rs 8 as primd of 80 Tol10 Tobacco,.......................................... ..... 1 r. 8 as pr: md. of 80 Tolas to the or las per seer. li All country articles not enumerated or named above,. . . . . . . ." 3 per cent,.......... .......... I 6 per cent

And upon the re export to Europe, the United states of America or to any British possession in America, or from any other port of the Bonnay Plesiency, of Cotton that has been importe under certificate of the pa mont of the duty specified in this schedule, provided that he re-export be made in British bottoms within two years from the date of such certificate, and the amount be clasned within one year from the date of re-export as per Custom House Registers, the whole amount of export duty levied at

the first place of export shail ue r funded.

5th JANUARY 1828.

The following Act is passed by the Hon'ble the president of the Council of India Counci 3 on to e 5th Jannuary 1818, with the assent of the Right Hon'bie the Goveruor Ceneral of India, which has been read and recorded. Ordered, that the Act be promulgated for general information Act No. 1 i. of 1838. 1. It is hereby enacted, that from the 1st day of February 1838. Salt shall not be manufactured at any place within the ter ritories subject to the authority of the Lieutenant Governor of the north Western Provinces, the districts beyond the right bank of the Jumna liver excepted, unless the person couducting the manufacture shall before preparing works for the production of such Salt give notice in writing to the collector of the district in which the place of manufacture inay be situated, of his intentiou to manufacture Salt therein. 11. And it is hereby enacted, that upon receiving snch notice as is prescribed in the preceding Section, the collector of the district shall, by an order under his seal and signature, depute one or more officers, who shall be stationed for such time as the said collector shall think proper at every such place of manufacture, and shall have power to take account of the Salt manufactured and stored, and to prevent the removal of the Salt uutil the Government duty thereon shall have been paid. III. And it is hereby enacted, that every proprietor of Salt Works within the north western provinces, at which an officer shall be stationed as above provided, shall pay to the collector the wages of one officer at the rate of 10 its per mensem, for so long as such officer shall be stetained for the supervision of the Works; and if the collector hall see fit to employ more than oue officer to watch any set of Works, or to rumploy ono officer receiving larger allowances than 10 Rs. per month ; the wages of such extra officers, or the extra wages of such one officer, shall be defrayed by Government. IV. And it is hereby enacted, that if any Salt Works be found producing salt, of which notice has not been given in the manner prescribed by the first Section of this Act, such Works shall be destroyed, and any Salt stored thereat shall be seized and confiscated. v. And it is hereby enacted, that it shall be the duty of every parly under direct engagements with Government for the Lanu Revenue, either as a proprietor or farmer, and of every proprie

tor of Lukhiraj Lands, upon whose Zemindaree, Farm, or Lukhi. raj Estate. there shall be any Works producing Salt, of which Works notice has not been given in the manner prescribed by the first Section of this Act, to give notice of the same in writing to the nearest public officer of Police or Laud Revenue within ten days from the date on which the Works were first prepared, and every such proprietor, farmer, or proprietor of Lubiraj estate, who shall knowingly onit to give such notice, shall forfeit a surn not exceeding 500 Rs for every such Salt Works

WI. And it is hereby enacted, that the magistrate or Joint magistrate of any city or district shall be cornpetent to receive and determine all charges ou acoount of things or done in contravention of this Act.

VII. And it is hereby enacted, that whover offers any resis. tance to any officer appointed under the authority of this Act, in the exercise of the lawful powers of such officer, shall be punished in like manner as if the resistance had been offered to the ordinary process of a collector.

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I. And it is hereby enacted, that Act No. V111. of 1837, be repealed.

11. And it is hereby enacted, that whenever the Governor in rouncil of Fort Saint George shall appoint a Joint criminal Judge of Cochin, and shall give to such Joint criminal Judge jurish diction over the Districts of Anjengo and Changaneherry, such Joint criminal Judge shall exercise, within his jurisdiction. all the powers of Joint magistrate as defined in the Madras Regulations. 90th Decewbrm, 1837.-The Honorable the President in Council has been pleased to appoint Mr. G.A. C. Plowden to act as deputy secretary to the Governments of India and Bengal in the judicial and revenue departments, until further orders. This appoint. ment will take effect from the 9th instant.

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Font will 1AM, general DEPA*TMENT, 20th December, 1837.Captain J. J. R. Bowman, assumed the duties of 2d assistant to the master attendant of this port, on the 11th instant, under the appointment made by the Right Hon'ble the Governor of Bengal, the 18th October last.

The Honorable the Deputy Governor of Bengal is pleased to grant to the Reverend J. Bell, district chaplain at Mhow, two month's leave of absence, in extention of the leave granted to him on the 16th August last.

The Honorable the Deputy Governor of Bengal has been pleased to direct the collector of Pooree to assume charge of the Post Officc at that station from the 1st proximo.

December, 27th. – Mr. H. M. Pigou has been permitted to resign, the East India Company's civil service from the 30th instant,

The following Errata having been discovered in the Polymetrical tables of distances prepared under orders of the Governor General in Council. and printed at the Official Gazette Press for regulating the levy of postage, the same are notified for general information, and the several Post Office authorities throughout India are directed to unake the necessary correctious in their


salaries to officers and other act or provision of the Law, as in the service of the enacts that if any Governor or other officer East India Compa- whatever in the service of the said company nys during their ab. shall leave the presidency te which he shall sence shall not extend belong, other than in the known actual to cases of sickness; service of the said company, the salary and allowances appertaining to his office shall not be paid or payable during his absence to any agent or other person for his use, shall not extend to the casr of any officer or servants of the Company under the rank of Governor or member of council who shall quit the presidency to which he shall belong in consequence of sickness, under such rules as may from time to time be established by the Governor General in India in council, or by the Governor in council of such presidency, as the case may be, aud who shall proceed to any place within the limits of the East India Company's charter or to the ('ope of Good Hope, or to the Mauritius, or to the Island of St Helena, nor to the case of any officer or servants of the said company; under such rank as afor, said, who with tha permission of the Government of the presi. dency to which he shall belong, shall quit such presidency in order to proceed to ano. ther presidency for the purpose of embarking thence for Europe, until the departure of such officer or servant from such last-men. tioned presidency with a view to return to Europe, so as that the Port of such Departure for Europe shall not be more distant from the place which he shall have quitted in his own presidency than any port of emba, kalion within such presidency. I Provided always, and be it enacted, No rule valid till that no such rule so to be established as approved by Court aforesaid shall have any force or validity of Directors, subject until the same shall have been approved by to the control of the Court of Directors of the said Company, ommissioners for subject to the control of the commissioners Affairs of India. for the affairs of India, in like manner as is provided by the said act of the third and fourth years of the reign of His late Majesty King William the

fourth. III, And be it further enacted, that it Powerfor the fourt shall be lawful for the said Court of bisec. of Directors, subject tors, subject to such control as aforesaid, to to aforesaid control direct the refunding, by an officer or ser. to direct the refund vant of the said Company, or by the repreing of any part of sentatives of any such officer or servants, of the allowance paid the whole or any part of the salary or allow. under any of said ance which he or they may have received rules. und-r or by virtue of any such rules so to be established as afore said, if it shall appear to the said Court, subject to such control as aforesaid, that the permission to such officer or servant to quit the presidency to which he shall beton: hath been improperly granted or obtained ; and such sum as the said court, subject to such control as aforesaid shall direct such officer or servants, or the representatives of such oslicer or servants to refund, shall be a debt due to the said Com. pany, and shall be recoverable by then in any court in like manner as any debt may now or hereafter shall be recovered by

them. The Honorable the President in council having considered she terins of Sections I. and l l of the above act, and also of Para.

graph 3 of a d spatch from the Ho

Para 3. The ab: Court of Directors, is of .." o: sentee Regulations exemptiou granted by that act from the enacted by the Su- provision of the act 33rd George III which preme Government prohibited the payment of any salary to and approved by its servants of the Honorable Company Astel with the sanction of the date of their departure from the presi. the Board of Com- dency to which they might be attached. may missioners, are be granted to servants of either Presidency those which you will the Members of Government excepted. who observe in giving may have quitted or who may quit the same offrct to the provi- in consequence of sickness inder the rules sions of this act. established by the Governor General in Council, with the sanction of the Honora. ble Court or who may proceed to another presdency not more dis. tant than their own for the purpose of embarking for Europe. But no new rules on this subject can be established hereafter to toke effect before their approval by the Honorable Court.

The President in Council deeming it necessary therefore to declare the rules that have been passed under such sanction and are still in sorce, and, the modifications made therein by the ap. plication to them of the act in question, directs the following rules to be published together with the act I. Victoria, cap. 47, for general information.

Civil Servants—I. Civil servants proceeding to the Cape of Good Hope, Mauritius or the Island of St. Helena, or to any place within the limits of the East India Company's charter, with leave granted by the Governments to which they are respectively at. tached, under medical certificates countersigned by a Member of

nor to cases of offcers quitting one presidency for another, in order to entbark for Europe.

tfficial copies and to cause the same to the made in those of the officers subordinate to them and to levy the Postage according to such correct d distances. The alteratious are to take effect from the 1st proximo.

ERRAtA. Tahse A. From Allahabad, to calcutta. for 504 read 498; from Allynugur to Substhoo, for 761 read 661; from Barrackpore, to Allahabad, for 504 read 482 : from ditto, to Arrah, for 40l read 365; from ditto, to Chuprah, for 400 read 364 ; from ditto, to Gya, for 309 read 273 ; from Burdwan, to Dinapore, for 331 read 23 l ; from ditto, to Gya, for 261 read 214; from ditto. to Napan, for 517 read 465 ; from ditto to Patno, for 321 read 274 ; from Calcutta, to Arrah, for 4", read 38 l ; from ditto. to Gya, for 3.9 read 250, from ditto, to Tirhoot, for 40l read 392 ; from Dum Dum, to Alla habad. for 512 read 497; from ditto, to Arrah, for 409 read 370 ; from di to, to Chuprah, for 408 read 369 ; from ditto, to Gya, for 317 read 288 ; from Futty pore, to Lucknow, for 623 read 103; from Hooghly, to Allahabad, for fos, read 470 ; from ditto, to A trah, for 403 read 253 : from sitto, to Chuprah, for 402 read 352 ; from ditto, to Gya, for 311 read 261 Supplemental table add from Burhie, to Gya, read 42. Table B. From Bimlipatam Nundydroog, for 29 read 592 ; from Jug. gumpetta, to Sedashagur, for 565 read 765. Tahoe C. From Madras to Mominabad, for 602 to read 51.

3D I A N , 1838 – Mr. William R. Kenna way, of the civil service, is permitted to proceed to Europe on Furlough, in the present season Mr. F. T. Trevor has been permitted to proceed to Jessore, and prosecute his study of the Oriental Languages at that station. 10TH JANdAR , 1833 – Mr G. J. Siddons, of the civil service, embarked for England on board the ship * Madagaxas,” which ship was left by the l’ilot at sea on the 7th instant. Messrs I”. C Smyth, H. P. Russell and Robert Trotter, of the civil service, embarked for England on hoard the ship “ Ernaad,” which ship was left by the Pilot at sea on the 5th instant.

The Honorable the President in Council is pleased to appoint Mr John F. M. Reid to be Post Master General.

His Honor in council is also pleased to appoint Mr. Assistant Surgeon Samuel Davis, Post Master at Patua.

Mr. Joseph Simpson assumed charge of office of surveyor of shipping to the East India Company on the lst instant.

The following Act of Parliament passed in the first year of the reign of her present Majesty, is published for general information.

CHAP. xlvii.

An Act to repeal the Prohibition of the payment of the salaries
and allowances of the East India Company's officers duriug
their absence from their respective statious in India.
[12th July 1837.
Whereas under and by virtue of an act passed in the thirty-
third year of the Reign of His Majesty King George the Third,
it.tituled An Act for continuing in the East
India Company for a further term the posses.
sion of the British territories in India, to.
gether with their exclusive trade, under certain limitations ;
Jor establishing further regulations for the Gorernment of the
said territories, and the better Administration of Justice within
the same : for appropriating to c. rain uses the revenues and
profits of the said Company; and for making provisions for the
good order and Government of the Towns of Calcutta, Madras
and Bombay, and of another act passed in the third and fourth,
- intituled An Act for effecting an arrange.
3 & 4 W 4 c. 85 ment with the East India Company, and for
the better Government of His Majesty's Indian
territories, till the thirtieth day of April One thousand eight
hundred and fifty four, it is enacted, that “if any Governor or
other officer whatever in the service of the said Company shall
leave the presidency to which he shall belong, other than in the
known actual service of she said Company, the salary and allow.
ances appertaining to his oslicq shols not be paid or payable during
his absence to any agent or other person for his use, and in the
event of his not returning, or of his coming to Europe, his sala.
ry and allowances shall be deemed to have ceased on the day of
his leaving the said territories or the presidency to which he may
have belonged : " And whereas it is further provided in the said
last-mentioned act, that it shall be lawful for the said Company
to make such payment as is now by law permitted to be made to
the representatives of their officers or servants, who, having left
their stations intending to return thereto, shall die during their
absence and it is expedient that such provision of the Law should
be altered in manner herein after mentioned ; Be it therefore
enacted by the Queen's most excellent majesty, by and with the
advice and consent of the Lords spiritual and Temporal, and
Commons, in this present Parliament assembled, and by the
authority of the same, that so much and such part of parts of the
said two acts passed respectively in the

33 G. 3. c. 52.

So much of the Provisions of the re. cited acts as prohi.

King George the Third and in the third and
fourth years of the reign of His said late

bita the payment af Majesty King William the Fourth, and of one year and for the second year

thirty-third year of the Reign of His Majesty

the Medical Board at the presidency, shall from the date of the pilot leaving the vessel in which they embark to the date of their return, provided the period of absence do not exceed two years, draw the allowances of their respective offices subject to the following deductions.

If the salary exceeds 2,000 rupees per mensem, one-sixth for one-fourth,


if the salary do not exceed 2,000 per mensem, one-eighth for one year and one sixth for the second year, If the salary of office be not more than 50 rupees per mensem, no deduction shall he made for the first year, and if it he only so much more that the prescribed deduction at the rate of one-eighth would reduce the allowance drawn to less than 500 rupees per mensen, only so nuch shall be deducted as will reduce the salary do awn to 500 rupees per mensem. After the year a deduction of one-eighth shall be made from the salary of the officers referred to in this rule. 2. After the close of the second year when the salary of omce ceases civil se van's who may obtain an extension of leave will d aw the subsistence allowance of their rank only, but no such servant, absent on loave on arcount of sickness, shall draw a less allowance as a civil servant out of employ, than that of a junior unt, viz. - a Rs. 224 per men's m 3 The maximum period for which any civil servant shall be allowed to draw the salary of office or any part thereof is two years from the date of embarkation, and the offices of servants who may not return within that period, will be v. cant and liable to e filled by fresh appointinents. Civil servants who may so oversay the period of two years, provided they obtain an extension of leave on account to the satisfaction of t e Government to which they are attached for the delay of their return, shall as above provided receive the subsistence allowance of a servant of their rank, subject to the exception above specified in favor of junior servants, but if they contine absent in disobedience of an order to return or without sullic ent cause shown that allowance also will be forfeted. 4 Civil servants absent on leave on account of sickness duly certified, if they proceed to England without returning to their presidency, may as her tofore apply to be a, initte to Furlouzh by the Honorable the Court of Directors, and the Fur ough will in such cases take effect from the date of leaving their presidency consequently the allowances of office that may have been drawn by themselves or oy their agents after their departure, must in that case be readjusted and the difference resunded Civil set wants desiring to avail themselves of the benefit of the act above referred to, and to draw their allowances while ab sent on account of sickness under the above rules, will be re quired to give security in such amount as may be required by the Government for the refun of any excess that may be drawn.either by agents at the presidency or by themselves in case of their pro ceeding to Enrope on Furlough or otherwise coming us der retrenchmentr 6 No second leave will be granted te any civil servant who has been absent beyond sea for two years, until three years after the date , f return from sea, but if a civil servant is compelled by sick ness to proceed to sea again with in this period, after having been absent less than two years, he will be allowed to complite that period, drawing the proportion of salary allowed for the remaining time as if the leave had been continuous Military officers holding Ciril situations.—7. Military officers employed in the Civil departments and drawin: a civil allowance are entitled in common with othcers holding staff situations in the military department to draw the militrary pay and allowances of their rank while absent at sea, on leave under the unrelical certi. ficate, and likewise one half of the difference between such allowances and the civil or staff pay of the oilices to which they sand

above allowances are to be drawn sor a total period not exceeding two years from the late when the vessel in which

such otlice is embark may leave the presidency or other port of

departure, and the civil situation held by any olicer who shall not ; vacant.

return within that period shall be considrore.

9 The rules for furnishing medical c ting the forms and nanner of drawing military allowances during. absence on leave, have been laid down in general Orucis in the military department.

10 The civil auditor will pass the Bills of officers on leave beyond sea under medical certificate for the portion of the civil salary with they are permitted to draw by those rules in like manner as is provided for civil servants proceeding to sea en medical certificate. But it is hereby provided, that civil allowances shall not be drawn by a military odicer under to is rule after the date of departure beyond sea, unless securi v stail have been previously given in such amount as may be fixed by Go vernuent.

Ecclesiastical department.—ll Chaplains proceeding to any place beyond sea for the benefit of their heath under the rules prescribed for officers of the ecclesiastical departinent, shall in respect to the proportion of allowances te be drawn during the period of absence, as also in respect to the conditions an period for which such allowances are to be drawn, and likewise in res pect to the allowances to be drawn in case of their not returning within two years, be subject to the same precise rules as civil servants proceeding to any place beyond sea on sick leave.

Pilots.-12. The following rules have been established for members of the pilots service under the sanction of the Houorable Court of Directors.

13 Members of the pilot service whose state of health may re quire a voyage to sea, or who may on that account desire to leave the presidency, shall submit application for the same through the Inaster attendant to the Marine Board, forwarding with the ap. plication a certificate from the marine surgeon or assistant surgeon, the Marine Board may grant leave for any period not exceeding three months, and the parly availing himself of it, may

their health, w

draw while absent on snch leave his entire pay and allownrires
without deduction. If the leave solicited exceed the period of
three nonths, the medic” certificate in ust be countersized by a
Memb r of the Medical Bo ord and the sanction of Government
will be required to enable the pilot to proceed to the Cape or else-
where under the following rules
| | Branch pilots Master pilots, Mates and Vouniteers, corn-
pelted by sickness duly certified to proceed to the Cape or else -
where be ori sea within the limits of the Hon'ble Company's
charter, shall be entitled to draw the reduces allowances an i to
receive the passage money allotted to their rank in the followiug
tab, e : Mon k of passage
A?!owances" money.

Brnnch pilot, Sa. Rs. 590 5.0
Master ditto, * 250 460
Mate ditto, * I ed 33)
Senior 2d \late, n 80 320
Junior ditto. * 70 300
Volunteer, w 00 30 m

15 Pilots authorized to proceed to England for the benefit of il receive passage money and draw allowances as heretofore from the date of the vessel in which they embark leaving her pilot for sea as follows :

Pass 17e allowance.

Branch pilot, Sa. ruptes 1,435 s
Mastel ditto, » 936 14
Mate ditto, - 7.65 s
Senior 2d \late, n 6.9 13
Junior ditto, * 574 2
Volunte, r, * 478 7

Assowances payable during sick leave in Europe.
Branch pilots,...... . 200 Sa. Rs. per in anth.

Masters, . . . . . . . . 9.) x ditto.
First Alates .. 50 - ditto.
S conri ditto 40 - ditto.
Voluntees, ... - 40 » ditto

16 Members of the plot service absent at the Cape or else.
where under the rule for such absence above stated, wil, he re-
quired to return to lniia at the end of six months from the date of
their leaving Calcutta, unless they sorward to the marine Board
as renewed certificate f on the colonial surgeon or other pri, cipal
medical officer of the place wh-rc they may be residing stating
that a prolonged residence is necessary for complete recovery
I7. A unenber of the pilot s rvice absent to her the a ove
rules may, provided be forwards renewed medical cortificates
every six months required in the predee ling rule, continue absent
from India for a total eriod not exceeding two years, tirawing
during absence the allowances stated, eith or through his ag-nos,
at C a cutta or by bill signed in the presence of a magistrate at he
place where he may be residing and certified to be so signed on
the date specified The Bills may be drawn in duplicate and will
he payable to the order of the pilot, provided however that to
pilot shall be allowed to benefit by this provision unless he shall
give security to such amount as may be prescribed by Governtnent
to cover any resunds to which he may become liable in case of
proceeding to Europe or of over receipt by agents
18 Any member of the pilot service who sholl be absent he.
yond sea for a period exceeding two years, shall from the date of
the expiration of the two ye rs be considered as suspended from
the service. It will remain to be decided upon his return at any
subsequent date, wheth r he hall be resored or not accordingly
as he shall be able to satisfy the Marine Board and Government.
that he used all possible exertions to return within the time fixed,
but failed to do so from causes beyon his control.
General ruro. 9 Under the authority of the provisions con-
tained in the latter part of clause I Act I. Victoria, Cap. 47, it in
urther provided in respect to all the above classes of oticers that,
if they embark with the p romission of Governin-nt, at any other
presidency than their own, or at any other place or port in India,
p ovided that it be not more distant from their station than the
ports of thir own pro sidency, the date for the cominencement
of the operation of the above rules for sick leave beyond sea, shall
be that of actual enharkation at such p ac" or port, and not that
of leaving the frontier of their own respective presidency, and
the same privilege in respect to the date of leaving India, will be
granted to officers of the several services referred to embarking at
other presidencies or places in initia not more distant from their
station than the ports of their own presidency with the leave of
Government previously obtained for the purpose of proceeding to
Europe on furlough or of retiring from the service altogether
20 In the above rules no provision is inade for the case" of ser:
wants of the casses mentioned resigning the service aster leaving
their presidency with the permission of the Government in couse-
quence of sickness The case of such persons has been considered
by the President in coun, il to require a new rule, which under
the terms of the Act 1 equir. te be submitted for the confirmation
of the Hon’ble the Cou t of Directors before it can take effect.
It is accord y de lated that thc security to be given by servants
as the condition of their drawing allowances while absent from
their presidency, must provide for the case of such retirement,
and the servants must bin themselves to refund the whole of the
allowances so drawn in cases of their resignation and departure
for Europe without previous return to their presidency, provided
that the new rules to be t stablished should require such refund.

* These allowances are to be subject to the subscription to

the Pension fund.


Pont william GENERAL DEPARTMENT, JANuARY 17th.Notice is hereby given, that the salaries and allowances of the civil and Marine departments for January, instant, will be dis. charged by the Sub Treasurer and Marine Paymaster respectively on or after Thursday, the 15th proximo.

The Government of India having received from the Hon'ble the Court cf Directors copy of a letter addressed by the Secretary to the Post Master General in England to the Honora le Court, dated 11th September 1837, from which it appears that an Act (1, Victoria, Cap. 76,) had been passed by the is; itish Parliament for regulating the Postage to be levied on Letters transmitted between the United Kingdon and India by Her Majesty's medi. terranean Packets, the President in ouncil deems it necessary to publish for general information, the rates of Postage established thereby in supercession of those established by Clause XXXIV. or ltures for the management of the Post ostice departmour, passed by the Right Hon’ble the Governor General of iudia in Council on the 30th August 1837.

The foliowing are the Orders contained in the Letter above re. ferred to, to which the Post Master General and Post wasters in the different Presidencies of iudia, are hereby required to give attention.

* The Act 1st Virtoria, Cap. 76, having authorized a Postage of of 1s. single. 2s. double, 3s, trebe, and 4s for an ounce weight, and for every quarter of an ounce beyond that weight, the Pos age of a single Letters upon all Letters passing between any port in the ited Sea or Persian Gulph and the East Indies, which are not conveved to or from the United Kingdom by Per majesty's Mediterranean Packets, I am coin manded by the Post Master Ge. neral to request you will move the Court of Directors to give ins tructious to their Post \lasters in ludia to demand this rate upon all Letters, which shall not be enclosed in the Mails despatched from Falmooth for the East Indies which will be made up in boxes marked East India Moil from the United Kingdom by her Ma. Jesty's Mediterranean Packets', with the exception of lett, rs put into the Post Oslices of the tell Krnadom, which sh all be ad dressed to India via Marseilles, and upon which as the Postage alluded to would have already been paid in this country no addi tional rate should be drumanited, letters of this desc.iption can be easily distinguished from their having the Post mark of the Town in the United Kingdon, at which they were posted in ai. dition to the address of via Marseilles. With the exception of thrse two classes, namely, Letters contained in the Mail boxes and those address".) via varseilies, all Letters conveyed to the East Indies by Picket will be liable to the charoes in question. which can only be collected by the Company's Post Masters from the persons to whom they are ad rossed in India.

* With respect to the return correspondence, this rate must not be taken in India on either of the two classes of Lettes before onentioned, whether they shall we simply addressed to the United King loin or passing through it to connt, beyond or whether directed to it via Marseilles, as the Postage can be collected in this country. ‘’m “ll other Letters however the rate must be de. manded at the time the Letter is pose 1 in India as the only means of securing the charge, the lost Office having no method of “llecting it in the countries to which the Letters will be ad. dressed.

Under the above Orders, Inland Postage only will be leviable in ln in on letters arriviu : from or received for transmission to the United Kingdom via any Port in the Red Sea or Persian Gulph, If Leto a rive from or are ad tressed to any othe, place than the United Kingdom, so that the postage will not be eviable therein, the following rates will be levied in Iuuia, as the place of delivery or of recept for transmission. Letters or sealed Packets

of any description

Single I Double. I Treble -: -: ~ ## | ##| | ## ~ o + o- - ‘o # * | * : # * - o * # > → * -ow * + ~ : 3 • o + o- * = : H. z Z, -on z - - -8 Annas 1 Rupee. I loupee s Annas I Single postage being added for

—leach additional 3 Tolal, weight. Note.—8 Annas has been assumed as equal to Shilling.

A scale according to weight has been substituted for the rule regarding single and double Letters for uniformity with the system generally in force in India, and because the Post Masters have not the means of discriminating between single and double sheets ; 3 Tolahs also have been assumed as equivalent to an ounce.

No ship Postage under Schedule B. Act No XVII, 1837, will be leviable in India on letters transmitted in the manner pro vided for in these rules, notwithstanding that they may have been conveyed or may be forwarded between India and the ited Sea or Persian Gulpu in Sailing Wessels.

The orders received hitherto containing no privision in respect to Newspapers, Pamphlets or other unsealed packets of printed papers transmitted via the Red Sea or the Persian Gulph; these will be subjected in India to no charge beyond that of Iuland postage duty.

Mr. J. F.M. Reid assumed charge of the General Post Office ou

the 15th instant. The Hon'ble the President in Council is pleased to attach to the North western Provinces, ur. G. D. ltaikes, Writer reported

qualified for the public service.

Mr. G. D. Raikes. Writer, is reported qualified for the public service by proficiency in two of the Native Languages.

JANdARY 17th, – Notice is hereby given, that the Salaries and Allowances of the Civil and Marine Departments for January, instant, will be discharged by the Sub Treasurer and Marine Paymaster respectively, ou or after Thursday, the 15th proximo

JANUARY 22m.–C. H. Cameron, Esq., Member of the Indian Law Conmission, reported his return to this presidency on the 18th instaut. The Hon'ble T B Macaulay, Esq Fourth Ordinary Member of the Council of India, hoving taken his passage to England in the Ship Lord Hungerford, resigned his seat in the said Council on the 17t instant The Presidency of the council of India in Council, with the concurrence of the Governor General, has this day appoint d Charles Hay cameron, Esq to be Fourth ordinary Member of the Council of ludia, and the said Charles Hay Cameron has accordingly laken the oaths and his seat in the said Council uuder the usual salute from the Ramparts of For William By order of the Hon'ble the Fiesident of the Council of India in Council. JANuary 24th –The Hon’ble W. H. L. Melville has been permitted to resign the East India Company's civil service from the date on which the pilot may quit the ship “Charles Grant” at Sea. The Hon'ble the Deputy Governor of Bengal is pleased to grant to Mr. Thomas Parrv Woodcock of the civil service, proceeding on furlough, an extension of the leave of absence granted to him under the orders of the Hon’ble the Lient Governor of the North Western Provinces, dated the 17th October last, till the date of the departure of the February steamer from Bombay. Mr. C. R. Mari in has been permited to resign the East India Company's Civil Service from this datc. s: PARA . E dep out Movt.—The officiating deputy collector of Noa Khully is hereby vested with jurisdiction for the trial of persons charged with offences against the Laws for the protection of the Salt Revenue when inade over by the Superintendent of Salt choukees appointed to that District under the "ct No. IX. of I-35, and the said officiating Deputy Collector shall, and it is hereby empowered to exercise in respect to such cases the powers described in Séctions XC VI and other provisious of Regulation X. 1819 of the Beugal Code.

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font will! AM, political DEPARTMrNT, Decembro. 2"th 1837 – Mr. B. H. Hodgson, resident at Catmandboo, delivered over charge of the office of the residency to Mr. A. Campbell, assistant on the 5th instant. captain H witnevel, an, nssistant to the agent to the Governor General for the states of Rajpootana, reported his departure on the 14th instant from Calcutta, in progress to the Cape of Good Hope, on board the ship Seringapatam. January 30 — Mr. C. E. Trevelyan, deputy secretary to Government in the political department, has obtained leave of absence on private affairs, frem the 1st instant, until the date of the sailing of the “ Lord Hung-rford" for Eugland Captain H. F. Sandys, principal assistant in charge of Nimaur has obtained one month's leave of absence, fron the 5th instant JAxual Y, 13th–Lieutenant Colonel J. Caulfield, Superintendent of the Mysore Princes, has obtained one week's leave of absence to proceed to Saugor. JAR 17 rit – The Hon’ble the President in Council has been pleased to direct that the following paper be published for general information : Direction for ent, ring the Hoja maree and Kedu treree Firers. The mouth of the Hujamater branch of the Indus lies in Latitude 24, 8, 25 North and Longitude 67. 25. East—on the North point there is a beacon 45 feet high, with a large cone on the summit. which in clear weather can be seen distinctly at a distance of 10 miles, and in the channel leading towards it across the shoals, there are tow buoys, one outside its mouth, and the others on the point of a sandbank projecting from the left bank of the river. vessels intending to enter this branch, ought on sighting the beacon to sand in towards the land untill they are close to the shoals, in about 4 fathoms, and then steer along them until they bring it to bear N N. E + E., they will then be at the entral ce of the channel close to the large fair way buoy, which has a cone on it. and is laid down in 20 feet at high water springs tides.

From the buoy a couise steered direct for the beacon, until a

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