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4 Its promises rejoice our hearts;

Its doctrines are divinely true ;
Knowledge and pleasure it imparts ;

It comforts and instructs us too.
5 Ye favour'd lands, blest with this word !

Ye saints, who feel its saving pow'r !

your tongues to praise the Lord, And bis distinguish'd grace adore. Mrs. STEELE

HYMN 318. C. M.

Instructions to the Young, from Scripture,
COW shall the young secure their hearts,

And guard their lives from sin !
Thy word the eboicest rules imparts,

To keep the conscience clean. 2 When once it enters to the mind,

It spreads such light abroad, The meanest souls instruction find,

And raise their thoughts to God. 3 'Tis like the sun, a beavenly light;

That guides us all the day ;
And through the dangers of the night,
A lamp to lead our way.



HYMN 319. O. M.

The Perfect Law of Liberty.
EHOLD that wise, that perfect law,

Which noblest freedom gives : 0

may it all our souls refine,

And sanctify our lives !
2 Not with a transient glance survey'd,

And in an hour forgot,
But deep inscrib'd on ev'ry beart,

To reiga o'er ev'ry thought.
3 Great Author of each perfect gift !

Tby gracious pow'r display,
Tbat our ungrateful, wand'ring hearts
May bearken and obey.


HYMN 320. L. M.

Light and Comfort from the Scriptures.
TO God, its source, my soul aspires;

Come, Lord ! and fill my vast desires ;
Be thou my portion ; here I rest,

Since of my utmost wish possest. 2 O! let thy sacred word impart Its gen'rous influence to my beart

; With pow'r and light, and love divine, Assure


soul that thou art mine.
3 The blissful word, with joy replete,

Shall bid my gloomy fears retreat ;
And heaven-born hope, serenely bright,

Shine cheerful through this mortal pigbt. 4 Then shall my joyful spirit rise

On wings of faith above the skies :
And when these transient scenes are o'er,

And this vain world shall tempt no more ; 5 O! may I reach the blissful plains,

Where thy unclouded glory reigns,
And dwell for ever near thy throne,
In joys to mortal thought uokoown. MRS. STEELE.

HYMN 321. L. M.
Scripture Teachings, and their Flappy Consequences,

RIGHT Source of intellectual rays!

Father of spirits and of grace ! O dart with energy unknown,

Celestial beamings from thy throne. 2 Thy sacred book we would survey,

Enlighten'd with that heavenly day ;
And seek thine iofluence with the word,

To teach our souls to know the Lord. 3 So shall our children learn the road,

That leads them to their father's God;
And, form’d by lessons so divine,
Sball infant minds with knowledge shine,

4 So shall the haughtiest soul submit,

With children plac'd at Jesus' feet;
The noisy swell of pride shall cease,
And thy sweet voice be beard in peace. DODDRIDGE.

HYMN 322. 6. M.

The Light and Glory of the World. WH

THAT glory gilds the sacred page,

Majestic like the sun!
It gives a light to ev'ry age;

It gives but borrows done.
2 The band that gave it still supplies

His gracious light and heat ; His trutbs upon the nations rise,

They rise, but never set.
3 Let everlasting thanks be thine,

For such a bright display,
As makes a world of darkness sbine

With beams of heavenly day. 4 My soul rejoices to pursue

The paths of truth and love ; Till glory break upon my view

In brighter worlds above.



HYMN 323. O. M.

Reason a Divine Gift.
HAT heavenly wisdom has bestow'd,

0! let not man despise ;
Reason's a gift our praise demands;

It lifts us to the skies.
2 How could we know or value truth

Without this beam of light;
Or conscience feel of right and wrong,

Or in God's praise delight?
3 For reason and for conscience too,

Accept our praise, O Lord !
May this be pure, and that be clear,

And both embrace thy word.

HYMN 324. L. M.

Religion without Superstition.
FAR bence each superstition vain,

Wild offspring of the human brain !
The truths that fill thy hallow'd page,
My happier choice, great God !

2 O, ever faithful to thy word,

Do thou thy vital strength afford;
Thy help impart, Eternal Sire !

Nor let my hope in shame expire.
3 Sustain'd by thy almighty aid,

Wbat dangers shall my soul invade?
Nor error's cloud, nor arts of sin
My soul from thy obedience win.


HYMN 325. Eights and Sevens Metre.

Praise to the God of our Salvation.

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AIL the God of our salvation ?

Triumph in redeeming love;
Let us with glad exultation

Imitate the blest above.
2 Light of those whose dreary dwelling

Border'd on the shades of death,
He bath, by his grace revealing,

Scatter'd all the clouds beneath.
3 Father, thou art all compassion,

Pure, unbounded love thou art;
Hail the God of our salvation !

Praise him ev'ry thankful heart.
4 Joyfully on earth adore bim,

Till in heaven we take our place ;
There eoraptur'd fall before him,
Lost in wonder, love and praise. Salisbury Coll.


HYMN 326. L. M.
The Christian Scheme of Salvation worthy of God.
MMORTAL God! on thee we call,

The Great Original of all;
From thee we are, to thee we tend,

Our sure support, our glorious end.
2 We praise that wise, that wondrous grace

That pitied our revolted race,
And Jesus, our victorious head,

The captain of salvation made. 3 He, thine eternal love decreed,

Should many sons to glory lead ;
And sipful worms to him are givin

A colony to people heaven.
4 Jesus for us (O gracious name)

Encounter'd agony and shame ;
Jesus, the glorious and the great,

Was by dire suff'rings made complete. 5 A scene of wonders here we see,

Worthy thy son, and worthy tbee ;
And while this theme employs our tongues,
All beav'n unites its sweetest songs.


HYMN 327. L. M.

The Light of the Gospel. 0

HOW delightful is the road

That guides us to thy temple, Lord ! With joy we visit thine abode,

And seek the treasures of thy word.
2 O heavenly treasures ! glorious light!

From ancient sages long conceald ;
Till Christ restor'd the feeble sigbt,
And God's unchanging word reveal'd. J. Tarlor.

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