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2 With faith I plunge me in that sea ;

Here is my hope, iy joy, my rest ! Hiiher, when hell assaults, I flee :

I look into my Saviour's breast. Away, sad doubts and anxious fear,

Mercy is all that's written there. 3 Though waves and storms go o'er my bead,

Tho' strength, and health, and friends be gone ; Though joys be wither'd all, and dead,

Though ev'ry comfort be withdrawo : Steadfast on this my soul relies !

Father, thy mercy never dies ! 4 Fix'd on this ground would I remain,

Though my heart fail, and flesh decay; This anchor shall my soul sustain,

When earth's foundations melt away ; Mercy's full pow'r I then shall prove, Lov'd with an everlastiog love.


HYMN 425. Eights and Sevens Metre.

The Word more precious than Gold.
RECIOUS Bible! wbat a treasure

Does the word of God afford ?
All I want for life or pleasure,

Food and med cine, shield and sword. Let the world account me poor ;

Having this, I need no more. 2 Food, to which the world's a stranger,

Here my hungry soul enjoys; Of excess there is no danger,

Though it fills, it never cloys, On a dying Christ I feed,

Here is meat and drink indeed. 3 When my faith is faint and sickly,

Or when satan wounds my mind, Cordials to revive it quickly,

Healing med’cines here I find.

To the promises I flee,

Each affords a remedy. 4 In the hour of dark temptation,

Satan cannot make me yield ;
For the word of consolation

Is to me a mighty shield.
While the scripture-truths endure,

From his pow'r I am secure.
5 Vain his threats to overcome me

When I take the Spirit's sword, Tben with ease I drive him from me,

Satan trembles at the word ; "Tis a sword for conquest made,

Keen the edge, and sharp the blade. 6 Shall I envy then the miser,

Doating on his goldeu store ?
Sure I am, or should be, wiser

I am rich, 'tis he is poor.
Jêsus gives me in his word
Food and med’cine, shield and sword.


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The Promises.

UR God! how firm his promise stands,

E'en when he hides bis face !
He trusts in our Redeemer's bands

His glory and his grace.
2 Then why, my soul, these sad complaints,

Since Christ and we are one ?
Our God is faithful to his saints,

Is faithful to his Son.
3 Beneath his smiles my heart has liv'd,

And part of heav’n possess'd ;
I'll praise him for his grace receiv'd,

And trust him for the rest.

HYMN 427. Eights and Sevens Metre.

The Paschal Lamb.
HAIL, thou once-despised Jesus !

Hail, thou Galilean King!
Who didst suffer to release us,

Who didst free salvation bring !
Hail, thou universal Saviour !

Who bast borne our sin and shame,
By whose merits we find favour,

Life is giv'n through thy name! 2 Paschal Lamb by God appointed,

All our sins were on thee laid !
By almighty love anointed,

Thou hast full atonement made ;
Ev'ry sin is now forgiv'n,

Through the virtue of thy blood,
Open'd is the gate of heav'n,

Peace is made 'twixt man and God. 3 Worship, honour, pow'r and blessing,

Christ is worthy to receive-
Loudest praises, without ceasing,

Meet it is for us to give !
Help, ye bright, angelic spirits,

Bring your sweetest, noblest lays,
Help to sing Christ Jesus' merits,

Help to chaunt Immanuel's praise.
HYMN 428. Elevens and Fives Metre.

The Everlasting Spring.

LD hoary winter now bas ceas'd bis raging,

And all his storms and blasts are hush'd in silence ; And in return the mild and gentle spring comes,

Blooming with verdore.
2 See how the mild and verpal clouds come floating

On the soft æther, charg'd with copious showers,
Balmy and gentle they distil in plenty,

All hearts rejoicing.

3. See how the vales and meadows stand arrayed,

Clotbed in azure, and bedeck'd with flowers,
Cowslips and daisies with the purple violet,

Blooming with fragrance. 4 See all the trees put on their leafy honours,

Waving with grandeur, when the gen!le zephyrs Floating with sweetness, fanning all their branches

With gentle breezes. 5 Hark! how the groves resound with cheerful music,

Hark! the sweet songsters on the boughs rejoicing, Tuning their voices with melodious accents

In sweetest chorus. 6 All nature smiles amid the gay creation :

When such bright scenes of beauty now approaches, The loves and graces in their softest accents

Breathe forth sweet music, 7 If such delights from the gay'decorations

Of smiling spring and a few op'ning flowers,
Whose short-liv'd glories soon are gone and blasted,

Their beauty fading : 8 Say then, ye ransom’d, and sing forth the grandeur

of spring immortal, when the great Arch-angel With his shrill trumpet bursts the gloomy mansions

Of the redeemed.
g Then the vile body which for many ages

Has slept in silence, turn'd to foul corruption,
Quick as a thought awakes to life eternal,

Sparkling with brightness. 10 Then shall the mortal put on th' immortal,

Cloth'd in white robes they shall ascend to Jesus,
Where he in triumph on his throne of glory,

Bids a sweet welcome,
11 Hark! how the grand celestial chorus echoes

Through the wide arch, when all the mighty seraphs
With golden harps in accents so melodious
Shout the Redeemer.

PercivaL HALL

HYMN 429.

Tens and Elevens Metre.

Salvation to God and the Lamb.

REJOICE, evermore with angels above,
With glad exultation your triumph proclaim,

Ascribing salvation to God and the Lamb.
2 Thou, Lord, our relief in trouble hast been ;

Hast say'd us from grief, hast sav'd us from sin ;
The power of thy Spirit can set our hearts free;

And we shall inherit all fulness in thee, 3 All fulness of peace, all fulness of joy,

And spiritual bliss that never can cloy ;
To us it is given in Jesus to know,
A kingdom of beaven, a beaven below.


HYMN 430. L. P. M.

Jesus, who is the Christ.
YOME, O thou universal good!

Balm of the wounded conscience, come !
The hungry, dying spirit's food !

The weary, wand'ring pilgrim's home ; Haven to take the shipwreck'd in,

My everlasting rest from sin ! 2 Come, O my comfort and delight!

My strength, and health, and shield, and sun ; „My boast, my confidence, and might,

My joy, my glory, and my crown; My gospel-hope, my calling's prize, My tree of life, my paradise.

HYMN 431. C. M.

Christ's Invitation.
NHE Saviour calls ! let ev'ry ear

Attend the heavenly sound !
Ye doubting souls, dismiss your fears !

Hope smiles reviving round.

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