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HYMN 568. L. M.
Desiring to Praise God.

, To ibee my vital pow'rs belong ; Thy praise, (Jelighttul, glorious theme !)

Demands my heart, iny life, my tongue. 2 My heart, my life, my tongue are thine :

O be iby praise their blest employ!
But may my song with angels join,

Nor sacred a we forbid the joy ! 3 Thy glories, the seraphic lyre

On all its strings attempts in vain ;
Then how shall mortals dare aspire

Io thought, to try th' unequal strain ? 4 Yet the great Sou'reign of the skies

To mortals bends a gracious ear;
Nor the mean tribute will despise,

It offer'd with a heart sincere.
5 Great God, accept the humble praise,

And guide my heart, and guide my tongue,
While to thy name I trembling raise
The grateful, though unworthy song. Mrs. STEELE.


HYMN 569. L. M.
God the Soul's only Portion. Lam. iii. 4,
N vain the world's alluring smile

Deluding world ! its brightest day,

Dream of a moment, fleets away!
2 Earth's highest pleasures, could they last,

Would pall and languish on the taste ;
Such airy chaff was ne'er design'd

To feed ih'immortal, craving niod. 3 To nobler bliss my soul aspires,

Come, Lord, and fill these vast desires
Be thou my portion, here I rest,
Since of my utmost wish possest.

4 O let thy sacred word impart

Its sealing influence to my heart ;
With pow'r, and light, and love divine,

Assure my soul that tbou art mine. 5 The blissful word, with joy replete,

Sball bid my gloomy fears retreat,
And heav’o-born hope, serenely bright,

Shine cheerful through this mortal night. 6 Tben sball my joyful spirit rise

On wings of faith above the skies ;
And when tbese transient scenes are o'er,

And this vain world shall tempt no more : 7 O may I reach the blissful plajos,

Where thy unclouded glory reigos,
And dwell forever near thy throne
In joys to mortal thoughts unknowo. Mrs. STEBLE.

HYMN 570. O. M. Intreating the Presence of Christ in his Churches. Hag. xi. 7. COME, thou desire of all thy saints,

Our humble strains attend, While with our praises and complaints

Low at thy feet we bend. 2 When we thy wond'rous glories hear,

And all thy sufforiogs trace, What'sweetly awful scenes appear !

What rich unbounded grace!
3 How should our songs, like those above,

With warm devotion rise !
How should our souls, op wings of love,

Mount upward to the skies !
4 But ah ! the song, how cold it flows !

How languid our desire !
How faint the sacred passiop glowe,

Till thou the heart inspire !
5 Come, Lord, thy love alone can raise

In us the heav'nly flame;

Then shall our lips'resound thy praise,

Our hearts adore thy name. 6 Dear Saviour, let thy glory shine,

And fill thy dwellings bere, Till life, aod love, and joy divine

A heaven on earth appear.
7 Then shall our hearts enraptur'd say,

Come, great Redeemer, come,
And bring the bright, the glorious day,

Tbat calls thy children bome. Mrs. SteeLE.



HYMN 571, S. M.
The Heavenly Shepherd. Ps. xxiii. 1,2,3.


My shepherd and my guide,
I bid farewell to anxious fear,

My wants are all supply'd.
To ever-fragrant ineads,

Where rich abundance grows,
His gracious hand indulgent leads,

And guards my sweet repose. 3 Along the lovely scene,

Cool waters gently roll,
And kiod refreshinent smiles serene,

To cheer my fainting soul. 4 Here let my spirit rest ;

How sweet a lot is mine!
With pleasure, food, and safety blest ;

Beneficence divine !
Dear shepherd, if I stray,

My wand'ring feet restore,
To thy fair pastures guide my way,

And let me rove po inore.
Unworthy, as I am,

Of thy protecting care,
Jesus, I plead thy gracious name,

For all my hopes are tbere, MRS. Steele.


HYMN 572. L. M.

Psalm oxxxiii.
OW pleasing is the scene, how sweet !

Wben kindred souls in friendship joio ;
Whose joys and cares united meet

In bands of amity divine.
2 Less fragrant was the ointment pour'd

On Aaron's consecrated head,
When balmy sweets profusely shower'd,

Dowo to his sacred vesture spread. 3 Not flow'ry Herinon e'er display'd,

(Impearl'd with dew,) a fairer sight; Nor Zion's beauteous hills, array'd

In golden beams of morning light. 4 'Tis bere the Lord indulgent sheds

His kindest gifts, a heavenly store ;
With life immortal crowns their beads,
When eartli's frail comforts please no more. STEELE.

HYMN 573. L. P. M.

Lord's Day Morning.
(REAT God, this sacred day of thine

Demands our souls' collected powers ;
May we employ in work divine
These solemn, ihese devoted hours !
O nay our souls adoring own

wbich calls us to thy throne ! 2 Hence, ye vain cares and trifles, fly!

Where God resides appear no more;
Omniscient God, thy piercing eye

every secret thought explore ; O may thy grace our hearts refine,

And fix our thoughts on things divide. 3 The word of life, dispens’d to-day,

Invites us to a heavenly feast;
May every ear the call obey,

every heart a humble guest !

O bid the wretched sons of need

On soul-reviving dainties feed !
4 Thy spirit's powerful aid impart;

O may thy word, with life divine,
Engage the ear, and warm the heart;

shall the day indeed be thine, Then shall our souls adoring own The grace which calls us to thy throne. Mrs. STEELE.

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the Lord ; let praise employ lo bis own courts your songs

of joyi The spacious firman.ent around

Shall echo back the joyful sound.
2 Recount bis works in straios divine ;

His wond'rous works how bright they sbine!
Praise him for his almighty deeds,

Whose greatness all your praise exceeds. 3 Awake the trumpet's piercing sound,

To spread your sacred pleasures round;
While sweeter music tunes the lute,

The warbling harp, and breathing flute. 4 Ye virgin train, with joy advance

To praise him in the graceful dance;
To praise awake each tuneful string,

And to the solemn organ sing.
5 Let the loud cymbal sounding high,

To softer, deeper notes reply :
Harmonious let the concert rise,

And bear the rapture to the skies.
6 Let all whom life and breath inspire,

Attend and join the blissful choir;
But cbiefy you who know his word,
Adore, and love, and praise the Lord. Mes, STEELE.

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