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HYMN 575. C. M.

How changʻd the face of nature shows,

How gay the rural scene !
A fairer bloom the flowers disclose,

The meads a livelier green.
2 While beauty clothes the fertile vale,

And blossoms on the spray,
And fragrance breathes in every gale,

How sweet the vernal day!
3 And bark! the feather'd warblers sing!

'Tis nature's cheerful voice ; Soft music bails the lovely spring,

And woods and fields rejoice. 4 How kind the influence of the skies !

These showers, with blessings fraught, Bid verdure, beauty, fragrance rise,

And fix the rgving thought.

5 O let my wondering heart confess,

With gratitude and love,
The bounteous hand that deigns to bless

The garden, field, and grove.
6 That bounteous hand my thoughts adore,

Beyond expression kiud,
Hath sweeter, nobler gifts in store,

To bless the craving migd.
7 That hand, in this hard heart of mine

Can make each virtue live,
And kindly showers of grace divine

Lise, beauty, fragrance give. 8 O God of nature, God of graco.

Thy heavenly gifts impart ;
And bid sweet meditation trace

Spring blooming in my heart !

9 Inspir'd to praise I then shall join

Glad nature's cheerful song: And love and gratitude divine

Attube my joyful tongue.

Mrs. Steele.



HYMN 576. L. M.

The Resurrection. Matt. xxviii. 24.
THE silent noon of night was past,

The moon was bright in silver sheen,
When sudden glooin the sky o'ercast,

And quench'd in darkoess all the scene. % The centinels around the tomb,

In which the murder'd Jesus lay,
Look'd forward from the dreary gloom

With anxious eyes for coming day,
3 But, hark! beneath the rumbling earth

Began with inward roars to rock,
As if her entrails from their girth

Were bursting with impetuous shock.
4 Tb'affrighted soldiers rais’d their eyes

To apgry Heav’n in fear-form'd pray’r 1
But, lo! new terror in the skies!

A mighty spirit in the air.
5 Like light'nings fire his count'nance beam'd,

His garments glitter'd white as snow;
Wrapp'd in a blaze of light, he seem'd

Descending tow'rds the earth below. 6 They sunk, in terror overwhelm'd,

Struck to the quaking ground with dread :
The iron warrior, mail'd and helm'd,

Lay pale and senseless as the dead. 7 Soon to the earth the seraph came,

Soon was the rocky door thrown wide,
The quick-returning vital flame

Re-animates the Crucified !
8 With radiant glory compass'd round,

Forth walks the Conqueror girt with might;

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The prostrate seraph licks the ground,

Eclips'd in his Creator's light,
9 How chaog'd the scene !-of late, the mirth

And passi ve scorn of soldiers rude:
But now, while they lie stretch'd on earth,

He walks, too glorious to be view'd. 10 Bebold yon tyrant! stript and bare,

Jo his owo fetters bound, he lies ;
His sceptre broken, while the air

Is troubled with his wailing cries.
11 Well may'st thou wail! the time draws nigh,

(This Resurrection seals the doom) When thou, with all thy pow'r shalt die, And all thy captives leave the tomb. J, M. G.

HYMN 577. C. M.



VHO' faint and sick, and woro away

With poverty and woe,
My widow'd feet are doom'd to stray,

'Mid thorny paths below;
2 Be Thou, O Lord ! my Saviour still

My confidence and guide!
I know that perfect is Thy will,

Whate'er tbat will decide.
3 I know the soul that trusts in Thee

Thou never wilt forsake;
And though a bruised reed I be,

That reed thou wilt pot break,
4 Then, keep me, Lord ! where'er I go-

Support me on my way ;
Though worn with poverty and woe,

My widow'd footsteps stray !
5 To give my weakness strength, O God !

Thy staff shall yet avail :
Aod thougb thou chasten with thy rod,

That staff shall never fail.


HYMN 578. C. M.

The Condescension of God. Kings viii. 27. ETERNAL pon's, almighty God,

Who can approach thy throne ? Accessless light is thy abode,

To angel-eyes voknown, 2 Before tbe radiance of thine eye

The beav'ns no longer shive, And all the glories of the sky

Are but the shade of tbine.

3. Great God, and wilt thou condescend

To cast a look below,
To this vile world thy notice bend,

These seats of sin and woe?
4 But oh! to shew thy smiling face,

To bring thy glories nearAmazing and transporting grace

To dwell with mortals here ! 5 How strange! bow awful is thy love !

With trembling we adore : Not all the exalted minds above

Its wonders can explore.
6 While golden barps, and angel tongues

Resound immortal lays,
Great God, permit our humble songs

To rise and mean thy praise. MRS. STEELE.




ABIDE with us, the evening shades
Absurd and vain attempt to bind
Again our weekly labours end
Again the Lord of life and light
A God, a God, the wide earth shouts
Ah ! wretched souls, who strive in vain
A joyful song to God
All earthly charms, however dear
All hail, mysterious King
All hail, victorious Saviour, hail
All hail, redeeming Lord
All hail the power of Jesus' name
All-knowing God, 'tis thine to know
All nature fcels attractive pow's
All nature speaks, lei men give ear
Almighty author of my frame
Almighty Maker, Lord of all
Almighty goodness, power divine
Almighty Maker, God
Amazing, beauteou: change
Amidst the heav'nly pow'rs sublime
And will the Majesty of Heaven
Ani will the Eternal King
And is the gospel peace and love
And why do Christians thus contend
Angels, roll the rock away
Another six days' work is done
Are not thy mercies sovereign still
Arise, and bail the happy day
Arise from thy wilderness state
As the good shepherd gently leads
As we advance in wisdom's ways
As shepherds in Jewry were guarding their sheep
As showers on meadows newly mown
At the portals of thy bonse
At thy command, our blessed Lord
Attend wbilst God's exalted son
Attend, my soul, with reverent awe
Awake, my soul, lift up thine eyes
Awake our drowsy souls
Awake our souls, away our fears






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