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Printed for R. Griffiths:
And Sold by T. Becket and P. A. Dehondt, in the Strand.

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- T O T H E

Titles, Authors Names, &c. of the Books
and Pamphlets contained in this Volume.

N. B. For Remarkable Passages, fee the INDEX,
at the End of the Volume.

Abstract, annual, of the
Sinking Fund, 4QO

Address to the Senate of Cam-
bridge, 3 34-

to the Public, on a late

Dismislioti, 489

, to the Proprietors of

East-India Stock, z;o ■

—— * Another, ibid.

Adventures of Donald M'Grc-
gor, 4S8

A KEN SIDE dt Dj/entaria Commtn-

tarius, 389

Al'carotti's Essay on Painting,

Altar, Companion, orSpiitual

Guide to, 408 Wheel-Carnages,

American Fishery, ancient Right Boyer's Edition of the NewTc's-

of the English to, 325 tament, 300

Amours of Charles Careless, Esq; Britain, Great, View of her ih-

329 ternal Policy, i&

Anderson's Historical Deduction British Coffee-House, a Poem,

of Commerce, 81 A 157

BeNtIvoclio'sLetters translates


Berkenhout's Botanical Lexi-

con, z~i

Biocraphia Britannica, fee Ca-
strated Sheet.

Bigland's Observations on Mar-
riages, &c. 458

Black Bourne's Discourse to the

Clergy of the Arch-ueaconry os

■ Cleveland, 43

Boileau's fourth Satire imitated,

r . 4'5

Botanical Lexicon, 271

Bourn, Samuel, his Diseouises

on the Parable, 309

, Daniel, his Treatise 011

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B-amField's Astronomy, 334

B^r Ker's Sermons, Vol, H. 321

Beseficsxce, a poetical Essay, Cam, an Elegy,

242 A

Caldwbll's brief Examica

tion of the Question,



Cantabrigia Depicta, 80

Cap and Staff, 487

Car's Extract of a private Letter
to a CritJt, 323

Castrated Sheet in the Vlth
Volume of Biographia Biitan-
nica, 252

Catechism, see Explanation.

Cestus of Venus, 68

Chaplain, a Poem, 157

Charles Careless, his Adven-
tures, 328
Charlevoix's Letters relating to
Canada, 253

Chess, a Poem, 241

Chæreas and Calirrhoe, their

Loves, translated, 61

Christian's New-Year's Gift,


Churchill's Author, aPoem, 26

■ Gotham, 151

, , Book II.


■ Candidate, 415

- :— Farewell, 487

. — Writings, Observa-

tions on, 333

Clergy, humble Address to, 330

Clive, Lord, his Letter to the

Proprietors of East India Stock,

Clodius, aPoem, 415

Clossy's Observations on L)is*

eases, 274

COAN'sWill, 334

Collection', of Supplies, &c. 7r
■■'■-- of Cafes and Re-
cords concerning Privilege of
Parliament, 94

Common Council, Letter to, 326
' - second, to D0.'

Companion, or Spiritual Guide,


Complaint, or Appeal of Au-

thors, 68

Compleat Paradigms of the He-
. brew Verbs,' l' '"' 296
Conciliator, 3Z2
Conduct of the- Administration,

Considerations on the Sugar
Trade, 48

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Corpus legum Sacrarum de Mo-

ri bus reformandis, 408

Creed of the Nazarenes, 15 5

Criminals, Execution of, Ob-

servations on, 76
Crisis, 487

Critical Examination of the Af-

fair of Peter Calas,


D'arviiLe. Miss, Memoirs,
of, 243

Defence of Mr. Vansittart's Con-
duct, 32S

Delany's Revelation examined

with Candour, Vol. Ut. 154

D'eon's Letter to Count de Guer-

chy, 7g

Letters, Memoirs, and,

Negociations, ' 432

———- Examination of Do. 436

Devergy's Letter to M'. de la

M !, 78

— Contre Note, ib.

Divers Parts of the noly Scrip-
ture, 296

Discovery, or Memoirs, Sec'


Dissection of the North Briton;


Divine Million of Moses demon-

Donald M'Gregor,

Dreams, Discourse on,

Durkll's Hebrew Text
parallel Prophecies, &c.

Dutch Florist, ■

Each Sex in their Humour, 7;
EAST-India, Pamphlets re-

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Explanation of the Church Ca-

techism, 320

Explication of the first Sec-

tion, &c. ' 493

Extract of a private Letter to a

Critic, ., -* 3*3

Extracts from Polybiuss^ 267

Ever-y Man his own Physician,


Faces Sacrx, 241

Facts relating to the Treaty
of Commerce concluded by Mr.
Vansittart, 250

Fajry Tale, from Shakefpear, 245

Faithful Report of a genuine

Debate, $7

Falconer's Shipwreck, a Poem,

M 395

Family Pictures, 243

Fennino's Method of Calculating
an Eclipse, 159

Ferdinand, Prince, Operations
of the Army under hi$ Com-
mand, 320

Filial Piety,. - 69


Fueming on Christ's Temptation,


Florida, Account of, 37

Folly, a Satire, ■ C9

Fo R M of Prayer for a Congrega-
tion at Li verpool, 214
Fragments and Anecdotes, 156
Friendly Advice to the Fair Sex,



Gardener's Dictionary, by


Garretteer, a Satire,

Gibbon, Mr. his Essay on the

Study of Literature, 76

Gilbert's Law of Evidence, 476

/V H.

Hales's Salivation not neces-

sary, 409

Hampton's Extracts from Poly-

bius, 267

Hannah, an Oratorio, 325
Happiness, anEpistleto aFriend,

HarMan's Remarks on White-
field, 76
Harpe, M. de la, hisTragedyof
the Earl of Warwick, transtated,
Ha RTLEY'sParadiseRestored, 237
Harwood's Oration on the Anni-
versary of Christ's Nativity, 318
Hawkins's Translation of Virgil.


Hebrew Verbs, 296

Highmore's Perspective, 474

Hill on the Virtue's of Sage, 25 1

Hint to such as would be wife,

„..,.. 323

Hi pr Es Let's Essays relating to

Africa, 466

History of Prime Ministers and

Favourites, 74

of the gay Bellario, 77

■ of Lady Louisa Stroud,

&c. 244

— of Charlotte Seymour,

ibid. of the Administration

of the great Leader in the India

Direction, 328

■— of Kamtschatka, 282

A 3 HlSTORlf

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