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Betract of a Letter from Dr. with power.” The writer on ous

Rogers, of Philadelphia, to Dr. . Lord's Day had preached for kroRyland, of Bristol.

ther Toler to about 3000 hcareis. MAY 24, 1807. Last Lord's Day for our gratitude. Let us rejoices

This and the other revivais call. Dr. Staughton and myself attended, with two other ministers, a yearly

and give God the glory! meeting in one of our churches, about

Yours, W. ROGERS. 40 miles distant from Philadelphia :

- we had preaching on Saturday, Lord's Day, and Monday. On the Lord's Day the house was crowded; Extract of a Letter from Mr. Careyz 2 or 300 were about the house, and it at Serampore, to Dr. Ryland, is supposed, as many went away for dated Nov. 11, 1806. fear of the rain which came on, and which prevented our preaching in

ABOUT three weeks


a schoolthe woods. On the fourth Lord's boy came to me on Lord's Day Day of last month our city was

morning, and told me that an Israelvisited by Messrs. Morrison and

ite was in the school. I went; and Gordon, two Missionaries from the sound a Jew reading the Hebrew London Society, the former destined

Bible great fluency. He was for China, the latter for India. Mr.

born at Hebron ; left judea fourand Mrs. Gordon spent a night and

teen years ago ;

- teu of which he part of a day with us ; Mrs. R. and

resided in Persia, and four in Cabul. myself were particularly pleased with shawls, when a Seik Chief plun

He was going from Cabul to Surat with their company and conversation.

dered him of every thing. He came I have received a few letters lately, into the English dominions, where from which I will make two or three he met with Mr. GM, who gaye interesting extracts. Brother Park- him a Hebrew Psalter. He is going inson, of New York, on the Sth of to Jerusalem in an Arab ship. He this month, wrote thus: “ The cause

says that the Jews are not oppressed of our blessed Master still flourishes by the Turks, but that the Persians at New York. Many yet secm

use them very ill. He confirms Sir to be solemnly enquiring the way.” W. Jones's account of the

Afghans, He adds, “I understand there is a

among whom he lived in Cabul. I glorious and remarkable revival had much talk with hiin. He rewithin the bounds of Dover Associ- peatedly acknowledged to me that ation in Virginia.”

Jesus Christ is the true Messiah ; Brother Furman, of Charlestown, that his nation knew him not; and, South Carolina, on the second of therefore, rejected him; on which acthis month, thus addrenges me: “It count, the wrath of God has been on seems, by late accounts, that a re

them ever since. He expects him to vival has begun at Savannah.”

come again, and restore the Jews tu Brother Richards, of Baltimore,

their own land. on the second of April, imparts the

After seeing and conversing with following information : Although

some of our native brethren, be exI have no religious news to come

claimed, “ Now I gee the glory of municate from Baltimore, yet, bless

Messiab's kingdom; and its power ed be God, I have from the north

in turning these idolaters from their ern neck of Virginia.” A letter to idolatry ? He is a very interesting Brother Richards, dated in March, person. Last week, he introduced

io me anotber Jew, born at Babyloo, says, “With respect to the revival under Brother Toler, &c. it exceeds

a good kiebrew scholar. We treated every thing I ever heard before, the first Jew, Isaac Ben Mordecai, both in its extensiveness and in its with all the attention we could." o seriousness. People of all ages and that be might carry a favourable descriptions pressed to hear the impression on the gospel with line! word, which is generally attended I must conclude, &c. *21.

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in the world to which we can fly for

protection and assistance,--the land Our readers will remember, no

of liberty, the sacred asylum of doubt, the distressing details of the

the wretched and iorsaken. The inmisery of the Germans, which ap. habitants of Luneburg, entirely depeared in some former Numbers of prived of all those sources of inthis Magazine; nor can they forget dustry, trade, and opulence, which the efforts of British generosity in made them formerly the bappiest their behalf. More than I wenty, and most thriving of his Niajesty's one Thousand Pounds have been ad- Hanoverian subjects, and incessantly vanced towards their relief. The Committee in London, who of a victorious and reient less enemy,

harrassed by the exorbilant densauds have generously and prudently con

are on the


brink of ruin and ducted this business, have recently despair. To British becevolence published a paper, expressive of alone they look up for support ; Their ardent desire of renewed ex

the recollection of the generous, aserlions; for “ new scenes of woe, sistance of the London Committee is new objects of commiseration, have the only ray of comfort that can presented themselves, as appears find its way to their oppressed from the selections they have printed minds." from their voluminous correspondence."

Ertract of a Letter from M. Whee' Counsellor Dommes, of Hanover,

buhr, dixed Memel, March 1, 1807. says, “ I again entreatyou to apply • Prussian Oberland and Erme. to the benevolent committee in land have, since the commencement London, for some additional charit. of the present year, been desciated able Aid to the establishment of the by the successive marches of the Widows and Orphans of the llano- hostile armies to a degree, of which verian Military, which must be modern history allords no similar ruined, as all former assistance is instance. In almost the whole distotally exhausted ; and I have no trict of Prussian Eylau and Ortelshope here of procuring wherewith burg, the inhal tan have lost all to satisfy their pressing wants." their property. : All the provisions,

A letier, dated Luneburgh, July both for man and beast, have been 4, 1807, says. “We beg leave once consumed by friends and foes, and more to wait upon ouo generous the movey paid by the former will benefactors in England, imploring indennity only for a very small part their further assistance; without of the dainage. Necessity has even which, we shall not be able any occasioned ihe demolition of the longer to relieve a great number of peasants cottages, in order to emsiarving families, who have lost ploy the poor materials of which cvery thing in a ruinous war of four they were constructed, the stravy disasterous years.

for litter and tie wood for fuel. “ Ever since the beginning of Even the wood-work of the plouglis January, we have bad nearly 60,000 has been taken for this use. Tbe French, Dutch, and Bavarian troops, ravages committed by the enemy and 20,000 horses, quartered upon have not been occasioned by unUS : 3000 Spaniards are daily expert- avoidable necessity, nor even directed *; a French hospital has been es- ed by any, advantage they themtablished in our town; new requisi selves could derive therefrom. The tions are raised every day ; taxes are ferocious soldiers seemed to bave doubled ; and a load is imposed on been even more delighied by the our poor shoulders, under which despair and boundless misery into the greatest part of our fellow-cili- which they plunged the inofensive zens must sink, if not supported by inhabitants, than by the wreiched the charity of your committee. plunder they could make anongst

"General and private distress has ihem. 'The meanest articles of never been at such a height as at clothing have been seized

пров; present. Engiand is the only place stoves and windows systeinatically

7000 Spaniards are at this time quartered upon Luneburgh /


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destroyed; the medicines, which without speedy and effectual aswere found in the appihecariessistance, many thousands must peshops, wantonly spilled and spoiled. rish !” All the goods in the shops that Never has the benevolence of a could not be carried away, have British Public been implored in vain been rendered useless. Against this in behalf of suffering humanity ; inhuman coaduct, the remonstrancès and, since this highly-favoured naof humane commanders (among tion has not only been preserved whom Marshal Bernadotte merits from the devouring sword, and the particular attention) have proved devastating pestilence, but is also jnefrectual. The present ad. blessed with internal tranquillity and vancing of the allied armies makes with fulness of bread, the Committhe seventh time that this once tee implore their kind aid in behalf happy country, inhabited by an io- of many thousands, who, without dustrious and contented population, effectual assistance speedily bestoyhas been afflicted by the march of ed, must ere long perish! troops through it; and all the hu- The Committee might now invite mane endeavours of the commander the further liberality of the Public in chief, General Bennigsen, bis by many very forcible and affecting vigilant attention to discipline, and considerations ; but they preferably the patient frugality of the brave rely on the preceding statement of Russian soldiers, will be ineffici. facts, being firmly persuaded that ent to prevent us from being involv. they are of themselves sufficient to ed in tbe most dreadful calamities. produce a deep and syı

We are, therefore, compels pression. led to appeal to the humanity of

Subscriptions are thankfully reforeign countries, and hope that ceived by J. Hardcastle, Eaq. Old England will not refuse to extend Swan Stairs ; T. Wilson, Esq Artilher generous and humane assistance lery Place; and Mr. Butterworth, to us. Ouce more, I inust repeat,

Fleet Street.

COLLECTION FOR TAE GERMANS. Mr. Dewhirst and Congregation, Bury St. Edmund's

L. 10 8 0


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E. T.,

Aug. 12. The Trustees of this Magazine met for the Distribution of

Profits, when the following Cases were relieved:
Denomi- Recommended

Denomi- Recommended
Cases. nation. by the Rev. 1. Cases. nation. by th. Rev. 1.
J. Townsend 4 S. Baptist A. Fuller

5 B. ditto Burder

5 M.

5 J. W. ditto


ditto ditto

5 M. S. ditto Burder

5 || M. ditto Greaibeed G. ditto Cockin 5 S. D. ditto Collison

5 ditto Boden A. R. ditto Beck

3 ditto ditto

5 M. ditto J. Townsend 5 E. T. ditin Dr Williams 4 M. Methodist Wilks

5 J. L. dilto ditto 4 J; R. ditto Ryland

5 T. ditto Wilks 5 A. R. ditto Burder

3 M. H. ditto Platt

5 G. Presbyt. Dr. Ryland 5 M. R. Baptist Dr. Ryland 5

ditto A. Duncanson 4 W. ditto ditto 5 P. ditto ditto

4 M. E. ditio chiato


ditto A. Waugh 4 D. ditto ditto 5 F. ditto ditto

4 G. ditto Roby 5 R. ditto ditto

5 S. D. ditto Buck

5 B. ditto Smart A. P.

ditto J. Townsend 5 J. G. ditto Ewing J. S. ditto Hinton

5 M. K.' ditto Bogue B. ditio Fuller


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3 I 2


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Į. 4. d. Rev. T. R. Gawlhorne and Congregation, Belper, Derbyshire 26 10 6 Js. Boden and Congregation, Sheffield

21 18 1 S. W. C.

2 2 0 S. P.

2 0 S. C. by J. H.

10 00 Addition to Collection at Inverkeithiog, Rev. E. Brown

5 0 0 Collections at Dundee, by Mess. Campbell and Frey

47 0 T H. H. from Pembrokeshire

5 00 A Friend, by E. Morris

5 5 0 Rev. Mr. Freer and Congregation, Uxbridge

16 0 0 Mr. Flint and Friends, Gloucestershire

5 5 0 The Collections made by the Rev. Mess, Collison and Frey, in their Pate Tour, will appear in our next.

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HOME INTELLIGENCE. The Members of the West Kent May 27. The Rev. A. White, lato Union held their Half-yearly Meet- of Cheshunt College, was ordained ing at Mr. Popper weli's Chapel, in the connexion of the late Lady Marden, April 21. After solemn Huntingdon, at Feversham, in Kent. prayer, the aecounts were audited; Mr. Pryor, of Sheerness, began with and the business of the society set- reading and prayer; introductory tled in the forenoon. In the af- discourse by Mr. Meffen, of Folke ternoon and evening, Mr. Knott, stone; Mr. White gave an account of Chatham, preached from 1 Cor. of his faith and experience; Mr. j. 21; Mr. Drew, of Stroud, from Mather, of Dover, offered the ordiJer. xxxiii. 6. Prayer was of- nation prayer; Mr. Young, of Canfered by the brethren Pryer, East, terbury, gave the charge, from ! Brown, and Bentliff. * The next Pet. v. 2-4, and concluded. Meeting is to be held at Mr. Bentlift's, Maidstore, Oct. 13. The fore- July 8, The Independent Minispoon to be appropriated to busi- ters in Keat held 'their Annual

Messrs. East and Prior to Meeting at Mr. Gurteen's Chapel, preach ; in case of failure, Messrs. Canterbury. Mr. Percy preached Hackworth and Slatterie.

in the morning, On Growth in

Grace (2 Pet. iii. 18). In the evenThe same day, the Rev. W. Cake- ing; Mr. Kent, On the Union of bread (Baptisi) of Hook Norton, Christian Churches (Eph. iii: 15); was set apart to the pastoral office and' on the preceding evening, Mr. over the church of Christ, consist. Drew, from Rom. v. 11. ing of independents and Baptists, at Eatington,' Warwickshire.


Several Members of Mr. LamWhitehouse, of Stratford, com

bert's church, at Hull, with a Mismenced the service and offered the sionary (Mr. Earl) sent out by that intercessory prayer; Mr. Draper, of church, having for more than eight Chipping Norlon, delivered the in- years visited several towns and viltroduciory discourse, &c.; Mr. lages in Hoiderness with the glad Smith, ot A lcester, offered the ordi- tidings of gospel grace, a considernation, prayer.; Mr. Sunith, of Block- able part of which was formerly in ley, gave the charge, from Jer. iii.

a state of the most gross ignoranee ; 15; Mr. Cales, of burton, preached and God having crowned their burnto the people, from 1 Thess. v. 12,

ble eiforis with much success, in 13; and Mr. Read, of Warwick, the conversion of many, at Skipsea concluded. Mr. Whitehouse, of (where a neat meeting- house has Stratford, prcached in the evening, been erected) a church, on the Copfrom Isa. xlix, 13. Some account gregational plan, was formed, July of this newly-raised interest is given 9, 1807, after a discourse delivered in our Magazine for last September, by Mr. Lambert, from Acts xiii. I,

The last Nceting of the East Keat

page 414,

Association was bield at. Eyethorn,

LONDON. July 28. Mr. Parnell preached from Isa. Ixii, 7, 8; Mr. Atkinson from A Society has been lately institu. 2. Cor. iv. 1; Mr. Whitefoot, from ted for the suppression of Vice, in Titusxi. 12. The Association (about the parishes of St. Leonard, Shore150) dined at Waldershare. `After ditch, and St. Luke, Middlesex, by dinner, it was resolved, That this giving Effect to the Laws made for Association will endeavour to pro

the Protection of Religion aud mote the sale of the Eclectic Re. Morality, when friendly Admonition view, as an antidote to the literary has failed of Success. poison of the day. - The next The particular objects to which Meeting will be held Oct. 13 and 14,

the Members of this institution wish át Margate. The ministers to preach to direct their attention, are the are Messrs. White, Young, and Profanution of the Lord's Day, in Chapman.

the carrying on of trades, in the

working of artificers at their ordiSame day, the Rev. W. Haward, nary callings, and in the vending of from Hoxton Academy, was ordain- goods by shopkeepers and others; ed over the Indepeodent church at and also the frauds and abuses pracRendbam, Suffolk. Mr. Pickles, of tised in setting by False Weights and Walpole, began with prayer and Measures, Riotous and Disorderly reading's Mr. Price, of Woodbridge, Houses, Lewdness, Drunkenness, and delivered the introductory discourse Profane Swearing. and asked the questions ; Mr. Den- This Society is under the direction nant, of Halesworth, offered the or- of a President (T. Wilson, Esq.) a dination prayer; Mr.Shufflebottom, Treasurer, a Secretary (Mr. Warne, of Bungay, gave the charge, from Gloucester Terrace, Hoxton) and a Acts xx. 28 ; Mr. Vincent, of Deal, Committee of Thirty, chosen in the general prayer ; and Mr. Wal- equal numbers from the two paford, of Yarmouth, preached to the rishes; to wbom are added the Vicar people, from 2 Phil 11. 16.

wf St. Leonard's, Shoreditch, and Aug. 12. Rev. R. Pengilly, late the Rector of St. Luke's, for the student at Bristol, was ordained pas

time being Bor of the Baptist church at New

The funds of this Society are raise castle upon Tyne. Mr. Arbon, of ed by annyal subscriptions, donaNewcastle, began the service; Mr. tions, bequests, and public sermons ; Steadman, of Yorkshire, delivered which will in part be employed in the introductory discourse and the rewarding peace officers who are charge, from Rev. ii. 10; Mr.Whit. found to be vigilant and active in field, of Durham, offered the ordi- the discharge of their duty, - in natioa prayer, and preached to the printing and circulating abstracts of people in the evening, from Phil. the laws made for their guidance:

and also in printing and distributing, We understand that the Annual among the lower orders, abstracts

of such penal laws, which, from Meeting of the Independeut Benevo.

their want of inforination, they are lent Society, meeting in Gloucester- liable to violate. shire, will be holden at Wotton

The Society intend that all their under Edge, Sept. 9, at the Rev.Mr.

measures shall be conducted with the Lewis's Meeting-house; and on the

greatest moderation, and in strict preceu ng 'evening there will be an Open Committee at Mr. Lewis s own persuaded that it is always inore de

conformity to the laws of ihe land, house, to audit the accounts, pre- sirable to prevent crimes than to pare a report, &c.

punish them. The Wilts Association will hold The Members of this institution their Half - yearly Meeting at De- are desirous of obtaining the pavizes, on Tuesday, the 15th of Sept. tronage and support of those worthy inst. The Rev. Mr. Williams is to persons, of either sex, who have tlie preach in the morning, on Family interests of morality and true reliWorship, and the Rev. Mr. Berrygion at heart; and who wait only in the afternoon.

for an opportunity of knowing by

ji. 19.

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