The American Geologist, Volume 26

Front Cover
Newton Horace Winchell
Geological Publishing Company, 1900 - Geology
Includes section "Review of recent geological literature."

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Page 20 - Archaia; or, Studies of the Cosmogony and Natural History of the Hebrew Scriptures. By Professor "Dawson, Principal of McGill College, Canada.
Page 17 - On the Course of Collegiate Education adapted to the circumstances of, British America. The Inaugural Discourse of the Principal of McGill College, Montreal.
Page 20 - Notice of Tertiary fossils from Labrador, Maine, etc., and remarks on the climate of Canada, in the newer Pliocene or Pleistocene period: Ibid., June, 1860, vol.
Page 23 - Further observations on the Devonian Plants of Maine, Gaspe", and New York.
Page 46 - The Canadian Ice Age, being notes on the Pleistocene geology of Canada, with especial reference to the life of the period and its climatic conditions.
Page 4 - I would place here first, the establishment of a bond of union between the scattered workers, now widely separated in different parts of the Dominion. Our men of science are so few, and our country so extensive, that it Is difficult to find in any one place, or within reasonable distance of each other, haifa-dozen active workers in science.
Page 20 - Geology, tamo. 70 pp. Wood engravings of fossils. Edinburgh. On an undescribed Fossil Fern from the Lower Coal Measures of Nova Scotia. (Abstract) Can. Nat. & Geol., Vol. 5, No. 6, Dec., 1860, pp. 460-461. Montreal. Quart. Journ. Geol. Soc., Vol. 17, 1861, p. 5. London, Eng.
Page 40 - ... to all who desire to realise the actual surroundings amid which our Lord spent His life on earth, and will be specially useful in correcting some false notions which have obtained wide currency, eg, the common idea that Nazareth was a small, obscure, and immoral place," — Congregationalism Egypt and Syria.
Page 22 - ... date September, 1862, was inserted.) Notes on the flora of the White mountains in its geographical and geological relations: Can. Nat. and Geol., vol. 7, 1862, pp. 80-102, Montreal. On an erect Sigillaria and Carpolite from Nova Scotia: Ibid., vol. 7, pp. 106-113, Montreal. On the footprints of Limulus as compared with the Protichnites of the Potsdam sandstone: Ibid., vol.
Page 5 - History, an incalculable stimulus would be given to science in Canada, by promoting research, by securing to this country the credit of the work done in it, by collecting the information now widely scattered, and by enabling scientific men abroad to learn what is being done here.

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