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April 15. 1915





SEPTEMBER, 1914, to FEBRUARY, 1915.

" To the solid ground
Of Nature trusts the mind which builds for aye,' -WORDSWORTH








April 15

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

ABBOT (Dr. C. G.), Variability of the Sun, 349

Abbott (G.), Atikokania lawsoni a Concretion, 477

Abbott (Prof. J. F.), Elementary Principles of General

Biology, 227

Abbott (W. J. L.), Flint Fracture, 198

Abercromby (Hon. J.), Prehistoric Pottery of Canary Isles,


Adair (E. W.), (1) Mantis religiosa ; (2) Jumping Seeds, 67

Adams (Mary), Map Projection, 197

Adams (W. S.), New 30-inch Mirror, 38; (and F. G. Pease),

Spectra of Novæ at a Very Late Stage, 373

Aeronautics Advisory Committee, Technical Report, 89

Agar (Dr. W. E.), Life-cycle in Daphniidæ, 370

Ainsworth-Davis (Prof. J. R.), Pursuit of Natural Know-

ledge, 227

Aitchison (L.), Rapid Methods for Chemical Analysis of

Special Steels, C. M. Johnson, 59
Aitken (E. H.), Concerning Animals, etc., 590
Aitken (Dr. J.), Forests and Floods, 420; Influence of

Icebergs on Sea Temperature, 561; Streaks upon Lath

and Plaster Walls, 615

Akers (C. E.), Rubber Industry, 362

Albe (Dr. E. E. F. d'), Type-reading Optophone, 4

Alexander (H. G.), Landrail, 265

Algué (Rev. J.) and Rev. M. S. Maso, Rainfall in Philip-

pines, 348

Aliotta (Prof.), A. McCaskill, Idealistic Reaction against

Science, 474

Allen (Dr. E. J.), Artificial Culture of Plankton Diatoms,

273 ; Deep Sea Exploration, Sir John Murray, Dr. J.

Hjort, 339

Allen (Dr. G. M.), Pattern Development in Mammals and

Birds, 121

Allen's Commercial Organic Analysis, 387

Amar (J.), Food and Strength of Arabs, 498

Ampferer (0.) and others, Geology in Austria-Hungary, 492

Anderson (E.) and E. G. Radley, Pitchstones of Mull, 690

Anderson (G. V.), Nitrous Acid in Rain, 438 ; Influence of

Weather upon Amounts of Nitric and Nitrous Acid in

Rainfall, 718

Angot (A.), Earthquake of October 3, 273
Appell (Paul), Address to Paris Academy of Sciences, 572
Argentieri (Prof.), Pocket Wireless System, 182
Aries (E.), Chimie Physique Elem., 447
Armstrong (Dr. E. F.), Chemistry of Wheat and Flour, 508
Armstrong (Prof. H. E.), the Place of Wisdom (Science) in

the State : British Association Address, 213
Armstrong (Dr. W. E. M.), I. K. Therapy and Tuber-

culosis, 418
Ascarza (V. F.), Solar Eclipse, 441
Ashworth (Dr. J. H.), Zoology at the British Association,

Ashworth (1. R.), Definition of Magnetic “Permanence,"


Atack (F. W.), Salt Formation of Oximes, 384

Atkins (W. R. G.), Oxidases in Plants, 384 ; (and G. O.

Sherrard), Pigments of Fruits, 384

Baracchi (P.), Canberra for Astronomy, 349; Australian

Longitudes, 350

Barcroft (5.), the Respiratory Function of the Blood, 331
Bardswell (Dr. N. D.), Preliminary Report on Treatment

of Pulmonary Tuberculosis with Tuberculin, 276

Barkla (Prof. C. G.), Problems of Radiation, 671

Barnard (Prof. E. E.), Colours of Stars in the Cluster M 13

(Hercules), 291; Strange Objects Transiting the Sun's

Bengough and Hanson (Messrs.), Copper Tests in Oxidising Brown (J. Coggin), Abor Geology, 347; Geology of Yunnar

Atmosphere, 153


Benson (Prof. H. K.), Industrial Chemistry for Engineering Brown (Dr. R. N. Rudmose), Problems of the Antarctic

Students, 167


Benson (W. N.), New South Wales Rocks, 301

Brown (Prof. W.), Fatigue of Nickel and Iron Wire, 384

Bergen (J. Y.) and Prof. O. W. Caldweli, Introduction to Damping of Vibrations in Iron and Nickel Wires, 691

Botany, 57

Brown's Marine Electrician, 390

Bergson (H.), [Life and Philosophy of], 474

Browne (F. Balfour), Insects and Disease, Drs. Patton and

Berkeley and Percival, [Correspondence of], 474

Cragg, 84

Bertrand (G.) and A. Compton, Amygdalinase, 27.

Brunicardi (Mrs.), Ancient Irish Shore-dwellers, 288

Besant (Dr. W. H.), A. S. Ramsey, Treatise on Dynamics, Brunton (D. W.) and J. A. Davis, Modern Tunnelling, 476


Bryan (Prof. G. H.) and R. Jones, Discontinuous Fluid

Beyschlag, Vogt, and Krusch (Profs.), Deposits of Useful Motion and Aeroplanes, 661

Minerals, 583

Bryant (H. C.), Economic Ornithology : Western Meadow-

Bigourdan (G.), Transit of Mercury, 258; Rapid Testing of

Small Telescopes, 580; New Instrument for Differential Bubnow (Prof. N.), Prof. J. Lezius, Arithmetic Independ-

Comparison of Great Angular Distances in the Sky, ence of European Culture, 417


Buckmaster (C. A.), State Aid for Science : British Associa-

Bijl (P. A. van der), Maize infected with Diplodia zeae, 27

tion Paper, 547

Bilham (E. G.), Spark Spectrum of Nickel under Pressure, Burgess (G. K.) and J. N. Kellberg, Changes of Electrical

Resistance of Iron Wire up to 1000° C., 209; (and

Biringuccio (V.), A. Mieli, de la Pirotechnia, 113

others), Rail Steel, 436

Birkeland (Kr.) and M. Skolem, Lines of Equal Intensity Burn (J.), Vital Statistics Explained, 665

in the Zodiacal Light, 82

Burne (Miss C. S.), Distribution of British Folk-customs,

Bodroux (F.), Preparation of Esters, 691


Bohlin (Dr. K.), Photograph of Comet 1913). (Delavan), 210

Burnet (J.), Greek Philosophy : Thales to Plato, 223

Bonacina (L. C. W.), Rarity of Death by Lightning in Burns (Dr. W.), Strawberry Growing in India, 120

India, 261

Burroughs (John), the War and Germany, 369

Bond (J. Walpole-), Field Studies of Rarer British Birds, i Burton (J.), Clay and Pottery Industries, 654

Bone (Prof. W. A.) and others, Gaseous Combustion at Burton (R. C.), Yünnan Volcanic Rocks, 347

High Pressures, 717.

Butler (Prof. Í. B.) and J. M. Sheridan, Cdanometer for

Bonney (Prof. T. G.), the Australian Antarctic Expedition,

Wetted Seeds, 525


Buttel-Reepen (Prof. H.), Herr von Osten's “Thinking”

Booth (J.), Australian Frogs, 409

Horse, 426

Borchardt (W. G.) and Rev. A. D. Perrott, First Numerical Bywater (Prof. I.), [Death of], 455

Trigonometry, 31

Bordas (F.) and M. Brocq, Water for Field Armies, 441

Bose (Prof. J. C.), Electric Currents and Variation of Con- Caillaud and Corniglion (MM.), Treatment of Tetanus, 357

ductivity, 635

Cain (Dr. J. C.), Openings for British Chemical Manu-

Bose (Jibon M.), Equations of Motion of a Plane Kite, 182 facturers, 61

Bosler (J.), Red Region of Spectrum of Wolf Rayet Stars, Cajori (Prof. F.), Cross X as Symbol for Multiplication,

637, 652 ; (and H. G. Block), Solar Eclipse, 469

363 ; Colon as Symbol for Ratio and Division, 477 ;

Bouchet (L.), Poisson's Coefficient for Vulcanised India- History of Notation in Trigonometry, 642

rubber, 82

Calder (C. C.), Botanical Survey of India, 208

Bougault (J.), Dioxytriazines, 329

Calkins (Prof. G. N.), Biology, 504

Boulenger (E. G.), Colubrid Snake with Vertically Movable Calman (Dr. W. T.), Scientific Societies and the War, 198

Maxillary Bone, 690

Camichel (M.) and others, The Venturi Meter, 581

Boulenger (Drs. G. A. and C. L.), Animal Life by the Campbell (F. H.), Determination of Vapour Pressures, 437

Sea-shore, 227

Campbell (J. M.), Gold in Ashanti, 718

Boulger (Prof. G. S.), Ecology : Gloucestershire Plants, 570 Cannon (Miss), Stars with Peculiar Spectra, 402

Bournemouth Natural Science Society, Natural History of Carmichael (Prof. R. D.), Theory of Numbers, 473

Bournemouth and District, 227

Carpenter (Dr. F. A.), Flood Studies at Los Angeles, 570

Boutaric (A.), Absorption of Atmosphere, 609

Carpenter (G. H.) and T. R. Hewitt, Mode of Entry of
Bower (Prof. F. O.), Botany : British Association Address, Warble-maggots, 181

Carpenter (Prof. H. C. H.), Hardening of Metals, 374

Bowles (E. A.), My Garden in Spring, 57; My Garden in Carrasco (M.), New Solar Coronal Radiation, 432, 460

Summer, 279

Carslaw (Prof. H. S.), British Association in New South

Bowman (A.), Wireless Signalling for Shipping in War

Wales, 177

Time, 281

Carson (G. St. L.) and Prof. D. E. Smith, Elements of

Boys (Prof. C. V.), Gyroscopic Motion, H. Crabtree, 332 ; Algebra, 417

Calculating Devices, 471

Carus (Paul), Mechanistic Principle and Non-mechanical, 360

Braak (Dr. C.), Remarkable Dry Fog in E. Indian Archi- Cassell's Natural History, by F. M. Duncan, 141
pelago, 699

Cathcart (Gertrude D.), First Book of Physiology and
Brame (J. S. S.), Fuel, 195

Hygiene, 615

Brasil (L.), Emeu of King Island, 370

Chalmers (S. D.), Glass for Optical Purposes, 117

Braude (Dr. L.), les Coordonnés intrinsèques, 226

Chamberlain (J. F. and A. H.), Africa, a Supplementary

Braun (J.), Plant-life at the Snow Line, 39

Geography, 115

Brewster (G. W.) and C. J. L. Wagstaff, School Statics, 31 Chamberlin (T. C.) and R. D. Salisbury, Introductory

Bridges (J. H.), Life and Work of Roger Bacon, 443

Geology, 249

Briggs (Dr. W.) and Prof. Bryan, Matriculation Mechanics, Chapman (F.), Australasian Fossils, 83


Chapman (Prof. R. W.), Demonstration of Strain-hardening

Briscoe (H. V. A.), Atomic Weight of Tin, 684

of Steel, 589

British School at Athens, Annual, 419

Chapman (S.), Lunar Diurnal Magnetic Variation, 718

Brock (S. E.), Ecology and Birds, 265

Chautaud (I.), Petroliferous Mounds of Texas, 609

Brooks (C. E. P.), Tidal Friction and Ice Ages, 254

Chauveau (A.), Feeble Organisms and Tuberculosis, 385 ;
Brown (Barnum), New Canadian Dinosaurs, 492

Weakness and Tuberculosis in Armies, 413
Brown (Prof. E. W.), Cosmical Physics : British Associa- Cheyney (E. G.) and Prof. J. P. Wentling, the Farm
tion Address, 184

Woodlot, 88

Brown (G. E.), British Journal Photographic Almanac, Chree (Dr. C.), Atmospheric Electricity at Kew, 607

1915. 697

Christý (M.), Remarkable Gall on Willow, 525; Engraved

Brown (Prof. J. Campbell), Essays and Addresses, 307

Shell from Red Crag, 572

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