Psychophysics Beyond Sensation: Laws and Invariants of Human Cognition

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Christian Kaernbach, Erich Schr”ger, Hermann M ller, Hermann Muller, Erich Schroger
Psychology Press, 20 мая 2004 г. - Всего страниц: 544
This volume presents a series of studies that expand laws, invariants, and principles of psychophysics beyond its classical domain of sensation. This book's goal is to demonstrate the extent of the domain of psychophysics, ranging from sensory processes, through sensory memory and short-term memory issues, to the interaction between sensation and action. The dynamics and timing of human performance are a further important issue within this extended framework of psychophysics: Given the similarity of the various cortical areas in terms of their neuroanatomical structure, it is an important question whether this similarity is paralleled by a similarity of processes. These issues are addressed by the contributions in the present volume using state-of-the-art research methods in behavioral research, psychophysiology, and mathematical modeling.

The book is divided into four sections. Part I presents contributions concerning the classical domain of psychophysical judgment. The next two parts are concerned with elementary and higher-order processes and the concluding section deals with psychophysical models. The sections are introduced by guest editorials contributed by independent authors. These editorials present the authors' personals view on the respective section, providing an integrated account of the various contributions or highlighting their focus of interest among them. While also voicing their own and sometimes different point of view, they contribute to the process of discussion that makes science so exciting.

This volume should be of great interest to advanced students in neuroscience, cognitive science, psychology, neuropsychology, and related areas who seek to evaluate the range and power of psychological work today. Established scientists in those fields will also appreciate the variety of issues addressed within the same methodological framework and their multiple interconnections and stimulating "cross-talk."


Subjective and Objective Scaling of Large Color Differences
A MultipleStandards Model Peter Petzold and Gert Haubensak
Two Kinds of Global Perceptual Separability and Curvature
Guest Editorial
A Psychophysical Approach to Action Timing
Using Time as Well as Space in Visual
Guest Editorial Nelson Cowan
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Christian Kaernbach, Erich Schr”ger, Hermann Muller, Erich Schroger

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